Monday, April 25, 2011


Hello there, once again, Transylvanian Forest E-zine readers, I been busy looking for bands for MOST UNHOLY CONVERGENCE II, so I havent forgot about your albums that arrived in the mail for review. They are just sitting here, just ready for another review, and Ill get to them ASAP, hard to do everything myself now for the e-zine you see... Glad you all are being very patient. Well since thats out of the way, lets get down to a review of BELTANES album, DARKHOVSE...

This band hails from the edge of the world, and run a label called SATANICA PRODUCTIONS. Beltanes sound always varies from album to album I read, and heard so far. This album, Darkhovse, is one of those albums by Beltane to look out for as the contrast from black metal, to industrial, seem very arm in arm on this one.

Xan and Baphgirl add a twist from their black metal style and add some industrial and more electronics to their sound on this blackest of offerings with songs such as the opening track Winter Daze and some classical rock n roll elemnts with the electronics on Hell is Blue. The album is not overly long, or really hard to listen too, it has a tight sound, strong song, each song, through out, and thats why I like it. It adds elements of most genres you would not hear about, being mixed before from most bands, and I wish this was just as common, but it is slowly getting in there in the mix of things as of late with bands who want to change their style for the old school sounds mixed in with the old school sounds of a alternative/electronic sound of the late 80s and early 90s.

The songs have strong guitars, and quality sound, all the while keeping its edge, with hypnotizing vocalizing, and shrieky vocals from Xan mixed in, with Baphgirl always bringing in a dark and moody substance with her vocalization as well in songs in between. The albums mood is fast paced, then slower to a more goth like feel, but then bringing it back to the extreme style we are use to hearing from the beginning. I like how they are also from New Zealand too, this is actually, the only band I know of from their as well! I prefer if it stayed that way honestly haha! Beltane has worked real hard on this one, and I dont think for sure out there is even a match to what they offer in their area from any band out there. Australia is different, but New Zealand, hands down, its Beltane. Xan is also a excellent guitarist as well, and their is some BIG sounding guitars on this album. The Gates ov I-Nanna Part I and II are songs that caught my attention as well, I is one of those songs that Baphgirl did, and just really grabs my attention, its really hypnotic, and makes this song, like have this, have its own, presence about it, its hard to describe, and they turn it into something everybody can get into. Even if its at the club. You will hear the continuation of II on it, and it flows just as well as the first one did.

The album Darkhovse is not too lengthy, original, potent, classic, and yet, fresh. At the end the album it closes up with a cover by Ramnstein in Beltane style, which I enjoy very much! I was reading mettalum, the metal archives, they really need to update the info on these guys, damn sites out there. If you like to pick up this masterpiece from Beltane, you can get it at my artist agent site here... I can listen to it over and over, and not get bored.

In closing of this review, all I got to say is, BELTANE IST KRIEG!!! -D

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