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DEMON BOY Interview (by D)


1) How long has your band been around for, and why the band or name Demon Boy???
*D.B - The band had was created over several months then unleashed February 9th 2009 at NY Comic Con where it quckly exploded, I actually got the name from a girl i knew that called me her Demon Boy and i said "HEY", "That's a great name for myself and for the band" and the rest is history.

2) What instruments or things do you do in the band, and also what style are you going for in your music?
* D.B - I am primarily the singer, and I self manage and produce the band as well as handle all business and marketing, while i do play the guitar I do not perform on the recordings, all guitar work is played by Steve Noir whom also is my chief collaborator and songwriter for Demon Boy. I will however will be playing the guitar on stage in the future. I am sure to shock my fans with that one!

3) I see Dave of AEA has been of some great help to your band in exposure, how did that all went? Good?
*D.B - Yes Dave has become a very good friend of mine and i have contributed to his Zine as well with an interview..He has helped Demon Boy get exposure with his vast network of connections and I am glad to call him my friend.

4) Do you have any other projects or previous bands you been in the past?
*D.B - I have been in the entertainment industry for most of my life where i have honed my skills as a performer and my business savvy, I do consider myself an entrepreneur of sorts and do have several projects such as my Demon Boy Comic Book series which is doing very well as is my merchandise line of Demon Boy licensed and endorsed products all of which can be found on my website www.demonboyband.com

5) What is a few hobbies you have, or things you like to do outside of the music realm personally?
*D.B - Well at this time my life is consumed by working at marketing and running the Demon Boy band and the Comic book series leaving me relatively no free time to do anything else at all.. I am a workaholic when it comes to this act. Other than staying in shape with weight training and exercise i do nothing other than work for Demon Boy.

6) What bands influence you and what is on your current play list right now???
*D.B - I am heavily influenced by Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie and Wednesday 13 all of their music is on my current playlist.. i do however also like to listen to Rammestein, Murderdolls and a host of other kick ass rock bands going back to 80's metal and even 70's Hard rock bands like Angel, Legs Diamond and Starz.

7) Are you signed on a label and how has the promotion for Demon Boy gone so far?
* D.B - At this time we are still independent of a major label, i have been approached by many independent labels whom i prefer not to work with as they cannot offer Demon Boy much more than i currently have, when someone can offer me more to take me to the next level i will certainly entertain that offer but as of yet nothing good has come my way. As most people know i am king of Marketing, hype and promo with minimal resources,and i think it has worked very well for me, Demon Boy has grown rapidly and gets more popular every day as there are some copycats following my lead and people asking me just how i manage to have the energy to keep it all going so strong i would have to say for what i have at my disposal at this time i am doing very well, but i want more,more more!

8) I read you dabbled in video games, I really like to know what thats about!!!
*D.B - The story is that a map designer and author by the name Creepital and his team have created a few new downloadable maps that are exclusive to Demon Boy for the online video game "Half Life". He has used my images to make a world surrounding everything Demon Boy with all my characters from my music and comic books in several maps for the game "Half life" that has been around for many years and has a strong world wide following, Creepitall has used on one level my song "Little Red Riding Bitch" as the background music and storyline that runs throughout that level, its quite exciting to say the least! You can Play as Demon Boy or other characters,, there is a Wolf, Granny and a sexy Little Red hottie! Its a shoot em up Blow em up kind of game with lots of weapons and i feel lucky to have this game out.. Currently Creepital is working on another map where you can take Demon Boy to Heaven and Hell and fight Killer Zombies and much more all set to my song "Cemetery Girl" both songs are on my new album DAWN OF THE DEMON This is a great stepping stone to having my very own Demon Boy video game that we are currently working on a proto-type Demo to shop to the larger Gaming companies in hope to land a deal for our very own game in the future. you can find and download the game here@ http://fantasypalast.dyndns.org/creep.htm

9) How long do you think you will make music for, and what do you think of our country and the status that it is in today??? (deep question)
*D.B - Wow that's is a loaded question! I hope to make music until i feel i have run out my welcome and/or achieved all my goals that i have set when i started Demon Boy, i would like to retire from performing knowing i did everything i could and hope to leave a legacy of accomplishments i can be proud of. As for the world today?? I feel it is is constant struggle to get thru life, i believe that most if not all people in charge of running this country are not in tune to the reality of what is actually going on in today's society and are using outdated laws, rules and religious beliefs that simply just do not apply in today's society as it is, and i see nothing but harder more difficult times are to come for the next generation, while technology is advancing, government and republic is not.

10) Who inspired you to make music or artist got you into music in the first place and how did they inspire you to do what you do today???
*D.B- Well i was originally inspired by many artist, one of the first band i ever saw live was Cheap Trick and rick nielson blew me away with his performance.. and i knew I wanted to be on stage at that moment. I have been a long time Alice Cooper Fan and i have always loved Halloween and macabre' stuff. It was seeing an Alice Cooper show in Boston that had Wednesday 13 as the opener that really caught my attention to starting a Horror Rock act. After months of planning i created Demon Boy and here i am!

11) Is their any artists you collaborated with, or work with in the past you like to mention?
*D.B - Yes I worked with ScarDogg a dark rapper whom wrote "Posse of the Living Dead" and most recently "PAIN" for me, you can see him in the video for "Posse of the living Dead" where we actually did a re mix with him singing with me that track is only on the video not the album version go check it out on my youtube channel@ www.youtube.com/demonboyband I also do some performances and alot of personal appearances with "Baron Misuraca", he is a vampire and has a unique persona and act, a very good friend of mine.

12) What is the main focus of Demon Boy, and what do you want your fans all over the world to get out of it???
*D.B- I am a Theatrical Hard Rock act themed in Horror, I give a live show filled with High Energy with a Party to the Grave atmosphere. My main thing is to have fun and rock the fuck out! I want my fans to have a positive experience but still keep a dark and decedent vibe.. you can be Dark and Macabre' and still have a good time ya know! Its just Halloween 24/7!

