Saturday, August 6, 2011


Today I have the pleasure of reviewing Ancient Reign off of a 2010 split album with alost. Ancient Reign is a one man arsenal of blackened folk metal formed in 2007, From his hometown of Halifax Canada comes an onslaught of harsh blackened vocals,guitars that stay in the redline,and combine all that with witchy atmospheric keys and drums that should belong in a war march,this provides the listener with a full blown war of metal sure to annihilate the senses.There is much variety between tracks,unlike some bands,Ancient Reign gives you plenty of variety,thus resulting in a more pleasurable listening experience. The future is looking very good for Ancient Reign and I am eagerly awaiting future releases. Ancient Reign can be found on Satanica Productions Label,and myspace as well as facebook. Please do check them out,you wont be disappointed!

Country: France//Canada
Genre: Unorthodox Black Metal//Melodic True Black Metal
Year: 2010
Length: 37 mn
1. Burning Forest
2. Those from the Other Side
3. Human (Part 2 / The Final Piece)
4. Le Brouillard de nos Vies (Interlude)
5. To Watch the Blood...
Ancient Reign:
6. Mist of the Mountian Sides
7. The Dark Winds of Eternity
8. Over Great Vastlands
9. Where Torches Burn in the Moonlight Eclipse (Outro)

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