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Interview with Ryan Wigley of Lifting Of The Veil (by D)


1) Tell me about your project, Lifting of The Veil? how did it come about? and how does it differ compared to Dark Theory, Desolation Machine, and the band Lucidious you recently joined?

Well in a sense it grew out of the old Dark Theory material. There's a couple of drone tracks and a load of Doom Metal ones on some of the demo's, but by the time it came to our first EP onwards we had dropped the Doom element in favour of an an all out Black/Thrash approach. So one day I'm just searching through youtube and I came across the official video for Dead by Khanate, and it just really inspired me to do something in a similar vein. I ended up spending most of that day working on a song which then became Inevitable End. There are some similarities between LotV and DT in that they both use screamed black metal vocals and are extremely dark, but LotV is about a 4th the speed of DT, maybe slower and with quite a different riff style. Desolation Machine has very little in common with LotV except for that fact that both are hideously noisy, and it's got pretty much nothing in common with Lucidious lol

2) Where did the band name come from and did anything inspire you for its name?

The literal translation of the Greek word Apocalypse is Lifting of the Veil. It felt like quite a fitting name.

3) Where can listeners hear LOTV and how has the reaction been so far? is the main place where you can listen, but most of the tracks are also on youtube as well. Reactions have all been very positive so far, there's more doom fans out there than I thought.

4) Any songs you like to mention you done recently for the project?

Very recently did a cover of Celtic Frost's Ground as well as two new original's called The Suffering and Chaos Upon Chaos. Thinking of doing at least one more song before I release these together as a demo.

5) How many albums does LOTV have and have any been released and where can listeners buy em?

At the moment there is just one untitled one which is normally referred to as Lifting of the Veil which is available on tape through Depressive Illusion Records. Not sure how much but I imagine they're pretty cheap. I also have a few CD-R copies of it which I've been giving to a few select people (mainly local promoters and reviewers). I'm thinking of self releasing the next CD, maybe do a split album with Dark Theory and Lucidious as we're all recording new stuff at the same time lol

6) What do you want out of this project the most and also what role do you play in it?

Just to start doing some basic gigs would be awesome, local venues haven't shown any interest atm, although I haven't been pushing that hard yet. The best thing that could happen to this band would probably be to get signed to Southern Lord and go on a tour with Sunn 0))) (and they are very few touring Drone Metal bands so you never know). My role is everything although I've collaberated with ssunfuck and Dan 0))) (you in other words lol) so may have occasional guests throughout all releases.

7) Where does the lyrical concepts and moods of the project come from?

It's pure darkness. Apocalyptic stuff comes up a lot but it just sort of about evil in general. The newer stuff has been mostly instrumental except for the Celtic Frost cover, sometimes you just gotta let the Doom wash over you

8) Have you gigged under this project yet?

Not yet, really fucking want to though. There's been a bit of a 'gig drought' in the local area. The people that put the most money into the venues are normally the ones who also want to be on stage, so a few of the less professional venues have closed or aren't doing gigs again till next year. I have a few new contacts now though so hopefully Dark Theory and LotV can get a whole bunch of gigs before September.

9) If you had to name some acts similiar to LOTV who would they be?

Well Sunn 0))) is an obvious one, if it wasn't for them I don't think there would be Lifting of the Veil or most of the other Drone Metal bands out there. The last Celtic Frost album and of course Triptykon are very similar although a bit faster. Khanate, early Boris and two unsigned bands from the UK I came across recently called Greg(o)rian and Nyogtha

10) I see you also recently joined a band called Lucidious, how has that been so far?

It's been pretty sweet. Quite different to the Black Metal/Noise stuff I'm normally associated with. It's a Punk/Metal/Thrash band, really simple angry stuff. I saw them live twice with there old bassist and thought they were pretty cool, and then the bassist had a hissy fit and left so I joined and they got an awesome 2nd guitarist the week after that as well. It's pretty refreshing to be in a band where I don't have to be the leader, I can just play the bass. All the songs were written with the idea of being able to get pissed and still play them well, so we're always knocking back cans of beer during practice and recording lol. Can't wait till we film a video for 10 Downer Street.

11) How has Dark Theory been and is DT your longest founding of bands? and what lies in the future for it?

Dark Theory is still what I refer to as my main band. The idea for it started in September 2006, but I consider the actual formation of Dark Theory to be September 2008 which is when the first demo was started, so it's my longest running band by miles. There's a lot in Dark Theory's future. We've got a guy who's interested in joining us on guitar (he said he'll deffo do a guest solo even if he can't join full time) and we're recording and writing still but mostly we're just trying to play as many gigs as we can. Got one coming up in London with Mørktår in winter time hopefully. Our main thing right is trying to find a drummer though, drum machines just don't cut it.