13) Thanks you for your time Demon Boy, sorry I am on such a tight schedule lately, but I think our interview went well. I thank you very much for being part of Transylvanian Forest E-zine. Hails, cheers, stay metal brother!!!! lml>_


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BITTER DAWN on "Clods Of Sodom Zine" with their Ep WINTER THORNS (Exclusive)

CROSS PROMOTION REPOST, SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND!!! Here is original link : http://clodsofsodom.com/?p=186

A Bitter Dawn is Approaching

Olympia, Washington is primarily known in music circles as the laid-back, hipster capitol of America, predominantly populated with ragged folk in thrift-store clothing who play their songs on toy guitars, usually missing two or more strings, the rest of which are left purposely untuned, and singing in twee, or possibly fey, off-key voices about trouble and/or happiness with their boyfriends, girlfriends, both, or some combination thereof. And maybe about how much they hate Republicans.

But recently a strange new wind has been blowing the stench of Metal across the town, like a plague, and contaminating, and let’s hope, decimating, all those who oppose it.

The Pacific Northwest has always had its fair share of Metal bands. Pre-grunge Seattle, for instance, was full of ‘em: Forced Entry, Metal Church, Bitter End, Panic, Queensryche, Coven, The Accused, etc. And here, in Olympia, we had Agressor, Cypress, Helltrout and the mighty Death Squad. Back in the 80’s hair was flyin’, mosh-pits were boilin’, fists were thrustin’ and there was a zero tolerance policy on posers. Well, as we all know, Metal never dies it just goes underground every once in a while, to recuperate, only to emerge stronger, meaner, nastier than ever.

Recently there has been somewhat of a Northwest Metal resurgence, but not just in the Emerald City – hippies have been spotted running for their lives, recently, in the streets of Olympia. Following hot on the hellish heels of bands such as Wolves In The Throne Room, comes Olympia/Lacey’s Bitter Dawn, a two-man beast that sounds as if they could have burrowed their way here straight from the frozen wasteland of Black Metal’s heart, fabled Norway, land of such legendary frost giants as Abbath Doom Occulta, Mortiis and Ihsahn. Bitter Dawn are Dietrich, rhythm guitarist, bassist, drummer, vocalist and Mikael who writes and plays lead, bits of rhythm guitar and a complicated style of bass. He also writes synth bits and does backing vocals.

The band recorded a six-track EP, Winterthorns, in 2008 in their home studio, using an organic analog recording approach that lends itself to their brand of Pacific Northwestern Black Metal. The two tracks the band submitted to Clods for review are “Lethargy In Red” and “Never End The Night”. Both feature scorching guitar, recognizable drums (rather than the trigger-happy drum machine sound so prevelant in much of today’s Black Metal) and absolutely throat-rending vocals that sound as if the singer is trying to claw his way out of Hell – with his larynx. Their sound is comparable to their inspiration, mainly the second wave of Norwegian Black Metal bands that proliferated during the early to mid nineties, such as Carpathian Forest, Darkthrone, early Satyricon, Taake and others. The music builds from a slow, dark crawl to adrenalin-infused thrashing, and often veers off into more complex and interesting territory for short periods, making one wonder what direction their songs will take in the future. At times ambient, disturbing, bleak and, yet, exciting and fresh, Bitter Dawn’s music deserves to be heard by a wide audience and should find a suitable home in the collections of even the most True KVLT Black Metallers, even though, to my knowledge, these guys have never torched a chapel.

The band is currently in the process of writing and recording their first LP and are searching for members to fill out their line-up.

Winterthorns is a split with the three song demo of Dietrich’s side project “Goat Regime”

You can check out their music at: http://www.myspace.com/thebitterdawn

.. 2007 - Bitter Dawn started off as a two man band consisting of Dietrich (British Columbia, Canada) and Mikael (Connecticut, USA) in Olympia, Washington (USA).

2008 - The band releases their first EP/demo from their home studio, entitled "Winterthorns". Available for free download HERE.

2010 - Due to multiple complications and changes, Bitter Dawn is relocated to British Columbia, Canada to continue as a one man project of Dietrich.
With such a drastic change comes a new Bitter Dawn home page featured HERE. In turn this page will become stagnant to capture the past and, origins of the project.

Member Since:
October 13, 2007
Original line up:
Dietrich - Rhythm guitar, bass, battery & vox.

Mikael - Lead guitar, bass, synth & backing vox.
Sounds Like:
The intertwining of depressive and raw black metal.
Record Label:

GOAT REGIME DEMO : http://www.mediafire.com/?nrmmzyomwdw
BITTER DAWN - WINTER THORNS : http://www.mediafire.com/?tnnimtm5mmj

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BLACK LUNG - Light Of Lucifer Review (by D)

Black Lung offers something that most black metal /satan influenced bands have not offered before, and thats a blend of punk and hardcore to the freaking bone. Chilling with the bros, and causing havoc in the pit with a big chip on your shoulder. This band kills, and its Julian Vomits business to kill each and every one in the audience in the right way. I got that quote from Phil Anselmo haha but other then that the music flows well, very well paced, pulverizing, and never exhaustive, just a all balls out blood metal album filled with gore and guts enough to make GWAR piss in their pants.

I think each song is relentless, and brings out one determined message, and that is never back down, and stay true to the hardcore roots, but at the same time mix it up with a new flavor very well know by black metallers of yesterday. This combination is rather strange and odd to most listeners but the reception I read so far is the UK fanbase of Black Lung is ever growing, and this band is from Denver Colorado! They must be doing something right.

Julian Vomit is the mad man behind this madness, and kicks the band at such a high rate I wouldnt be surprised if he brought some people to their shows and they pass out from heat exhaustion, I been to quite a few punk/hardcore shows and deff know how intense the mother fucker can get, so watch the fuck out! If your a wuss, step back, this aint gunna be pretty.

