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This band here, Vintage Flesh, has completed their latest full length out and available from Raynard Stevens (Raypissed) of the band Vintage Flesh and soon ended in break up. As of late you all might not know, that VF broke up, but now Ray has a new offering with a band called Inverticrux. I am not reviewing Inverticrux just yet, but I hope my review on this lastest offering from VF does justice for this darkest and marvelous album for these guys here as I am not the best at reviewing as you all know, or so I was told.

This is a review of Vintage Flesh's last album "Hour of the Night Gaunts". The band picks up were they left off in the album The Eyes That Glared At My Agonies left off. The sound is wicked, misanthropic, filled with depressing tunes, and melancholy. Shock, rock, horror, and blazing fiery riffs through out. I enjoy this album just as much as the last one, its a great full length that shows a great advancedment in vocalizition, guitar work, and Ray also did drums on this album too, without the help of the last drummer Drae of course. The album has strong points in that the hour of this album could most likely be most enjoyed at 3am, Dead Time. The intro of this album on the song Follow Me To The Grave starts with a sample of the theme from the cult movie Suspiria which I enjoy very much as Dario Argentio is just as much a great artist with movies, with his most messed up fantasys, and horrors but filled with colors and contrasts as Ray is with his tattooing, and mesmiziring, horrific masterpieces he made himself. Rays vocals never leave you in a sense, they always seem to remain more haunting then any cry of and disturbing entity from the pits of what reigns below. They will never leave my mind as long as I live. The song And The Light Went Unseen is a slower paced track with some black metal grooves, and ghostly shrieks, chilling to my bones. The song is more of call to Ravenfrost split to me in a sense but has a energy that is murderous, and straight to the point.

The song Priest Skin Ship opens with a high oh in a anthem like fashion and a slow paced drum beat like the last but a feeling of rawer comes to mind but not so raw you like to turn it off, it becomes a sailing image in ones head with Ray as the captain, and Hex sailing the ship to the far edges of the darkest parts of the world. It is a track that keeps in beat and as a Priest Skin Ship would keep its notches up as in sail, slow, fast, and then seemingly floating but moving in a steady pace. The track speeds up at times, with some death growls in the back ground, and high pitched screams blended in to kick the pace to its climax towards the end at a slower rate but closing to a end of this song.

Not to Die Until Its Done is really chilling filled with choir vocals, a soundtrack of many tears and fears. Many regrets, undone dastartly deeds, buried, and dead. The spirit world speaks to VF on this track to spread the message to you in the song itself in a subliminal sort of way. I like to listen to VF backwards one day to see if I can find some secret messages on it benounce to them!

Oh What Demons Has Tempted Me Here, opens with the guitar, John Hex opens this track with a softer passage, with his guitar with its dwelling powers within, slowly twisting, and sucking the life from you as each note is being played, hypnotizing, and awe inspiring. The song is softest of the last 4, and is just a song that continues to keep the dead from resting, and song that you play as you walk down that pitch black and frightening road. The lyrics are very strong, and demented, keeping a sickening turning in your stomach through and through till the solo comes in a brings the old edge black metal style in with a keen sense of misery, and depravatity.

And Still I Wait keeps the same chilling sound of the last with notes different, but just as depressing and executing to my ears. Time has no end while listening to this, and the sense of time ceases to exist as you are dragged deeply into this one, to your doom, to your conviction, to your judgement. The pace quickens, the heart explodes, the ears bleed, the soul disappears. Humming along to the tune, is something I really like towards the end, great closing.

Back to the ritualistic black metal antics and fury on To Serve The Dark Design, the track is filled with cold feelings, trembling riffs, and power licks. Pulverizing, and headbanging thrasy-ness. Great track for those relentless black metal fans out there. Filled with sounds to ressurect the witches and demons, and deep guttural growls that add a death metal flavor not heard much in previous VF offerings. A good poison to add to the recipe. Drums kicking in even more towards the end, high screams, blood curdingly, in a closing, end.

Pities Long Broken Urn bring you back into the negative energy that VF is consumed in through out, as their will be a fatal end of all ends. Turning one insane, turning the land to ashes and dust. Soft, and well played guitars with strings made of veins and fretboards of flesh, I am utterly horrified to the point of death, but I am not through just yet. Back to the death like growls, guttural, raspy, strong, bellowing, and angry through out. Keys then come in, and take over, with the guitars under the tones, closing to a end, now I am nearly dead.

Opening the track with pity filled vocals on Signs for Ye Silent Grave, filled with sorrow, and sadness, so much suffering in ones singing, so much character, so much pain within ones deep, and empty soul entwined in guitars with just as much sorrow as the vocals themselves.

Here in A Deeper Gloom To Bear, the guitars take a big leap, and take over from the opening towards the end, destroying everything in its path, swallowing every soul in sight, crushing every skull with sheer power and might.

This song has made its way in me as being one of my favorites. It is called The Dead Who Groaned Within. The guitars are a key to this track that keep its tortureous style in continuation, to a epic yet technical solo that keeps me rocking harder then I have before. Deep meaning to me on this track for sure, deep to the flesh and bone, layer to layer, speeding up to a whirlwind of hate, anger, power, and words of pain to whom who listen. Such agony, such deformity. Enraged, and defying the sounds of VF to its limits.

Track 12, same name as album, Hour Of The Night Gaunts is a track in which they seemed to have made to create a portal for lost souls to enter, slowly building up and filled with black light. A high pitched scream ends the calmness, and brings another fast paced destructive, and pounding riff, that drives nails to the coffin to each victim, ending the screams, ending the pain, ending in a violent shriek, closed with a silent, but awesome guitar passage filled with grief.

The ending, and final track to Hour Of The Night Gaunts titled While I Wandered Away With Death is a mystical, dark, and very well thought out track. The song ends the album in great fashion, as one slowly wanders away with Death himself, with open arms, of course.

I can sum up this album by saying, this is the last album by Vintage Flesh, one of their best, a very well played, very tight sounding album with more to offer to most fans out there then the same lame and boring crap I been hearing lately from black metal bands. This album has touch the blackest part of my soul, and will remain as a true classic in my cd collection. Also before I forget, the art is a true representation of the album itself, deformed, skeltal, and empty. Great final work here from Vintage Flesh, I hope your all rolling in your graves after hearing this one. In closing I like to say, I bid you all, farewell.... -D



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