Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bitter Dawn - Winterthorns Review (by D)

So, sometime ago I stumbled upon a guy that knows a friend ov mine that makes awesome class bm to its fullest extent. He also had lots of good dark praise for by band too. He goes by the name Dietrich, and his now one man solo project is located in British Columbia, Canada. Canada has some great bands their, even in black metal and this is one of them, but also this band is originally from Olympia, Washington. A very dark and mesmirizing feel to the atmosphere on this album and also comes off with a more early 90s feel to it I think I hear it. When I think Bitter Dawn, I think old Emperor vocal wise ala Forgotten Centuries with some screechy drunken whiskey throated raunchyness to it and old school Mayhem musical compositions with a hint of Pagan Fears like style to it but a bit slow downed to a steady rock n blackened roll pace.

Maybe I dont know what the hell I am talking about, but I am just saying what comes to my mind. The sound overall is not badly produced and is not super clean whatsoever but has a very clear and tight guitar sounds through out which build up each track to its crushing assault that feels like your being stomped to oblivion. You can hear every instrument pretty much in the tracks which I think is a very good thing. Definetely something to listen to when you wanna own some bastard liberal in a debate or if you just wanna kick his ass because he is a no good asshole that deserves it. Or just because you feel like listening to some cult as fuck black metal with a old edge feel to it. Winterthorns is bad ass each track to track to the very core of its blackened bone. A thorough listen is required!

This is aggressive, this is in your face, this is out to rip your soul apart and spit you out. Not for core teeny boppers of course, this is for men who truely know where good and bad BM lie. It also has a mixture of depressive within, with its mood and painful cries, but the black metal mentality is more dominant on this one. Obviously a good one indeed. They support the old ways of BM, sounds second wave to me and come off as one of those bands for sure. I like the direction the whole album has and the bm roots the ep went for, but has its own killer twist.

Also this was out in 2008 by the way this was made, so I am pretty sure more material will be out very soon by Bitter Dawn. I assure he will be back on track and in your face to show you the true meaning of despair, agony, and wretchedness only found in a dark place... Urn was also a excellent instrumental and the rest from Self Loathing to Never End the Night, you just cant turn it down for a second. Full on assault! That is the hatred found on the black heart and mind of someone who knows exactly what he is doing towards his goals in music. Making cold and ruthless black metal of course!!! Ave Sathanas!!! -D

Original line up:
Dietrich - Rhythm guitar, bass, battery & vox.

Mikael - Lead guitar, bass, synth & backing vox.

Lineup now :
Dietrich - Rhythm guitar, bass, battery & vox.

1. Self-Loathing in Desolation 05:00
2. Toiling Through 04:10
3. Terror Recumbent 04:38
4. Lethargy in Red 03:47
5. Never End the Night 04:44
6. Urn 06:57

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