Friday, May 20, 2011

DEMONIC CUNT interview (by D)

1) How long have you been involved in the modeling business for and why?

I have been involved in modeling for nine years now. I started doing it only because I was spotted on the streets of Adelaide, Australia while I was shopping. He was a photographer and asked me if he could pay me to model for him (Catwalk and shoots for his website called 'AdelaideFaces') I agreed and modeled for him for about 4 years. I started getting bored of all the falseness and fake people of the industry so I wanted to become something more.. something more 'myself'
I find it extremely hard to be told what to do in shoots, especially because of the photographers horrid views on fashion and other kinds of useless things they wanted me to do, like tan my skin!
so I started getting into doing porn magazines. I was offered by countless photographers telling me I that they wanted me to model for magazines such as penthouse Australia, Picture, People and 100% homegirls etc, so I did that for years and still do to this day as my alias "Succubus"
It is only recently I have changed my magazine name to Demoniccunt. I started my website Demoniccunt because I was force fed religion as a child. I was a Mormon until I ran away from it because I did not believe all the lies they preached and how stupid it is to base my life on some dead Jews' opinion on how I should live my life and how stupid the people are for believing it. Because of that religion, I lost most of my family because they were so brain dead being mentally programmed by these liars preaching to them every Sunday. Demoniccunt is my outlet. It is my "Fuck you" to religion and the stupid sheep that follow it.

2) What things, or people, and subject matter do you draw inspiration from in your life?

My life experience. I am very strong mentally and so everything I do in the entertainment business is extracted from only my mind. My anti religious photos and videos is all fully based on my anger with my upbringing as a Mormon. My WW2 imagery/porn is in based on my German heritage. My bloody and macabre pics are based on my blood fetish, my bondage pictures and videos are based on my bondage fetish and my psychotic videos and pictures are based on my certain state of mind. I do not look to others for inspiration. I never have. Demoniccunt is me. It's who I am.

3) What bands have you been involved with, and worked for in the past, and now?

Ive worked with Sadistic Intent, Acheron, Gloomy Grim, Waklevören, Horrorscope, Claymore, Hate, Souldgrind, Cemetery Urn, Blasphemous Creation, Ouija and a few more.

4) Where can fans get in contact with you, and get merch from you that is readily available?, , , , , ,

5) What do you think of the underground scene of today, and can you name a few bands you like so far???

The underground scene today in my opinion is uber black metal 19 year old kids that think that they know it all. I do not get involved, nor care. I just do my own thing as the introvert I am. The bands I listen to are Darkthrone, Old Mayhem, Bathory, Marduk, Venom, Sodom, Watain, Burzum, anything with Nattefrost like Carpathian Forest and Fenriz/Nattefrost red planet 'engangsgrill' and a whole lot more.

6) Where are your originally from, and what was life like growing up?

Ive been in Australia most of my life. I grew up with an extremely strict religion and parents (especially my vile stepfather that force fed religion to me enough to make someone want to kill themselves, but he was so ridiculously full of contradictions. Let's just say he did not practice what he preached) So I left my family at 15 (or was thrown out consensually) because I did not want to be a part of Mormonism so they excommunicated me thank fuck! I had a rough life but I am not at all complaining because I would not be the cunt I am today! It's all history. My outlet is my work. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger ;)

7) How has the fan reaction been to your work so far???

Surprisingly very good! I did not expect them to be so supportive because my work is seen as incredibly extreme and offensive, but they are! very much so. I am saying what a lot of people want to say and doing the things these people want to see (so they all tell me) So my fans relate to me, especially the psychotic ones! If I am feeling insane or just want to do something extreme, my photographer films me and puts it on the internet and my fans tell me they love it. I am just being me and I want to encourage people to be themselves no matter what others might think of you. People know me to be very extreme so you either love me or despise me. Either way, I am always extremely appreciative of my supporters. They are all fucking fantastic people that always have my respect.

8) Is there any thing you do outside of modeling you enjoy?

I enjoy learning languages like German and Norwegian. When I am not working, I am studying Quantum Physics and Psychology. I will go and study those subjects in University when my website is fully functional. I am basically an introverted geek. I do not go out.. ever. I work and study.

9) What do you get out of your modeling? is it something that is deeper mentally, or spirtually, or its just something you like to do and just do it???

It's an outlet for my creativity. My mind needs to be stimulated at all times, hence why I am an insomniac! If I had it my way, I would have a LOT more shoots and videos done but my photographer is only human and can only do one thing at a time. I have sooo many ideas for shoots and videos that it is hard for my photographer to keep up with me. Modeling has never been a 'trend' for me like it is for some other models (In saying that, I am not meaning anything in an insulting manner towards other models by the way) What I am trying to say is that my style of modeling and my videos is my personality captured on camera. It all comes from my mind and personal experiences.

10) Who picks out your clothes, and do you personally get them or? I like them alot! They all look stunning :)

Thank you :) I buy all of my clothes. Even the straight jacket! I only bought that because in one shoot I wanted to portray complete utter madness, which is how I feel sometimes!

11) What are your long term goals as of now, and what are your plans for the near future???

I want to continue, finish the videos, do enough shoots that represent my personality until I feel satisfied, then I will go study Quantum Physics and Psychology in University, then move to Norway. Norway and the cold represents my personality more than the heat of Australia, so I feel more suited living there. After staying in Norway, I know I will be extremely inspired to keep shooting because it is so beautiful. How could one not feel inspired whilst observing the incredible views of Norway...

12) I really enjoyed taking the time out to interview you before the e-zine closes in LATE May, and I ll will make sure if we ever go ISSUE in a limited run, I will make sure our interview is in it :) Thank you for your time, and stay awesome hun! :D hug Cheers -D -l- Thank you, I really appreciate it :) xxx



  1. Great Great interview with her. WTF she was raised a mormon?

  2. I was raised Mormon too, and I'm now a practising witch who's into Demonology and all things 'dark' haha. I liken it to a rubber band; the stronger someone is pulled back and repressed, the harder they rebel and go the complete other way.