Monday, April 11, 2011


This band has a real different mix of things here when it comes to making music, this album is called Stab Me, by a band called Legion Of Crows on Funeral Rain Records. The overall release caught my attention by its harsh sound, and great production sound, with hints of doom metal, and some old school guitar playing mixed in. The album is overall pretty good to my ears, and has a disturbing presence about it.

Atilla the frontman of this band has been in many projects, and so has his partner in crime Paul Di'Anno. The bands range from NWOBHM groups for Atilla, and Pauls past acts Tokyo Blade and Battlezone, not sure what genre of music that fell under, but it sounds kinda of punkish or industrial.

Its interesting to combine influences in a new band I think such as Legion of Crows. Raspy vocalizing, and demented shrieks, not of the black metal vein, but shrieky, and its a full length album with a lot of blood and guts all over that shows alot of promise for the future of there new band. Lots of old school, and new school sounds all over, but I tend to not find a real "strongpoint" in this album that locks me in, except the fact they have a very dark, and twisted presence on this album of theirs.

The way it sounds, and digs deep into the senses is what I like most about it, but if they played a bit slower, and had a even more creepier vocals, more deconstructed like sound, instead of the high pitched screams, it would be close to perfect!

I like to hear to more spoken word as well, maybe some samples in the songs could help too, but other then that it is a great full length album with a lot to offer, and I am not sure if their demo is still available but I like to take a listen to that as well.

I almost forgot to mention, these guys are from the Uk, so I always felt a very british "thing" about them in their music. It kinda reminds me of Dark Theory in a way as well. Bright, but very dark future ahead for these crows right here... -D

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