Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DEMON BOY Interview (by D)


1) How long has your band been around for, and why the band or name Demon Boy???
*D.B - The band had was created over several months then unleashed February 9th 2009 at NY Comic Con where it quckly exploded, I actually got the name from a girl i knew that called me her Demon Boy and i said "HEY", "That's a great name for myself and for the band" and the rest is history.

2) What instruments or things do you do in the band, and also what style are you going for in your music?
* D.B - I am primarily the singer, and I self manage and produce the band as well as handle all business and marketing, while i do play the guitar I do not perform on the recordings, all guitar work is played by Steve Noir whom also is my chief collaborator and songwriter for Demon Boy. I will however will be playing the guitar on stage in the future. I am sure to shock my fans with that one!

3) I see Dave of AEA has been of some great help to your band in exposure, how did that all went? Good?
*D.B - Yes Dave has become a very good friend of mine and i have contributed to his Zine as well with an interview..He has helped Demon Boy get exposure with his vast network of connections and I am glad to call him my friend.

4) Do you have any other projects or previous bands you been in the past?
*D.B - I have been in the entertainment industry for most of my life where i have honed my skills as a performer and my business savvy, I do consider myself an entrepreneur of sorts and do have several projects such as my Demon Boy Comic Book series which is doing very well as is my merchandise line of Demon Boy licensed and endorsed products all of which can be found on my website www.demonboyband.com

5) What is a few hobbies you have, or things you like to do outside of the music realm personally?
*D.B - Well at this time my life is consumed by working at marketing and running the Demon Boy band and the Comic book series leaving me relatively no free time to do anything else at all.. I am a workaholic when it comes to this act. Other than staying in shape with weight training and exercise i do nothing other than work for Demon Boy.

6) What bands influence you and what is on your current play list right now???
*D.B - I am heavily influenced by Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie and Wednesday 13 all of their music is on my current playlist.. i do however also like to listen to Rammestein, Murderdolls and a host of other kick ass rock bands going back to 80's metal and even 70's Hard rock bands like Angel, Legs Diamond and Starz.

7) Are you signed on a label and how has the promotion for Demon Boy gone so far?
* D.B - At this time we are still independent of a major label, i have been approached by many independent labels whom i prefer not to work with as they cannot offer Demon Boy much more than i currently have, when someone can offer me more to take me to the next level i will certainly entertain that offer but as of yet nothing good has come my way. As most people know i am king of Marketing, hype and promo with minimal resources,and i think it has worked very well for me, Demon Boy has grown rapidly and gets more popular every day as there are some copycats following my lead and people asking me just how i manage to have the energy to keep it all going so strong i would have to say for what i have at my disposal at this time i am doing very well, but i want more,more more!

8) I read you dabbled in video games, I really like to know what thats about!!!
*D.B - The story is that a map designer and author by the name Creepital and his team have created a few new downloadable maps that are exclusive to Demon Boy for the online video game "Half Life". He has used my images to make a world surrounding everything Demon Boy with all my characters from my music and comic books in several maps for the game "Half life" that has been around for many years and has a strong world wide following, Creepitall has used on one level my song "Little Red Riding Bitch" as the background music and storyline that runs throughout that level, its quite exciting to say the least! You can Play as Demon Boy or other characters,, there is a Wolf, Granny and a sexy Little Red hottie! Its a shoot em up Blow em up kind of game with lots of weapons and i feel lucky to have this game out.. Currently Creepital is working on another map where you can take Demon Boy to Heaven and Hell and fight Killer Zombies and much more all set to my song "Cemetery Girl" both songs are on my new album DAWN OF THE DEMON This is a great stepping stone to having my very own Demon Boy video game that we are currently working on a proto-type Demo to shop to the larger Gaming companies in hope to land a deal for our very own game in the future. you can find and download the game here@ http://fantasypalast.dyndns.org/creep.htm

9) How long do you think you will make music for, and what do you think of our country and the status that it is in today??? (deep question)
*D.B - Wow that's is a loaded question! I hope to make music until i feel i have run out my welcome and/or achieved all my goals that i have set when i started Demon Boy, i would like to retire from performing knowing i did everything i could and hope to leave a legacy of accomplishments i can be proud of. As for the world today?? I feel it is is constant struggle to get thru life, i believe that most if not all people in charge of running this country are not in tune to the reality of what is actually going on in today's society and are using outdated laws, rules and religious beliefs that simply just do not apply in today's society as it is, and i see nothing but harder more difficult times are to come for the next generation, while technology is advancing, government and republic is not.

10) Who inspired you to make music or artist got you into music in the first place and how did they inspire you to do what you do today???
*D.B- Well i was originally inspired by many artist, one of the first band i ever saw live was Cheap Trick and rick nielson blew me away with his performance.. and i knew I wanted to be on stage at that moment. I have been a long time Alice Cooper Fan and i have always loved Halloween and macabre' stuff. It was seeing an Alice Cooper show in Boston that had Wednesday 13 as the opener that really caught my attention to starting a Horror Rock act. After months of planning i created Demon Boy and here i am!

11) Is their any artists you collaborated with, or work with in the past you like to mention?
*D.B - Yes I worked with ScarDogg a dark rapper whom wrote "Posse of the Living Dead" and most recently "PAIN" for me, you can see him in the video for "Posse of the living Dead" where we actually did a re mix with him singing with me that track is only on the video not the album version go check it out on my youtube channel@ www.youtube.com/demonboyband I also do some performances and alot of personal appearances with "Baron Misuraca", he is a vampire and has a unique persona and act, a very good friend of mine.

12) What is the main focus of Demon Boy, and what do you want your fans all over the world to get out of it???
*D.B- I am a Theatrical Hard Rock act themed in Horror, I give a live show filled with High Energy with a Party to the Grave atmosphere. My main thing is to have fun and rock the fuck out! I want my fans to have a positive experience but still keep a dark and decedent vibe.. you can be Dark and Macabre' and still have a good time ya know! Its just Halloween 24/7!

13) Thanks you for your time Demon Boy, sorry I am on such a tight schedule lately, but I think our interview went well. I thank you very much for being part of Transylvanian Forest E-zine. Hails, cheers, stay metal brother!!!! lml>_


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