Sunday, June 5, 2011


OK, I got a few things to get off my chest, now, I made a new profile here because their is a OVERWHELMING amount of bands and people swarming me on the last one (200+ friend requests) and I do not need more work or music on my pc, or things to do as it is. Now, first off, things for the e-zine, it wont SHUT DOWN, but it will dramatically change... New rules, and new policy. In order to be featured on the e-zine, or reviewed/interviewed or mentioned, or have a post in a exclusive, you must provide the following...

1) A 20$ fee for a SPECIAL video interview ONLY by paypal or money order, or well hidden cash for my services for your band. You must pay, or you cant be part of these special videos, its a lot of time to do theses, and its a lot like the video interview I did with Kris Tilbury. You can download that interview video, and can get it here to see what its all about... its something that can really boost the promotion of your band and its totally worth it. The Kris Tilbury interview alone is up to 64 downloads!!!

2) Standard Promo : Band SHIRTS are now accepted or a patch for a TYPED OUT interview ONLY. That means your just asking for a interview, not review. I ll take a picture of myself wearing the shirt, or put the patch on a jacket once I get one, or show it off with the tf e-zine logo in the background, as support and promotion of your band. This is a very good way to promote your band as well, and I will make sure that once I get them, questions are typed out, and sent your way.

3) NEW POLICY : Cds are still humbly accepted, but TAPES and VINYL are more of my " thing" now, and the amount of Cd albums I am getting is a bit too much... I will accept cds more again ONCE I go issue in the future when I am able to go issue, so now you must provide a link for me to download for me to review your album and either I will review it, or a member of the e-zine will review it if I like them too, but we will get to HOW to join as a member of TF E-zine in a second.

4) SUPER PROMO : If you like a special interview video, and a few reviews, and the best of the best promotion by TF E-zine, please mail me a tape or vinyl with a band shirt and a patch or pins or stickers or one of each merch you have if possible. These count as money $$$ to me, so therefore you are covering the cost of the special video interview with a shirt, with a tape or vinyl or more of your choosing in which you have released under the label you are on or self released yourselves. This is possibly the best way to get SUPER promotion from TF e-zine.

That means exclusives being posted on the site, your song featured on the sound click player on the main site, facebook promotion, as much promotion I can do for you as humanely possible. That means, exclusive, song on player, review(s), a typed out interview OR special video interview if you have the time to record yourself speaking, and also I will contact other zines to promote you as well which is another plus since I know so many of them. I also plan to start doing a BEST OF THE BEST OF TRANSYLVANIAN FOREST E-ZINE compilation series.

These series will include 10 bands, who make such a contribution to me, and also, will be include on the compilation album, and you will get all the promotion for your band above stated, and be featured on this future compilation series. I have ideas for it, and its going to be a big series. Not download compilation, A REAL RELEASE ON A REAL UNDERGROUND LABEL... I know a label that can release my series of tf e-zine compilations, and you have all rights to your song, so if you feel you do not wont to be part of it, let me know BEFORE the first compilation is release. This is NO RIP OFF, this is best way to promote your band to the fullest extent, all you have to do is mail me tape or vinyl with a band shirt and a patch or pins or stickers or one of each merch you have if possible.

That is all you have to do to join the TF E-ZINE compilation series and get the best promotion from my zine. You will be featured in the first issue as well, so kudos to you if you decide to make this awesome choice and contribution to something I been working on so hard for the past year. Their will be few of you that will make this decision, but hopefully you take the leap!

5) If you only have a downloadable album to send me for review, and that is it, you must at least have the decency to wait since their is a lot of bands in line WAY ahead of you that just either payed, mailed me a shirt, or vinyl or tape or a cd. DOWNLOADS = NOTHING to me unless you can back it up with a real contribution behind it. This is just like any other zine, but even better. So dont go harrassing me and messaging me or pushing me around saying, "Man is the review done??!!??!!!" because if you do, I will just put it in my recycle bin on my computer and fully delete it. Case closed.

8) How to join TRANSYLVANIAN FOREST ZINE... hmm... since a lot of you boys and girls are such inspiring reviewers and or interviewers, I have a offer for you... if you like to be part of the e-zine, there is 3 ways to join...

1) Standard Membership : You write a review as a test, or interview, a album, (or band I send you to contact back and forth with) that I send you for download, or it is well reviewed or interviewed, you will get in as a member of TF ZINE after your test, and you pay a small 5$ fee to become a full time member, to review download albums, or interview bands online. BUT you must be in contact by email, or facebook, when you have free time, this is a job, and I dont need flakes, so if you flake on me, your done. Only dedicated supporters of the underground allowed. You will be featured in the first issue as well, and will get a copy in the mail. Your services will be required for as long as you like to work for the e-zine.

2) Pro Membership: You pay a 10$ fee, you will be able to get album(s) or extras, in the mail from the band that I send you to be reviewed / interviewed, not just downloads. I find the bands for you to review or interview, if you do not like the bands music, or have a problem with one of them personally, I ll find you a new one to work with. I am very serious when I mean, you will get FREE stuff sent to your mail box, I get merch from bands ALL over the world, so this is nothing new to me, but once you start getting busy, you will be pretty happy to show off your new collections, and know that you supported a great band and are a great member of a well respected promotion like Transylvanian Forest Zine. You will also be featured in the first issue of the zine once out and get a copy in the mail. For a extra 5$, you can get more then one copy of the issue depending on how many you want. Your services will be required for as long as you like to work for the e-zine.

3) Limited membership: You send me a few dollars (say 2 or 3$) to ship you a data cd of albums to review, and once you are done reviewing those albums on the data disc, your services will no longer be required but you are now know for working with Transylvanian Forest E-zine and your a few of your best reviews I choose will be in the first ISSUE of transylvanian forest e-zine. You will get a free copy of the issue in the mail.

Now this is the NEW and IMPROVED rules and policy for tf e-zine. I do not have a contract to sign, or ask a lot, but please, please respect the fact, I am a ARTIST as well, and I love supporting the underground , and it gives me a great feeling inside to do so, but I am at wits end with this e-zine, and this is the ONLY way I can make it improve and take it to the next level. If you like these ideas, thank you, if not, then TOO BAD... I have a musical journey to follow to you know, and I cant get by with just downloads, they fill up my computers hard drive, and its a waste of time to me to keep doing something for another year completely FREE and running by myself 24/7. I also need some pocket change every now and then and also it costs MONEY to ship people. I need something tangible, I need something real. Now thank for reading, and if you like any of the following please let me know. I will continue the e-zine, but IF these rules and policies dont go in effect by the end of this month, I will be SHUTTING DOWN the e-zine ENTIRELY...This is not a money making SCHEME, I am just being honest with all you bands and musically in tuned people out there. I do all this promotion on my free time, so please being patient if things start off slow.

p.s. I am also looking for someone to do a new logo for the e-zine! You will get credits.

Thank you, and have a nice day. -Danny

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