Friday, September 14, 2012

Interview with Razakel Krieg (by D)

1) How long has your band been around for and why?

Now...Iam not sure which of my bands/projects this is aimed towards, so I will give you a run down of them all.

My main band 'Baalberith' formed in the winter of 1999, its first release was 'Dark Revelations' in 2000 which I solely wrote and recorded.

As for My solo project 'Razakel Krieg' that formed early 2010 officially, but I had been writing and recording music for many years before, just not for public listening...

Dark Debauchery's creation was originally 2009...but didnt get any progression untill 2011 due to other band commitments. But shortly after this released a split album with Morktar.

Winter Tranquility,  also 2011...Though progression is a slow process with this one.


2) What does your band name mean?

BaalBerith was the god of the Canaanite city, who later came to be viewed as the demon Baalberith by Christian demonology.
According to the Book of Judges, his temple was destroyed when Abimelech quelled the rising of his subjects.
The name denotes a form of Ba'al-worship prevailing in Israel, according to the Book of Judges.and particularly in Shechem.
The term "Ba'al" is shown by the equivalent "El-berith" to mean "the God of the Covenant.
" The 'Covenant' (Hebrew: Berith) to which this refers may refer to treaties such as one with the Canaanitic league of which Shechem was the head,
or the covenant between Israel and the people of Shechem.The term is considered by some to be too abstract to have been occasioned by a single set of conditions.
Moreover, the temple of the god in Shechem implies a permanent establishment. Probably the name and the cult were widespread and ancient, though it is mentioned only in connection with the affairs of Shechem.

3) How many albums and release have you done under Razakel and who have you worked with?

I Suppose the Easiest way for me to answer this is with a list of all known 'Razakel Krieg' Releases:

Dawn of a New Existence,
Suicide [Single],
Death Beneath the Mourning Star EP,
Invoked Spirits of the Night [Split],
Desecration of His Holy Empire Demo,
Kingdom Dammed [Split],
Churchburner Album,
Beholding the Blood Red Realm Album,

As for who I have worked with... it has been many great musicians over the years, too many to remember infact... so i will state my recent activity
on that side of the spectrum,

'Lord Forneus' springs to mind for the first in the list... we have worked togeather on the project 'Grimsvotn' for many years now, and are intending to push this even further into the LIVE stages in due time, the stageshow, the atmosphere and the sound we have planned is nothing short of raw.

I am currently working with 'Matt Tekell-Rogers, I am supplying guest vocals to the new Angelfuck release... I dont know what to expect from this... Angelfuck are most certainly one of the best and most uncomprimising Grind bands that I have encountered over the last years,and am intending to give it a new sound of intensity with the addition of my vocal-work. New places shall be visited no hostages shall survive the onslaught.

'Lord Andras' i have done several vocal appearances on this guys albums, and it is he who is the other part in 'Winter Tranquility'

So the last in which i feel the need to mention is 'Zaharoth Tyr' who i have recently been in discussions with about a project named 'Demoniacal',
Named after a 'Baalberith' song, and creating depressive black metal.


4) If their is any bands you would compare your band to so listeners have a idea of what they are gunna hear, who would they be?

No... I go out of my way to influence my bands and projects to be completely original.

5) I really like the album art for Beholding the Blood Red Realm?

Thank you... this album will be available on Satanica soon, For beholding the blood red realm. The front cover image is me.

                                        (AVAILABLE SOON @ WWW.SATANICA.ORG/)

6) What has the metal scene been like in your area and what bands can you mention you like?

The metal scene in the newark area is dead to say the least...
but this is why Baalberith favor playing hometown shows once in awhile, the place gets packed out with all the crazy fuckers of the town...

7) What do you want listeners to get out of your music?

I believe that as with all music... any album listened too is a mental journey undertaken for the listener, and that what that journey may be... i dont feel the need to dictate. everyone has a seperate path.

What equipment do you use now?

Currently i am using Reaper 4.11 [DAW], Toontrack ezmix2, and Toontrack Metal machine & metalheads drum setups.

Also additionally I often use mixcraft and cubase 5.


9) Do you prefer the recording setting or live setting? What do you like about both and what do you do before you practice or get ready for a gig?

I value both of these experiences highly, as neither can out do the other... both have factors i enjoy...
Nothing beats the buzz of playing to a LIVE audience once in awhile...

But it is not something i would want to do all the time... I like my space, and to be away from people...
so in that retrospect I enjoy the recording setting... just me... my mind... and my instruments. Total fucking solitary.

10) Last question where can listeners find your merch and music, and I hope you enjoyed our interview. Thanks for your time! any last words?

My music can be found in various places... many d.i.y labels stock my albums... such as Satanica productions, depressive illusion records etc etc. Also youtube and spotify are good sources... Thanks ~ Razakel Krieg

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