Wednesday, December 28, 2011

NECRONOS ZINE #2 review (by D for AEA zine)

This zine here comes in a yellow colored easy to make style zine with a very old looking font and has some pretty neat references to thrash metal bands from all over, or so I read online because I can not read a lick of spanish. The name of the zine actually is the same name of the singer of Fimbulwinter which I think is pretty cool. Anyway 24 page booklet with lots of metal bands, interviews and reviews to offer. You see names of bands mentioned such as April Morning, Ungod, Old Throne, Chaoswolf, Zemial, and the almighty Rotting Christ. The next issue will be renamed and will now be the Niggurath zine, some changes will be made but I think the style and the underground following will continue to move forward as this small time zine grows. You can contact this man here for a copy I think. Check it out if you can read it and it is your style of zine. Thrash till Death....

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