The songs have simple names, short but lively tracks, they talk about death, punk, blood, misanthropy, and good old fashioned hails to satan. This band is also know really well in other side projects, and has become a unstoppable force in the underground today. Their album is featured on Satanica Productions, and I doubt you will see this band quitting any time either. Julian wouldnt know the word quit if it were the last thing he had to do. Keeping it sick, twisted, grotesque, but all at the same time, heavy as fuck. Keep a close eye on these guys, they will keep bringing it, and keep knocking you guys dead while standing on your own two feet. Hailz Satan!!!! lml -Danny

members -
Julian Vomit
Shawna Puke



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Leanna White of REDEMPTION DESIGNS Interview (by D)


How are you doing, Leanna? Would you like to start by introducing the readers on your graphic design business, Redemption Designs?

I'm doing great, thank you!

I founded Redemption Designs with my ex-boyfriend in winter of 2008-2009. I had been planning to start my own business for quite some time, and after I spent a few weeks reviewing Sons of Nero's work, a design team who've done work for bands like A Life Once Lost and Dillinger Escape Plan, I decided to create a site of my own. With me on graphics and my boyfriend at the time on web design, our site went up fast and we started spreading the word.
A lot has changed since Redemption Designs started. We initially worked from MySpace, but with the growing population who used Facebook instead, we knew it was time to transfer. As of late, I am now working on my own, and I couldn't be happier. My design business has become a household name in the area, and I'm hoping to spread my coverage even further.
My primary mission as freelance designer is to create and personalize unique, professional work for my clients. I am capable of designing personal webpage layouts as well as band webpage layouts, logos, album artwork, fliers, brochures, merchandise, banners, specialized graphics, photo edits, and more. In comparison to professional design agencies, Redemption Designs offers up-to-par designs for a much cheaper price.

What influenced you to get into graphic design and art in the first place?

Graphic design has always been one of my strongest skills, and I honestly can say that it's my calling in life. My father was an artist before he became a pilot for United Airlines, so I think I inherited most of my creative abilities from him. When I was only in middle school, I would reproduce informational books on horses by duplicating the text in a program on my computer, printing it out, and drawing the pictures in the spaces provided. I don't know why I did it, but I really enjoyed doing it. As I go older, I started taking interest in The Sims games, particularly The Sims 2. At age 12, I was capable for creating custom hair, clothing, skins, etc. for the game. The creativity I gained from that is what influenced me to pursue my interest in graphic design. I started doing small, free projects for kid's bands at my high school, as well as graphics for MySpace (remember when that ol' thing was popular?) functions like groups and “trains.” It was then when I realized that this is something I truly wanted to do, and that I shouldn't do it for free.


Can you name any influences you had growing up listening to music?

After my parents got divorced in 2005, the happy-go-lucky kid I once was went under a major transformation. I spent the years listening to heavier and heavier bands until I made my breaking point into the metal world. I truly admired the grungy, gory styles that many death metal bands prefer, so a lot of my work became concentrated on those designs. While I still enjoy designing themes such as these, I've expanded my skills to infinite and beyond.

What favorite talents of yours do you have, and how is your work involved in your daily everyday life? Do they both go hand in hand?

Obviously, my favorite talent of mine is graphic design. My other talents include but are not limited to modeling, writing, drawing, horseback riding, cosmetology, and death metal vocals.
Graphic design majorly ties into my every day life. It's enough to drive anyone crazy, really. I'm taunted by bad design almost everywhere I go. Instead of spending time choosing what I want at a restaurant, I spend most of my time unintentionally finding all the flaws in the menus and place mats. It's gotten worse since I've completed my first year as a graphic design major. Not only does it apply to graphic elements, but design elements in general. I'm a very detail-oriented person, and it definitely shows.

What has it been like working with bands then and now?

I've learned over the years that working with bands can be absolutely ridiculous. I've worked with people who did not cooperate well at all. If you ask someone for their service, it's only appropriate and professional that you follow through. I've had some very difficult times getting all of the information/pictures/etc. in a timely manner; extending projects that should only take a few weeks to a few months. I've worked with bands who strategically removed watermarks off of previews I sent so they could avoid paying for their graphics. Most people don't understand nor appreciate the time and effort put into graphic design, and it's offensive for any graphic designer when an individual wants a large project for free.
But as of recently, I've been working with bands on their best professional behavior, so everything's running smoothly.

What programs do you use and how many years have you been using them for?

As a designer, I use many programs. Adobe Photoshop is my number tool in my trade. I know that program like the back of my hand. I've been using it for almost seven years now. Another important program I use is Adobe InDesign. InDesign is more based on textual work such as magazines and newsletters. I've only been using InDesign for about a year now. I recently made a band logo in Adobe Illustrator, and while I don't have much experience with it yet, I can already tell it's going to be a big part in my design process. Adobe makes Creative Suites with a bunch of different programs, and the Design Suite is what I, along with my other fellow designers, find most useful.
While I'm talking about the programs I do use, I may as well mention the programs I refuse to use. My number one program that I wouldn't be caught dead using is Paint, or any software similar to it. It's incredibly obsolete to say the least, and I don't recommend using it at all if you plan on creating something remotely professional-looking. Another program I avoid is Gimp, a free, downloadable rip-off of Photoshop. I've reviewed it in the past, and it just doesn't provide the options nor the quality to create standard-level design.

What do you think of the metal underground today?

I truly appreciate the underground. It provides us with talented artists and music to enjoy without the fear of ever selling out. It provides me with steady clientele and an endless supply of design possibilities. I enjoy promoting underground bands with my work, and for those who want to succeed higher than the underground, my work will surely help get them there.

Are you all for the mp3/ipods, digital age or are you for the art and old style of music production? Ipods seems like a bit of a mind fuck to me. Since people can't sit their and listen to albums like they use to, they always listen in for 5 secs and shuffle to something else.

