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01. Mists Of Poveglia - A Dark Winters Night
02. Nostalgia - Presuicidal Emotional Void
03. Heirdrain - Feigned
04. Grim Funeral Techno - E.V.P.
05. Nebula VII - Nihil
06. Fortezza Longobarda - Astral Mind In Astral Word
07. Bwaka Ng Nyo - The Provider
08. Akoustik Timbre Frekuency - Thee Krawling Kaos
09. After [Life] - Let Me Leave
10. Ablaze Eternal - The Third Great Element: Agni

Duration: 63:59 minutes
Format: Free Download
Quantity: N/A
Release: 1st January 2011


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D: 1) First off I'd like to thank you for taking time out for this interview as you are currently on tour. This is my first interview, and my zine with my partner Josh. As I read you started your band in 1999, with a modern 4 track and recorded 3 tapes if I am correct, about a trilogy of moons and planets. What gave you the inspiration to start recording, and under this subject?
R: Thank you for taking the time to interview me Danny, I am now back from tour with one of my other bands Bridgebuilder and have time to write you back. Welcome to the world of journalism, I am honored to be your first interviewee! Zebulon Kosted was not my first band, actually it was my fourth, but working with other people at that time was very difficult for me because of all the compromise involved, so I decided to start my own individual project. I have always enjoyed studying astronomy, specifically I have always been interested in the planets and moons of our solar system. Science is just starting to penetrate the mysteries of our corner of the universe, and I see it as a very exciting time to be observing these new discoveries.
D: 2)Where did your band name come from exactly, and why start a one man band in the beginning?
R: As I always state in interviews the true meaning of the name Zebulon Kosted is known only to the true initiates, sorry brother.
D: 3) I read you're on tour, how is the touring life going for you?
R: I just finished tour with my third different band, Bridgebuilder, a Dark Post Punk Doom band, and it went more smoothly than my tour with the Crusty Punk band Submit and slightly better even than the Zebulon Kosted tour last year. Touring life is difficult but rewarding. Meeting new people, playing in new venues, and seeing new bands is amazing. Getting 3 hours of sleep a night, eating Ramen and driving for 12 hours at a time is not as much fun. You rarely remember the harder parts of tour once you're back home though, all that remains is the glory of having taken the next step to becoming a professional musician.
D: 4) Can you tell me what your latest album is about, and what inspired you to make it?
R: BETWEEN THIS WORLD AND THE NEXT is a concept album about traveling through the 11 theoretical dimensions, some of which we live in, and others that are not yet known to us. I had been doing research into string theory, M theory and different planes of existence when I decided to incorporate all of these different ideas into a story involving someone traveling through and beyond regular physical existence, or giving in to the black featureless void if you prefer to call it that. This is such an abstract concept that I felt very comfortable being creative with the lyrics and music for the album, as well as the oil painting which I created to serve as the album cover. BTWATN is now available from Fall of Eden Records in Scotland!

D: 5) I listen to your music and feel a raw/powerful presence of the “Black Metal” genre in it. What BM bands influenced you growing up?

R: It is quite common for me to hear or read this reaction to my music, but I want to make it clear that I do not consider Zebulon Kosted a Black Metal band. I do keep in close contact with many Black Metal bands, and listen to many bands from this genre on a regular basis, but I am in the process of inventing a new genre, as pompous as that may sound it is truly my intention. The first Black Metal band I ever listened to was Emperor, back in '97, when this kind of music wasn't nearly as popular as it is today. I actually started listening to the early bands like Bathory, Celtic Frost and Venom much later, so initially I was much more inspired by the second wave Norwegian bands like early Ulver, Enslaved, Immortal, Darkthrone and Satyricon. Black Metal is a very important influence on my music still to this day.
D: 6) What is your view on your life in the year 2010, and what makes you evolve with your music as each day passes by…
R: The world is falling apart, in the next 15 or 20 years we could be in very serious trouble, and it seems as though the small amount of change we see happening to act as a stop gap is not nearly enough. Military spending is ruining economies around the world, the air we breathe and the water we drink are getting more polluted every day, we are exhausting our natural resources and new and more sophisticated crime is making people fear to leave their homes. I am fortunate to live in a place like Montana that does not feel the full effect of all of these different issues, and the many other problems that plague most of the world, yet I do study what is going on in other countries and continents and am quite troubled by recent developments. All of this information adds to the anger and sadness that is present in my music. Zebulon Kosted is a conduit to combat all of the injustice I am witness to, either directly or indirectly, and points out my unwillingness to be part of the manipulation and destruction of the human race.

D: 7) What intrigues you about the cosmos? It seems to be an ongoing lyrical/musical concept, are you trying to contact another life form from another galaxy with your music?
R: I am attracted to the unknown. I enjoy writing poetry about, writing music about, and painting images that are somewhat abstract and mysterious, I find freedom in that. So little is known about what lies in the deep darkness of space, as well as the deep darkness of the worlds oceans. If humans were able to stop spending as much money on killing each other to one day soon send new missions to the stars, and new missions to the watery depths, we would find things that will shock us. These things may be beyond what we read about or watch in science fiction novels and films, it may be so far beyond our comprehension that we don't yet have words to describe it. I see it as my role as a musician, poet and painter to create new and intriguing art that spurs other artists imaginations into action involving these subjects.
D: 8) I love the song “Ginsbergs Grasp”, who is that talking!? And what is the story and/or concept behind that song?
R: Alan Ginsberg was active as a beat poet primarily in the 60's and 70's. The sample found on the song Ginsbergs Grasp is from a television interview he did in the late 60's where he shares a poem that he had written about nature. The meter, or rhythm, of the poetry just happened to fit well with an acoustic guitar song I had written, so I laid the former on top of the latter and had something that was very fresh and different compared to the more Metal oriented songs I was writing at that time. The song was released as part of the Alost (France) / Zebulon Kosted Split and for only the second time out of the 20 or so Splits Z.K. has done, it was offered as a free download for the fans. I still think even for as simple as it may be that it's one of the best songs I've ever written.
D: 9) What do you think of all the great bands coming up from the underground? Do you think these bands will take the world by storm, and rise above the so called “metal scene” as we see on tv, that seems to be taking over and becoming a ridiculous trend ?

R: My opinion is that many forms of music, not just metal, stay underground for a reason. Some of it may be too Avant Garde, some of it may be ahead of it's time, and some of it may just not be well thought out or performed. If you have no interest in catering to a larger market most likely your band will never become mainstream, but that doesn't mean you are treading new musical ground. Some bands are content copying the success of others, while others are so strange and disconnected from everyone and everything else that they will never fully be understood. The underground is full of all different kinds of characters and strange stories, most of which will only be known to a small number of people during a small window of success, few are able to stand the test of time. Cult is a word often used to describe

interesting and well composed underground music that for one reason or another doesn't reach mainstream consciousness. Many people try to find a way to be labeled as such without gaining substantial financial compensation or fame.
D: 10) What inspired you the quote, “He who knows he doesn’t know, knows…?
R: This quote comes from the Theosophist Joseph Campbell, and is a slightly different wording of a saying coined by Socrates. It simply means that the wise man understands that he knows very little. I used this quote on the reverse side of the first Zebulon Kosted T-Shirt that was produced, and regularly use it when I begin corresponding with someone new. I think it's helpful in keeping yourself grounded, and realizing that even someone who may be older still has a lot to learn about the world.
D: 11) How does it feel to be part of the “MOST UNHOLY CONVERGENCE” compilation to be released by Satanica Productions?
R: I am always excited to be part of a new compilations! Comps are a good way for new fans to find your music and share it with their friends who are interested in the same genres. Its also nice to be getting distribution in New Zealand, where Satanica is located, and hopefully this extends to Australia and Southern Asia as well from this release. They are are a quality label and I wish them continued success.
D: 12) When can I get a copy of 1 of your great albums, and will you be able to possibly play a show in New York where Transylvanian Forest is located?
R: I don't usually promo a lot of material out, but I can send you something soon if you'd like. I try to be very careful financially, and unfortunately that means not being able to send out free discs to all sides of the globe. I plan on being on the East Coast for tour in the next 2 years if everything works out properly. Hopefully I can play a show with your band S.O.D.D. while I'm out there!

