Sunday, December 11, 2011

ASTRAL WINTER - Winter Enthroned (Review)

Finally got the chance to sit down and listen to this album and review it. I should have done it earlier! This is by far Astral Winters best album to date featuring stunning audio production, and the "perfect" guitar sound you can find out there in the bowels of underground metal music today. From Tasmania, Australia this Epic Black Metal band is full of surprises. With fierce, aggressive and shriek/shouting vocals, steady drumming, and intense speed, you cant go wrong blasting this album in your friends faces! And not expect them to shake in fear and amazement all at once afterwards.

This album has a timeless feel to go with it so its not neccesarily full blown intensity, but does have that feel through out. Reminds me of Evergrey and Emperor if they were mashed together on a icy planet like Europa. It has a stellar sound, lots going on each track and keeps the listener wanting more after each track. It is just that good as it can get for anyone who is looking for a album to be completely be sucked into. Pure spectacle of metal theatrics!

I really like how the theme of the band is about winter, and that the sound also reminds me of the epic prowess of Bathory's Nordland I and II, just constant epic-ness the whole album through out. You must hear it too believe it. The lyrics are also well thought out, like Through Timeless Aeons of Frost for example...*clears throat*

"And so it is written
In the sacred tome of wrath,
The merciless embodiement of suffering,
The relentless destruction of the worlds
As the stars began falling from the sky
And the night becoming a pale reflection
That despair found within all of humanity
As their world lay frozen in time
The hymn of the faithful
Is now forever sung in silence
The timeless aeons of frost"

Meaningful lyrics for thoughtful music is always a plus in my book!

The album is a span of 9 tracks, and you can also find ambience and serene melancholy in tracks like The Gates Of Prophecy. Longing for Winters End is also a big track with big sounds I know everyone likes it and is one of my personal favorites. Their is no bad or wrong I see in this album and should be listened to throughout without pausing to get the whole feel and presence of the album. Maybe a walk in the moonlight winter nights this season can give you time to do so? Their is only knowledge found in music, and Astral Winter contains such knowledge. A freaking temple of knowledge I say! Symphonic black metal madness at its peak!

Now if you like to get this album I suggest you contact Josh Young at his bands facebook page here or buy it through IMMORTAL FROST PRODUCTIONS if its still there and available. Here is the link.

To sum up this review, this is a killer album and I could not imagine it not being liked by anyone who plays and listens to Black Metal or even Progressive Metal music. This music is fucking smart, and if you do not like it, your the obvious opposite of smart... DURR HURR!!!

Josh's band is also working up to a second album titled "Forest Of Silence" so stay tuned for that but until then get Winter Enthroned while you still can on CD now! It is a must have and must hear. Thanks for this masterpiece Josh, keep up the good fucking work! Cheers and beers \m/

1. Prologue (1:42)
2. Illustrations of Death (6:35)
3. Through Timeless Aeons of Frost (8:39)
4. Defenders of the Astral Kingdom (10:44)
5. At the Gates of Forgotten Prophecy (1:32)
6. Longing For Winter's End (6:23)
7. Beyond These Frozen Castle Walls (8:28)
8. Past the Realms of Eternal Ice (9:32)
9. Epilogue (1:47)

Total: (55:25)

Comes with a 12 page booklet and full artwork in a clear jewel case.

Item will be shipped from Belgium, Europe, for 15 euro (approx $20 USD, worldwide shipping included)


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