Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Interview with Stellarvore of Necrotherion (by D)


(Now before the interview start's one thing I want to make very clear is that Necrotherion is a band of individuals, whatever I say is only from me, we all have a mind of our own. - Stellarvore)

1) How long have you guys been making music for in this band and can you please speak about the history of your band Necrotherion?

Hail! Well Necrotherion formed in the winter of 2008, then it was just me and Chernobog (Guitarist). Back then it was just him doing the guitar, a drum machine and me on the Vocals and it was only a recording project.

Then after about a year of working on it we decided to place it on hold so we could join a Death Metal band with a couple of our friends. Now the Death Metal band did not last long but luckily it lead us to meet our Drummer, Vitiatus. Once he joined Necrotherion we jumped right on practicing for live shows with me on Bass and Vocals.

Then after our first show a friend of our's named Pain joined to take up Bass duities, then shortly after that Wargoat joined to play Guitar along side Chernobog, and now here we are.

2) What is the area like and how does it contribute to how your band gets noticed in the area? Gigging or not?

This Valley heavily influences me, it has a beauty, the hills covered in green during the spring then snow in the winter. The fog that float's over the river during the Twilight hours it is amazing once you take the time to look at it.

But then there is the scum, the maggot's and filth. This Valley is covered in people who you just wish would fucking die, low life fiend's and pill heads. I have seen mother's leave there children alone while they go suck cock for there fix.

But when it come's to gigging yes there is a nice lineup of Bar's and Clubhouses that give's us places to perform.

3) If their is a place where friends and listeners can purchase merch or your music at, were would it be?

Well we currently do not have any Merch but that will come in the future and when it does just contact the band through Facebook or whatever, but if the reader's and follower's want to download our Demo you can get it here at the Soundcloud:

4) What is your latest material and album you guys are working on now? Can you describe it and what do you expect to get out with it?

Well the new song's we have been working on have been showing a great deal of different influences, it is still Necrotherion and it is still Black Metal but we like to mix it up a bit. Recently our song's have been incorporating a sort of Doomish guitar style, so I think it add's to it.

During December we plan on starting to Record our first album which will be called "Soulless".

5) What do you want listeners to get out of listening to your songs and how has the feedback been so far?

Darkness, sound's of Nothinigness as if they just entered a dark Void. A feeling of Anger and Hatred toward's you're fellow man.

But also enlightenment, we believe Knowledge is the true God to expand your mind and to push yourself to higher level's. The one thing we hate the most is a wasted mind, and in order to open your mind you must first understand that you are nothing, you do not matter. Only then can you truely understand everything.

6) How has the internet world been treating you band compared to outside it, and how has the feedback been so far online, opposed to offline?

We have been gaining a lot more attention outside of the Internet, but the Internet has been good, it allows us to communicate with everyone and power comes from number's so the more people who enjoy us the stronger we become.

The feedback has been extremely good, it seems people in the Valley have been craving Black Metal.

7) Which do you prefer, the live setting or the recording setting? Anything you guys do to warm up or flesh out during both?

I enjoy the process of creating new music, but the live performance is an amazing experience. You gain a feeling of power, a real ego booster when you hit the stage that it's always hard to end it.

The warm up before a show usually involve lot's of blood, vomit, alcohol, weed and anger.

8) How many bands have you guys played with and can you name a few people should check out?

We have played a total of 5 show's with 9 band's, all great band's and if you don't mind i'll make a small list of Links to some band's I think people should check out.





9) What musical acts influenced you growing up?

Well for me it started with the early Heavy Metal like Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Judas Priest and Led Zeppelin. But when it comes to Black Metal my first influence was Gorgoroth's "Under The Sign of Hell" Pest's Vocals on that album is what made me want to create Black Metal.

But there is also a vast list of what influences me, but i'll keep it simple and just give the biggies. There is Mayhem, Immortal, Krieg, Absu, Darkthrone, Profanatica, Absurd, Pentaface, Dissection, Necromantia, Lord Belial, I Shalt Become, Burzum and Ancient VVisdom.

10) If you had a choice of which band to gig with, on a compaitability level....who would they be and why? Sound wise? friends? anything.

Well, we have a show with Morbid Angel, Dark Funeral and Grave in a week so that pretty much top's it, haha. But if I could pick I would like to do a show with either Mayhem or Gorgoroth and to be more selective it would be in Germany. Once that happen's, I will feel I achieved my goal.

11) Where do you guys stand on a political stand point if any?

Necrotherion has nothing to do with Politic's, now the band member's could have a Politic view but nothing Political get's into Necrotherion.

12) If you had to name some moments this year that really inspired you, what would they be?
Our first show being on Good Friday was a good treat, finding out that we are playing with Morbid Angel after only 5 show's and the fact we havent even played a fucking year yet! It really is mind blowing news. But our growing fanbase is good, I never expect it to get as big as it did especially since most of our song's is Anti-Human but I guess everyone is angry at this race.

13) How many times did I screw up this interview and do you like it so far? This is a very serious question.....
           You fucking suck man, you should just stop now, this is fucking horrible and a disgrace! Haha no man it was really good, i'm glad this was Necrotherion's first interview, you ask some good solid questions, keep it going strong brother.

14) Brothers of war....what do you think 2013 will bring you and what do you guys plan to do next? Anything you like to say? People to mention? family friends, and so forth. I really enjoyed our time together and enjoyed our very serious and in depth interview. I hope I tapped into your minds like a surgeon after I put you under a anaesthetic so my readers can enjoy ever dirty detail about Necrotherion.
             Well 2012 was the beginning of Necrotherion's full on assault, and it's not going to end anytime soon I can assure you that. We feel 2013 is going to bring greatness, even if it's through our own blood, sweat, tear's it is going to become even more stronger!

            "Soulless" will hopefully be coming out in 2013, we feel that our number's will just continue to grow and people need to know about Necrotherion, for we are the Void, the complete nothingness. We are that slap of cold, hard fucking reality across your blind ignorant face. We are Death's Mighty Beast, and we will Reign forever!


It has been a pleasure.... Fuck shit up!!! cheers \m/

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