Because I was only born in 1992 and my music taste didn't really start until I was 13, I never had the chance to appreciate older forms of music production. I'm in the generation of the iPod. While many people use their iPods for more things other than music (apps, internet), I use mine solely for music. I have the first generation iTouch, so mine doesn't come with all the fancy gadgets that the newer generations have. I enjoy using it because of the availability of music at my fingertips. I drive a good hour and back to college every day, so I find it very useful to plug into my car.

What is your area like and has any good bands come your way?

My area is not the best, but certainly not the worst. I live in small town in the middle of the woods, and there's only one local band from this area. In order to see anything remotely spectacular, I normally have to venture up to Albany. I saw Ensiferum at Northern Lights a few years back, and I really regret not knowing them at the time because they're one of my favorite bands now. I was supposed to the vocalist of a death metal band in Troy, but between lacking band members and college, I never found the time.

What do you think of the end of the world / day of rapture rumor that was going on?

I do not believe it whatsoever, especially the rumor that the world will end in 2012. I understand that the Mayan's calendar stopped at in 2012, but they weren't the only civilization to have a calendar. Even though we follow their calendar, other calendars counteract the suspicion that the world will end so soon. And besides, if the world really IS supposedly supposed to end, science could easily prevent it, and would be working on a prevention system right now.

What do you think is your greatest feature or something about yourself that you like?

I think one of my greatest features is how much care and effort I put into everything I do. I'm a major perfectionist (the after-effect of working with a very temperamental, strict college professor), so all of my work is done to the best of my ability. I've been told I'm very keen on detail, and my professors have admired me for it. I'm an animal rights activist, and if an animal is being mistreated, I will go the whole nine yards to secure it with safety. When I'm shopping for gifts, I will do everything in my power to make it the best gift I can afford. I'm a very caring, considerate person, and those traits have carried me far in my life.

How many artists have you worked with? Are you limited to just artists such as bands or do you work with other outside sources to get your work out there?

I can't recall how many artists I've worked with, but the number is always growing. From local bands to bands from states away, I've worked with plenty. That being said, my clientele isn't limited to only bands. I've done work for other clients such as the CSEA, Schoolhouse Pediatrics, and the Ashokan Center. As I'm gaining more coverage with Redemption Designs, I plan on stopping by local businesses from Kingston, NY to Poughkeepsie, NY handing out my custom-made business cards and reviewing my design portfolio.

What do you think the people and readers of Transylvanian Forest Zine should know about you and how they can get a hold of you for art and web layouts and all that great stuff you work hard at? How to contact?

I thank you all for taking the time to read my interview, and I'm currently open to any and all requests for design work. I strongly recommend anyone, interested in getting work done or not, to visit Redemption Design's Facebook page (Facebook.com/RedemptionDesigns) to check out my online portfolio. While you're there, be sure to 'Like' the page so you can provide me with some feedback! I truly appreciate all the support I can get. For those who are interested in having some design work done, you can reach me at my design email address, RedemptionDesigns@live.com. As earlier mentioned, while my work is not free, it's well worth the money spent.

Xan, the owner of Satanica Productions (New Zealand), really likes your flyer. Would you like to continue to do flyers for him, or help him design web pages? I can send you his contact info.

I would love to help Xan with any of the design work he may need. While I'm not a webpage designer, I can sure help with the graphics for his webpage.

What lies ahead of you for this summer, and I can't thank you enough for the time out for this interview. If you like to give any shout outs to people, do so now! :) And thank you for the flyer, I enjoy it very much and should help spread more notice of my band around and help out with cd sales. You got the goods. :) -Danny

Thanks Dan :D
My summer is booking fast between the graphic design work and modeling jobs I have. I'm currently working on a logo for a local band, and I see plenty more jobs of the like in my near future. I'll also be doing more commercial designs which should go smoothly. As I previously said, I'm going to spread the work about Redemption Designs to all of the local businesses in the area, so more work should be coming out of that. As for modeling jobs, I'll be hair modeling for a Paul Mitchell cosmetology student, modeling as a pin-up girl on the cover of an album, as well as for casual photography. Vacation-wise, I'll be heading to Wildwood, NJ- a vacation way overdue.

Again, thanks to all who took the time to read this interview! I'm very privileged to gain this kind of support, and hopefully this will help my business out. If anyone needs anything or knows someone who does, don't hesitate to email me!

- Leanna White, Redemption Designs

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Means To An End - Weathered By Time (review by D)

Means To An End (USA/Bel)

This band here screams and cries for a new sound, beyond what the ears of modern black metallers hear of today. This band is called Means To An End and their full length album here is called Weathered By Time. This album is just a screaming call of hate out to the heavens, filled with melancholy, catchy riffs, mourning, and great and tight sounding production with a raw power to it all at the same time. The members consist of Surtur on all vocals, and Kold on all instruments. They have been active since 2009 and are just starting to gain notice in the underground metal scene and this music here is a great way to go about it. This album combines elements of Depressive, but also Dark Metal of the early 90s in their own approach. Ala Bethlehem, Cold World, Nocturnal Depression. Vocals bleed well into the tones of the guitars, drums and with supreme power behind it and lifeless rasps of desperation. Negativity and rage over powering the mind.

Lots of energy within each track, also quiet, very classy/clean piano and guitar passages that are pretty mind numbing. I enjoy those in between track fills very much, they are very touching. Melody through out, and just a great album that flows well no matter how many times you play it. A few songs, but long in length, each song has something meaningful to offer to the listener. This is not your typical corpse paint and menacing black metal band, this has more integrity, and intensity but all at the same time offering some very cold, sad, isolated, it can bring a man down to tears at the worst of times... Its not completely unbearable, like most depressive black metal I been hearing lately, but this is a great way to go about things, and is a great Depressive Black Metal/Dark Metal album. I really like how things never get boring or dull listening to it, and it has a lot to offer, just more people need to see it. Breaking down the soul to its pure inner pains and tragedies, composing it into a album is hard to achieve, and they have achieved it very well. They got the goods. Let the nothingness of Means To An End consume you...