D: 13) Last but not least, thanks again for your time, and supporting Transylvanian Forest E-zine, keep doing music that makes you complete and true. What do you have to say to all your fellow bands, peers, family, and fans?
R: Thank you once again for the interview, I had fun as usual Danny, I very much enjoy talking about myself as most people do hahaha!!! I will continue to make music that makes me happy, whatever form that takes. I encourage my band-mates, peers, family and fans to continue doing what they feel passionate about, even if that means being belittled by people who caved in to negative capitalist tendencies long ago, and no longer have time or energy to be creative. Free yourselves from the bonds of wage slavery......real eyes, realize, real lies......

INTERVIEW WITH LORD AZORDON!!! (old one off of myspace)

1) How's life treating you almighty Azordon?

Well, there is a Tar Bubble in it! I just have to get StarCraft II: The Wings Of Liberty to get working on my computer and everything will be great. Otherwise I'm always just writing new riff chops on my electric, acoustic, bassic, and keyboardic machine and if I like a lot and in the mood I go a recordon (Azordon recording something is a term called "recordon") yes! :D

2) If you had a world tour what would you call it, and where would your first show be at?

Azordon doesn't play live! :D
3) How long have you been making music?

Azordon started in late 2007 because I just wanted to have a black metal band like any other black metal obsessed 15 year old kid would. Azordon didn't do anything at all except fantasise about the future. The whole time though I was experimenting with ways to record and mix music in the easiest and most straightforward way without any stupid programs or studios or any of that shit I could never understand or care to do. Finally I found a way that works and after recording and mixing many tracks throughout 2008, I was slowly gaining experience and since then just always making new stuff and occasinally finding new ways to experiment and whatnot.

4) What would you define or call the sound of your music?

Since my Self - Titled album released in late August 2009, I started calling my creations "Azordon Metal" and future albums "Azordon Metal/Folk" because there are a lot more clean and folky parts because I love doing that very much. I call my music those things because it just sounds awesome and it's the only way I can really even care to describe my music because it is just me doing whatever I want to do. If we were to be specific I guess, I can be considered a solo project with a lo - fi sound and quality that plays a hybird of black, death, and speed metal with lots of clean folk parts and influence. I've just been doing whatever comes to my mind since 2009 and I don't really care if it's called Chinese Pop or Death Metal or whatever. :D

5) Would you open for KISS?

Azordon doesn't play live! :D

6) Say you became a member of congress, what would be the 1st law you pass?

I hate and avoid most political and religious shit at all costs and could never even consider applying for such a career. :D

7) Big Mac or double cheeseburger???

Neither really. How about a Pizza Rolls! Anybody want a Pizza Rolls? Post a comment on RedLetterMedia's webzone if you want a Pizza Rolls!!! :DDD Raspberry jelly filled a Pizza Rolls do wonders also! :D

8) What instruments do you play?

I do absolutely everything in Azordon and always will. Maybe very occasionally have a friend do some sort of session role like having Dan O))) from S.O.D.D. (Strings Of Distorted Doom) do session vocals for part ov Ohmazing Unholy Crusade. He's asked if he could do it just because and I was happy! :D Otherwise I do everything and always will. It's the only way for me to really feel complete and content with my material. Even if some of it doesn't turn out so great, I'm still glad I gave it my all. In general though, I mostly play my electric and acoustic machines followed by my bassic machine, than my keyboard machines, and the drum sounds are just there to keep the rhythm.

9) What do you think of black metal today?

Like my opinion about it would really matter? XD I've been through so much flak with the fanboys and stuff over the past few years. Ever since 2009 really I just stopped giving a fuck and focus on my own music doing whatever I want to do and I don't care if it's not "kvlt" or "grim" or satanic or whatever anymore. Sure I still use black metal imagery whenever I feel like it and I still have a lot of black metal sounding riffs and so fourth, but once again it's just doing whatever comes to my mind. I guess as far as the "scene" and other bands and stuff go, I just don't give a shit anymore, I probobly never did in the first place. I've seen so many people and bands change and become burned out from all the black metal shit plus for taking it too seriously I guess. So in conclusion I just focus on my own music the majority of the time. The only black metal related things I really associate with anymore are just my friends projects like Valkynaz and S.O.D.D. and I just still listen to my favorite bands that have inspired me a lot.

10) If you were a professional wrestler, what would your finisher be called?

The Qui Gon chop! ...I guess! :D

11) How many albums do you have?

A lot! I am almost always making new material and if not I am playing my instruments and trying to just have fun and come up with creative new sounds. I usually just record a bunch of stuff and later on I start to arrange them and decide upon the album and that is always the best for me because it's completely spontaneous. Annihilator and Nocturnal Conquest are perfect examples of this. Other times I do get some general idea of what I want to do like for Fragments ov Sorrow I specifically wanted a mostly acoustic/clean type of album but I always just make tracks and later on experiment with the general idea of the album and its name and artwork.

12) Any good bands in your area?

I never cared or payed any attention to what goes on around here. Maybe there are some pretty cool local metal bands and stuff, but again I never really cared or payed any attention. Especially ever since Azordon really got going in 2009.

13) Any sideprojects?

Kvasta is my first side project from 2008. I formed it about a month after I formed Azordon. I honestly don't really even know why. XD I just had that word/name in my head and even thought of calling that my main project, but I'd rather have both Azordon and Kvasta! I guess Kvasta was supposed to be some sort of more epic and folky experimental Pagan black metal band while Azordon was an evil straighforward and Satanic band at the time and I really didn't know what I wanted to do so I just wanted to do everything to try it all out and see what comes about. After 2008, Azordon gradually began to change and after I finished Kvasta's debut, I since then just do Kvasta when I want to take a break from Azordon. I know both of my projects sound very alike in some ways, but Kvasta is more about mystery and obscurity from a different perspective I suppose.

Metookie - A joke side project I started in the summer of 2008 that was heavily inspired by Vondur! I use it to fuck around and entertain myself and hopefully some others who give a shit haha! :D

I've had other side - projects and collaborations with some people online and one in real life, but most of them were short - lived and not significant enough to even mention here.

14) If any black metal band could come back, dead or alive, with your magical powers, what band would it be?

Lycanthropy's Spell by far! I REALLY would have loved to meet Mastermind Sarmak because his music really inspired a lot of Azordon's music and just the way I see a lot of things about music and life in general. Very rarely does a band do that for me. Almost everything else I listen to especially since I got more involved with my own music is just to get some inspiration from the guitar melodies and whatnot or really just background noise to pass the time. But few bands like Lycanthropy's Spell and Ildjarn really did make a difference in my personal life.

15) I have a tendencie of asking stupid questions, what do you think of that?

