Thursday, October 6, 2011

E-book release date extended to December

With all the reviews need to be done this and next month I will get them all done I think better in that timeframe, instead of the next 2 to 3 weeks. Sorry to keep you waiting, but Im busy with my own music, and the only man running the zine around here. ALL hard copies will be reviewed and I also have albums to be reviewed on data disc as well or downloads from friends. After they are done and I reach the 200 post mark, then I will start making the E-book. Layout made by André Nigrum Serpentis of Nigrum Serpentis Records & Promotion, Nocturnal Managementwith Zana Nsp & Krakovgozd magazine with Zana Nsp. More reviews/interviews coming up!!! So be patient. Thanks to AEA zine for support as well, I plan to send him a flyer to possibly be in his next zine issue. Sorry for the wait.

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