Friday, April 15, 2011

ECLIPSE ETERNAL Interview with Voldamares

1) When did your band start? and why?

Eclipse Eternal started in 1999. I am the original member. I started this band to put my ideas and philosophy to sound. I chose to do Black Metal because it was the only style of music that was really serious about its ideology at that time.

2) What style is your band going for, and what does each band member do in the band?

We play Black Metal but we mix in whatever other style fits the song. We do not force ourselves into a mould if the vision we have does not fit it. For example, some of our new songs have a slightly folk sound to them and because that sound fits the songs vision we are not about to change it just to meet someone elses BM standards.

Wulfgar plays drums, Orcus plays bass, Carver handles orchestrations, Lord Abaddon plays lead guitar, Vane plays rhythm live and has a few parts on our newest album and I, Voldamares, do vokills.

3) How many albums have you guys done?

So far we have two albums released (Reign of the Unholy Blackened Empire and Ubermensch:Evolution Beyond the Species) and one currently being mixed (The Essence of Hopelessness).

4) Where is your music made available now? and past?

Our first album was released by Galy Records. It is unfortunately no longer available. Our second album is currently available from Century media online, The Omega Order online, Amazon, iTunes, and through us.

5) How has the fan reaction been so far online to your music?

Well, our official video (The Dragon Has Come To Blot Out The Stars) on youtube has over 12,000 views with lots of praise and our myspace has been viewed over 64,000 times so i think our online presence is pretty damn good right now (although it could always be better).

6) How has the fan reaction been towards your music in a live setting?

We have always had excellent crowd reaction from our sets as we always give it our all. We hold nothing back live. I believe our intensity is infectious.

7) What is the main goal for ECLIPSE ETERNAL? and what is the main focus behind it all?

We just want to put out albums that fully express our vision and that hold meaning to us. Beyond that, we'd like to get on a label that would allow us to go on tour and bring our vision to others.

8) Any main influences you like to name? bands? art? literature? etc

Currently our main musical influences include Windir, Moonsorrow, Watain, Funeral Mist, Enslaved, Primordial and Marduk. For me personally, the writings of Steven Erikson had a serious impact on my writings this time around along with The Poetic Edda.

9) What is different from your musical aspect of living opposed to your personal living? and do the 2 come together or are apart?

I am my music. It is a part of me just as it is a part of everyone in this band. We have deadicated years to it. It is who we are.

10) Any side projects at all or previous bands?

Wulfgar was previously in a thrash metal band called "Burn to Black" and has lent his drumming skills to a band called Silence falls over (which also features Vane.) Vane is also currently the one man BM project Vampire Vane. Orcus previously played with Panzerfaust.

11) What do you think of the underground scene today, and what do you enjoy most about it?

The underground scene to me is no different than the rest of the scene. Some bands are worth my respect and attention and some aren't. I give no more credence to underground bands than to supposedly mainstream bands. Good is good. Shit is shit.

12) What do you think about social networks? online? and are their any haters out there?

I use whatever tools i can to get our music heard by as many as possible. Social networks are very usefull tools for smaller bands like us.

13) What other hobbies do you, or your bands have outside of Eclipse Eternal?

Drinking, fighting, fucking, learning, hunting, fishing, camping, random acts of destruction...

14) What do you expect to happen next for Eclipse? and what do you plan for as in long term goals?

We plan to find a label willing to push us in Europe and give us the oppurtunity to prove our worth.

15) Thank you very much for your time Voldamares! I really enjoyed your album Ubermensch: Evolution Beyond the Species and look forward to new music ahead! Stay True warrior! Cheers ~D -l-

Thanks for the support.

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