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Upon Shadows - Melodies In Grey Scale review (by D)

This album here was released by Satanica productions, and is a album made by 2 woman of the darkest horrors one has ever dreamed of... this band is a 2 woman Dark Metal band from Uruguay, and have something great and special going on here with the sounds portrayed on this darkest of master pieces.

The album is called "Melodies In Grey Scale", when I think of that name I think of the show from the 50s called the SHADOW "death in a minor key" for some odd reason which I actually have on cd, but that is besides the point, the point here is, you can expect alot of dark symphonic, pulsating, black, oozing darkness on this album with vicious vocals from the grave, and a attitude that would scare most bands away from my area! This album is a mixture of old classic sounds from Tamara and clean vocalization, blended in with a death metal/black metal punch to keep any extreme metal fan happy. The sounds here I can compare to Melankolia, the sounds of a dark movie sound track, and harsh aggresive style that keeps the blood flowing. Melodies In Grey Scale, same name as album is the intro of the album and brings a melancholy feel, yet classical calmness, but also, overwhelming depression and darkness you can find in many depressive bands today. What I find that seperates there sounds from others is they arent afraid to think outside of the common black metal box, and keep that raw edge to it, while also adding the grunts, growls, and screams. It also flows nicely with the clean singing and constant pace to keep you sucked in from the 1st track to the last. A goth feel is also found in it which I do not mind at all.

The drums also sound machine made which isnt a bad thing, it is a 2 woman project and I dont see a drummer in the mix, but the drums are not to overdone, or repeative, they keep balance with the songs, but I always thought, whats the big deal with drums any way right? Its about the atmosphere, the guitars, the cunning, and swift veil of blackness that comes over ones mind and eyes once listening to a album of such mysticism about it. The sound overall is well made, not too over produced, and is something to crank up and enjoy on your stereo at home.

I really enjoyed the album and can sum it up as being a great album that will always remain upon the shadows in my collection... thank you ladies very much for sharing it with me. -D

Re-released by Satanica Productions with Alternate Cover Art on February 22nd, 2011.
1.Melodies In Grey Scale.
2.Nihilism Is All That Remains.
3.Dim Halo Of Dead Hope.
4. Air Of The River Plate.
5. Between Shades Of Gray.
6. Darkness (listen to my bones).
7. Whispers.
8.Desolate cold of the flesh.
9.Piece To Ràn.
10. Solitude.

Upon Shadows 2010:


Upon Shadows :
Two Women Dark Metal Band from Montevideo, Uruguay (South America).
Current line up:
NATALIA AROCENA : bass guitar / bajo
TAMARA PICARDO : keyboards, guitar, all voices and drums programming. / teclado, guitarra, voces y programacion de bateria. All music, lyrics and art by TAMARA PICARDO

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