Monday, August 15, 2011

Interview with Jason of Solid Giant (by D)

Welcome to transylvanian forest zine Jason!!

How long have you been making music for and why and how did you get into music in the first place???
I started playing shows in New Orleans when I was 15 @ Dixie tavern, Cypress hall, & Check points! I got into music because I was always listening to music and jamming songs wishing I could play them then I picked up drums when I was 12.

How is the tour going and how long have you been in SOLID GIANT?
The tour is going well, We have been a band for 8 months.

Who plays what in the band? and how is the recording process for you guys?
I play guitar and sing Mike Nick(my cousin) plays drums. our recordings are made at festival studios in KEnner,LA. Rick Naiser records us, He also recorded Crowbar, Acid Bath, EYEHATEGOD, Soilent green, Cephalic Carnage, and many more.

Is their a cd out now readily available for fans to buy or get from you personally?
Yes there is an album out we can provide upon request. It's called Morphine Tomb, Our old one is available to Its called visitors from the bow.

What is your favorite part about being on tour?
just meeting everyone and hanging out with fans and new people mainly. Playing every night is a plus because we enjoy our music!

What do you think of the underground metal scene of today and can you name a few bands from it you enjoy listening to?
I think the underground metal scene has once again caught the eye of mainstream public. I enjoy listening to burning witch, The ROller, the body, alot more too I think of them.

What other bands or projects have you or are now part of?
I'm in a band called Donkey Puncher. but Ive been in these bands: The Mucus PLug, SLow Dance chubby, CHronic Death SLug, THe void, Scumbag,
the bills, The lollies, The wolf, Liquid Midget, Gargomel, The ROck n ROll Zombies, SLoppy Joe, Din burlesque, & pedestrian foghorn.

Where are you from and what is the scene like there if any?
Im from and live in New Orleans. There is a great scene for metal and punk there. I love my city!

Got any hobbies out of music and what do you do on your free time?
haha I have no free time I produce bands at home such as The Foot, Fat Stupid Ugly People, Serpentis, & my own stuff. but I enjoy chilling listening to records and watching horror movies!

What do you think of the events of today, Norway, the riots in the UK, the Taliban that shot down the Usa helicopter, what do you think of all these events and where do you think we will be heading towards in 2012?

The world is just the same as the people on it. on its way to death ever since birth. We will always have riots and wars. It's in our nature to destroy.

What do you like most about your band and how long have you been a guitarist for and what equipment do you use or sponsor? (endorsement deals are nice!)

I like our ability to embrace to darkness of music, growing up in New Orleans it's easy to embrace the dark. I enjoy the fact that it's only me and my cousin. I have been playing guitar for a couple years off and on, but I use a Dean les paul rip tuned to A, I also use a Madison divinity on top of a hughs and kettner 4x12. I also use an old rusty Randall head on top of a hughs and kettner 4x12. I also use an old rusty Randall head on top the same kinda cab. I have no endorsements, If I did I would want all GREEN amps brotha!

What bands have you gigged with and is there any you are proud to have opened or gigged with?
Flesh Parade, Yob, Dark Castle, Megaton Leviathan(members of wolves in the throne room), Lions of Tsavo, and a shit load more I'm proud of these the most I think.

How much longer do you think you will continue to make music for?

Til death do us part. I can see a day in my distant or near future where I will ever stop writing solid giant songs.

Whats the main goal of SOLID GIANT and if you had to describe the sound of your band what would you tell the readers about it?

Our main goal is write heavy music for heavy people! To the readers: Embrace the Black/Doom! We are inspired by bands such as Darkthrone, Saint vitus,Burning WItch, Yob, Mars,SunnO, Boris, Alter, SLeep, High on fire, Kylesa, Floor, Pentagram, Celtic Frost, & many more. Check those bands out!

If you had to choice to bring any band back from the dead or reform who they or that band be? Burning WItch! or Blue Cheer!

What bands you like to gig with in the near future and what areas in the country have you conquered?
We've played New England, all of the east coast from FL, up to NY. much more too we have played in FL,TN,LA,TX,AR,GA,SC,NC,MI,CT,NYC,AL,MS, & We want EUrope next!!

Does your music life intertwine with your personal life and is there any people you are looking forward to seeing soon? (gf/wives/kids/etc)
No I have no reasons to go home, I prefer to stay on the road for as long as possible!

What do you want the fans to get out of your music and how has the reception been so far to soild giant?
Reception has been really good lately. When I wrote these songs I was trying show everyone a side of me that they hadn't seen yet. Mainly around the city I've always played Punk/Hardcore mainly so this band caught everyone off guard.

How does it feel to be compared to the the masterminds Darkthrone? do you see a comparison to your music to them and if you met them what would you say?
I hate that anyone would compare any band to Darkthrone, let alone my own band. We are not even close to them. If I met them I would talk about soulside journey its one of my favorite albums of all time!

If there is anything left you like to say, shout outs, or anything at all please do it now. I really enjoy your music and cant wait to meet you soon. Take care and have a great fucking tour man. \m/ UGH!!! -Danny
Thanks brotha! I wanna shout out to ISay Isay Records! watch out for The Foot, DOnkey Puncher, Fat Stupid Ugly People, Serpentis, Mars, & Demonic Destruction. Keep the dark scene alive!

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