Monday, April 4, 2011

ASTRAL WINTER Interview with Josh Young (by D)

Welcome To Transylvanian Forest E-zine!

1)When did your band start? and why?
It started in late 2008/early 2009, my main band had been on hiatus for a while and i wanted to write more music in a style i was more passionate about. So that’s when Astral Winter started.

2)Who plays what in the band?
Currently i play/compose all the instruments and also do some vocals aswell.
Phil was the vocalist for the first release “Illustrations Of Death” and is scheduled to record for the full length “Winter Enthroned” aswell.

3)What albums and demos/eps/splits have been done so far for Astral Winter?
Illustrations Of Death - Ep/Demo, which was released in 2009
Winter Enthroned - Full Length, which should be released in a few months.

4)How has the fan reaction been so far?
Overall it’s been very positive. All the reviews i’ve read have been generally favorable of the music, which is good.

5)What is the recording process like and how does it work for you?
Without going into a massive amount of detail about it, everything is recorded in my home studio. Everything is pretty much a Direct Input into the computer. I work on drums, bass and keyboards first, then add the guitars, which takes the most amount of time. Then i do heaps of mixing and re record parts as they are needed. I’m very picky so i’m constantly remixing things haha. Then once i’m happy with the overall sound i record vocals and mix them in.

6)Are you involved in any other projects?
Yeah i’ve got a couple other projects.
Hammerstorm – This is a folk/black metal band i started with vocalist Surtur. Again i handle all the instruments and compositions. I’ve written a full album for this band aswell and plan to record it when the Astral Winter album is released.
Atra Vetosus – This is my most recent project, only started a couple weeks ago. This is Melodic Black Metal in the vein of Dissection, Sacramentum, Dawn, Vinterland etc, very mid 90’s Swedish black metal sort of stuff. I’ve written a few songs for this and planning to record a demo next week. Im pretty excited for this one.
Also had a Depressive black metal project for a while which i won’t name haha. This really wasn’t my style though. And also been writing some Folk metal with a few friends off the internet, which will hopefully turn into something awesome.

7)Any hobbies at all besides your work on Astral Winter? things you do on a daily basis?
Working and drinking probably don’t count as hobbies..
Playing guitar is a main hobby, video games (old school RPGS) and anime. Stuff like that.
8)How is the underground metal scene look in your area? and is their any bands you like to mention?
Um, Tasmania is a pretty small place. Nothing that really comes to mind to mention. There are some good bands around though.

9)Can you name some main influences, or bands that inspired you, and pretty much have the same elements as Astral Winter?
Alot of bands have influenced me and newer bands continue to as well. Old school In Flames was my biggest influence starting out with the whole melodic aspect of the music (first few albums), even though they weren’t black metal. Other bands would be Dissection, Summoning, Vinterland, Wintersun. Alot of melodic death/black bands mostly haha.

10)How long have you been a musician for and what instrument do you get along with best?
I started playing guitar *thinks* about 6 years ago. That would definatly be the instrument I get along with best. Other instruments are just more of a hobby or something I only play when i record like vocals and bass guitar.

11)How many bands have you gigged with? or is their some future gigs lined up?

Astral Winter hasn’t played live. Who knows what the future holds, would be pretty awesome to gig, if i could find the right musicians.
12)What is it like to live in Australia?
It’s... alright. Winter is coming soon which i’m looking forward to. Its gets pretty cold in Tasmania, which is nice haha.

13)What does your friends and family think about all this nonsense? haha
Alot of my friends aren’t into metal. So I don’t really talk to them about it. The ones that are like my music and are always keen to help out. My family are pretty supportive as well.

14)What are your future plans for Astral Winter?
Release the album Winter Enthroned.
Start recording the next album which isn’t far from being composed.
Probably try and organize something live, but I don’t know. Not really worth doing in Tasmania, as the metal scene is pretty minimal.

15)If their was something you like to do to change the world, or change your life, OR of the way things are today, what would they be? (deep question)
Oh, so many things haha. Best not to get into it.

16) I really enjoyed this interview, and its been a freaking minute since we should have done this! I know your busy, but keep in touch, and is there any bands, friends, family, peers, haters, people of this world you like to give a big shout out to before we close up this interview my brother? Thanks and keep up the good work! Cheers mate –D
Just to the fans, thanks for listening, supporting and your patience with this long overdue release. It’s all appreciated.

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