I think that's a very smart and thought provoking question sir! I wonder how That Guy With The Glasses would respond to these honestly too! ^_^

16) How many compilations are you featured on?

I think three hehe! What makes me really happy though is that on two of them, my friends projects are on them also! :D

17) Any ohmazing moments while recording Nocturnal Conquest?

Every time I create something it is an ohmazing moment for me, but for Nocturnal Conquest some ohmazing moments were recording the few tracks that I dedicated to a couple great friends of mine! :D I'm really happy they enjoyed it too! ^_^ Means a lot! SvartSoldater especially because of some of the riffs in the song that are really heavy and crushing. Abigail because of the beautiful clean melodies, they sound almost mysterious and cosmic. Plus I did some soloing throughout! Recording the title track because of the epic part near the end where I do the clean chant for a little bit. You know the part I'm talking about! :D Quake II because it sounds cool and makes good sequel to Quake from Annihilator and once again it was completely improvised. Overlord II and Azordon's Endless Baal Runs because the keyboard melodies sound pretty cool haha!  The Unholy Apocalypse IV because it's really epic, soothing, and beautiful whilist being REALLY funny because of the lyrics in the song. If people can understand them they will probobly either laugh their ass off or scratch their head in confusion or anger as to why such a song has ever been made! :D Secret Magic songs are always fun of course! ^_^

18) How was the trip to the Ukraine?

Pretty good I can say. It was nice to go somewhere else, but all I really did the whole time was play one of my relative's acoustic machine comming up with new riffs and ideas which I would eventually use for my future recordings. Most importantly for me though was that I met the first two tracks from Nocturnal Conquest and what inspired them there! :D Really great experience meeting some friends basically! :D Otherwise it was okay, thank you for asking haha!

19) What do you think of all your music you done, and your music now?

As almost anybody who makes stuff, I can barely stand half of my old material, but everything from the Self - Titled album and after I actually do enjoy and am very proud of. I guess it's because I started really developing and progressing with Azordon's sound and style and every single album has something to tell and look back upon and they are all linked together in some way like a series of chapters in a long and crazy book. Some people call that book life, but I call it Star Wars! But really though, it shows some progression through time and all of the different creative things I did which I'm happy about. I'm sure this will continue growing and developing onwards!

20) Will you ever play live?

I believe that I have already answered this question! :D

21) Whats your musical influences?

Pretty much everything I said before.

I can pretty much say that Azordon started out as a typical black metal band inspired by the usual first and second wave black metal shit of course, but I listened to lots of different shit the whole time. From Satanic, Pagan, NSBM, some RAC, a little bit of depressive, Dark Ambient, Folk, some other shit like Thrash, Death, some Power, and so fourth. I had my main influences of course, but I often found myself trying to merge influences and ideas together and ever since I got more experienced throughout 2008 and 2009 with composing, recording, arranging, as well as just expressing myself better with my own style or whatever, I really just influence myself for the most part now. All I have really been doing since Hateblood is improvising on the spot and comming up with whatever I do. Also my friends projects like Valkynaz and S.O.D.D. always inspire me with their mastery! :D

21) If there was 1 thing you could do right now what would it be?

See some of my friends and play my electric machine in front of them while we eat a Pizza Rolls and drink Cranberry Qui Gons! :D

22) Thanks for your time brother! What do you have to say to your family, peers, fans, and fellow bands? :D

Thank you for the fun interview and for showing interest in me and my music! It really means a lot to me and is one of the things that keeps me going! And thank you very much of course to all of my close friends and few fans out there I've seen who get something out of what I do! :DDD Even to some of you haters out there who can't stand my music or whatever, thanks for at least showing some general interest in Azordon anyways.
p:// &

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(Midgard is in the middle)
1)When did your band start, and who is part of Ouija now and how did your band name come about?
In 1994 from the ashes of LEVIAL (our old death metal band) we decided to form OUIJA because we needed another way to communicate our feelings and the different changes about the concept of our music in that moment…so OUIJA was born…currently we are working on new material and this same month will be released our new mini-cd.
2) What is part of the lyrical content mostly, and what is your latest album?
Now I write all the lyrics; with them I want to transmit darkness, hate, war against Christianity and everything established, but I don't try sending any specific message, everyone must get their own meaning about my thoughts…
About our new album entitled ‘Adversary’, it will be a preamble of our full length which will be available in the 2011.
3) What label are you on and how is the label treating you?
‘Adversary’ will be released under the Spanish record label Xtreem Music,the boss of this label is an old colleage, we signed with him in our first work ‘Riding into the funeral paths’ when he was the owner of Repulse Rec. So it was easy to take that decision; is the most important record label of extreme metal in Spain and they are a extremely professional with your bands.
4) How is the fan reaction to your music, and how are the gigs?
First of all, you'll find only true metal of death in our gigs, we enjoy with our new material a lot and also we want people to join us in our live concerts to get together a totally dark atmosphere and aggressive at the same time; all of us together, will open the gate of hell hehehe...
5) What caused the split up of the band, and why the reformation???
The cause of the disappearance of OUIJA, today is something without any importance now…the return of the band has been something natural when I listened the new songs of Map, I found a lot strength and darkness in them, for this reason, together again, we decided to return with a new project.
6) Name some bands you gigged with and what do you think of them?
With different Spanish and Europeans bands,but the essential for us is that they feel what the do, be honest and's the most important.

   (Latest album cover)
7) How does Ouija differ from Spellcraft?
OUIJA and SPELLCRAFT are different bands with different history too, each one follows its own way; but they are close bands at the same time, all of us are friends since our childhood.
8) What do you do in the band, and what do the other members do in the band?
At the moment I'm a responsible for all the lyrics,the main creator of the sound is our founder ans guitarist Map.Our inspiration comes from different sources...but always full on anti-christians hatred.
9) What is the album Riding Into the Funeral Paths all about?
It's our first album,was released in 1997 by Repulse Rec;nowadays we follow very proud of this work, it was recorded of a primitive form but very effective with the means that we had then.
10) I see their has been lineup changes since the past and how did you jump into this band as a member?
In 1994 this one was line-up Baret (bass),Dany (drums),Map (guitar),Ferriz (keyboards) y Midgard (vocal)… After a decade of silence, fusing our strengths once again Map the founder guitar and brain of the compositions of the band, with me vocalist of the original line-up Midgard. In this new stage, three members of Spellcraft ;Fulgur(drums), Aldromk (bass) and Murcilag (guitar) joined the band so the line-up is totally completed.

11) Name one of your favorite songs, and describe what the lyrics mean to you?

I have a lot of favourite songs in the metal music,I cannot choose just one song;would be unfair hahaha...

12) What made you want to start making this style of music in the first place and what other bands have you been in besides Ouija and Spellcraft?

I've only played in SPELLCRAFT and OUIJA. I have to admit without any problem; that I'm a great fan of the eighties classic metal,old thrash and death metal… I've grown with it, never renounce to your roots… later the black metal arrived to me and this style possessed me totally.

13) If their was one thing you could change, positive, or negative in this world, what would it be?

Difficult question. But I'm not their rescuer,only I can be their punishment.

14) Who would win in a CAGE fight? old Emperor or old Hellhammer? ;)

Old EMPEROR always.

15) What are your main influences?

I like the old school very much, bands as Slayer,Kreator,Sepultura(old),Morbid Angel,Sabbat(English band),Mayhem,Bathory,Rotting Christ,Entombed (old) and so on...their sound and attitude always will be in my heart,but nowadays there are also great bands...generally speaking Metal music is still in a continuous evolution that makes this style great and different from all the rest.

