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Zana of Nocturnal Management Interview (by D)


1)What got you into music and why? and what is it you do for the underground?
Zana: I was into music since i can remember. Always screaming in my room or singing some song that doesn't even exist and making my own!´no music no life´ is the sentence that is the best answer to this question. I need few hours of blasting music if i want to fall asleep normally in the evening. Im completely addicted to music! Its also the most natural and normal thing for me to work with music. I do management, promotion, journalism for a magazine i own and i also have a record label and work with that. So basiclly i do everything i can to promote underground to people that are into same music. I don't care for others. Commercial fuckery is not my aim. There are only few people that are truly into the underground bands. Others are into it just to be ªkvlt´ and ªgrim´ and all that bullshit and that is not the audience i present underground bands to.

2)Your a model, how is it now and how did you get started?†
Zana: It started off with a friend that needed a model so he could practice photography in his new foto studio. We ended doing few sessions, then he kept asking me to come back and after few weeks of hard work he was already getting orders for my pictures. I really hated modelling in the beggining and getting pictured in general but after you meet this kind of work more and it becomes a part of you, you kind of start to like it. Now im a foto model and also a teacher for new foto models. Modelling of course has good and bad sides. Bad sides are perverts and similar things but good sides are of course meeting new people..great shots and guaranteed work if you work good enough!

3)I see you release for bands and do promotion for others of the underground, what is it called, and what is it you do exactly for bands?†
Zana: Well my record label and promotion company is called Nigrum Serpentis. There is also a very important part of it called Nocturnal Management and last but not least Krakovgozd magazine. All together is basiclly under Nigrum Serpentis Records. I do everything from promotion to searching logo artists or gigs to management for few and journalism for all bands i work with meaning i do interviews with them or reviews of their releases and publish it in my magazine then also search for the same things at other magazines, radio stations, tv stations and soo on.. everything i can find basically.

4)Where do you get your clothes for your shoots? And what bands have your worn for some in support?†
Zana: I make some of those clothes myself or at least adjust them to my own style after i buy them. Otherwise i get them done by my stylist that apparently loves doing free clothing for me(love you!!!) and we have the same style so its perfect. So far I did support shots for Blodarv, Marthyrium, Naetu, Nehemah, Azaghal, Arum, Frozen Mist, Labatut, Nightshade Forest, Watain, Nocturnal Depression and so on. Just note that this is not stuff that some of the bands would have online. It was a support shoot. So i can promote them even more!

5)What bands influence you?†
Zana: Those bands are Azaghal, Epheles, Blodarv, Haemoth and Nehemah. Not just the music but also their lifestyle. I had the honor to meet some of them and i must be honest that they really do amaze me daily on what they do and how they do it. And their approach to music is same as mine. A lifestyle not just a hobby. Their atmosphere is also what amazes me and sends me to a whole different dimension that i have hard time snapping out from most of the time. And also as a consequence of my worshipping i also like the messages they are spreading through music. Most people just listen to the melody and when they realize they have been listening to a band that is completely against their ideals or moral rules they go beserk. I read the lyrics if its possible and always try to find something deeper in bands music. It took these bands few years to get on my no.1 stair and they are keeping their selves on the top very successfully. I must see them before i rot 6 feet under!

6)What do you do outside of the music world, any hobbies or things you like to do?†
Zana: I don't really do much out of the music world except for the time i help in a tobacco store and modeling. Music is my life and i tend to work with it most of the time. I do not like any other work but music related things. But of course education is important also so i am trying to pass some exams that will be my ticket to study in Norway or Denmark and get my masters degree there also!

7) Whats your favorite drink?
Zana: Water. Hehe might sound silly but im one of those: drink it while its still on this planet. I don't like that bubbly shit to much. When we poison our water completely bubbly crap will still be there so why not drink water and stay healthy while you can. So its either water or aloe vera drink. But if it comes to alcohol then it must be cocktail that includes absinthe and blue curacao. Get me that and I'll love you forever!

8)What do you think of the state of the world today and what lies ahead? (deep question)†
Zana: First thing i can say is that I hope nature keeps striking back until stupid humanity realizes that the changes we are going through are not some ªnatural´ evolving stuff or the way nature works but its actually our own fault that this stuff is happening. Stupid people that acts they are confident are on the top of the world and are ªdriving´ and ruling the world. For what? People following them like they apparently followed jezus. Stupidest fucks i ever seen. Animals are better than humans. All that still lies ahead is death and we freaking deserve it for treating this place so badly. Its to late to cry after the damage has been done already. Wankers.

