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Vanity Vania Interview with Munnin (by D)

WELCOME TO TF ZINE! Thanks for taking the time in to do this interview with me Torr, Munnin, Bunnell....The Impaler!!!

Lets begin.

1) When did you start Vanity Vania and why?

I began VanityVania back in 2010 from the ashes of a solo black metal project known as Ravenhelm, however most of the work for the project didn't start much later in the year, more towards 2011. I started VV while I was growing further disdain for the black metal underground. For a while I was heavily involved with the whatever you want to call it in appropriate terminology, but I found a lot of issues with that "scene". I actually began to listening to all kinds of music at that time and a lot of things became more and more of an influence to me and started to further more away from my black metal roots if you will. I got the idea though for the project after finding new love for the opera. I found several bands and projects that attempted to utilize a "metal opera" but always found them to either not be "metal" enough for my liking or severely lacking in good song writing. So originally VV was to be a splicing of my influences of bands like Saint Vitus and Candlemass with the likes of the prog rock band Ayreon. Can't say it has come out to sound like that per say, because I decided to go a route to sound strictly VV.

2) If you had to describe the sound of VV to my readers what would you tell them to expect?

VV a mix of sounds and genres ranging from my musical roots and new experimentations (at least for me, hahahaha). At its core, VanityVania is epic doom metal, much like the bands Solitude Aeternus  and Candlemass. However, due to my black metal influences from years passed...there is a blackened element to it, either due to its production values I seem to have in my releases or the shrieks and wails in the vocal department. When I first started the project I wanted to utilize orchestral sections but felt my talents at the time were not to par to utilize them, however, I have become more confident in my abilities to craft orchestral passages. I am also a huge fan of movie scores done for horror films. So, in recent works for VV melds a lot of horror film style gothic orchestration along with this form of blackened doom metal. So to those out there who are about genre tagging, I would call it Symphonic Blackened Epic Gothic Doom Metal. The demo "Reflecting the Suffering" is very old school Candlemass in style and even Sabbathy to a lesser degree, but the newer material in the writing process is shaping up to be creepy, bleak, and gloomy stuff. When I first started improving for the newest song "Graveyard Dirge" I became tensed, goosebumps down my neck and had nightmares the night following, so I do hope it turns out that way for the listeners. In vocal department, I shift from death growls and black metal shrieks/rasps and gothic barritone operatic singing.

3) Is VV available on any merch format such as tape/cd/vinyl or digital medium and where can listeners find it?

As of now the only available release is the debut demo "Reflecting the Suffering" for digital release only, which can be located at .
I plan on releasing for limited pressing for promotional purposes and for close friends and allies that have followed my work since the beginning. I plan for shirts and patches very soon as well, but being a musician on such a small to non-existent budget impedes on that a lot.

                LISTEN NOW @

4) If you had a choice of working with other artists who would they be and why? And any collabs lately?

To many to name to be honest. I'd still kill to have the opportunity to work with Rob Darken, Ihsahn and Tom G. Warrior though, which whom are my three all time musical influences or "idols" if you will. There are no current collabs itself going on with VV other than the guest appearances of session member that did collaborations and contributions to the demo. Count Draclecarde, known in the American BM underground for his project Dark Metamorphosis contributed some lead works as well as Scottish death metal drummer Mark Dubanowski of Desecrator and session drummer of Beltane has recorded drum tracks. I have been throwing ideas out there with close friends of mine and projects about collabs though. I do have a atmospheric black metal collaboration with my good friend Mike O'Brien of Melankolia, Gil Gilad, and James the Lesser that is currently in the works.

5) Do you have other projects people should check out?

A now defunct pagan folk black metal project, Ravenhelm. There is old material still around but the albums I released with it are no longer in print and what few copies still circulating I have possession of. I no longer promote this project, and choose not to. If fans want to check it out they can check it out reverbnation or even the old myspace. My musical talents are by far more superior now then what was in any of those releases and I'm kind of embarrassed by them now, hahahahahaha.

I also have an atmospheric black metal project with Mike as I mentioned called, Vesta. This project can be found at its official Facebook page at Currently we recorded a very rough studio demo song titled "Pollux" but it not finished and polished.

I also have a punk band in the works, a name yet settled on with and having a hard time keeping members interested. It's an odd mix of black metal and pop punk.

6) How has the reaction been so far to your music?

