Thursday, June 9, 2011

DODKVLT II (Ewiges Eis) review (by Twan Sibon) to be in AEA 19

DODKVLT II (Ewiges Eis)
Dodkvlt is an experimental black metal band from Finland. The band has only one soul and this is Lord Theynian who is handling all instruments and vocals. Started in 2009 (after played in Dream Smashers Inc as vocalist/guitarist) and released the debut in 2010 named "I". Logically the follow up will be named "II". The album is released on Ewiges Eis Records and contains 9 songs. "II" goes further where "I" stopped and Theynian improved song writing as there is a good balance between the progressive parts and the aggressive parts. In between you get catchy melodies and atmospheric passages. But don't afraid that there is a lot going on here as it is nice balanced and the variation is needed in the lengthy songs. With "II" Lord Theynian delivered a nice album and hopefully "III" will continue his path although the writing process for "III" is going slowly. -Twan Sibon

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