9)What bands from the underground do you enjoy?†
Zana: The ones i mentioned above then there is also some other bands like Bornholm, Ragnarok, When my eyes blacken and other Mort's projects and a lot a lot a lot of depreesive stuff like Thy Light, Nocturnal Depression, Gris, Svarti Loghin, Skendod, Elimi, Make a change..kill yourself and soo on. My depressive band list is not really ending anywhere hehe. Not that im depressed or anything i just really love the atmosphere some bands can create and helps me get out of my mood swings.

10)What really makes you ticked???
Zana: stupidity. Seriously that is the only disease you cant fix or get rid of. So its that or arrogant people. Arrogancy is for me just another word for someone that is missing on something in his life and has to act like they're better than other people so they get some attention. And as a consequence to that i also hate attention whores or whiny ass buttcrackers that thinks im their shrink everytime i log online!If I'd want to listen to someones problems i'd ask them about it!So that is also another thing that makes me go beserk, haha. I'm deffinetly more of a: oh shoot yourself already person now that i was a while ago and to be honest it helps!

11)How much longer do you think you will be involved in music for?†
Zana: Forever. If not in music bussiness itself then in some other way. But life without music for me is not really worth living. Boredom to death really. So even if i quit music bussiness i will still do something connected with music. Create music myself or support it as much as I can in some other ways. My life = music.

12)What do you think of the metal scene today?†
Zana: Metal scene in general, huh. Annoying. I don't like it. It's way to commercial for my taste so I was never into it. I also dislike people that are into the general metal scene and tries to make me listen to shitload of big bands that are ªoh so cool and awesome´ that they know nothing about hehe and that just raises my annoyance for it. I can't really say more about it cause after I saw how that general metal scene is i got annoyed and never tried to explore it more. I also don't like any other bands other than underground cause im extremely narrow minded when it comes to music. I listen what i want and don't care what others think!

13)What do you think of the underground metal scene today?†
Zana: Underground scene. Not much to say there really. I don't like any kind of scene to be honest. People pretending to be brothers and who knows what else and as soon as they get a big ªbigger´ they forget who was the one helping them to get there in the first place. There is a lot of good bands, that doesn't get supported enough cause of all those copy cat kids trying to be cool and famous. Seriously kids until you know what the hell music is all about and how hard it actually is to make something good and worth listening to, dont record in your room and pretend you're some famous rockstar. Cause you're not and you're ruining it for bands that are working hard on their music. Other than that underground scene is the best for me comparing to other kind of ªmetal scenes´. It fits to my personality perfectly. People are not so social which is great cause there is not so much hypocrisy involved in it and these underground fans actually takes a lot of time to learn more about bands and things connected to them before they make next step and say : yes im their huge fan. So thats a positive thing for me. Taking time to get to know these things not just blasting out like an idiot screaming you're their biggest fan cause you like one song or the singer is cute or whatever and actually fainting when the guy comes on stage. Thats just retarded and I want to smack those kind of people at least 10 times in a second.

14)If we were trapped on a island what would we do?
(funny question)
Zana: First it has to be the coconut dance, then coconut war haha. Deffinetly want to run around an island and throw coconuts at some people. We are so doing that! Then of course make a tree house and just enjoy the beauties of the island. Swimming with the sharks too for as long as we can hehe. Then when we are done with the whole coconut mania thingy its time to eat some eucalyptus if there is any on that island and get stoned like koalas do. So it better be some island close to eucalyptus growing areas. So to sum it up: fake paintball with coconuts and enjoying the rest of island goodies! hehe

15)Any long term goals?†
Zana: To many to handle I suppose! Studying in Norway or Denmark. Opening few new companies and keep the old ones. Keep myself in music business for as long as I can and create music more. Yeah thats it for my life!

16)Thanks for taking the time out to do this interview with me lovely Zana! is there anyone or anybody you like to give a shout out to, or thank before we close this interview up? \m/ Danny
Zana: First to you for even doing interview with me!Keep up the good work! Definitely want to say thanks to Joe and Andre of Nigrum Serpentis staff and my sister Erika. They have been supporting me from the start and there were times where I know I couldn't do it without them! Also I'd like to say thanks to Svein of Ragnarok for giving me honest opinions all the time and for being a true friend!And to Mort my silly panda fish for creating music with deepest messages ever and for being my best friend!Last but not least a huge thanks goes to all others that have been supporting me, specially bands I work with and true fans from which I get letters daily!Thanks!

I DID!:P -Zana <3 (how lovely hehe)
Nigrum Serpentis Promotion
Nocturnal Management, Krakovgozd magazine

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