Means To An End - Weathered By Time

1. The Result of Seclusion 05:06
2. Oppressive White Light 09:04
3. Bound to a Bleak Past 08:26
4. Legacy of Failure 08:51
5. Weathered by Time 07:05

Ltd. 1000 copies

CD & DigiSleeve CD

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THRONE OF MALEDICTION's New Album out now!!! exclusive

Here is a quick exclusive on Throne Of Maledictions latest release "CEREMONIAL BLOOD" only the underground artist will survive!!! -D

If the page don't pull up, its still having issues, try later. been doing that all week according to our label. -Eric "Godaweful" Horner


SALES LINK TO ORDER THE CD NOW!!! http://ziekte-nl.nl/?page_id=665
Throne Of Malediction – Ceremonial Blood

Black / Death / Thrash Metal
1. Season of Death
2. Ceremonial Blood
3. Bloodlust and Perversion
4. Vicious Fate
5. The Only One
6. Beneath the Winter Sun
7. Inside This Decay
8. Revoker of Dreams
9. Never Enough
10. Red Death
11. Fake
12. Empty Soul
Bonus Tracks:
13. Black Test (Freestyle jam)
14. Never Enough (Verkrag mix)




Tuesday, June 14, 2011

UK's DARK THEORY ARE LOOKING FOR NEW MEMBERS!!! Exclusive (Drummer/Guitarist Wanted)


BASIC INFO FROM THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dark-Theory/176915864515?sk=info
Hometown: Thanet, KEN, UK
Please if you're into black metal or underground metal of any sort and play it on drums and or guitar or even keyboard speak up :( we want a full Line up now more than ever...- Liv

We're into bands like Kreator, Slayer, Celtic Frost, Cradle of Filth, Psyclon Nine and The Berzerker as well as some DnB, but we're defiantly not into Lamb of God, Bring me the Horizon, Suicide Silence etc ~ Ryan

CONTACT THEM @ spriter_rifle@hotmail.com

Black Metal/Thrash Metal/Gothic Metal/Drum n Bass
Ryan - Bass, Lead Vocals, Drum Programming

Olivia - Guitar, Backing/Lead Vocals, Keyboards

Record Label
Next Gig: None planned yet, why not book us
"I think what you did took balls. To play in front of a crowd when there is only 2 of you cos the rest of the band let you down is very brave. I know most pro bands wouldn't even step foot on a stage if they lost even a guitarist, so good luck to ya both" ~ Sarah Jezebel Deva

"Maybe the next Cradle of Filth" ~ Talisha Cowderoy

"Its like more old school edge death metal sounding, meets symphonic/operatic noiseness.... Love it!" ~ Strings of Distorted Doom

"Olivia has a great voice; you guys should use it more" ~ Ruptured Souls (read less)
Dark Theory is a Black Metal band, fueled mostly by alcohol and a hate of the general 'music' scene. We combine the dark stylings and aesthetics of Black Metal with the agression of Thrash Metal, the harsh rhythms of Drum n Bass and the disturbing melodies of Gothic Metal as well as having outright Avant-garde elements. Originally formed in September 2006 as a regular 4-piece with a more mainstream influence, the band went through many changes before the unreliablity of members caused founder and bassist Ryan to continue the band alone in late 2007. The two early demos were a sort of experimental black/thrash with some doom elements, and were only sent to a very small amount of people due to low quality content. With Dark Theory's first 'proper' release, "Every Kind of Filth", the genre was rooted firmly in Black Metal and Doom Metal, but had many experimental elements. Although few people heard it at first, reactions were good and the album was noted for being particularly dark and disturbing even in the world of Black Metal. The release of the next demo album, "Disgust for Humanity" was something of a 'breakthrough' for the band, as many more people came in contact causing both demos to be sent to many people from around the world. Within the next few months the band received many encouraging comments, an increase in plays, several highly positive reviews and has turned it's attentions to becoming a live band. As of January 12th Dark Theory added Olivia on guitar, keyboards and backing vocals, and on May 9th added Cronje on lead guitar and backing vocals, and after a long desperate search, added Harvey Davey on Drums on November 14th, but is now looking for a rhythm guitarist. Please note we are in rejection of the local Deathcore and Metalcore overload because they all sound the fucking same. If you want to get a copy of either of our demos they will soon be avaliable through the Santania Productions website www.santanica.org under the Darkwave/Electro/Other section, as will our upcoming debut EP Look Into The Mirror. Also if you enjoy Dark Theory you may enjoy Ryan's Industrial Noise project "Desolation Machine" and Olivia's Acoustic Rock band "Out of Bounds".

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/darktheoryband (read less)
Current Location
General Manager
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Kreator, Behemoth, Slayer, Celtic Frost, Mayhem, The Berzerker, Cradle of Filth, Sarah Jezebel Deva, Dimmu Borgir, Within Temptation, Anaal Nathrakh, Foreboding Ether, Satyricon, Psyclon Nine, Venom, Bathory, Pendulum, DJ Zardonic, Atari Teenage Riot, Aborym, Send More Paramedics, Grimfist
Band Interests
Extreme Metal, Horror Films, Nintendo Games, Alcohol, Death


