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Dark Theory (NEW Interview by D)

Was suppose to post this a little while ago but just got the time to do it, the Halloween question pretty much tells you that I started in October.

Well, here we go!

Dark Theory interview!!! (2ND ONE)

1) Hey guys! Hows it been and whats new in the DT camp?

RYAN : Not much that you don't know, but for the benefit of anyone not familiar with the band a lot of things have changed very recently for us. For example, now that we all live in different places we've had a much quicker influx of gigs lol. All it takes is to not live in Thanet ^_^
LIV : Its been good thanks. We havent really been up to much over the past couple of weeks though as we've all been busy away at uni and stuff. We're two weeks away from doing our second gig with Sarah Jezebel Deva of Cradle Of Filth fame and hopefully after that we will begin working on some new stuff :)

2) How has thing changed you think from our last interview to now?

RYAN : Well the obvious thing would be that Cronje is no longer in the band. We were really upset about it at first, but the moment Liv started playing all the guitars instead of keyboards we worked a lot better. We replaced some of his riffs with new ones that Liv wrote, and it was obvious very quickly that we had no need for Cronje. Also we have Bob on drums instead of Harvey or the drum machine, neither or which are as good as Bob
LIV : Things have changed a hell of alot. We have a new member after losing two members before the summer for one thing. And I think musically we have generally progressed alot also :). We're doing alot more technical stuff.

3) Has any new material been in the making yet for a new album?

RYAN : Technically it's been in the making since shortly before the last interview, but member changes have delayed things and required re-writes etc. The good thing about this is that it will be as good as it can be when we finally release a follow up to the Bludgeon EP.
LIV : Well not at the moment but if we do have a song idea or riff we always record it and see what we can do with it or whatever. But not really any straight plans for an album or anything...yet :P

4) Has any new projects been made Ryan at all lately you like to mention?

Haha, well of course there is my side band Lifting of the Veil. I encourage anyone that likes stuff like Sunn 0))) or Khanate to check it out. It's slow as possible and the heaviest darkest thing you'll ever hear. Also if you're constipated it'll likely send the shit flowing out.

5) How did Bob come into the band and how is it now with your new drummer? and also what do you (Bob) or you Ryan and Liv think of him?

RYAN : Well he added us on Facebook because he saw we were playing at Beercart (this was the first time we were to play there and we had to cancel because Cronje's mum died). About a year later we make an add looking for a new drummer and it appeared on his facebook, so we started talking after that. As for what I think of him, he's a moany bastard that's lucky he's good at drums.
LIV : Bob basically found us on facebook. We had a chat with him, arranged a practice and there we had him :)

6) What gigs are coming up? anything new or special?

RYAN: Well we were lucky enough to get the opening slot supporting Sarah Jezebel Deva at the Ivy Leaf in Sheerness. As most people know we've played with her before but it'll be even better this time because we have a drummer and we're chummy with her and the band. Anyone in the Kent area ought to come, it's October 15th and it's free entry. Also December 9th with playing with Industrial Noise band Nancy's Place in Folkestone. They're quite a big deal in the area, been around since the 90's and have quite a few albums. We've also got one Christmas time with Trigger to My Mind (awesome local guys who need to put more songs on there profile to listen to) but no other details yet. I'm also in talks with a couple of promoters in Maidstone where I now live who organise local metal gigs, so there will be more to come.
LIV: We have two gigs in line at the moment, one in two weeks with Sarah Jezebel Deva and another with our friend's band 'Nancy's place' in December. They should both be good ^_^

7) Do you plan to do a halloween gig?

RYAN : We really want one, as do our buddies in Transcending the Flesh so maybe we'll get to do one with them but time's running out lol.

LIV : Oh we'd always be up for that. But we dont have one in line at the moment. Last year's halloween gig was epic though.

8) What has been the main objective for DT as of late?

RYAN : Being able to get together just to practice the 5 main songs we have lol. It's the only set back of being at uni (especially as we have a lot more gig offers now).
LIV : To do more swearing, soul crushing, and noisemaking than ever \m/ (awesome reply!)

9)How has life been treating you in general?

RYAN : Pretty well actually, I've adjusted to uni pretty well and I'm enjoying, met loads of cool new people and the area I'm living in is much better than where I'm from. It's pretty hard to sleep here though, light and noise everywhere at night.

LIV : Not too bad thanks. Just started uni and whatnot. Been really busy lately with work and stuff as well.

