Friday, March 23, 2012

Hoyland-Dreams within a Dream (Review by Stephen Latimer)

So this is a different way I’m doing a review. I’m listening and commenting as I go. This E.P. starts off with a track called “Celestial”. Clocks in just under 4 minutes, and is a promising instermental intro that is filled with long, deep (and clean/clear production) layered with some female Gregorian chants that is nothing short of a Tolkien ecstasy; all ambient and ethereal.
Staring on the longer “Journeyman”, a repetitive pattern scales back and forth across a few octaves melodically eases in the nocturnalscape. A vivid image of gliding through the cosmos shines beyond hope, like nebular facades surrounded by rays of darkness. A violin is heard midway through the intro, and loops back to the “octavated” lullaby. Bringing in the long stretch, another lute (a cello, perhaps?) adds something almost cliché, however deeper emotion. This track seriously glistens the beauty of the night and of darkness as a whole. Through the darkness, it illuminates the bullshit shadows of the light.
A more haunting intro transcends in the first few seconds of the title track, suggestive that something extraterrestrial is lingering in the dark hopes of man. Something that is desired, yet feared; similar to the meaning of these velvety dreams that we dream. Scarcely exotic is the somber tune, culminating the idea that possibly dreams are no more than an outer body, even an outer dimensional, experience. This bravado interpretation through this babbled audio language is only my deepest conclusions, but surely considering the subject matter, muse to author are probably on probable terms .
A deathly organ fills the aura with dank audacity mid song, that is followed closely to the end with evermore chants and slow bass plucks until the end. After only a split moment to breath, its on to the next track “Season of the Fall” beckons an awakening in heathen fodder. Almost a melancholy experience to leave this realm of enjoyment, but cannot ignore the shattering beauty of sunrays through thicken woods to truly arouse the stark realities of a dreadful world; like the wrath and lust of a woman, joy and sorrow of labors, treasures and debts of comradery.
I want to say, or I should hope, the ending track “Cthulhu Rising”, is a sense that when we face the Reaper and pay the Piper, it will be a never-ending dream. A queue of dread and frightfulness is hinted in the melody, almost a juxtaposition of the previous song (A fear of dying as opposed to a fright to awaken). However, I’m doubtful that is the intent of this track. Though the format is similar to other parts of this album, and blends well with the others…a part of this actually seems to resonate to a different idea almost all together, perhaps a concept to be dealt with a future release. Regardless, the damnation of the intro is breath taking to say the least, as it resembled those tones of what entering the first few realms of hell may sound like.
Overall, this album starts out in a mode where everything is fantastical and mythical, and turns to the truths of mankind in an equal amazement; however ends up in sheer gloom as the realization the nothing is forever. A startling album, that literally only took less that an hour to venture through, that lead through some emotions I though only possible through archaic orchestration. A fine diamond hidden in a heap of coal! This is a journey I wish to visit again, hopefully with my head rested on a well fluffed pillow with a cool breeze to wash me away in lucidity!

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