16) I enjoyed this interview very much, what do you have to say to your friends, fans, band mates and peers? and any last words my friend? :) cheers!!! -D -l-

Thanks so much Daniel for your interesting interview and support I hope to meet you in a concert in your country,it would be great;

Links from HELL!!!

The anticipated return of Spain's most legendary Black Metal band OUIJA is now embodied in form of a 4-song mini CD entitled "Adversary" which was recorded at Moontower Studios by Javi Bastard and later on mastered at famous swedish Unisound Studios by Dan Swanö, resulting on an astonishing recording which shows a more intense and dark side of OUIJA as well as keeping these awesome melodies and great song structures which will for sure please not only every long time fan of the band, but every lover of great quality Black Metal!!

Track list for "Adversary" is as follows:
01. Flagellate Me
02. Magma
03. The Blood Centurion
04. Yrasrevda

This new MCD, whose songs will remain exclusive, is planned for an immediate December 2010 release and will serve as a perfect appetizer for the band's upcoming 2nd full length album planned sometime in late 2011. You can already listen to a new track that the band has posted on their official MySpace at:

El esperadísimo retorno de OUIJA, la más legendaria banda española de Black Metal, está ya materializado en forma de un mini CD con 4 nuevos temas titulado "Adversary" y fue grabado en los Moontower Studios por Javi Bastard para luego ser masterizado en los famosos Unisound Studios de Suecia por Dan Swanö, resultando en una impresionante grabación que muestra una cara más intensa y oscura de OUIJA al mismo tiempo que mantienen ésas buenísimas melodías y grandes estructuras que sin duda gustará no sólo a los fans de toda la vida de la banda, sino a cualquier amante del Black Metal de alta calidad!!

La lista de temas de "Adversary" es el siguiente:
01. Flagellate Me
02. Magma
03. The Blood Centurion
04. Yrasrevda

Este nuevo mini CD, cuyos temas permanecerán exclusivos, está previsto para una inmediata edición en Diciembre de 2010 y servirá como un perfecto entrante para lo que será el 2º álbum completo de la banda a finales de 2011. De momento ya puedes escuchar un nuevo tema que la banda tiene disponible en su MySpace oficial:



01. Ablaze Eternal
02. Dungeon Of Darkness
03. Heating From Below
04. Incineration
05. Isolated (Moan Remix)
06. Where Hellfire Reigns Supreme
07. Pyrophony
08. Blackfire
09. Dunkelheit (Burzum cover)
10. Burned Painfully

Duration: 43:40 minutes
Format: Free Download & Limited CDR (Jewel CD Case)
Quantity: 10 copies
Release: 25th December 2010


Check them out, and hit them up. Support The Underground!!!!! -D

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Welcome to Transylvanian Forest E-zine! sorry for my lateness, how are you doing?
It's okay dear, thanks to you, i am doing great, on vacations now haha

1)What got you into modeling and why?
it was when I had my first photoshoot, it was a surprise, because it was for the clothing store of a friend, I only get to see the store, but i didnt know they were taking pictures, so then the owner of the Store asked my sister and me to model for her, so she can get us some pictures because she liked our style, so we posed and everything, and then she gave us the photos and I really liked them, then i research more of the alternative modeling and i started making my own photoshoots with the help of my sister as a photographer, and then I got to know more models, photographers, pages where they promoted the models,also i met bands to which i model merch for the. I am very interested in modeling so that's why I still do it.

2)What bands have you supported with your modeling, and how many organizations are you associated with?
Well i have worked with:
-Gore Back (Promo pics)
-Time To Kill (Merch model)
-Funeral Coma (Merch model)
-Handful Of Hate (Merch model)
-Antythesys (Merch model)
-Kataplexie (Merch model)
-Abigail, Model for his Tape "Alive... In Tokyo"
-The Dust (Merch model)
-Neuroflesh (Promo Pics)
-Neuroflesh (Promo pics)
-Reverend Havoc (Promo Pics, and soon i will be in his cover CD)

And about modeling sites, i model for some:
Gorgeous Freaks (I own the site)
Kustom Cherries (Alt Model Group from my country)
Brutal Hotties
Grave Girls
The Bloody Vixens
Deadly Creations
Morbidly Divine Modeling
Beauty Bitches
NeoNoir Models
Mystical Masquerades
Thrash Metal Bitches
Infinite Zero Modeling
Unforgiven Beauties
NYX Models
The Alternative Model Directory
Macabre Models
Metal Ladies
Horror Pin Up Girls
The Bizr Models
Nekronos Promotion Hell
Satanic Sluts
Alternative Models by Entity International

3)What bands influence you?
Oh well, there are too many haha, mm like: Hermh, Catamenia, Agathodaimon, Satyricon, Graveworm, Shade Empire, Emperor, Sybreed, Sothis, Onslaught, Turisas, Finntroll, Ensiferum, Amon Amarth, Hypocrisy, Pain, Horrorpops, Blutengel, Alien Vampires, Semargl, Marduk, Aborym, Sonata Artica, Inactive Messiah, Whitesnake, Cinderella, Def Leppard, Skid Row, Saxon, W.A.S.P, Sweet, Ratt and a looooot more haha

4)I see your sister is a model as well? how is the communication between you 2, and how does that work as you work together?
Yeah she is, i help her with her modeling and photos ;)
We are very very close, we have almost the same taste in music and stuff, so that's why it's very easy to hang out with her and our friends, we are very alike, many people even think we are twins haha but nope, she's one year and 4 months older than me, but yeah we have very good comunication so we work well together.

5)What is your favorite color? ;)
Mmm that's difficult icant choose only one haha, i love purple, blue, red and black

6)If you could do something right now associated to modeling, what would it be?
Mmm maybe to model for a very important alternative clothing line in europe or USA :D

7)How many bands have come to you for help, and for how long has the name Naty Metal stuck with you for?
Oh well i cant really remember how many, but besides the ones i already mention that i have worked with, maybe 10 other bands, some of them only to help them with graphic design.
When i decide to model, i made a poll in one site haha, for people to help me choose my model name, so i had 2 options, "ChOkONaTs" and "NaTyMeTaL"(This one i had it since i was in some sites like myspace, vampirefreaks, spirit of metal) so people choose "NaTyMeTaL" but i didnt use it at the moment, i dont know why, i start using ChOkONaTs but then i change it for NaTyMeTaL" because I thought it was the best I reflected, i loveee metal a lot to i think it's perfect for me.

8)What is the metal scene like in your area?
Well it's pretty big now, many guy and girl are getting into metal, we are having gigs every week, or festivals, conventions, and many international bands are getting interested in us(Costa Rica), so the metal scene is growning really fast.

9)What is it like where you live, and how does that portray what you do in your daily everyday life?
Well i live in a province called Heredia, and it's very near from San Jose, our capital, so i spend most of my time there in san jose, i study there or i go to bars, malls with my friends. Or sometimes i just stay at home chilling.

10)Any hobbies besides modeling?
Well just to edit photos, make graphic design, photography, music, drawing.

11)Who's side do you take? Euronymous or Vargs??? ;)
Haha mmm that's hard to choosee, i think i choose Euronymous :D

12)If you could do anything right now, what would it be besides doing this interview right now?
Maybe eating an ice cream with brownies haha, i really love food, specially sweets, like chocolates.

13)If you had a choice between cookies or brownies, which one would you pick??? :)
Brownieees haha *_* love them!!!

