Thursday, June 7, 2012

Interview with Chad of Blasphomet

WELCOME TO TF ZINE!!!! how you doing?

** I am doing fine, Thank you-
1) When did your band start and why?
** Blasphomet started in 2009 as a one man project after a previous project fell apart and I didn't find Blasphomet was born!

2) What do you think your music is about and what do you think attracts people to it?
** My music is about what I feel...It can range from life to death, anti religion, and anything in between that I want...
I'm not really sure what attracts people to it though...It's pretty underground, so not many people even know of Blasphomet that I'm aware of.

3) What would you like to accomplish from now to next year?
** I have been working on a new project that has yet to be announced...This should be done by then....
Of course I would like to accomplish many things, but this Project I speak of is my main concern...keep on watch! 
There may be another Blasphomet release by the end of the year as well...all depends.

4) Where does your band name come from and how does it fit with your sound?
** The name "Blasphomet" is a combination of Blasphemy and Baphomet....It seemed to be a perfect fit, and after doing an extensive search, seemed no one had snatched this name yet, so I took it. It just fits.

5) IF you had to name a few artists you kinda sound like, who would they be?
** I'm not really sure.

6) How was the collab with Dark Metamorphosis for Evergrim and splits and endevours so far?
** Everything  went great, and is going great...there will be more to come for sure. We had had a pretty good response to the "Graves Of The Damned" Split.
The project I mentioned earlier that I am currently working on is going to be involving The Count From DarkMetamorphosis/EGR and Myself...things are turning out awesome so far.

7) What do you want fans or listeners to do when they look up your band right away?
** I want them to listen...
I they like it great, if not, thats great too...But if they do, they should support the underground and snag a release from or it's cheap as fuck...

8) What do you think of music and its value nowadays?
** Music is very valuable to me... I don't think I would live without it after having it for so long now....(and I'm not talking about the shit you hear on the radio or TV)
It's just whether people want to see it as that or not...
As far as everything going digital and people hardly ever buying real albums, I think that kinda sucks.

9) If we had to step out of the box and you werent making this music, what would you be doing? with your life that is....

** I would still be doing artwork and screenprinting..That is assuming I still had my hands.
10) How much longer do you expect to make music for?
** However long I feel it, and still can.

11) Any side projects at all?
** Yes, It will be announced soon!

12) What do you personally think of social networking sites, aid or aids disease for bands?
** I personally think they can be both an aid or the disease....I really hate the sites myself, but they are good to have so people can see your work if they want to...since SO many people have one or more of these things, it helps for anyone promoting themselves or what they do really.
I have yet to make a page for Blasphomet on facebook...I do have one at myspace still.

13) If you had to pick anybody to work with musically live who would that be? AND how has gigging been? good or bad?
** I would have to make the Count(Dark Metamorphosis) join...and probably steal A & Corvus from Totalselfhatred...and Kryth from Pure Evil....would be interesting...haha
Blasphomet doesn't do shows.

14) Do you like to cheese on your sandwich????? :P lol but seriously, where can we find any cds or merch of yours?
** All depends..haha    CD's and T-shirts are available at
and digital downloads of my work and many others are available at

15) If I had a box of TOTAL and I started to eat it in front of you, what would you do????
** I would have to tell you Not to talk shit about TOTAL!

16) Name some musical influences
**  I would have to say mostly all my musical influence comes from Black and Death Metal no particular order, early Dark funeral, early Burzum, God Dethroned, Darkthrone..Mercyful Fate.....these guys really got me into black metal to begin with...more recently I've been listening to alot of Horna, Totalselfhatred, Pure Evil, Korgonthurus..and Dark Metamorphosis of course...

(yes my lucky ass got one!)

17) What is the music like in your area?
** As far as metal goes...It seems like mostly metalcore and bar/cover bands last time I payed attention to it...
This is partially the reason Blasphomet a one man operation.

18) I am gunna wrap this interview up with one more question, do you have any last words for anyone out there? Good, or bad, or anything? Thanks alot man for this interview, take it easy!!!!
** Last words... Thanks to any supporters of Blasphomet,, and evergrimrecordings..
No problem, and thank's for the interview!

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