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Interview with Autumn (by D)

An interview with AUTUMN ...


Greetings, from the woods ... quite literally. I am doing much better as of late. Thank you for taking the time & having the interest in interviewing me
as I know you are very much frequently busy with music and life in general.

2) What got you into your art, and music and why???

Where to start ...well... ide say in short, many things began with my brother & I as kids growing up drawing together & listening to the same weird music.
I can remember drawing sketches of sea serpents (something ive always been obssessed with) devouring my school teachers and such. As years past along,
Ive explored painting & photographing subject matter that is to be interpreted by the viewer only...subject matter such as dreams and nightmares, obscure thoughts, visions, people and
places, reflextions of the self in nature, & so on ... things that cannot necessarily be put into words. Its quite an endless discussion of how and why one finds themselves making art of some kind or another.
I grew up on an island located in south eastern Alaska named Sitka, where it rains most days of the year & the majesty of nature is very pure and flowing ... A place where there is no such thing as a music scene
and social gathering is limited to an individual like myself & so you just have to get creative. A place very silent & cold where one might roam into haunted woods & hear murmurs in the dead of night,
find solitude by the sounds of crashing waves, or simply become mezmerized by the constant rainfall ... These kinds of things definitly inspire my photographs,art and beyond ...

'Involuntary Visions Visions From The Otherworldly'



'Storms Of Neptune'

3)How long have you been drawing and making art for bands for? righty or lefty?

As mentioned above,since I was a child. For bands,it has been going on for a little over a year now. In the last decade, there has been months, even years where I have not created
anything new and have grown stagnant, I find it to be only natural to occur...& I am a righty.

4)What do you think of music today, and can you name some influences.

Hmm...once again, where to start. I believe that music, art & existence is seen through the eye of the beholder. One's trash is another's treasure.
Everything is dependant on perspective. I find myself caring less & less to squander my own thoughts on proving to others what is & is not-we do have such a strong need & urge to combat others in proving what is true, false
& so on. Everyone has their own interpretation of things. You must unearth what it, whatever it is, means to you. So, I dont care much for the following of scenes & putting too much energy into things I dont like or enjoy. The whole scene thing
mostly just boils down to getting fucked up out of your mind, getting laid, & gaining some sort of social class so one may boast about themselves. Count me out. I discovered most music I listen to on my own or when I was younger from my brother, & am still finding all kinds of new & old
music that I find to be appealing to me.

To mention SOME of MY personal musical favorites & inspiration, in the vast world of metal, folk and ambience, would include:
Vinterriket, Tenhi, Summoning, In Ruin, Negura Bunget, Ulver, Drudkh, Neun Welten, Todtgelichter, Marissa Nadler, Fen, Jääportit,
Les Discrets,Frekkr, Dânnâgôischd, Rauhnacht, Nocternity, Helrunar, Dragobrath, Sturmpercht, Svarrogh, Öröm......
However,dont take it from me, you, the yourself.

5)What obscure bands do you think people should check out?

As far as down right obscure, demented, and generally lunatic would do well to find Dråpsnatt, Pensées Nocturnes, & Melencolia Estatica...

6) What is your favorite part about making art for bands you think?

I enjoy making connections with individuals whom are like minded, conversating about interests and beliefs ... however,I wont make art for just anyone,
or for the mere sake of making money...which IS nice, but its my way I suppose to make connections, show my interest & give back to the artist whom
may be in need of such things. Of coarse, its not always just about the art =)

7)What do you do outside of music, and what plans do you have in the future? I hear you will soon start a band called Solace? with a friend you just met.

Right now, I am living in the woods and working for free so I have a place to has been rather difficult in the past few years, as im sure alot of readers
can relate ... this country, as is fairly apparent, has got some serious wounds. I enjoy spending my time roaming through the woods & getting lost, observing society, conversation with like-minded
folk, meditation, reading, silence & of coarse, photography & painting. As for SOLACE, is unfortunatly currently on hold right now due to lack of equipment & space to play ...

8) What bands do you like that you are friends with you like to mention?

Friends or subtle acquaintances would include: S.O.D.D.(of coarse), Zebulon Kosted, Bitter Dawn, Scroll, Echos of Infiniti , Wolves In The Throne Room,
Valkynaz, Unwilling Participant, A Winter Lost, Tryblith, Throne of Malediction, & Diabolis Interium.


9) What is your scene like in your area and what is your area like overall?

I would put it like this, the scenery about is lovely...the cascade mountain range, the forests, the rain, the wind, the ocean...all things I enjoy and love. The 'scene'
here, I would say, is fucking ridiculous & annoying, but thats just my opinion. If your obsessed with unicorns, dress like you jumped into a trash can and came out wearing whatever
you found, listen to whatever hip music everyone else listens to, drink PBR, go to dance parties regularly , and are pretentious as all fuck, then there is your 'scene', but ya know, thats everywhere
I guess it all depends on what you seek. HOWEVER! Sometimes, here in Olympia, there is a nice gig here and there, but as of late, alot of venues have closed or there is just not a whole lot going on.
There is always shows going on in Seattle, but, mostly just an even bigger crowd of dicks, pricks & wankers. I really only enjoy attending live music when the audience participation is of minimal ...
I find it to be much more personal that way.

