Friday, June 15, 2012

Interview with The Count of Dark Metamorphosis (by D)

WELCOME TO TF ZINE, AGAIN! How you been Count?

Glad to be here, man. Things have been pretty good for the most part, albeit very busy.

1) Tell my readers what you have been up to since our last interview? And how has Dark Metamorphosis been doing since then?

Since the last interview, I've basically finished up "The Fall Of Draclecarde" album, the "Graves Of The Damned" split, and the "Cradle Of Decay" EP. I've been working on a new DM full length, and a few projects that are on the horizon, but there have been quite a few hurdles to get over recently, as far as recording is concerned.


2) Evergrim Recordings is a pretty unique name for a label, how did it come about?

It basically refers to the somewhat grim and underground music that I make and have great respect for. I think it reflects my message very well.

3) If you have any merch to offer where would you suggest listeners to get it at?

Actually yes, there are Dark Metamorphosis logo t-shirts available through They are inexpensive and high quality, so check them out.

4) Which artists are featured on Evergrim Recordings and what style of music are you aiming to expose there?

Evergrim Recordings has my band Dark Metamorphosis, as well as a few projects of mine. Blasphomet and Desolation are onboard, as well as your very own Grim Funeral Techno. I could list them all here, but It would be great if readers checked out all the artists for themselves and give them a listen. (

EGR's goal is to promote the spirit of underground music, of many styles. As bands are getting more and more studio sheen, and the music industry gets more and more polluted with churned out garbage, I really want Evergrim to be a haven for genuine, original material, of the mostly extreme variety.

5) How has the reception been to the latest album The Fall Of Draclecarde?

I have been hearing good things. Definitely the best reception yet on any album. I believe it tops anything before it. The album marks the end of an era for the band, and I am really excited about what is to come.

6) The Graves Of The Damned split is a great ethereal masterpiece I am proud to own in my collection. I need to review it and what would you say your experience was like while working with Chad of Blasphomet on this album?

It was excellent. Chad is a fantastic musician, and a great person. The album came together quite quickly and I am very proud of it. Thanks for the kind words, man! Looking forward to the review!

7) If you had to name your influences at the time of recording both the split and latest full length by DM what would they be?

I was definitely listening to alot of Cryptopsy, Bethlehem, and Shining at the time, as well as a plethora of Mike Patton's works. haha! (I now must insert a link to a funny mike patton vidder lol

8) How has things been going in your personal life lately? Any goals as of late other then music or any other personal hobbies?

Things are actually better than they've ever been. I am really glad to honestly be able to say that. I am really enjoying the way things have been going with Dark Metamorphosis, EGR, and all my music colleagues lately. As for other hobbies, other than being a pretty avid gamer, I don't really have many. If you don't catch me listening to or recording music, you'll more than likely find me on Xbox live. You guys should add me sometime. Battlefield 3 anyone? lol.

9) What do you want listeners to get out of your music and how do you think you stand out in this sea of underground metal bands?

I honestly don't really know how to say whether or not I stand out or anything, and I don't try to be deliberately original just for the sake of it. I try to almost create a world within it's atmosphere. The band has never stayed strictly to one sound and is constantly evolving. I know that is a pretty cliche thing to say, but anyone who has actually listened to the band would probably agree.

10) If you had to name a artist to work with on another split or feature on your next album or whatever lol who would or that band be?

The next album is gonna be bad ass man. Trust me. It is still in the planning stages, but I can definitely say there will be room for some guests. You down for it? (hell yeah I am!!!)

11) You are part of my main bands collab EP in the works entitled DOOM. If you had to say anything about our collaboration or anything about Strings Of Distorted Doom, what would that be? I will be doing vocals on the track and Dietrich is drumming to it so yeah we are getting there man haha! (bassist in mind too)

The Count has faith in you. lol. I really can't wait to see how it comes together. (faith... is such a dirty word lol!!!!)

12) How can you describe the difference between your latest DM album from older material? and would older and newer fans possibly stray from new material or do you think listeners could still appreciate both? Some bands have that gap in their discog but me personally I do really enjoy your past, present and looking forward to further DM material!

There has been a leap in sound quality, that is for sure. The music I think has gotten steadily more progressive and technical over the years as well. I am glad you enjoy the older material too. I try to expand upon the sound with each album. If there has ever been a step up, it is coming next.

13) What is your favorite Survival Horror game??? or any games at all? I had to ask that... lol

Dark Souls. 'Nuff said. And I'm sure you can guess a few others. lol.

14) Would you do music for VG soundtracks? Mostly survival horror maybe?

Hell yes, most definitely. I am a huge fan of horror games, and horror movies, and the like.

15) I am running out of ideas for questions because I am a lazy dull minded fuck tard with the attention span of a squirrel....LOL If you have any last words for my readers and want to give a few shout outs or mention anything else along the lines of anything new coming up or based on how our interview has been so far I would really appreciate it.

Thanks again for the shirt, cd(s) collab with my ever so talented ass ( I wish lol) and making sure to keep us bands alive with Evergrim!!! (my drummer personally thanks you for uploading his music on Evergrim as well) you da man!!!! ;) Thanks for your time Count, and I bid you farewell... for now.

Thanks so much for having me again, man. I appreciate it greatly! I am always glad to talk with someone who knows what my band (and label) are all about. I hope to keep things updated with the label (and it's new youtube channel, sub meh). EGR will continue to spread the goodness, and is glad to you have you. New album on the way, people! Keep it GRIM and expect the unexpected!


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