10) What music or bands have you been listening to lately?

RYAN : Lots of random shit really. Been mainly listening to Mr Bungle and Radiohead a lot, but also a fair bit of Moi Dix Mois, Alec Empire and Pig Destroyer. The latest demo by Barad-Dur came through my post the other day so I've been enjoying that too, as well as my side project Lifting of the Veil.

LIV : I've been listening to symphonic metal (mainly bands like Angtoria/ Sarah Jezebel Deva type thing), thrash and a little bit of folk metal. Mainly to get in the mood for heidenfest :)

11) How has the jamming been and how comfortable do you feel now with this lineup change?

RYAN : It's been pretty good, we've progressed quite fast (mainly because we had to due to the inevitable slow down because of uni). Things are a little up in the air atm because Bob is very busy with his course and I now live a bit far away so we'll see how it goes, but if we're forced to use the drum machine and practice quieter at my accommodation just me and Liv or something, we can still make that work.
LIV : The jammings been good but again we havent done alot of it recently due to starting uni etc. I think we're more comfortable then ever with the line up change considering what happened before the summer. We're just glad to have a great drummer really :)
(Bobby is da man!!!!)

12) Where can fans get your music readily available to them? (cds)

RYAN : The first two demos are on Satanica Productions (www.satanica.org) and hopefully quite soon the last demo and our debut EP should be as well. I'm currently working on getting the Bludgeon EP on our Reverbnation store as well. The best way to get our EP is to give me some cash for it personally (preferably at gigs where we always have a few with us).

LIV : Our fans can now order any of our Demos or EP on the Satanica Productions label website. :)

http://www.satanica.org/ (dark wave section)

13) What are the main goals towards the end of this year to 2012?

RYAN : To be able to practice and gig properly lol. Hopefully by the end of 2012 we'll have worked out some sort of system, even if we have to compromise something else (which will either be having to temporarily let go of Bob because of his course, or me letting go of loads of money to come to everyone else >_<) LIV : We'd obviously like to do a bit more gigging :D hopefully work on some new material and at the moment we've got our eyes set on auditioning for 'Metal 2 the masses' which is a competition for a spot on the biggest UK underground Metal festival 'Bloodstock.' Our friends played there this year and that would be such an awesome gig to play :) 14) What do you guys like to do outside music? RYAN ; Well as I've mentioned several times I'm at uni. I'm studying Illustration at BA level for 3 years, just started my first year, so as you may have guessed I love art. Hoping to go into graphic novels, as I'm also an aspiring writer. I'm also obssessed with British Comedy, so I constantly watch it in some form, but I'm also obsessed with science, mainly Astronomy and related sciences. LIV : I like to do alot of art, mainly in theatre. Which is what im studying in a degree at the moment. So I'm designing props, sets and costumes. I do work alot outside of the band as well. 15) If I had to describe DTs sound, what should I say? RYAN : Well you should describe it however you think it sounds lol, but if you mean how would I describe it, then I generally refer to us as a real mix of genres. Our riffs are very influenced by Black and Thrash metal bands such as Mayhem, Satyricon, Celtic Frost, Kreator, Slayer etc but there's often a bit of Death Metal or Doom Metal in some parts (I love Behemoth and My Dying Bride). The drums are more in the Death/Thrash kinda area, but some tracks have all out insane gravity blasts and there's a lot of d'n'b in our stuff which we're trying to work into our live set a bit more. The vocals are generally straight forward Black Metal shrieks (although I've been told I have a powerful and unique style) but we mix it up with a bit of spoken word like in Lowest Scum of the Universe, occasional deeper growls like in Maggots Upon the Throne and there's a lot of Liv's clean operatic vocals in tracks like Maggots Upon the Throne, Horrors of Damnation and Vampire's Pain, the latter of which Liv does all the vocals. We're still working on our keyboard sound atm (or whether to even carry on with a keyboard) because there is a lot of debate in the band as to what to do with it. LIV : It's Kind of hard to say lol I'd say Black/ gothic/ thrash/ experimental/ noise kind of genre lol We don't really have a set genre. But I think those words best describe our sound. I think a great description for our song 'Bludgeon' is Dimmu Borgir and Slayer having a fight =P (I LOVE THIS PIC HEHE)

16) I hope everything goes well, and I hope to pick up your latest release when out???

RYAN & LIV : Thanks Dan :) and for you too ^_^. Indeed I'm sure you will be one of the first ;)


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