Saturday, December 3, 2011

Barad-Dur - I Descend (Review)

This is a review of the one man band Barad-Dur, and I dont mean the BM from Germany, but anyway I got this tape not too long ago from the UK, a very promising band indeed. Thanks for the tape Nathan. Been listening to the tape constantly on my bike rides around town, and just is the perfect atmosphere for the weather we got here at the moment. It was released by Frozen Tendril Records. It is said to be "...feral buzz-saw and dry snare battery...acres of swampy spaciously paced sludge" by the founder of Barad-Dur and I could not agree anymore, this demo radiates just that.

The opening track of The Self Destructive Mindset is more mellow and serene then you would think from the title name itself, but offers a deep, and moody aspect to it, with some classical piano passages and guitar in sync within the track which gives it a lot of life with the drums perfectly keeping the beat steady and then opening up with the vocals of someone who sounds like they are in a deep amount of pain. Sounds kind of like a powerful hardcore band in a way, but not to say that is bad thing, I think its pretty versatile in its musical presence. Before the music kicks in, the vocals are screamed out in a very saddened sort of way, and the music takes over with the guitars/drums pounding away into a sludgey breakdown. The way it was recorded sounds very tight overall, and the song takes life of its own once the music starts to dominate, even though it comes back to its soft tones and trance like ominous.

Alcholic Mess is a mess of noisey, and gut wrenching sounds and offers a feel like the last track but is more a straight forward, heavy tune, and is basically about alchol and rage it seems. Pretty good tune to mosh too, and also im not sure if this band does gigs yet, but this could be a big crowd pleaser. Some softer passages like the last but pumps up the energy with those heavier riffs, and alcholic spewed vocals which shred through my ears everytime I hear them. Could head bang for hours listening to this, and I dont mean banging it on a wall either lol. Strong track here.

Final is the final track, obviously, and is the longest of the 2 and is a complete instrumental masterpiece. Every time I was out and heard this, it was cranked up, just staring at the grey skies, and going down the road loosing myself in the music. I like loosing myself in music more then anything, especially when I am out, and this is one of those tracks that keep you in tune with everything around you, nature, the skies, the streams, the everything is just magnified x100 while listening to this song as if your on some sort of hallucinating drug.

Good song to listen to while sleeping because by the time you hear half of it, your passed out already, but your brain still processes shit as you sleep and the music makes your body become completely numb but comforting in a way till you are awake. Great music for those deep thinkers out there I think.

To sum up the demo, I think you should get it now on tape before they are all out because you wont ever hear a demo as good as this for a long time... or not till Barad-Dur makes a new one :) Trust me on this, get it! Its also on CD if you are not as fucking old as me.
Also, can anyone make any youtube videos for Barad-Dur? I been looking and cant find any.
RELEASED BY Wulfrune Worxxx Records

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