14)How often do you change your look?
Mmm like once a year, now i am changing it a little, just dying my hair with a few more colors, but about my hairstyle that it's shaved one side, i am not gonna change it for a long time.

15)What does your family think of all of this?
Well they support me a lot, they like what i do, they get used to my look and my way of living, but they also want me to study first. because they know that here alternative modeling it's hard, people dont take it seriously. So it's pretty hard sometimes.

16)Do you feel comfortable around people, or do you stray away?
Well i feel comfortable with people that are like me or that treat me good, like everyone else. So it depends of the personality of that person and his/her attitude.

17)How is the weather their mostly in your area?
Well it's half sunny and half rainy XD so it's okay, now we are having the cold weather without rain, so it's cool

18)How much would American dollars there be worth? a lot? because money in Usa is different depending on which country you are in?
Naah, one dollar here it's not a lot, it's something but not that much n.n, here a dollars is like 500 colones, and with that i only can buy a hamburguer in mac donalds or something haha

19)If there was something you can change positive, or negative in this world, what would it be?
Ohh well first i would change the ignorance and closed minded people, i just hate it a lot, i hate when people dont think before they act or say something stupid to you. And also i would change poverty, crime around the world and the animal cruelty.

20)What was the 1st band that got you into music and are not ashamed to say it!?!
Haha i dont remember, i think i start with glam or heavy/80s music, because of my dad, some of the bands were whitesnake, europe, judas priest, cinderella, scorpions, and a lot more, also with punk music and groove metal like pantera.

21) I really enjoyed this interview, Naty, and I hope we meet very soon :) any last words to your friends, fans, fellow bands, and supporters out their and haters??? ;) -D -l- bye bye
Thanks a lot dear, i really appreciate it, thanks a lot for this awesome interview and for your support! And yeah for sure we will meet ;)
Well to all of the bands that have supported me and for having confidence in me to model for you, thanks a lot, it was amazing to work with all of you and count with me in anything that you like ;) i will always be there for you guys.
And for my fans/friends/supporters thank you so much for liking my work, and supporting me in everything, i really love all of you *_* and it really means a lot for me.
Haha for the haters well thanks to you too for talking about me and for keep checking what i do, that only makes me stronger and better ;)

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Death Chants latest album Amongst The Shadows and this  is a death/black/melodic band, with guttural vocals, high shrieking screams, and swedish metal like technicality. The band resides in Lakeland, Florida, usa, and are self released I believe with their own label, Death Chant music. The album is a pretty good death metal record, and is full of style, and has a different approach compared to the death metal bands that just really suck today. The quality of the album overall is great sounding, clean as a whistle. The band sounds focused on what they are doing, and do it for a reason. The music of this album holds my interest for a good length of the time, but I would say it did not excite me through out the whole record. My favorite songs on here are ...dreaming, Night Terrors, Prelude, Amongst The Shadows, and the cover of At The Gates "Suicide Nation". The album can throw you off at times during songs, but its filled with speed, high energy and some pretty awesome riffs. The cover was nailed perfectly and I thought that was really well. They probably are a really good band live, but if you want something that is filled with new and interesting sounds, then this aint for you. This is more old edge death, and holds up, but I can say this wont be their last release, and they worked hard on this one, but I think they will gain more credibility in a live setting then from their record alone. This is a very cheap album too! its only 1.75$ so if you got 2$ pick it up! No reason why you shouldnt get it. The cd looks like you buy at a store too, so dont expect just a blank disc and a cheap jewel case. The album was released this year, and you can message them if you want to pick up a copy now. I may think it was a ok album, but you may think it is awesome, so please check them out, and show some support. -D
$1.75 plus shipping
Track listings....
1. Among the Shadows 2. MK Ultra 3. Prelude 4. Peddler's Wish 5. Night Terrors 6. Inner Crisis 7. Delirium 8. ...dreaming 9. Revelation 10. [Bonus] Suicide Nation (At the Gates cover)


Flamecult Records Presents: The Underground Alliance Vol 1 (2010)


Track listings....

1 Coils of the Serpent - Defeat Remix 2 Zebulon Kosted - Between This World And The Next excerpt 3 Volksmerink - Calloused 4 Throne of Malediction - Ceremonial Blood 5 Bodies in Barbwire - The Vile CorpseKing/Nailgun Dissection0 6 Nephilim Rising - Torn/Elegy (Etxalar) 7 Chalice Of Doom - Endless Prison 8 br1hatecrew - Burden of Damnation 9 Styg'ian Altar - The Legion Decrees 10 Warseid - Voyager/Winter Legions 11 Death Chant - Delirium 12 ZDD - Zombie Death Dance 13 Throne of the Mammoth King - Sacred Club Of Spikes

Death Chant is a project by musician and song writer Micah including the help of members of Mortifier and other Lakeland musicians. Past releases include Evil Green (mp3 release only 2006), Sloppy Seconds (2007), Death Chant (self-titled 2009), split EP with Mortifier - Reanimated Remains (2009), split EP with Destruction from Within - Shadows in the Mist (2010), and the new full length release Among the Shadows (2010). All music is recorded and produced by Death Chant Music.


| Micah - Guitars Drums Bass Vocals Production | Chris - Vocals Guitar Bass | Boles - Drums | Mike - Bass Vocals | Hector - Vocals | Jarred - Bass |


Nåe is a Ambient/Experimental project with qualities of dark metal/industrial/noise, and very cold landscapes. This is not for the timid. The sounds of these tracks paint a picture of many, many layers of dark qualities within one's self, and shows what we lock deep inside within ourselves. This band is a one woman band started by Elenyx and is located somewhere  in the darkest shadows of Norway. Nåe is also a old norwegian word meaning corpse or the dead  and Nålys is a pale blue light that predicts death... pretty heavy stuff I say, and very well thought out concepts behind it all. The songs are trance likel, filled with emptiness, and could drive a man insane if on a a heavy dose of acid I believe. The tracks are other then ambient are well produced, and great sounding, and its just music that takes you to another place... some places where you can go, some places where you do not want to go... its a journey unlike none other that you have experienced in the realm of music before, or in art I should say. It can remind you of Cold World, Burzum, Xasthur, a few others, but many of the sounds have their own strong feeling, at the same time they do not emulate those bands as much as you would think. Every song has its own original and distinct sound. Very good music, and I was a fan since the first listen of the track Lys. The tracks are up at!/n%C3%A5e and also at myspace. The vocals in Garden Of Magic caught me off guard because all I heard in the past 6 songs was dark ambience, sound scapes that are very vast and very deep... it was a  nice, and a soothing voice. I  hope it is a voice I hear, before I die... it was comforting and very beautiful... The music cant really be nailed to a specific genre, or even described as well as I done because with this type of music, you let your mind get sinked in, you are, you just get deeply sucked into what is going on in the music, you forget about everything else really. When you know the music has stopped, you are unfortunately back to reality. If I could hear music in my dreams, this is what it would sound like. Vannets Kall is another amazing track, sounds repetitive and short, but is a perfect track to end this mix of songs I have just got done listening to. The world of ambient/experimental style of music is coming back in a big way, and I would say this is a band that should be one of the top influential of those type of bands. I really enjoyed these songs and music, and I recommend Nåe to you all! Please show support, and check her music out! "Illusions are art, for the feeling person, and it is by art that you live, if you do..."