Thursday, June 9, 2011

DODKVLT/GOATS OF DOOM Deathcult vs Doomgoat (by Twan Sibon) to be in AEA 19

The label Ewiges Eis (Germany) is not only releasing the Dodkvlt album "II" but also a split of Dodkvlt together with Goats Of Doom. For a brief history of Dodkvlt see the "II" review also in this issue of AEA. One song that is divided in three parts with an average song length of 11 minutes Lord Theynian recorded this during the recordings of "II". Lengthy songs that range from doomy atmospheric parts to more uptempo passages. Also quiet parts like in the opening track where he is whispering and playing some really nice soft toned guitar. Theynian is playing very nice guitar melodies through the songs. Overall the three songs are slower than "II" but with very nice melodic touches although the explosive side is not forgotten.
Goats Of Doom is also hailing from Finland and like Dodkvlt they are not playing straight forward black metal. The band consists of three pseudo named members and this split is their first release. Their debut full length "Lost in Time and Void", inspired by H.P. Lovecraft will be released soon. The four songs on this split have aggression as the main element but Goats Of Doom are not afraid of putting some experimental elements in their sound. From raging they switch to chanting chorus, tribal drumming, keyboard. mouth-harp and other acoustic instruments. The songs hide a very nice sinister atmosphere. Concluding this is a great split release (limited to 500) with two good experimental black metal bands. -Twan Sibon

DODKVLT II (Ewiges Eis) review (by Twan Sibon) to be in AEA 19

DODKVLT II (Ewiges Eis)
Dodkvlt is an experimental black metal band from Finland. The band has only one soul and this is Lord Theynian who is handling all instruments and vocals. Started in 2009 (after played in Dream Smashers Inc as vocalist/guitarist) and released the debut in 2010 named "I". Logically the follow up will be named "II". The album is released on Ewiges Eis Records and contains 9 songs. "II" goes further where "I" stopped and Theynian improved song writing as there is a good balance between the progressive parts and the aggressive parts. In between you get catchy melodies and atmospheric passages. But don't afraid that there is a lot going on here as it is nice balanced and the variation is needed in the lengthy songs. With "II" Lord Theynian delivered a nice album and hopefully "III" will continue his path although the writing process for "III" is going slowly. -Twan Sibon

Monday, June 6, 2011

Zamiel of "Wende" Interview (by Stormhammer)



Thanks for meeting with me, Zamiel, I appreciate the opportunity
to pick your mind! And thanks again for being interviewed by me
as well as Transylvanian Forest E-Zine!


You’re very welcome.

So, I've known you a long time, brohammer! How long has it been
since you first came up with the idea ov Wende?

Yes, you’ve known my music since before it was described as ‘Wende’.
In some ways, I’ve always had the idea for Wende, I simply had to
make myself ready to find it. It some ways, Wende hasn’t begun yet,
it’s still in the process of meandering.

I find that events or actions commonly described as having a
beginning, but in actuality had no ‘beginning’ at all, thus having
only gradually meandered into existence. Do wars only begin with the
first death? Does love only begin when you feel it? Can it begin
before you develop the capacity to love? Does knowledge begin with
studies, thoughts and practice? Can you gain knowledge before you
are ready to learn?

Originally, I wrote music, fully completed, and put it on my computer
so I could listen to it. It was for me, for my own use, and belonged
to nobody else. How nice to be a listener and a creator too, you
always have exclusive music on hand! It had no name, and why should
it? It simply was my music. Why should I involve others? I could
play every instrument just fine for my purposes, and they could
never understand what I wanted to hear as well as I could.

For a long time, nobody heard it, until I decided, vulnerably, to
show it to my friends only. I only gave my art a name when asking
necessitated. I put very little thought into the first few name
choices and figured it wasn’t really important, because the name
was for them, not for me. I knew perfectly well what it really was.
Eventually I realized that giving the art a name and direction need
not be a limiting exercise, so much as a focusing one. The concept
of Wende, active long before it ‘began’, took focus in the spring
of 2008.

I couldn't agree more, especially considering I first heard your demo
albums from when you had no name for Wende. Since your newest
release, Vorspiel einer Philosophie der Zukunft, I've been listening
to the Demo album versus what you created with it. What new things
have you conceived since your self-titled demo?

I should first mention that I’m very unhappy with how the demo
sounds, and I’m in the process of re-recording it right now. I
didn’t arrive at this decision lightly, but then again, I never
considered it ‘finished’ anyway. It will be called ‘Dritte und Edel’
and should be considered the first Wende album, though obviously
recorded out of sequence.

I’m planning a four-album canon, though there may be more music in
the manner of Wende outside the four. The first of the four (Dritte
und Edel) sounds primarily depressive and morose, as it attempts to
tell the story of the going-under and defeat of the ancient and the
noble, and innocent, the turn from the path of centuries, and the coming of the plague. To speak the
word ‘European’ is to speak of sadness.

The second album (Vorspiel) sounds primarily introspective, open
and ‘suspended’, and should be the catalyst for a new philosophy, or
perhaps a return to a more ancient philosophy. The third album will
have a violent and disjointed sound, as the borders and walls of our
prison are cast aside. The fourth album will have a calming and
serene sound, and will be the beginning of the new way and a rebirth.
This is Wende, to call attention to our dying world, and our dying
minds and offer an escape, the chance of turn.

Long since you've released these two albums, I've been obsessed with
your musical processes! How has it been since then that you decided
to change things up? How have you worked on things to where they're
so different between the Self-titled demo and Vorspiel einer
Philosophie der Zukunft?

Well, most obviously, Vorspiel is better recorded, I’m much happier
with the sound, and probably won’t change anything in future
recordings. Vorspiel is more thought-out than the demo, more time
was spent on focusing the message, and more energy was spent on
giving intention to the sound. Personally, I don’t feel that
Vorspiel is very different from the demo, it’s simply a continuation
of what I felt was successful.

I wanted to give Vorspiel a very spacious and ‘open’ sound. Like the
wind on the barren upper reaches of a mountain. I also wanted the
tonality to be somewhat obscured and esoteric, so the listener is
not quite sure where the chord is rooted, or where it exists, as if
the music resides in the grey-scale between tonalities. Not giving
away ‘secrets’, but I highly recommend the music of Debussy,
especially “La cathédrale engloutie”, and the music of other
impressionist musicians too, e.g. Ravel or Satie.