12) How many bands have you played with so far and those you like to mention?

Well there's obviously Dark Theory which has been recording since 2008 and gigging since mid 2010, there was a short lived Metalcore band I was in called 8th Deadly Sin which did a few live shows and then broke up because we were shit lol, a couple of ex members of that form a Thrash Metal band with me called Just Reported Missing which then changed it's name to Desolation Machine. That broke up because Dark Theory was just taking off properly and the drummer had found an electro rock band that was going good as well. I carried on the name Desolation Machine onto an industrial noise punk thing that I did one demo with a while back. Did a collab with ssunfuck which ended up becoming a drone metal track for Dark Theory, although the song was redone a year later when I formed Lifting of the Veil. Did bass and guest vocals on a Sphinxta Spit remix album. Recorded bass and backing vocals and did the drum programming for a cover of People Pie by SLAB! with Grim Funeral Techno, did live backing vocals for Baphvomit on what turned out to be their last gig and also sung with Wretched Soul at one of their gigs and of course I've joined Lucidious. So that's a total of 11 bands I've been in or worked with, plus I'll be doing guest vocals for a track on Olivia's upcoming Gothic Metal band

13) If you had to say anything about Most Unholy Convergence II compilation, what would that be?

Buy it, just buy it. 100 of the best underground metal bands out there on one CD, including the one and only recording Dark Theory did with our old drummer, and tracks by Sphinxta Spit and Baphvomit, both awesome bands (and friends of mine that I've worked with) who have split up. This is the one of the only ways you can get their music now.

14) What do you want to get out of this summer and any goals or plans coming up?

Mainly I want to play as many gigs as possible, get pissed as much as I can and yet hopefully get a decent summer job and make a bit of cash too

15) If you had to tell us what inspired you to make music in the first place, how would you say got you started?

You know I'm not actually sure. I wrote some lyrics one day, showed them around to some friends who took a bit of interest, bought a bass a few months later and two years after that the first Dark Theory demo was started

16) I see there is DT shirts up for sale, if anyone wants one how should they get it?

At the moment you'll have to message me or Olivia on facebook and we'll sort something. The easiest way is to buy one from us at gig's at the moment, but we're working on getting an online store up so people can just order them when they want one. Keep an eye on the facebook.

17) How has the support from listeners and fans been so far in all the music projects and bands you worked with and is there any bands you like to gig or work with in the future?

Generally it's been very positive. Dark Theory has had some bad feedback on youtube, but so has just about everyone ever. There are loads of bands I'd like to gig with (with any of my bands), the main ones being Transcending the Flesh and Kremated. Would also love to play with Foreboding Ether and The Furious Horde again, they are two of the best bands I've ever seen and have only played with each of them once. I'm not sure who I'd like to work with, but I'd love to do some guest vocals for some bands (especially live)

18) What do you think of the majority of music today and what would you like to see change about it? (deep question)

Most of it is very unoriginal, regardless of genre. It doesn't matter if it's Black Metal or Dubstep, most are just copying whoever they like the most. I think this is most prevalent in the Metalcore/Hardcore genre, there's thousands of the fuckers and they all sound and act identical. What's the point of that. You do get some bands that aren't very original but still manage to be pretty good though, although they are normally best experienced live as there albums can seem a bit uninspiring. On the other hand there still a huge amount of bands out there doing something a little different and the vast majority are really good. Only yesterday did I find out there's a band living only one train journey away from me who combine Metal, Grunge and Drum n Bass called Ziphedz. I'd like to see some more variety amongst local scenes. English speaking countries are overrun with covers bands, and amongst original bands there is an overwhelming amount who play some form of Hardcore/Metalcore. I imagine it's not that much better everywhere else either. The really brutal and/or dark stuff like Grindcore, Black Metal, Doom Metal etc is virtually non existant in most area's, and the more old school or experimental bands are few and far between.

19) I also like to know what you think of the underground bands of today? And can you name a few favorites?

There are so many good bands if you know where to look. There is a huge list I could write, so I'll just name the bands that I feel are on a level far above your normal unsigned band (and indeed a lot of pro bands I've seen): Wretched Soul, Foreboding Ether, The Furious Horde, Khthon and Orestea. They've all played with some big names in the metal scene, Foreboding Ether have had a nationwide tour, Orestea have had several. The Furious Horde and Orestea have both played Bloodstock and Wretched Soul will be playing there this year. Can not recommend any of these bands highly enough! (Wretched Soul have a debut album on the way and Orestea have a new EP out soon)

20) Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview! As always, I wish you luck in all your musical endevours and hope to work with you very soon! You are one of the best. \m/

No problem man, must meet for that beer some time ^_^

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