Right now I am listening to some brutal stuff right here! and not BrOotal ITS BRUTAL....PERIOD. Well this band Nierty is on the Misantrof ANTIrecords (norway) twwlf(italy) and here is their latest metalpiece ACOLYTES OF THE DESCENT. I read they describe themselves as a combination of Black-industrial Death-Grind all served up with an undertone of misery. Hmmm interesting, and so far I feel that notion while listening to the track Catechism of Hate. They are full of misery, and a full on grinding type of band that gives you no space to breath, only to just suffer song after song. And this ladies and germs is a good thing. The band started in 2006, and is fronted by Serpent-Vox, Skaven-Guitar, Xaphanas-Guitar, Mortabeast-Bass, Skinblaster-Drums, Archvile-Session Opratix, as follows. This group can appeal to death metal heads, some black metal purist's and even the grinders that follow bands like Brutal Truth and Blood Duster. They seem to fit very well in this insane following of bands that are slowly hitting their peak to the point of knowing what it is to be a real underground act. This cd is also for free download at Misantrof anti-records, an experimental Norwegian black metal antilabel run by Danial Vrangsinn of Carpathian Forest on Halloween night. The cd is sadistic, pulsating evil, and is a abomination of all things morally good in this world. It is a 9 songs album with artwork included upon download. You can find it here : The albums sound is well produced, driving, and at times reminds of old Obituary, and old Entombed. Each track has something to offer, and I have to say my favorite HEAVY track on the cd is Excystic. A catchy grinding track I say. The track Fields of Extinction is the shortest track on the album,  but it sounds like it is the sound of what extinction really would sound like. The Acolytes Of The Descent is worth a listen, and I would not be surprised if you thanked me for mentioning it. To request a CD of acolytes of the descent contact skaven667@hotmail.comor order directly 



The Stupar Project Interview

Welcome To The Transylvanian Forest  E-zine! how you doing?
Thank you for having me. I'm doing great! You? :)

1)When did your band start and why?

Band started in March of 2010. when I recorded two demo tracks at my good friend's
home-made studio. It was just a tryout recording. I wanted to hear these two songs how
they sound for real, not just from guitar pro.

2)What style is your band, and what do you do in the band?

Well, I like to call it "hardcore groove metal", because you can find all these genres
in my music. I'm the only member of this band and I do everything hehe :) Vocals,
guitars, bass guitar and drum programming.

3)What bands influenced you, and what drives you to make music?

Hatebreed is the band that influenced me the most, but there are Machine Head, Pantera,
Slayer, Six Feet Under, Terror... Almost everything I listen to and maybe you can't hear
in my songs.
Hmm I guess it's the way I can express my self, my thoughts, happiness, anger... And I
love to make music, better then do nothing and watch tv or drink myself silly :)

4)What bands have you gigged with? or do you plan to gig soon?

With The Stupar Project I had no gigs yet, but I found people to play with and
rehearsals are about to start soon. Plans to gig with, well we'll play my good friends
from Vai Ficar Preto (grindcore) and then we'll see. Whoever wants to play with my band
is welcome :)

5)How is the scene on your area?

Croatia is a small country. there are good bands and the scene is not that bad. People
here like to say that everything sucks, nothing happens, everything's dead, and when
some bands come and play, almost nobody come to the show. They rather stay outside and
drink... I hope new kids will come more often to the shows and support hardworking

6)What is the song F**k You about?

Ha ha good quiestion. Well it's a message to all of my enemies to fuck off, to stop
talking shit about me, my friends and my family because I don't allow that. I had problems with somebody backthen when I wrote that song so that situation was an inspiration.

7)Where did you guys shoot your videos?

"The end of our time" was in abandoned magazine across my house and "Fuck You" in my
garage hahaha :))

8)What or where did you record your album? The quality is pretty good, and great

I've recorded it at my good friends's recording studio "Crna Zemlja" Osijek, Croatia.
His name is Mario Markovic and he really knows the job. :)

9)What inspires you to wake up everyday and deal with the bullshit that is everyday


A lot of things. My familiy. my girlfriend, my dog, friends, music, sun that shines,
snow, almost everything... Life is good when you have someone to share it with
eventhough is sucks sometimes, but we have to stay storng and have hope in a better
tomorrow. If you think bad, you won't see good things that surrounds you.

10)How many people know of your music, and what is the fan reaction so far?

Hmm I don't know but I think it's not a big number yet, but people who have heard my

band say that it's very good, and I'm glad people like it.

11)Plans for a new album?

Actually, I already wrote 13 songs for a new album but just music. It will be recorded
next year (2011) in "Crna zemlja" recording studio and hopefully you'll like that album
as well :)

12)How many people have you been associated with for this band?

I've beend associated with four good friends of mine. They'll play and I'll scream and
pretend to sing :)

13)What is your favorite bands out now?

Hatebreed is my number 1 but not less At The Gates, The Crown, Terror, Barcode (Denmark,
awesome hardcore band), Death Before Dishonor, Disfear, Slayer, Pantera, Max's
Sepultura, Metallica sometimes, Demericous, Mastodon... I can't remember all the great
bands I listen to. A lot of them, and not just metal and hardcore. I like hip hop too.

14)How long did it take to record the album Through My Eyes?

Recording, a few days I think, but post production and mastering took a whole lot
longer. About a month or so.

15)I enjoyed this interview my friend, and do you have any last words? -D -l-

I did too. Thanks for having me and I hope in not that far future from now, The Stupar
Project will come to the states and rock the house :)
Stay safe!

The Stupar Project - FUCK YOU [Music Video]

The Stupar Project - The end of our time [MUSIC VIDEO]

"The Stupar Project" is a one man groove metal hardcore band from Croatia, formed in March 2010.
So far, "tSP" recorded a demo with 7 songs called "Through My Eyes" and videos for "The End Of Our Time" and "Fuck You" songs.

The Stupar Project - FUCK YOU [Music Video]
!!!!!! !!!!!!


1)When did you band start and why?
- The band was started in 1999. There was a need for heavy bands in town so this is how Claymore appeared..

2)Who does what in the band?
- Currently there are five members. Martyn - guitar, Kamen - drums, Velislav - bass and backing vocals, Tzvetelin - keys, and me, Svetoslav - vocals. I also write the lyrics. We all work together on the scene production. We want to be different. Not just some "song-applauds-song-applauds-bye-bye" show... we are not circus performers, sorry...

3)How has the fan reaction been to your music and at gigs?
- Always good. Funny people like to criticize us on the internet but we don't really give a damn. Those, who know the band with the current new line-up always give positive feedback.

4)What bands have you gigged with? And what places have you gigged at so far?
- Claymore has played lots of shows from small venues to open airs and stadium shows with well known international acts. I don't really get the point of the question since I believe it matters what your band plays, not who you have played with but here's some... Napalm Death, Mystic Circle, Destruction, Sinister, Graveworm, Lord Belial, Exumer, Savage Grace, Kathaarsys... I don't remember all of them, sorry. In fact, being the opening band isn't such a great accomplishment. Everyone could be on your place and play in front of somebody else's fanbase and most of the times you end up paying for it. It is different with festivals, where people go to meet with friends, to have drinks and to have fun, no matter who plays.

5)What is your main influences?
- Life and what it brings us. We are not influenced by colleagues but rather by our true selves and beings.

6)How does the recording process work for you guys?
- First we record the demo in our rehearsal room and when we all agree on the result, then we record again... drums, bass, guitar, keys, vocals... like any other band, I guess.