I wrote rhythmic, melodic and even chordal leitmotivs on Vorspiel to
enhance the message of the text, and give deeper meaning to the
music. It may take a more discerning ear to pick up on all of them,
I don’t know, but understand: everything on this album is
intentional, and everything was done for a reason, perhaps multiple
reasons. I can’t tell anyone how to experience my art, but listen
deeply and intently, discover the keys to my meaning but also
discover keys to your own meanings and nuance. And listen to future
works, not all musical concepts are paid off in this album alone…

The text was written to read like a story, or perhaps two stories,
which may or may not be related. Each track attempts to address what
I feel are the most pertinent concepts of philosophy, at least to
the philosophy of the future – War, Death, Truth, Solitude and the
Self, Time and Nature.

I may or may not give further account on the concepts and creation
of Vorspiel on wendmusic.blogspot.com. The self-titled demo was
nothing more than that - a demo, I never really intended to have it
listened to by anyone but me, though I happily gave it to anyone who
wanted one. I also handed out four song cd-r copies to people at
Skinwalker shows I felt were worthy, in an apparently futile attempt
to gain some underground recognition.

I agree full heartedly with that as well, my friend. It's unfortunate
that more people involved in the underground scene use it as a way to
"be different" from others than others that actually have a deep
passion and recognition in the importance ov the actual music and the
message it brings. Speaking ov which, I've noticed a lot ov
philosophical ramifications going into the process ov creating
between your two albums. Any ideas you'd like to identify for our
readers, other than those stated above?

I suppose reading through the lyrics of my albums is enough to
answer this question. Dream, with no fear of the journey. Be wary of
all done in the name of tradition and authority, the great murderers
of thought and life. Become who you are and let your ethics happen
upon you, Hold reverence for the nature of nature, and have
confidence in nature. Seek a profundity to life, and do not be
obsessed with empty things. Be aware and conscious.

Well said! As you stated, you also play bassist for the Washington
band Skinwalker. How has that been and what sort ov tricks have you
picked up since starting with these bandmates?

I enjoy the project. The direction is very different from Wende.
Both Insomniac and Blacksmith are great guys, and we’re good friends
outside of the band too. It was nice to experience a different
approach to this music. Realize that probably only about 10-15
people in our entire county listen to this music, let alone play it.
There’s been a lot of traveling, playing, camping, late night
recording sessions, early morning return trips, and a fair amount of
libations. I feel that the sound is firmly rooted in the past, and
that’s not so bad, considering how laughable the music has now
become, by and large. The sound is dirty, unrefined, raw and
violent – everything it should be. Tricks? Maybe experiences.

Skinwalker has played live in several cities since this point! How
involved are you with the band's songwriting and focus and what hopes
do you have for the future, regarding Skinwalker?

We’ve played venues from Seattle to Helena, though have yet to reach
Canada or Oregon. The price of petrol is now beginning to reach EU
prices, and though on a personal level, expenditure slides ever
higher, hopefully we’ll see widespread adoption of a more European
outlook on fuel and transport, though I doubt it.

I’m very involved in every level of Skinwalker. I wouldn’t waste
anyone’s time with my presence and not be involved. In the future,
the agenda may include a small label, or it may not. More shows,
more music, maybe a small tour. Nothing too assuming.

Working with my own set ov bands, I know how taxing it can be to meet
a deadline for a release. How is it you retain your own personal
lifestyle along with that ov your bands? (Including others than
Wende and Skinwalker).

Wende and Skinwalker never impinge on my life. If anything, my life
gets in the way of my music. I’ve always felt it important to have
my art be a projection of me, but also important to myself be
exemplary of my art. There’s always (increasingly) room for
imagination and fantasy in art. But there is no great disconnection
between Wende or Skinwalker and my ‘personal’ life, there’s
budgeting of time and that’s it, I live the same life throughout.

I’m always wary of people that live fantasy double lives through
their music. It can be done sure, and done very effectively, but I
simply don’t believe those bands that sing of gore, murder,
suffering, arson, suicide, heathenism, heritage or revolt and lead
normal, boring lives. They’re simply circus performers, entertainers,
and sometimes they don’t even entertain.

I’ll briefly mention something here that’s important to me. If your
band glorifies ‘Satan’, ‘Lucifer’ or the ‘Devil’ and sings of being
‘Satanic’, you’re a Judeo-Christian band, and you play Judeo-
Christian music. Satan is a Jewish character, and is shared by all
three Abrahamic religions. To believe and give credence to this
concept is to believe and give credence to the Judeo-Christian
world-view and paradigm of thought.

I fully abhor this world-view and its violent, destructive, life-
hating, anti-culture message. Don’t give it the time of day, my
brothers, let alone speak of its concepts through your music. You
sully yourselves.

Well put, mighty Zamiel! I fully agree, it is the assassin ov free
thought throughout the world! But it is time to wrap this up. Thanks
full-heartedly for your time brohammer! If it's within permission ov
both you and TFE-zine, I'd like to do a review on at least one, if
not both Wende albums! They are really good and deserving lime-light
in my opinion!


-S. Stormhammer, Transylvanian Forest E-Zine

Sunday, June 5, 2011


OK, I got a few things to get off my chest, now, I made a new profile here because their is a OVERWHELMING amount of bands and people swarming me on the last one (200+ friend requests) and I do not need more work or music on my pc, or things to do as it is. Now, first off, things for the e-zine, it wont SHUT DOWN, but it will dramatically change... New rules, and new policy. In order to be featured on the e-zine, or reviewed/interviewed or mentioned, or have a post in a exclusive, you must provide the following...

1) A 20$ fee for a SPECIAL video interview ONLY by paypal or money order, or well hidden cash for my services for your band. You must pay, or you cant be part of these special videos, its a lot of time to do theses, and its a lot like the video interview I did with Kris Tilbury. You can download that interview video, and can get it here to see what its all about... its something that can really boost the promotion of your band and its totally worth it. The Kris Tilbury interview alone is up to 64 downloads!!!


