Thursday, June 9, 2011

DODKVLT/GOATS OF DOOM Deathcult vs Doomgoat (by Twan Sibon) to be in AEA 19
The label Ewiges Eis (Germany) is not only releasing the Dodkvlt album "II" but also a split of Dodkvlt together with Goats Of Doom. For a brief history of Dodkvlt see the "II" review also in this issue of AEA. One song that is divided in three parts with an average song length of 11 minutes Lord Theynian recorded this during the recordings of "II". Lengthy songs that range from doomy atmospheric parts to more uptempo passages. Also quiet parts like in the opening track where he is whispering and playing some really nice soft toned guitar. Theynian is playing very nice guitar melodies through the songs. Overall the three songs are slower than "II" but with very nice melodic touches although the explosive side is not forgotten.
Goats Of Doom is also hailing from Finland and like Dodkvlt they are not playing straight forward black metal. The band consists of three pseudo named members and this split is their first release. Their debut full length "Lost in Time and Void", inspired by H.P. Lovecraft will be released soon. The four songs on this split have aggression as the main element but Goats Of Doom are not afraid of putting some experimental elements in their sound. From raging they switch to chanting chorus, tribal drumming, keyboard. mouth-harp and other acoustic instruments. The songs hide a very nice sinister atmosphere. Concluding this is a great split release (limited to 500) with two good experimental black metal bands. -Twan Sibon

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