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Hi thank you very much. I`m fine.

1) When did you start your band? and why?

I formed Upon The Shadows in 2002 trying to find a more personal way into music.

2) I see your band is from Uruguay originally, how is the metal scene there opposed to other countries you think?
Well I guess that one of the particular things here is that most of the people into metal is musician or play some instrument in some way. So when you perform you do it for other musicians, which has some advantages and disadvantages as you can imagine.
Apart from that I guess is the same as any other country.

3) This is also 2 woman band now, how was the previous line up and what was it like from the beginning back from 2002 to now?

At the beginning we started like a trio. With Marcelo Aguilar on guitar and voices, Natalia Arocena on bass and I on keyboards, programming and voices.
We recorded our first work in 2003 called just Upon Shadows. I use to call it demo despite that are 14 songs because of the bad sounding.
But for the people who likes Dark music still could be interesting to listen. I cant say nothing bad because we have lots of support when we just released it .
We have a long period of transition after that recording , and finally we came back in 2009 when we recorded “The Huge Circle Of Time”. With the same line up , than before but this time, the voices are mine except in the song “Cygnus x1 “ in which we are featuring with Maira Aguilar. There is a big change from the previous work to this one. “ The Huge Circle Of Time “ is divided in two parts, the first part is dark metal but with a touch of melodic death, specially because of the influence of Marcelo´s guitar, and the second part is an ambient part formed by 3 instrumental keyboard songs. As I feel it, this was the beginning of a new stage in Upon Shadows music.
Nowadays and since the end of 2009, the guitars and voices are on my charge, and we started the 2010 as a two woman band, Natalia and I.

4) Can you explain to me what your latest full length album "Melodies in Grey Scale" is all about, and how does it differ from past material?

Well the most important difference I guess, is that is even more personal work,
since the guitars are also mine.
And what we tried to do was to mix the most depressive lyrics I ever wrote, with the most strong music we ever made in Upon Shadows, without losing melody and all under a big range of dark ambience. Keyboards are still leading as is my lead instrument, so there are also some instrumental songs integrate to the rest of the album. We tried to give the idea that depression is far of being weak, and how people into metal, can see beauty in the most grey melodies. There are 10 songs in total, around 50 min.

5) How do you define your music, if you do, I see you tend to throw the term, Dark Metal around, and I like that very much! There is not too many dark metal bands I know of besides Bethlehem! S.u.i.z.i.d. album a influence maybe? ;)

Yes I guess Dark Metal is the best to define our music, because is the result of that fusion.
I am a big fan of Sisters of Mercy and lots of other bands in that way beside of metal of course.
And yes I love Bethlehem so they are a influences in our music for sure .

6) What underground bands do you respect out now, and what bands influence you and still listen to today?

Oh lots ! I like very much a lot of bands into the underground. And many different styles from the most dark style like the great Korean band a doom , to Samuli Tuomas Mäkelä , Ironwork, Blackest Orchid, Corporation of Corpse Stealers, Coldnight and of course Asbel and Ad Noctum Project. And I can continue nonstop because I find great bands every day, making amazing music from all over the world. And I guess that all that I listen gives me some influence in some way, but I can mention my biggest influences of all times and are Sisters of Mercy, Samael, The Whores Of Babylon, Impaled Nazarene, Necromantia and Abigor more than ever. I deeply love Abigor`s last album.

7) What attracts you to this style of music, and how long do you think you and your band mate Natalia can continue to do it for?

I can`t imagine another life, I mean, we both have been listening to metal music since ever.
We meet first time when we was 16 and we were already into metal sense so , is just impossible , we grew into it and we are just what you can see.
I think that what make us love metal is the way we are inside. Is not a coincidence that we all have so much in common. And music don’t convert people into nothing, is the music what is a reflection of what we are.
8) Do you enjoy a live setting more? or recording setting?

Recording for sure, because is when you can see the whole thing getting form.
I enjoy the whole process of creation so much and record is like make all your ideas real.
For me there is nothing better that to hear a new song just finished.
9) Any side projects, or past bands you and your band mate were in before Upon The Shadows?

Yes, Natalia was part of Asgard, the very first woman metal band here in our country, then she played in several bands and projects across the years being Sigma the one in which she stayed longer. And I only was part of another band before, a death melodic metal band called Eclampsy and I played keyboards with them since 1995 until 2002 when I leave to do my own project Upon Shadows. And I have been lucky to have Natalia`s support since that. She is a very professional and talented musician.
Nowadays I`m working in the musical production of a Tv Show called Voces Anònimas. Is a show about urban legends, with recreations of the stories In which I help composing the music to do the ambient. I joined in the 3 rd. season and now we are working in the 4 th.
Apart from that I `m involve in other projects also, doing some collaborations like with Asbel from Colombia . I was part of the last album “The Dark… The Withered..” and will be part of the next to come, which is going to be a second part of the one before, for the great acceptance we had with it. The album was released by SALUTE Records (Sweden). Then I just finished recordings for AD NOCTUM PROJECT from Chile, in which I recorded the voices for 6 song that will be released as an EP and then when all get finished the final album will come. And my last collaboration was with BELTANE from New Zeland, in their last song “Yet Again” which is going to be part of their new album.

10) Where is your music readily available now? and is their other merchandise as well?

Our last album “Melodies In Grey Scale” was released on 22 February 2011 by SATANICA PRODUCTIONS (NZ).
And can be ordered at
Then we have all our material for free download at :
And at Moonlight Gates :

11) How can people get in contact with you about everything Upon The Shadows?

Through any of our official pages:
or our fan page at Facebook :

12) I see you have a strong following, how is the fan reaction so far?

We have to say that we have been getting a great support . Lots more than we ever expected.
And the reaction is really great, not only from the fans, also with other musicians all around the world. We are very grateful about all the support and friendship.

13) What do you enjoy doing most when making a song, and what gets you in the mood to do it?
The better part for me is when we get the base of the whole song recorded and is time to add the arrangements , and create the ambience... Is like to give the magic to the song.
All gets me in the mood to do music lol

14) If you have any future goals, plans, or dreams to follow this year, what would they be? and why??? (deep question)

Yes I want to record a new Upon Shadows album for the beginning of the new year.
My biggest expectation is, to be able to record something new every year.

15) What was it like collaboration with Beltane and what was your experience with them like?

Was really great experience. I loved the song in the first listening . They are great musicians and was a pleasure for me to add my keys to their song.
The track is called “Yet Again” and have the drums of Chris Warhead from Abazagorath (USA), another great musician. And can be listen at Beltane ´s Reverbnation page :

16) If you have any thing else to say, let it all out! To bands, fans, friends, family, supporters out there, what would you have to say to all to them? I really enjoyed this interview, and your music, and I hope to stay in touch even after the close down of the e-zine in 2 months. We will be back with issues, and Ill make sure your in the first one! Hows that sound? Thanks for your time, and take care! :) -D -l-

Oh, sounds great!!! Thank you very much for giving me the space.
I enjoyed very much the interview too and will be a honor and a pleasure to be in the first issue of your came back to war !!! lol
What I wanted to say first of all is to give my deepest thank you to all the people around the world who are supporting us in one way or another. Thank you for believing in our music !!! You can be sure we put all from us on it.
And I would like to leave a message in the wind :
All in this world was made or created for humans to be use or learn by humans, so we all are able to do and to learn, anything we want. Only have to focus on it and do it.
Never surrender to resignation !!

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