Thursday, June 23, 2011

Means To An End - Weathered By Time (review by D)

Means To An End (USA/Bel)

This band here screams and cries for a new sound, beyond what the ears of modern black metallers hear of today. This band is called Means To An End and their full length album here is called Weathered By Time. This album is just a screaming call of hate out to the heavens, filled with melancholy, catchy riffs, mourning, and great and tight sounding production with a raw power to it all at the same time. The members consist of Surtur on all vocals, and Kold on all instruments. They have been active since 2009 and are just starting to gain notice in the underground metal scene and this music here is a great way to go about it. This album combines elements of Depressive, but also Dark Metal of the early 90s in their own approach. Ala Bethlehem, Cold World, Nocturnal Depression. Vocals bleed well into the tones of the guitars, drums and with supreme power behind it and lifeless rasps of desperation. Negativity and rage over powering the mind.

Lots of energy within each track, also quiet, very classy/clean piano and guitar passages that are pretty mind numbing. I enjoy those in between track fills very much, they are very touching. Melody through out, and just a great album that flows well no matter how many times you play it. A few songs, but long in length, each song has something meaningful to offer to the listener. This is not your typical corpse paint and menacing black metal band, this has more integrity, and intensity but all at the same time offering some very cold, sad, isolated, it can bring a man down to tears at the worst of times... Its not completely unbearable, like most depressive black metal I been hearing lately, but this is a great way to go about things, and is a great Depressive Black Metal/Dark Metal album. I really like how things never get boring or dull listening to it, and it has a lot to offer, just more people need to see it. Breaking down the soul to its pure inner pains and tragedies, composing it into a album is hard to achieve, and they have achieved it very well. They got the goods. Let the nothingness of Means To An End consume you...

Means To An End - Weathered By Time

1. The Result of Seclusion 05:06
2. Oppressive White Light 09:04
3. Bound to a Bleak Past 08:26
4. Legacy of Failure 08:51
5. Weathered by Time 07:05

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