Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Since things have been slow, and I had the time to sit back and evaluate some things, I have all the bands that will make up for the FIRST Transylvanian Forest Zine E-BOOK. It will be made and available for FREE download upon request from me, and also, I have hard copies at home and some downloadables to cover for review which fills it up to the 200 page spot. I will need alot of people to be patient and realize this will take time to assemble, and I do have music to journey into as well with my bands so it might take till October to get it done. Hopefully it can be up for download on Halloween :) As for the other bands wanting reviews/interviews and are new to the zine, I am terribly sorry to inform you this, but I have to move on and get this done properly and by this time period because its getting to a point where I will get nothing done because all the new bands just keep coming in and coming in, and I cant keep up anymore and doing it myself. It may seem like a whining a bit, but what would you do if you were in my shoes???

Also there is a 150 posts on this main site alone, not counting some I left behind on the myspace and new ones to add so I still got alot of reviewing to do. I wish more people would review and help out, I dont have 50 cds to cover for review obviously (maybe 10 or 20 tops) so I am working at my own pace as I always been and there is some links that were sent to me that need review but I am not sure if I will get the time to review them all besides a few hand picked ones I already know I will be doing. Those bands know who they are... also I think it would be great if I had the offical cover art of the issue up ASAP, so I will be photoshopping a bit and getting that ready.

Till then, Support the Underground!!!! -Danny


If you bands keep messaging me and harassing me for reviews and interviews, go here to get your band noticed by signing up....

And if not, please watch this video :)

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