Sunday, April 10, 2011

Erevos - Adou Katavasis Review (by S.Stormhammer)

The first thing I noticed about Adou Katavasis is the opening
riff in track one. It was powerful and ambient, setting the
audience on edge. It is clear from the beginning ov this that
the artists appreciate the genre enough to appease its beauty
unto the listener. Yet, at the same time it is thrashy and
heavy, the perfect mix ov hatred and avarice that makes any
listener delve right in to the ever-changing riffs.

The second track in this demo starts off with a different sort
ov energy than its previous track, which is desirable in my
opinion unless one is going for a conceptual type ov album in
the constant chase ov defining mood with the discordant strings
and cacophonous harmonies. Soft and fast. Soft and fast. In
this design we find order in track two. Its abrupt end made me
happy, showing me that the artists weren't afraid to cut the
beauty off to the audience, showing that they are indeed in
control ov their artwork.

Track 3 is thrashy and hateful. Powerful and war-mongering. It
had me headbanging about 20 seconds into the track and kept it
steady while the majority ov the track was defined mostly by
the drums as well as palm-muting ov the guitars. Short and
sweet, or in this case, anti-human.

Under the WIngs ov Thanatos is an interesting song in the
simplicity ov the guitar riffs mixing with the complexity ov
the rest ov the instruments. The lead vocalist's bellows move
along with the beats and drives the song forth with strength
anger. It is a good outro to this demo album from Erevos,
especially considering it gives the audience something to
reminisce on after the album draws to a close. It is catchy,
disgruntled, and at the same time, completely uncaring ov what
the viewer would perceive.

To wrap everything up, I would say Erevos, at least judging from
this demo album, reminds me ov how the black metal scene
developed in Sweden, versus Norway. The style is similar to both
Marduk as well as Thy Primordial, maybe mixed in with a little
ov their own way ov doing things, and leaves the audience, at
least those who can sit back and truly reflect on the music they're
listening to, feeling satiated, like a good workout or smashing some
asshole's face after they said a rude comment. I give this album 8.5
out ov 10, in the hopes that they will elaborate on what they have
going on here. I'd recommend anyone interested in the underground scene to check this band out!

--S. Stormhammer, Transylvainian Forest E-Zine

1. Adou Katavasis
2. Kires
3. Those who decide about fate
4. Under the wings of thanatos(new version)

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