Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dark Isle - Frozen Evenings by Candlelight & The Scars of Her Tears (Review)

A confusing/odd mixture of ambient, dub, drum N bass, some dark romanticism, and thoughtful tunes here man... I like it. This is a solo project and Dark Isle brings us songs composed of beats and rhythms that are deep, filled with mood, depression, and filled with melancholy. The music is chilled out music but has a very dark feel compared to most beat oriented music so it stands out. Strong bass and strange frequencies of music I never heard before. It is very intriguing, so intriguing I been listening to this album over and over again. Lord Forneus has the many talents and presents his talents by making a sub-genre of music in a different direction then the BM side of music. When I popped this in my stereo I could not help but fall asleep or smoke, or drink something while listening to it. It is a album that "Sets the mood." I like how each track has something to offer and their is also some weird vocals to go along with it, some sound like female vocals. Anyway, I really enjoyed this album and suggest you pick it up at DARK MEADOW RECORDINGS while you still can! It is a one of a kind, and a solid release for this project by Lord Forneus. Deep beats for deep thinking. Its not a album for everyone, but something you should really check out if your into moody music, and something that sound like something from a Midi or fl studio program. Now... can you dig that?

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1 Cold Night Air Is Mine Breathe 2:00
2 Frozen Evening By Candlelight 5:07
3 Left With Nothing 4:40
4 Winds In The Night 1:36
5 Snowmance 3:49
6 Deep Snow Covers The Hills Before Winter Dies 3:44
7 Tropical Chiller 4:02
8 Prayers In A Frozen Shrine 2:49
9 As Snow Falls 2:16
10 Suicide In Silent Snow 6:21
11 Lost In My Own Self 3:12
12 I Lay As Dead Branches In Snow 4:44
13 Drifting Snow Falls Through The Night 3:18
14 I Lay As Dead Branches In Snow(Reprise Version) 4:44
15 Scars Of Her Tears(Bonus) 3:33
16 Mid-Summer Sunset(Bonus) 2:58
17 Cathedral In Silent Village(Bonus) 3:31
18 Ganja Smokers(Bonus) 2:30
19 Moevot Remix(Bonus) 4:09

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