Thursday, November 10, 2011

D.H.C. - Die Hating Capitalists (review)

Its been awhile since I done a review on here! Lets get started...

Powerviolence on the crispy outside, and crusty to the core on the inside. This is a unreleased EP by the defunct Cali powerviolent band Drunken Hardcore from West Oakland. Recorded February 2011 at Lennon Studios in San Francisco, CA with Jef Leppard, this band consists of Tony on drum assault, Eric on bloody vokills, Cole on the maniacal 6 stringer, and Henry on the 4 strings of magic... the sound is a cross between bands such as Siege, Discharge and Infest to name a few. The songs are loud, in your face, and are short in length, like a fat mans phallus. Beware of their intensity!!!

The main theme of the album is about drinking, fucked up society, more drinking, and rising up against authority. The song titles say it all pretty much, Paper Thin Mentality, Born Prejudice, Drunk, Fast and Loud, you get the point. The absolute definition of a rebel band and the true essence of rock n rolla. It cant get any more harsh and fast then this.

Since their becoming, Eric and I known each other for a long time, and we have passed demos around back and forth, and the songs were much rawer compared to the sound of this Ep. This has a better quality production wise, and is a perfect follow up to everything they done so far I personally think, and what I consider a official first album from these dudes. Great live shows, and filled with beer and tunes to keep your pulse racing through out their sets the whole time. If your in their area, or want to buy the album offline, do not hesitate.

To sum up this short and very meaningful review, I really like this Ep, its a total non stop assault on the ears and is one of my favorites of Eric's great bands/projects so far. Maximum Volume = Maximum Results. \m/

Here's some DHC current events for you thrash starved hc freaks: DHC's unreleased EP recorded with Jef Leppard in February is now available streaming for free on To Live A Live's online label via bandcamp: 10 songs in 6 minutes!! (TASTY)

As well, we're working on a proper last show since we never had one, and getting back together for a tentative December 9th show. We have a venue and bands in mind but just need to make confirmations. Rest assured it'll be at your favorite spot with some of your favorite hella fast Bay bands.

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