Friday, October 28, 2011

Dark's Angel Promotions (exclusive by D)

If you want your fill of underground metal on air with Ewa Kopyra, I suggest you check out this site and support the underground!!!
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Promotion of metal bands
+48 607780893

Demons of Costa Rica on Radio Revolta
"Demons of dark world" on Radio Revolta!
50 bands and 5 hours of music!

Demons of dark world" on Radio Revolta!
50 bands and 5 hours of music!

Rock, Hard Rock, Metal i okoliczne brzmienia
Prezenterzy Radia Revolta:

\m/ Dorota
\m/ Chaos
\m/ Przemek
\m/ Sam Diabeł
\m/ Agares
\m/ Aphro
\m/ Hell
\m/ Jens
\m/ Kasst
\m/ Pawik
Opole/Warszawa/Bielsk Podl./ Kędzierzyn-Koźle
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Zapraszamy do słuchania muzyki z kręgu Rocka, Hard Rocka, Metalu i okolicznych brzmień. Na pewno każdy z Was znajdzie tu coś dla siebie. Zapraszamy serdecznie! RADIO REVOLTA to radio tworzone z pasją!!!
Radio Revolta zawarło umowę licencyjną ze Stowarzyszeniem Autorów ZAiKS 30 grudnia 2010.

RADIO REVOLTA - Still Metal, Hard & Heavy!
Stay With Us! We're playing for YOUR EARS! :)
Rock, Metal, Thrash, Hard, Black, Death and Extreme!

RADIO REVOLTA powstało w grudniu 2010, a działalność multimedialną rozpoczyna 1 stycznia 2011 roku.
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Krvestreb Fanzine (exclusive)

Krvestreb Fanzine #3 issue out now (Limited Edition) Common Grave, Killing Fields, Legion, Puteraeon ect 20 interviews + 262 only underground bands demo & album reviews, A4 size, colourfull covers and English written. 15$ or 12 Euro (Postage Including)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Interview with Angelo of Astral Projection (By D)

WELCOME TO TRANSYLVANIAN FOREST ZINE! how you doing? I just remembered to do this haha

1) When did your band start and why? Well it started 2 yrs ago after I've been getting visions of a surreal reality and alot morbid visions that seemed real when I dream and sinced then I recorded a 3 song demo about my experience (which is for free download on my youtube page).

2)What sound are you going for in this project besides your known status in the band Tryblith, how do the 2 differ you think? Not really sure. I just pick up a guitar and let my fingers and my mind do the work. Well its easy, Tryblith is a spritual journey while Astral Projection is more like a journey through a surreal dimension that may either interest an individual or make a weakling pussy out of someone during the first 10 seconds of my music.

3)What equipment do you use, and how long have you been a musician for? I use my ibanez guitar with a line 6 amp.

4)How has the recording process been so far, and what do you personally think of Astral Projection??? well so far its been great and I'm happy with the sound I got. I'm using a session drummer to record this album plus I'm redoing the older songs also due to the fact that I never really thought it was quite ready yet. But when I recorded that 3 song demo I was by myself in an abandon house with my analog recorder and my instruments and I did not really write anything. I just let my mind and the negative vibe surrounding me write everything while I was recording...

5)What inspired you to make this project in the first place and what do you get out of making such dark music of the sort? well since those surreal dreams and my near death experience I've been interested in another world where after death an individual would be trialed and has to relive parts of there terrible tragic events that would make a person break and cry on the floor asking for mercy.

6)Is there any merch readily available you like to mention? (Even Tryblith you can mention if you like... ) not really at the moment and Tryblith... it will have merch in the future.

7)What do you do outside of music? Hobbies, or anything you like to mention. Well I do not do really anything that much really. I hang out with friends most of the time. I do not really have a social life really. I always love to drink beer and smoke weed with people sometimes but not really an addict. Most of the times I would always get an idea for a song and Iam always on my guitar 24/7 always making some stuff up...

8)What is your goal for this project of yours and what do you see in the near future with it if you have any ideas at all on what direction you like to have it go in? I'll just go with the flow... (word....-D)

9)Is it a natural musical process or is it something you got to sit down and think about, or is it just instinct? .... Just Instinct (word....-D)

10)I will close our interview up at this last question, what do you expect people to get out of your project, and will your project ever be a gigging band? and I thank you for your time!

Let them be prepared for a different type of black metal they never heard before and as far as shows go... Only time will tell.

Genre:Black Metal/DSBM/Morbid

Friday, October 7, 2011


This is a full color, glossy, very well printed heavy metal fanzine supporting the underground and known bands alike. Comes with a free Steel For An Age compilation album and was mostly shown and sponsored at the great Hammers Festival. The zine consists of interviews mostly, reviews towards the end and is very well printed. It features bands like Brocas Helm, Acid, Mortician, Wishdoom, Salem, and usa band Zuul.

Packed with interviews and pretty good reviews on each album, nothing degrading or harsh from what I read so far, and the Acid review is great and I did not know the vocalist was a female. Theirs alot of other great bands on here, but I am not really the biggest into power metal as of late, but it does have a wide selection of bands that you should check out and pick it up if its more of your thing.

As for the Steel For An Age compilation cd the opening track starts off with some fast and heavy in your face attitude from the band Forte with the track Unholy War, 80s thrash of testament combined with powerful range in the vocals of a Ripper Owens and great guitar solo minute and a half into the first song. The next song is by the band Butcher with a song called Halloween, with a female vocalist and a more hard rock feel, more 70s rock sounding to me, and totally threw me off by the name. Theres also male vocals too but the femal vocals are mostly predominant on the track and keep the pace going smoothly through out. I feel like I am playing one of my vinyls listening to this, but this is not exactly my cup of tea but a overall good band that knows what they want out of making music. The 3rd track is by a band called Savage Wizdom called Do Or Die, and opens with a mellow intro fading into the song, I really like where its going, and kickstarts into a power metal anthem with strong lead guitars dueling together in unicef with the singers voice sounding similiar to Hammerfall but also with a strong feel to it, like Queensryche in a way. Lots of thrash, lots of speed, I like to cover the whole thing but more reviews are in the making, I recommend you pick this zine/cd up real soon at the links below.

Blackkout, Blacklist, Braveride, Butcher Cage, Chyld, Coven, Crowhaven, Dark Nightmare, Darkest Era, Demolition Train, Emerald, Flying Skull, Forte, Hurlement, The Last Things, Manstrand, Prowler, Rival, Savage Wizdom, Smokescreen, Stormwarning, Tempest, Total Eclipse, Tramontane, Unblessed, Valor, Void Moon, Zone Zero.
FREE CD compilation tracklist:
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

E-book release date extended to December

With all the reviews need to be done this and next month I will get them all done I think better in that timeframe, instead of the next 2 to 3 weeks. Sorry to keep you waiting, but Im busy with my own music, and the only man running the zine around here. ALL hard copies will be reviewed and I also have albums to be reviewed on data disc as well or downloads from friends. After they are done and I reach the 200 post mark, then I will start making the E-book. Layout made by André Nigrum Serpentis of Nigrum Serpentis Records & Promotion, Nocturnal Managementwith Zana Nsp & Krakovgozd magazine with Zana Nsp. More reviews/interviews coming up!!! So be patient. Thanks to AEA zine for support as well, I plan to send him a flyer to possibly be in his next zine issue. Sorry for the wait.