2) Standard Promo : Band SHIRTS are now accepted or a patch for a TYPED OUT interview ONLY. That means your just asking for a interview, not review. I ll take a picture of myself wearing the shirt, or put the patch on a jacket once I get one, or show it off with the tf e-zine logo in the background, as support and promotion of your band. This is a very good way to promote your band as well, and I will make sure that once I get them, questions are typed out, and sent your way.

3) NEW POLICY : Cds are still humbly accepted, but TAPES and VINYL are more of my " thing" now, and the amount of Cd albums I am getting is a bit too much... I will accept cds more again ONCE I go issue in the future when I am able to go issue, so now you must provide a link for me to download for me to review your album and either I will review it, or a member of the e-zine will review it if I like them too, but we will get to HOW to join as a member of TF E-zine in a second.

4) SUPER PROMO : If you like a special interview video, and a few reviews, and the best of the best promotion by TF E-zine, please mail me a tape or vinyl with a band shirt and a patch or pins or stickers or one of each merch you have if possible. These count as money $$$ to me, so therefore you are covering the cost of the special video interview with a shirt, with a tape or vinyl or more of your choosing in which you have released under the label you are on or self released yourselves. This is possibly the best way to get SUPER promotion from TF e-zine.

That means exclusives being posted on the site, your song featured on the sound click player on the main site, facebook promotion, as much promotion I can do for you as humanely possible. That means, exclusive, song on player, review(s), a typed out interview OR special video interview if you have the time to record yourself speaking, and also I will contact other zines to promote you as well which is another plus since I know so many of them. I also plan to start doing a BEST OF THE BEST OF TRANSYLVANIAN FOREST E-ZINE compilation series.

These series will include 10 bands, who make such a contribution to me, and also, will be include on the compilation album, and you will get all the promotion for your band above stated, and be featured on this future compilation series. I have ideas for it, and its going to be a big series. Not download compilation, A REAL RELEASE ON A REAL UNDERGROUND LABEL... I know a label that can release my series of tf e-zine compilations, and you have all rights to your song, so if you feel you do not wont to be part of it, let me know BEFORE the first compilation is release. This is NO RIP OFF, this is best way to promote your band to the fullest extent, all you have to do is mail me tape or vinyl with a band shirt and a patch or pins or stickers or one of each merch you have if possible.

That is all you have to do to join the TF E-ZINE compilation series and get the best promotion from my zine. You will be featured in the first issue as well, so kudos to you if you decide to make this awesome choice and contribution to something I been working on so hard for the past year. Their will be few of you that will make this decision, but hopefully you take the leap!

5) If you only have a downloadable album to send me for review, and that is it, you must at least have the decency to wait since their is a lot of bands in line WAY ahead of you that just either payed, mailed me a shirt, or vinyl or tape or a cd. DOWNLOADS = NOTHING to me unless you can back it up with a real contribution behind it. This is just like any other zine, but even better. So dont go harrassing me and messaging me or pushing me around saying, "Man is the review done??!!??!!!" because if you do, I will just put it in my recycle bin on my computer and fully delete it. Case closed.

8) How to join TRANSYLVANIAN FOREST ZINE... hmm... since a lot of you boys and girls are such inspiring reviewers and or interviewers, I have a offer for you... if you like to be part of the e-zine, there is 3 ways to join...

1) Standard Membership : You write a review as a test, or interview, a album, (or band I send you to contact back and forth with) that I send you for download, or it is well reviewed or interviewed, you will get in as a member of TF ZINE after your test, and you pay a small 5$ fee to become a full time member, to review download albums, or interview bands online. BUT you must be in contact by email, or facebook, when you have free time, this is a job, and I dont need flakes, so if you flake on me, your done. Only dedicated supporters of the underground allowed. You will be featured in the first issue as well, and will get a copy in the mail. Your services will be required for as long as you like to work for the e-zine.

2) Pro Membership: You pay a 10$ fee, you will be able to get album(s) or extras, in the mail from the band that I send you to be reviewed / interviewed, not just downloads. I find the bands for you to review or interview, if you do not like the bands music, or have a problem with one of them personally, I ll find you a new one to work with. I am very serious when I mean, you will get FREE stuff sent to your mail box, I get merch from bands ALL over the world, so this is nothing new to me, but once you start getting busy, you will be pretty happy to show off your new collections, and know that you supported a great band and are a great member of a well respected promotion like Transylvanian Forest Zine. You will also be featured in the first issue of the zine once out and get a copy in the mail. For a extra 5$, you can get more then one copy of the issue depending on how many you want. Your services will be required for as long as you like to work for the e-zine.

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Now this is the NEW and IMPROVED rules and policy for tf e-zine. I do not have a contract to sign, or ask a lot, but please, please respect the fact, I am a ARTIST as well, and I love supporting the underground , and it gives me a great feeling inside to do so, but I am at wits end with this e-zine, and this is the ONLY way I can make it improve and take it to the next level. If you like these ideas, thank you, if not, then TOO BAD... I have a musical journey to follow to you know, and I cant get by with just downloads, they fill up my computers hard drive, and its a waste of time to me to keep doing something for another year completely FREE and running by myself 24/7. I also need some pocket change every now and then and also it costs MONEY to ship people. I need something tangible, I need something real. Now thank for reading, and if you like any of the following please let me know. I will continue the e-zine, but IF these rules and policies dont go in effect by the end of this month, I will be SHUTTING DOWN the e-zine ENTIRELY...This is not a money making SCHEME, I am just being honest with all you bands and musically in tuned people out there. I do all this promotion on my free time, so please being patient if things start off slow.

p.s. I am also looking for someone to do a new logo for the e-zine! You will get credits.

Thank you, and have a nice day. -Danny