Thursday, February 9, 2012


Latest update I done here in awhile and I just want to make it aware to all the 100 bands on the compilation being released by Satanica Productions that the compy is now being set up for release the best we possibly can. Now, I am busy atm recording new material for a 3 way split album with 2 bands Solace and Valkynaz with my current drummer Dietrich Mueller (Bitter Dawn/Goat Regime) and also Rashid Ghafur (Zebulon Kosted) on bass so I am pretty busy but we are slowly getting everything done and set up properly step at a time. This release will include band pics on the disc in a folder, and all the songs are in mp3 format for downloading them all to your computer, and play in your mp3 compaitable players. The art is also being worked on too and so far we are 80% done to making a master disc for release. Please be patient and it will be out probably early March I think.

More news on Strings Of Distorted Doom, the latest rough tracks of songs being worked on now with my new trio lineup working via online, could be found here. There is still alot to do with these tracks but here is some ideas I have down so far. Enjoy and I appreciate everyones positive feedback so far.

Stay True To The Doom -Danny

untitled rough version

Message from Xan of SATANICA PRODUCTIONS...

So what is currently happening?

The biggest thing is that we are embarking on the mastering ov this compilation. 100 bands, anywhere between 500-1000 minutes ov wildly varying programme material certainly creates it's own challenges. Unlike the MUC vol 1, this comp will be professionally mastered. Mainly to even out the volume levels from track to track, creating a better experience for the listener.

While this is happening we will also be finalising the artwork. If you look at you can now see the image that will be the front cover.

And we need something from YOU too. Included on the disc will be a folder that will have an image from every band on the compilation. There is only one rule: This image MUST be a 640 x 480 JPEG. Apart from this it can have anything you like on it.

Attached to this message there is the one we have done for Beltane as an example. Yours need not be so complicated, a simple photo ov your band is fine, but it's a good idea if it includes your band-name!!! :)

For those that want to go all fancy, a point to remember is there is only so much *readable* text you can fit in a 640 x 480 image. Again, the Beltane image should give you an idea ov what's possible.

Why have we chosen this image size? Two reasons: 1) These images cannot take up much ov the disc 2) They are designed for optimal display on a television set that would be typically connected to a DVD player.

Anyone who finds they have trouble sorting out their MUC2 band image can contact Danny DistortedDoom ( ) and he will be happy to help you.

Name the image simply as your band name. Nothing else. e.g. "beltane.jpg"

Once you have done your image send it to this address: DO NOT send it to xanataph@gmail .com

For those who have submitted more than one project; we require an image for each one.

We would like your compleated artwork to received within the next two weeks. This is when you'll receive the next newsletter. It may announce the release date.

That's about all for now. So good job all ov you for submitting and we'll look forward to receiving your artworks...! :)



PS: will also continue to be updated as the MUC2 nears final compleation and release..! So keep an eye on it.

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