Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bablyon Interview with Drew Parker (by D)

Im doing fine man, pretty stoked to be put on your e-zine and I’m pretty stoked that Babylon is starting to lay some roots in the underground

1) How long have you been doing your band, and why under this style of music, and what is it you do in the band that you are in and as for others? Ive been doing this for about 2 years now i started doing black metal because i was getting tired of every other form of metal creating sell out bands then everybody following in their footsteps and not attempting to evolve or improve the scene. I handle vocals, guitar, programming the drum machine, and I write all the music. As for bass and such I get many different studio musicians to handle that sort of thing, none of them are actually in the band they just help out

2)What is the main goal of Babylon? To create a form of music thats different and people arent used to hearing, my goal is to make black metal but not the mindless stuff that some underground bands put out. I want my music to capture what I feel at the time of its creation

3)What material is readily out now people can get from you personally or from label? You can download my demo the Crumbling Moon from me at any time for free. Ive got links on youtube, facebook, and myspace for it

4)What is the concept or them for the demo CRUMBLING MOON (great title btw) I created it on the concept of dreams, i was reading a lot of H.P. Lovecraft at the time and i noticed that a lot of his darker works came from dreams. So i based it on dreams i have had or ideas that have come to me in them

5)What has been the reaction so far to your music? It’s been mostly positive, not everybody likes it but then again its not for everyone. A lot of people like the fact that my music sounds like old school 90’s black metal and doesn’t reflect just one band and it doesn’t attempt to take black metal into a place that it doesn’t necessarily need to be taken in
6)How many bands are going to be featured on your album? all the sessionists? So far four for sure, I doubt there will be more but you never know

7)What is your favorite thing while your not making music? hobbies? I’m involved in the ROTC program at my school, I like Martial Arts, and I occasionally play paintball

8)What is the scene like in your area? Its totally saturated in deathcore trendy sellout bands, although my area has put out some pretty phenomenal bands such as Blood Stained Dusk and Nordlander

9)What bands would you like to bring back from the dead if any??? Bathory for sure and Mayhem before Euronymous and Dead died, also i would bring back Tsjuder

10) What do you think of the year 2012? If the world ends it ends although I doubt it will, ive already lived through a few so called ends of the world

11)Any label support coming up any time soon? Yeah I’ve got a guaranteed release from Satanica Productions. Victory By Fire Records has shown some interest as well

12)What is your view on the underground today, and what bands do you like from it? My views on it are mixed, sometimes it puts out great bands and sometimes it puts out bands who only want to sound like the stereotype of a certain genre. As for bands I like from it there’s Sanhedrin which is an incredible band from the U.K., Old Forest which is another band from the U.K., i like S.O.D.D, Blood Stained Dusk, Bloodmoon, Nordlander, Sephiroth, Beltane and a few others
13)How long do you expect to keep making music for? As long as I can, even if it’s not black metal ill still be making music
14) I am glad to have had this interview with you Drew, I love the sound, and the old school style you coldly bring back!!! Keep up the good work and also is their any bands, friends, people, family, or associates you like to give a shout out too before we close this interview? (you can mention people you hate too haha) Hails!!! D -l-

Yeah id like to thank my friends Brandon and Michael in Bloodmoon for their support, id like to thank Duartuss from Sephiroth for providing drums on The Crumbling Moon Demo, id also like to thank my Girlfriend Gabby she doesnt care for the music but shes always told me to push for my dream, Id like to thank Parmahn from Sanhedrin for his support, Id like to thank My guitar teacher Joel without whom i would never have been able to make music in the first place, and of course i would like to thank you for providing this interview for me

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