Thursday, September 8, 2011


Here is the cover for the e-book, and I think it suits well since the release of it will be on HALLOWEEN night at 12am... :)

The compilation I mentioned on the cover will feature my favorite bands from the zine all rolled onto a 20 track free digital compy with a song from each band I decide to pick to add to it I reviewed and interviewed. If you dont make it on the compilation, sorry, I dont have a system where to choose bands, I am just going to pick my favorite ones, thats all, and if you have a new track, let me know by if you are one of the bands I picked and want to use that song instead. I will have a list later tonight of each band to be on it, consider yourself lucky if your on it. :)

As for the e-book, the layout has been made so I ll just go with that. I still have 50 posts to make and a introduction for the e-book will be made. The compilation is free, and to download the e-book, it comes with the compilation link. I will make all the art, and everything will be done by me unless I seek help, dont ask if I havent asked you.

It has been a fun almost 2 years, and now I will continue the posting till I am ready to get it all together for e-book finalization. Thanks everyone for the support and afterwards I am taking a year or 2 off from the zine. Thanks for making this very special. -Danny

p.s. NO I am not changing the cover art, I like the way it is, thank you very much!

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