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1) When did your band start and why? We formed in 2009 - I been wanting to do a more extreme form of music for a long time and had plenty of ideas for riffs and songs. Happily I had done some work with Herod on a Film soundtrack, so I knew his ability from that and he was interested in pushing the boundaries of the music he had been doing.

2) What style of genre of music are you going for? I listened to Stab Me,
and like to call it Black Funeral Doom, but it has many other elements,
what do you think of that? I think Black Funeral Doom is a good description - I have been drawn to Satanism and the occult all my life and I love the ambience of bands like Nortt and the bleaker Black Metal Acts like Xasthur and Striborg. Sure the music has other elements - the next album that we are planning will be even more diverse, but with the backbone of Doom and Black Metal. We will be ontroducing elements of German Depression Era Chanson and the works of Kurt Weill and Bertold Brecht.

3) Are you guys fans of SLAB! or Godflesh, or Electric Wizard at all?
Whats it like in Wiltshire, UK? I don't really know SLAB but I was a fan of the Godflesh "Streetcleaner" Album. We toured with Godflesh with my old band Mad Cow Disease back in the late 90s. I`m also a fan of Jesu and the work done with Jarboe. I also appreciate the Wizard tho some of it is a bit too stoner for my taste. They are a mighty live band, however.

4) Have you gigged in the USA yet? or just in your area? or? We haven't done any live gigs as yet - LoC was formed mainly as a studio project to realise the songs that I had bubbling inside. However, we do get a lot of offers so have been looking for a live drummer and bass player...

5) How did you guys end up on Dustin Wades label Funeral Rain Records, and
how has it been working for you so far? Well we ended up on Funeral Rain mainly coz I like Dustins enthusiasm and believe that he will make something great from the label. We had a couple of other offers for the album but not really anything that exceited me that much. Everything seems to be working great - I`ll let you know when the Royalties start pouring in haha!

6) Any past bands you guys been in? or side projects at all? I was in the afore mentioned Mad Cow Disease for a couple of albums, did one with Tokyo Blade and a couple with Paul Dianno - one as Barrlezone and one as the Almighty Inbredzz. Jon the Revelator was vocalist in Mad Cow Disease and Herod was guitarist with Room 237.

7) How many albums/demos/material have you guys done so far? and how does
the recording process work for you? we only did the one demo - Cacophonous Aural Wickedness before the album tho there were also another 4 or 5 songs that didn`t make it onto the album. Recording is done at my own studio and then transferred to Pro Tools for the final mix and production tweeks. I`ll generally get the forma=t of the song done roughly with the arrangement finalised and then Herod will take that away and weave his Guitar shit into the equation...the next album - well I believe Dustin is poying for us to go to Eddie Grants studio in the Bahamas for three months with a $500 a day cocaine budget, so we're looking forwards to that...
8) Where can people get a hold of your music? and in what formats? and how
has the reaction been to your demo Cacophonous Aural Wickedness? At the moment its available for pre order at the Funeral Rain site, but will soon be available through Code 7 - so that`ll mean the likes of HMV, Amazon etc. There will be the physical CD plus download. Dunno if vinyl is still an option but it may be...

9) How has the album Stab Me been so far recieved by the fans out there
opposed to your last demo? Well apart frtom yourselves and the kind review its hasn`t really been out too musch as yet - we'll be hitting the mags with review copies asap. Oh yeh, and Zero Tolerance mag who seemed to say that I shouldn't be doing anything else coz I once made a record with Tokyo Blade...very weird...think we must have fucked the reviewers mother or sister or something...who can tell?

10) What is your lyrical content mostly about, and what do you want every
one out there to get out of it? This album is very angry - mainly about the successive pieces of shit that have called themselves a Govement in the uk over the last 20 years where our personal freedom and liberty to choose have been eroded bit by bit. Hence the tracks Dull Grey, Defecate and Bullshit Acres. We are addressing the fact that they want the UK to become a nation of non entity sheep who bow down to the soporific spin speak of the self serving motherfuckers in power. Nobady says "No. Fuck you" anymore. I`d like to see blood in the streets and Bankers Hung from every lamp post. ha. Coupled with that is a kind of quasi religious iconography that really goes hand in hand with the oppression that we are currently experiencing. I dislike organized religion and the bullshit that goes along with it and seriously believe, as Jon says in the first tune during the Malediction that we will never know true peace until avery Churcxh, every Mosque and every temple is burned into the fucking ground.
11) What other things or hobbies do you guys have outside of the music you
guys do together, and why? We don`t really do anything together much. Music is quite enough, thank you! Although Jon and I occasionally score Amphetamine together...

12) I know quite a few bands from certain areas in the UK, would you guys
be interested in gigging with them? and if its possible, where should I
tell them to contact
you at? We may well be in the future...also there is a new Venue starting up in Salisbury at the Chapel night club that I am involved with so if anyone is interested in playing there they can initially get hold of me at :

13) What are the long term goals or plans ahead for Legion of Crows? and
thanks for your time guys! Good Luck! ;) -Danny Longer term plans are to get the rest of the next set of songs together and to book the flights to the Bahamas...and thank you!


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