Saturday, December 17, 2011

Prayer Of The Dying - In Silence and Grief We Decay (Review)

This band is from Iklin/Malta, solo musician, and Martin does all instruments/ vocals. This is a cunning and very wicked BM band to be reckoned with! This album is called In Silence and Grief We Decay. Its a far cry from its earlier and rawer material I read, but I guess that depends on what kind of black metal fan you are. I really like the rawness, but I do like higher quality albums as well. This is one of those higher quality ones from this man here, but still has that mischevious raw presence about it.

Its has alot of things going on it that keep it out of the norm of mainstream black metal but with good production sound with something new to offer on each of its tracks. I really like the demented vocals on The Strength Of The Sufferer, the rain, church bells, bone crunching guitars, and is very well thought out. I like how it is constructed, and the way it was done. Very fucking good. King of Terrors, and Wastelands are also very dark and moody as well and this album sure gets my blood flowing. Dead Embers also has a symphonic side to it in the background, and I just love the guitars on this track as well. 3 mins to 4:30secs is just amazing. All I can really say is wow when I listen to this album when I heard it for the very first time. Very smart black metal music here, with feeling behind it of course. Some dissonance can only go so far with some black/doom or black/death bands but this album sure does go a long way... very well executed guitars, very strong diabolic shrieks. I cant pin point a place on this album I do not like... I just like the whole thing through out and will give it a thorough listen over and over again most likely till I move onto the next album I want to enjoy listening to. When I find something I like, I play it for sometime. Not too harsh, very listenable, and is great from start to finish.

BM finesse at its finest! I salute you!

The album was released on Nekrogoat Heresy Productions in 500 copy limited edition, I suggest you get a copy while you can. Totally worth it, and only if I had the chance to sit down and listen to this album earlier. I am kicking my ass for not doing so till now. This album promises alot for the new age of underground BM, and more bands come and go but I think Prayer of The Dying is here to stay. Other then Martins band Prayer of the Dying he is a drummer in some other bands as well, Sarratum's,Lustre's and Black Vulture. I reviewed the Lustre tape some time back. Still have that too. Great sounds found here, if there is any new BM you should look out for or pick up, it is in my book, definetly Prayer Of The Dyings album "In Silence and Grief we Decay". If your into dark, atmospheric, empty, and relentless music, you should get it. The sounds of phantoms, dark forces and cult like power is found in the eternal realm of Prayer Of The Dying...

To sum up this review if you like Black Metal give this a listen, its all 666% cold, eerie and fucking dark!!!

1. Intro 01:28
2. Memento Of Decay 04:33
3. King Of Terrors 06:19
4. Destitue Throne 05:34
5. Dead Embers 06:07
6. Sheltering Cliffs 02:40
7. Wastelands 05:23
8. Destructive Minds 04:57
9. Drippping Woods 02:43
10. Slain In The Name Of God 06:42
11. The Strength Of The Sufferer 05:22
12. Drifting Mist 06:35

Total Playing Time 58:23
New Prayer of the Dying Album Out Now!

You can order your copy from: or directly from the Band , , facebook etc

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