7)Is their a reason why the band is named Claymore?
- The Scottish two-handed (Highland) claymore was a large sword used in the late Medieval and early modern periods. It was used in the constant clan warfare and border fights with the English from circa 1500 to 1700. We wanted to make heavy music. This sword is very good for both offense and defense. An allegory could be made with us, fighting for personal and spiritual freedom. Once one has the chance to wield such a heavy sword maybe one will understand...

8)What do you think of the metal scene today, and how is it in your area?
- In times like this, with the "economic crisis", etc the first thing to die is the cultural life and I think one can get the point. Maybe the whole electronic media and internet thing is killing the entertainment industry too.... Who cares!? We adapt and we don't care... I hope this is the same with other musicians.

9)Name a few bands you would like to gig with?
I can't. I don't care who I play with as long as their show does not suck and they don't turn the tour bus into a pigsty..
                                                                ( ZEAL of Claymore)
10)What is the ideology behind Claymore and what message do you want to put out their to your listeners?
- I kind of already answered on that while I was explaining the name of the band but, hey, you never know... I can't say we belong to some ideology or that we have it fixed and unchangeable and that we strictly follow external sources. The message gets pretty clear once one gets to feel our music. When one sets aside the imperfections of external coloration, one can see a colorful image, no matter if one lives through it from the inner self or externally. When one enters the musical sphere, one entirely merges with the internal experience of the human soul and one must leave matter and space entirely. The musical element is linear and undimensional. It could be experienced undimensionally through the line of time, thus one perceives the world as one’s own world. If one goes deeper into the secrets of music, one could understand that the musical experience is extremely close to the harmonic/melodic cosmic relations, from which the whole human being grows. The human being is internally made of music and one has artistic and musical perception insofar as, as it coincides with the secrets of one’s own musical structure. The true art is always coming down to the fact that the human being is looking for it’s relations with the spiritual world. This is where one should start digging.

11)What label are you associated with?
- We are currently looking for one that will support us more, but if we can't find one, we will release our next material digitally (itunes, amazon, napster, etc.) and on-demand from our online stores. We are associated with Forces of Satan Records (this one is of Infernus of Gorgoroth), Toxity Records and D.O.P. for our previous album only.

12)How long does it usually take for you guys to write songs, get into the studio and get things going, and how is the communication between each band member while you are recording or playing live?
- It is different. Sometimes it takes days, sometimes it takes months... Once we start work, we work fast. The problem here is to find the time and enough money for a decent recording. We will never release something that we don't like ourselves. Sometimes we argue about some things because we are totaly different but that is the thing that actually helps us improve. It is the ability of everyone to express and experience but this is solely just not enough to make you an artist.

13)Has their been any line up changes?
Yes. A lot. I am the newest member. I have joined the band 3 years ago. As far as I know, there have been changes with different vocalists (claymore also used to have a female backing singer), keyboardists, second guitarists, etc.

14)How many albums have you done so far?
Only one. It happened right after I joined. I re-wrote all the lyrics and we did it. Before that, Claymore has released several EP's and a live album, also given away the first demo from 1999. We are working on a new album and we hope to make it with a clearer sound. I will skip the "this is going to be a great album" or "better than the last one" bullshit. I can only tell it is going to be more blackened than the previous one.

15) Is their any bands you like to mention?
Fallen Art, Inspell, Shambless, Eufobia, Kathaarsys, Coprostasis, Dimholt, Past Redemption, Nihilist (BG), Kuln...

16)Any side projects?
Yes. I have several but for now they are nothing special, unfinished or haven't released an album yet. Names are: Zealotry, Skeptik, Uzurpator, SensenmanN. The last one is the one I currently work on besides the new Claymore album. It also features one of the Inspell guys Nikolay Velev. Once I had the chance to record with Zlokoba but we got totally wasted in their place and didn't record anything. Does that count? Ha-ha! The other Claymore members do not have side projects and their other bands are no more.

17)old Darkthrone OR old Mayhem??? which band do you side with?
Can I side with both? Ha-ha! I like Darkthrone better.

18)What are the lyrics mostly about or mean to you?
Depends... mostly it is on how to bring destruction in all spheres (planes) of existence, how to alter the world, use the power of the true self, etc. I am not the "giving a fuck" type of person.

19) Is their any places you like to go next with Claymore and what do you believe is the next step for the band at the moment?
Releasing new album and touring to promote it, no matter what...

20)I enjoyed interviewing you guys for the e-zine, and any last words my friends? -D
Thank you for this interview and hope to see you on some gig some day. Curse less, drink more! Cheers! 

The first warriors of CLAYMORE joined forces in the summer of 1999 in the city of Ruse, Bulgaria. There were only Kamen (drums, ex-VIPER, ex- Will-o'-the-Wisp, ex-TRUN), Martyn (guitar, ex-VOMITORY) and Velislav (bass, ex-VIPER). Since then the formation underwent radical member changes, but Tzvetelin (keyboards, ex-IK-1) and vocalist Svetoslav (ex-Coprophag, Zealotry, Skeptik) joined as permanent members to form the current line up.
CLAYMORE quickly became popular among Bulgarian fans with unique and pure style of melodic death/black metal combining aggression and melody as one with influences from other styles like heavy, thrash, grind as well as a good amount of classical music. ....Their first ever performance is in September 1999 to start a long tour in many cities across Bulgaria captivating audiences everywhere. This earns them a place at the biggest Bulgarian Underground Music Festival (Bourgas 2000).
At the end of 1999 CLAYMORE record their first demo tracks. They are quickly followed by a EP CD tilled "Warriors of Claymore" in 2000, which is posted on many web magazines and played on radio shows in Bulgaria and abroad.
During 2002 CLAYMORE worked hard on the sound quality for the recording of the actual EP "Released" consisting of 5 songs. These songs represent their style and part of their live shows.
CLAYMORE 's remarkable popularity and success earns them a place in "Trash till Death", "Heatework festival", "Heart Rock festival", "Chaos Festival", "Thrash Attack Festival", "Park Rock Open Air", "Massacre Festival", "Legacy Open Air Festival", "Barock Fest", "Nightmare Fest", etc. where they played alongside well known international acts.
In 2007 the vocalist receives editor’s choice award for outstanding achievements in poetry by presenting the lyrics to theInternational Library of Poetry in Maryland, USA.
CLAYMORE recorded with "Askeer" awarded sound engineer Plamen Mirchev "Mirona" and self-released their first full-lenght album "Prolonged Active Antagonism" before they took part in the, headlined by GRAVEWORM (IT) and Lord Belial (SE), "The Black Curse Over Europe" tour in 2008. The album was then distributed by D.O.P. and the band signed with Toxity Records to release the songs on "Vodafone live!". On the very next year CLAYMORE signed for this album's distribution with Forces of Satan Records from Norway (owned by Infernus of Gorgoroth and Vile Horg). One of the tracks (Holy Terror) was included in "The Legions of TchorT" compilation #6. CLAYMORE is currently working on new, but symphonic, material...
by N. Kovachev & S. Georgiev



