Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SURTUR Exclusive !!! (by D)

New links and info from Surtur of the band DROWNING, his interview for DROWNING is also on the site in my older posts, but you can also check out his other projects and bands he has mentioned here now...

Endless Sorrow (Bel/Aus)

Hopeless - demo 2010 - limited to 200 copies
FTU - 2010 compilation - limited to 1000 copies

working on first full length

Means To An End (USA/Bel)

Weathered By Time - full lenght 2010 - limited to 1000 copies

working on second full length

Wounds (USA/Bel)

My Illness - Ep 2010 - Limited to 200 copies

|||_-_||| (Chil/Bel)

Alone, Forgotten, And With No Hope - Split 2010

Hammerstorm (Aus/Bel)

Working on first full length

Eratomania (Bel)

first demo soon to be released.
my personal myspace, here you can also listen some songs wich i did session or guest vocals for.

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