10) If macho man was alive what would you say to him brother??? lol

Lay off the slim jims,cocaine and roids...Hahah!

11) If the ultimate warrior walked in and asked you to draw a picture of him would you? lol

After he was done screaming at me in gibberish & slobbering all over himself, probably not! Hahahah!

13) Would you suplex your boss if you ever got fired at your job? lol

Have come close to doing so a few times I think! People are fucking control freaks & manipulators around the work environment.
Its all about being obedient to strengthen their agenda...fuck 9-5 jobs! Finding a real, honorable, PAYING job that you can be happy at
and treated with basic respect is quite a difficult task sometimes, as im sure you know my friend ; )

14)What bands do you like that are known from your area?

There is a wide range of 'cascadian metal' bands, such as the very popular Wolves In The Throne Room, Fauna, Forest Of Grey,
Alda, Agalloch, Skagos...the list goes on, and is becoming more & more popular, which I dont think is nesicarily a bad thing...just kind of odd
that everyone and their grandma is into this stuff all of the sudden. However, one must start somewhere...wherever it is.

15)I see you have done a few setlists for Rachids show DOUBLE DAMAGE from Montana on college radio, what bands where featured and how did this happen?

Rachid & I were friends long ago when I was active on myspace, then I somehow stumbled upon his Zebulon Kosted facebook page
years later when I joined and gave up on myspace...not much of a facebook fan either,, its nice to keep in contact with people!
Anyways, he mentioned his radio show on KGBA that he hosts, DOUBLE DAMAGE, I tuned in & was really digging what he was airing
and just started sending him pages of links of the kinds of music I would play if I had a radio show, soon enough he asked me to do a setlist,
which I am most honored to do so =) check it out every monday! 8-10 Mountain Standard Time! (LISTEN NOW! in the upper right hand corner for live streaming)

16)What is your long term goals for the future?

Sometimes a difficult question I ponder as I tend to just go with the flow. I guess probably get my head out of my ass
and go to college, would be nice. But most of all, I love making art (need to get back into it, I havent been making anything new
in awhile now) and traveling to new & unknown places where I am but a stranger and & wanderer.

17) Whats your favorite drink???

Lately, ive been digging carrot juice.For alcohol, I enjoy a tasty beer, such as Belgian ale, some of the best fucking beer out there! Or
just a cold glass of red wine, especially during winter ... & of coarse, MEAD!
Skål !

18) What is your favorite part about music and what does it do for you? why is it such a big part of the human psyche you think? deep question.

Indeed... I believe maybe one of the most important elements to human existence among so many variables in life is to discover and learn new things about yourself
and the world, as often as possible on your own, or from observing others & to find a neautral space in between what is you may considered to be good/evil, love/hate, true/false, and so on-instead of so commonly being blindly desensitized
by entertainment & and ingesting lies, as we all experience throughout our lives the proccess of being domesticated, symbolically bound, gagged & ultimately controlled, often times by extraterrestrail dictation & hyper commercial suggestiveness from sources & icons
that are often times perverse & distorted so deeply that individuals, families & friends are rendered brainwashed & void of any truth ...
The cosmos is vast ... there are truths out there, & within, that are worth seeking and investing time into. However, often times, lies surround us, subtle, aggresive or otherwise manipulative ...
Dont always believe what you read or hear, including this interview! So to answer the question! Hahaha! ... I dont really know what my favorite part might be about music, maybe that it aids me in giving a sensibility
of what is real in life, death & beyond. It also will remain a mystery to me though because new, & maybe even old, things always arise, giving new perspectives.


19)What bands you like outside of black metal?

I normally enjoy a wide range of music, often times dark, nature-based & aesthetic, because it is what I primarily familiarize with. However, I keep an open mind, and more importantly, an open heart about my interests
in music, art & beyond.

20) How may artists contact you?

Facebook: Autumn Fog
Gallery: deviantART Search: TheForestWithin
(as mentioned in the gallery, ask 1st before taking...stealing art is fucked up and dishonest!)

Also, for the record, I am known by a few different names ...

'Might Of Mountains'

20) I really enjoyed this interview my very close friend and I am glad to have finally got the nerve to get to it. I hope everything works out in the long run with everything you do and I hope to make music and jam till death with you too.
You da man forest man!!! :) Any shout outs before we close this interview? -Danny

Cheers & Thanks to the following : Yourself (, Dietrich of Bitter Dawn (, Rachid of Zebulon Kosted (, Arent of Diabolis Interium (,
Lucas, Angelo & the other guys of Tyblith (, Sagaciocles Adonis Votan Gothmetrius of A Winter Lost ( ), Stormhammer of Valkynaz (, Andrew Russell Of Eihwaz (, Jesse of Scroll (,
Si & Chris of Echos of Infiniti (, Charlie Jj Kruger of Unwilling Participent (, Eric Horner of Throne Of Malediction (,
Freki, Adam, Kelsey, Dyana, Brad, Chaz, Denise, & my family.

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