Temple Of The Maggot - Pile Of Corpses (Mog) (3:13)
kay Pacha - Atipana Wanka (Pe) (2:43)
Satanel - Light of Totalitarian Constellation (Ita) (3:11)
Astarium - Infernal Vengeance (Rus) (5:02)
Sacrilegio - Trasmutazione (Ita) (3:55)
Erevos - Grotesque Blasphemy (Gre) (3:49)
kaiserreich - A Noi la Notte (Ita) (5:04)
Nibirus - Spirit (Fra) (3:07)
Heathen-Lifecode - Serpents Of The Deep (Enochian Transmutation) (Ita) (2:24)
Artep - Eye Of The Serpent-Oko Hada (Can) (5:42)
Cocaine Cowboys - Son Of Evil (Ita) (3:33)
Gorlock - Ghost Asylum (Usa) (2:24)
Southern Extremity - Worlds Apart (Ita) (3:09)
Désolation - Trinity (Fra) (4:35)
Mass Obliteration - Supremacy (Ita) (2:53)
Nierty - Shroud Of Dead Vines (Uk) (3:37)
Animae Capronii - Shadows Of The Norther Empire (Ita) (3:32)
Claymore - Holy Terror (Bgr) (3:40)
Lilyum - Hate Campaign (Ita) (4:29)
Deviator - Necrolust (Ukr) (2:56)
Vartras - Bildnis des Todes (Ger) (4:00)
AbvulAbashy - Worshippers Ov The Idols Part II (Sgp) (3:12)

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Latest Update with Transylvanian Forest E-zine is that the web zine will be featured in next issue of Autoeroticasphyxium Zine Issue 18#!!! This flyer was made by me, and will be in the issue to help the web zine grow, and get more exposure. The web zine is growing really fast thanks to the underground bands,  the underground supporters, and the underground fans. I am glad its going so well. Downloads at the moment from bands are getting a little overwhelming and I do prefer HARD copy, so if are able to send me a hard copy to my address, demo, full length, split, whatever, that will be on the TOP of my list to be reviewed and interviewed. Bands that can not send a hard copy, cd, tape, vinyl, whatever, then they are on the Downloads List and those reviews are done after the Hard Copy list. Your music is kept private, and only on my file saved. No other people online can get a hold of these albums through me once you mail me, or send me a link to download as I would NOT let your music be leaked out to those you believe that are not worthy of listening, or even if you think its not good because it may interfere with your cd sales on your current label. If you dont care that your music is being downloaded, send me a link, and I can make a flyer for you, if you want. I can put the link on the flyer, and there through my blog spot, bands, and fans can obtain your album through download by whatever place you uploaded it at, and the link you have given me. If you want ME to upload it, I can use mediafire, or sendspace. Your albums and music therefore is safe with me. I been ripped off before with my band, and I know how it feels. I also know how it feels to not get promotion from other zines just because of their elitist bull shit attitudes, and they rather review a band like Metallica or whatever that is big at the moment or some shit. Since I been given that treatment by many zines discriminating me, and my band, I decided to make my own e-zine with Necrowulf of Nordjn. He is busy with his personal life right now I believe so I havent heard from him since our start up of the zine, so I had to take over or the zine probably would not have launched back online as well as it has now. The point here therefore is, everybody gets a chance! as long as its something I enjoy, and is not mainstream, and it is in relation to "metal" or whatever. You will get reviewed, and also interviewed if you want by me. Also read the fine print at the bottom of my flyer I am about to add to this post, those are the style of bands I accept, and I also know more genres I accept as well! I just could not fit them all on the flyer. Spread the word of the e-zine to bands, and thanks for your support. I really appreciate it. -D -l-

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These veteran black metallers are blackened with a cold vengeance, and as necro as hellfire! I present to you SPELLCRAFT. The album is called Stirpe Obscura, and is nothing short of fantastic. The mix of death/black and symphonys is just right. The death metal is also a big influence I can hear as well in the back up vocals I believe they are, but sticking to its roots at the same time. The sound is fast paced, cunning, wicked, and vocally, screechingly epic. The clean vocals also come into play on a few tracks that really got me sinked in, and is reminiscient of old Emperor days. From Spain though,  not Norway, but just as black or even blacker then the Norweigen bands of today. This band also was on my compilation I setted up with Satanica Productions, and was released last summer, Most Unholy Convergence. This guys are bred for war, and know exactly what they want when it comes to making a powerful, and timeless sounding black metal record. Stripe Obscura is their 1st full length release filled with total blasphemy and occultness. Crossing The Seventh Gate has to be one of my favorites, ant the first track The Soul Devour is a good build up to the wall of sound that is displayed in the following track Stripe Obscura. This band would fit in perfectly I say in a tour with Watain, and even the likes of Immortal. Other greats are out now with powerful black metal music, but Spellcrafts Stripe Obscura is a must have and on the top of the list. Another band that reminds me of them is Naetu, but as the old saying goes, they are their own band, with their own experiences. They respectfully earn their rights to a kingdom of their own, covered in blood, plague, and no laws. This band seems to have a good following as well and is pretty well established, so I am humbled to be reviewing their album for them...! Only for pure fucking black metallers!!! -D -l-

Tracks you should check out (Crossing The Seventh Gate, Kiss Me From Darkness, and Beyond The Lost Forest)

Lineup -
Midgard - Vocals (2001-) (Ouija)
Fulgur - Drums (Ouija)
Aldromk - Guitar (Ouija)
Murcilag - Guitar (Ouija)
Scythe - Bass

Recorded at The Room Studios in Barcelona, Spain. Mastered by Tailor Maid.
Slipcase edition limited to 500 copies and includes a Poster.
Track list :
1)The Souldevourer 06:25   
2)Stirpe Obscura 10:54   
3)Sons of the Dying Sun 06:52   
4)Beyond the Lost Forest 05:58   
5) Adaegia     04:26   
6) Crossing the Seventh Gate 05:30   
7) Kiss Me From the Darkness 06:17   
Total playing time 46:18

Links : / / / /

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The Stupar Project - Through My Eyes Review

The Stupar Project are a rowdy, obnoxious, and kick your all over the place till your lying their bleeding type of band. Claimed to be a Croatian Death Metal band online, but I also sense some hardcore, groove, traditional metal influences in the band as well mixed in with the death, but not to the point of complete annoyance as such deathcore bands that are killing the scene today. The album is called Through My Eyes and is a perfect title for such as it is reflected through the eyes of the master mind behind The Stupar Project, Slobodan Stupar on vokills, guitars, bass, and drum programming. This guy means business and is a new band that started in March of 2010. The vokills are as some claim annoying online, but I find them to suit well for this deadly outfit of a band, and the songs flow together perfectly with each track, and the quality sounds absolutely the best it could be. Friends of his also contributed to his videos on guitar and drums, but 99% of it is made by this Croatian nightmare of a front man himself. The sound is brutal, straight forward, and to the point. Fuck You starts off with a little wake up call to seasons greetings, which abruptly ends with the guy waking up, turning off or smashing the alarm clock saying Fuck You aloud. That was hilarious to say the least, and I feel the same way at this point about this holiday. For what he accomplished in such a little amount of time, and being in and out of bands with the main problems as most one man bands have, I could see this band of his to start to rise really fast. Main influences for this band range from Hatebreed, Pantera, and even Machine Head. The vocals also change up a bit from guttural to screaming on the track Judgement Day, and I suspect it could be a featured singer, or the front man him self but I am not so sure, and then a great guitar interlude follows in with the vocals to bring the whole song into balance. This is a 7 song album, and is a fairly good new album out now. The songs are mosh worthy, enough to even get some fists thrown and steel toe boots in the face flying. I suggest you check out more of The Stupar Project at the links below, and if you enjoy brutal hardcore, with pummeling death metal grooviness, I recommend you check this band out now. Good luck with the project my bro and continue to keep grinding.  -D 
1)Fuck You
4)I Wont Follow
5)The Dead Song
6)Judgement Day

LINKS :!/pages/the-Stupar-Project/109180632434431