Friday, May 6, 2011

Solace Of Requiem "Utopia Reborn" Review (By Dave Wolff of AEA zine)

The technical death metal band Solace Of Requiem first started in 1990, disbanded in ‘93 and reformed in 2001 to release two CDs including Utopia Reborn. Recorded in 2006, the CD demonstrates the band’s seasoned professionalism, as does the work ethic they displayed following its release as they toured extensively to support it. Despite the lineup changes the band went through in the last decade their performances have been greeted with fan appreciation and printed exposure in publications such as Decibel and Metal Maniacs. The band likewise filmed and released a promotional video for their song “Red Sea” despite extremely adverse circumstances involving one member’s departure. Utopia Reborn often calls to mind the grandiose themes of Domination/Formulas Fatal To The Flesh-era Morbid Angel, only a little grittier where the guitars are involved and with a notable increase in intricacy in strategic parts of the songs. In 2010 the band self-released a new recording The Great Awakening which they plan to promote as aggressively as this was up to now. –Dave Wolff

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