Saturday, April 28, 2012

Generis Zine 2# (review for AEA zine by D)

This zine is another zine issue I got from Dave Wolfe of Aea Zine and it is a glossy, well printed out zine of underground death black metal and various other genres of metal in Spanish from Mexico. The zine has been around since 1999. 20 extreme pages written in Spanish, size A4, B/W offset for the issue, with a pro printed glossy cover, interviews with bands such as DISGORGE (Mx), SHUB NIGGURATH, AIWASS, ADVENT, CRYFEMAL, WARFIELD (MX), SATAN (MX), ALFA ERIDANO AKHERNAR. Plus news, reviews and tons of info from the Metallic Underworld. This zine comes with FORJANDO EL METAL VOL. 2 CD-R Compilation (12 Tracks) courtesy of METAL INSIDE Rock Shop with bands like ERESHKIGAL,VOUHIVASARA, ANTON, EVIL ENTOURAGE, ADVENT, SUICIDAL INC, DELIRIUM, LEPER MESSIAH, MORDSKOG, ALFA ERIDANO AKHERNAR, INSEPULCHRAL, RAPTURE. My issue didnt come with a copy of the cd but this looks like a overall good zine issue for people fluent in the spanish language and also has very good art and structure within it. Many album reviews and this is only the 2nd issue so there should be more to come from Generis editors. Keep up the good work Generis zine. For a copy of this issue go to these sites or email the email address below...

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