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Welcome to Transylvanian Forest E-zine! How you been?

miserably alive….

How long have you been making music for?

I always lived from this kind of sintony,and I’ve always been interested on instruments and songwriting,but regarding the projects,I guess I’ve been doing them for about 8 years

What bands are you currently in?

Nowadays I participate in several projects,which have the same essence, without any kind of clashing between these projects.The first one was a project called LOST DESIRE, in this project I acted together with another mind,we played something like funeral black doom,this sound was migrating to something more dense and lengthy,and then this project ended. Soon after this came ABISMO,which I act alone until today,later came MONUMENTA SEPULCRORUM,a project with me and a friend from Italy,Lord Svart,that shared similar thoughts with me,he does all the sounds and instruments,we decided to make this sound that mixes elements of Black Metal and Funeral doom. I still act on 03:18am,a project created by me,where I do the vocals and lyrics with a crazy dude called Ghoul,that does the ambient,this particular project isn’t anythinh but a dirty experience,and I don’t recommend it to nobody,because it is for the few that have thir minds on a filthy hole.There is also NIHILISM,the project’s name speaks for itself,I do this with a sick guy from Poland,Lord Ghost,I also do some other stuff with this guy.Still with Lord Ghost,I also play on Dormant Life,doing vocals and lyrics,and I also appear as a guest member in his other projects, SIRS,Fear and Aghast, Cold Life, Longing For Depression,mut sadly,I must say that due some personal issues some stuff are still a little bit late.

To end it,I participate on Apocalyptic frequency Experience,an experimental artists group,The Last Border,an artists group which in last year we made the longest experimental sound of the world with almost nine hours on length,breaking all the boundaries.

Currently I’ve been producing something on the Suicidal Misanthropic Black Metal with a partner,this project is called FRIO

Is there a place where people can get your music? and also how long has your blog spot been active for?

Yes,people can contact me through my e-mail,or contact the label that released tha album.most of the albuns can be seen on the myspace page,always with updated informations about it,the ABISMO’s website wll soon be finished and I will put everything there,tapes,Cds,t-shirts.vynils,Box-set etc.

What bands influence you, and what style do you go for in the recording process?

Well,I wouldn’t say that I have influences for ABISMO,I do experiments,and they come from everything that I live,on the sound process that’s what I do, experimentations, off course, they pass through everything I know,that goes from classical music to Suicide Black metal.But if we were going to talk about bands,there would be some names that I listen to since I started making music and I still listen nowadays,like the first album from Cathedral,Forest of Equilibrium,also some stuff like Worship,and some of the first works from Burzum,things that despite the different stile,sound like a similar essence to me, but my focus was always Drone,the most extreme and nihilistic ones,the ones that expels life from their compositions

What bands are you associated with now in the underground, and what labels have you released with?

There are a few names on the underground that I can see that they do a serious and capable job,from these I highlight the projects from a polish partner,Lord Ghost, from the Chilean and enthusiast of many iniciatives,Alexis Brantes,another argentinian friend,Unsilent,as several other names,that collaborates with me in many aspects,splits,art cover collaborations and related stuff.

About labels,there are many too,and amidst the ones that are on a higher contact,I could name Depressive Illusions from Ukraine,who always release on tape all of my projects on a very serious and competent way,XX,a Norwegian label that also gives total support to my work,Le Crepuscule Du Soir from France,Nihil Art Records from Russia and many others.In this year yet I’ll estabilish one of them as the ABISMO’s official label,but this is something that is being decided.All this labels and projects are indeed something real,because they do their releases simply because they believe on them,many times not having any profit over it.This is a real essence!

How many albums have you done?

In this years with ABISMO,I can say I have about 13 albums, including tapes, CDs, Box sets and splits. I will have new albums suddenly, in all the same formats, plus some Vinyl releases

Will any of your bands become gigging bands?

Possibly not in the conventional way….maybe someday I do something with 03:18am….but,only when we can thake away a human life on completely rotten environment,no shows like you see around,but a dirty ritual,until then, no presentations

What do you think of the underground metal scene of today?

It’s a poor scene, with many things that are products of the cultural industry, which had reached the extreme scene….this happened in my country and in the whole world…but, with no doubt, a small part of them are something real

If there was a artist you like to collaborate with, who would it be?

I can’t think on anybody which I have not worked with yet

What is it like in your area, and how many bands do you know of around there?
Things are stagnant around here…I can count with the fingers of one of my hands the amount of projects that do something real and are not just some copiers

Any future plans for Abismo?

A couple of murders,followed by a long time you Will understand my words

I thank you very much for your time, what else do you like to say before we sum up this interview? Thanks for the albums and patience my friend. -D

I’d like to say that amidst the few works that I see some relevance, one of them is yours,that are worried to show ideas without making any profit with it,and that’s why I’m here, because I believe in your idea


OUTRO'S Nihilistic's Projects:

ABISMO (Extreme Nihilistic Degenerative Funeral Ambient Ritual):
03:18am (Sickness Degeneration Drone Suicide):
NIHILISM (Suicide Sick Black Metal/ DarkAmbient/ Down-Tempo/Drone): ;
Apocalyptic Frequency Experience (Experimental Ambient):
Dormant Life (Post-Rock / Black Metal)
Frio (Misatrhopic Suicide Black Metal)
Asylum Archives:
Vocalist in:
SIRS - (Minimalist Nihilistic Sick Deep Depression / Dark Ambient)
Fear and Aghast - (Emotional / Deep Dark Ambient / Minimalist / Experimental)
Cold Life - (Minimalist Ambient / Black Metal / Experimental)
Longing For Depression (Minimalist Emotional Clasic / Black Metal / Ambient)

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