Monday, March 26, 2012

Nekropsy / Spiritus "Death Arrival" Split (review for AEA Zine)

Well, its been quite awhile since I sat down and got a chance to review something. Been too damn long because this album I am listening to now is kicking my ass!!!

Nekropsy is a very loud, very determined one man project that hails from Chicago Illinois USA with a brash assault of wicked death metal vocals, guitar work and blistering drum/bass back up punishment. The quality is tight sounding, mind numbing, and retard strength inducing. The main man behind this project Frank Garcia tries to make it come off as a very flashy technical death metal band but it really is not and is more about the revival of old school death metal I personally think. A+ for the revival, B+ for the direction these songs are heading. The tracks are filled with very lively solos, growling vocals in the vain of Brutal Truth and also has some thrashier elements such as Nuclear Assault but the vocals are completely and only deathly to be found.

Relentless and grinding unstoppable riffs mixed with a very upfront and personal glimpse into what death metal represents and what he personally thinks of society in general, this is what the main concept of all the songs, is all about. All the negativity and bad aspects of this world are all mixed up into a big tsunami wave that is Nekropsy, instantly destroying all that is in its path. Did I say it has excellent production sound? By jolly freaking doo it sure does, and I love it. I cant wait to hear more from this mad man Frank Garcia (aka backing vox and guitar in Waking Chaos) and delve into more hideous sounds like Bed of Nails, and Dawn Of The Explosions. Deff a keeper in a death metal fans collection, as I am a huge one myself. Keep up the awesome and grinding work, Frank.

p.s. only 40 LIMITED copies of this Split have been pressed so I am pretty darn happy to have one!!!

Next up on the split album is a little unknown band from the UK called Spiritus that are also in the mists of making black metal total warfare, all over their own tunes. I am indeed a HUGE black metal man, and do play the music but it does not neccesarily label me as the death vs black metal type of guy. Both bands fit well with each other actually, and that is what split albums are all about, strutting your stuff to one another! But having a good time of course.

The first track is very old school sounding as well but in a black metal sense with vocals that sound a lot like old school celtic frost but with a megaphone in front of the singers mouth. The music overall is something to deff enjoy as it is another band with another revival of the sorts with the old edge sound but adding there own twist and turns within it. Once again, A+ for the revival, B+ for what direction their heading in. I am not totally sure if its a one man project, but not alot of info online is telling me different, so I shall consider it as so. Wait, looking at the artwork, and yes, another one man project. Now arent we full of surprises???

With the flesh torn and the bones bare, the sound is melancholy, serene, revealing, and riveting. The way black metal should be. The songs At War, and Angels Bidding is a circus of riffs and blackened melodies, all heavy and all pure evil. Frozen In Time is very focused, like Nekropsy in a way but very mysterious and comforting to me. I can just sit down and listen to it on repeat forever. The song is one of my favorites off the split next to Nekropsys Bed of Nails. The band has a lot going for them quality wise and have a lot of potential in the underground scene to become one of those next big bands to arrive, but I would prefer if they kept the underground alive opposed to working against it. The last tune DIE is a barrage of screams, whimpers, riffs and cries, the track is significant in a sense that its the last tune of the split cd and what you just heard is the equivalent of death itself. Keep up the good work Spiritus, you are a deff keeper in my black metal collection as well.

If you wish to purchase this album if their is copies still available, I suggest you contact Frank or Spiritus at these links please, every band needs help now and then and this is the best way to go about it, getting their cd and showing your support to the bands themselves. That is the golden ticket! Thanks for making this album guys and if any more new material arises, be sure to let me know about it and I ll make a exclusive about it.

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