All positive so far, if we are talking about VV of course. There have been suggestions on where there can be made some improvements to the material out now but so far those who have followed my music since the beginning of Ravenhelm has let it be know its my best work to date. It's still in its infancy and I don't promote very often, so I don't get as much as like due to the nature of a growing fan base.

7) What would you like done in 2013 in your life may it be musical or personal.

Get my damn debut full length finished for one and invest in my own studio, bringing it to he more professional. I need to get back to college, since I been out for a few semester now and want to finish my schooling in audio engineering. However, that won't be done in such a small time frame, 2013 approaches quick after all. Other things I want to accomplish or make reality are on a much more personal level to me that completely has nothin to do with my music, I will just leave it at that.

8.)  If their is any bands that influenced over the years to make you want to become a musician in the first place, who are they?

The band that single handedly that got to a point of picking up a guitar was, Metallica. My love for extreme forms of metal and playing the guitar is because of them. People can say what they will about them, I probably have said it too way too many times, though they inspired me and changed my life when I didn't even care about music or anything at all for that matter. At the same time I also was very big into Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, early Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper. These were though to me more gateway acts and musicians to the underground which I am so fond of today. However, some of these acts (i would remove Rob Zombie though) are such a pinnacle to the underground that they helped really start it all.

By the time I started become more interested in the occult and just wanted something heavier and "evil" I discovered Cradle of Filth, became obsessed and then wanted something more obscure though. Cradle though was the band I will admit to still loving, but another gateway drug to the black metal underground. That's when I discovered Burzum, Immortal, and Emperor. They influenced me like never before, when I got into these legends of BM, I knew what I wanted to do musically. When I started with Ravenhelm, Burzum was contributing influence along with Bathory and my personal favorite project, Graveland.

However, I became tired of some of the rather idiocy and lack of intelligence displayed by a lot of the followers of these bands, and not in a political way, just the stupidity that I have found in other "social groups". Things I won't go into, but the "Ave Satan, Hailz!!" BS left me in a place of need for deeper intellectual stimuli and artistic merit. So I was able to find that more so in the doom circle of things, and why I have furthered in sludgier, heavier, slower paced, and darkly esoteric music rather than some one of my closer allies.

9) Vanity Vania has been featured on Metal Kulture Radio dot com a few times and do you enjoy the music played there so far? Good promo or bad promo?

I'm not too sure either way, I just recently just promoting the project myself after it being in existence for two years now. However, any promotion is good to me right now even if someone listens and then gives negative criticism. At least people are talking.

10) Lets say you are traveling to a distant planet and where about to meet a new lifeform what would you say to them??? (lolz but answer this one it just popped in my head!)

Do I have to? Lol answered it with another question ;)

11) If you had to describe the recording process of Vanity Vania, how does it work best for you and what instruments do you use???

It's usually long and arduous. As I mentioned before, I'm a musician with little money and most of it goes to my personal financial problems and debts. Though it usually starts with some form of improvisational works trying to cum with some riff idea that usually is the core of the song then I write riffs or melodies around that idea. When it comes coming up with riffs, I pull the guitar out for that but I'm not too great at coming up with intriguing or haunting melodies on the guitar so I use the keyboard for that and then later transpose it to guitar.

When in the studio, or whatever you want to call my home set up, I use Guitar Pro to aid in song writing and Notion on my mobile device when I'm away for any extended period of time. On the demo however, most of the material was through heavy use of improvisation so little of it was worked out prior so I really don't remember a bulk of it. Hahahahahaha

Lately I write and tab and notate all music first prior to recording and since I fuck a lot up while playing I want to make sure I know what the hell I'm doing first. And since my keyboard and orchestral tracks are all done via MIDI I can have further control of the final product.

If I'm in the right mood, just fill up on beer and rum, get drunk as fuck or what have you and go at. Something eventually comes to fruition.

12) If you had to recommend or let new artists know before they start making music, any advice, of this or any metal genre what would it be?

To me the genre is irrelevant as long as they are passionate about their craft and art. Genre faithfulls' and purists seem to be the most so. The advise I would give them is simply.....DON'T DO IT!!! Lol. As much as I love doing this, it's my life after all, but you need determination and perseverance to the craft. Much like a fine tuned ritual all parts need to be set into order to detail and takes time get all things right. Years and years go into this. It's not like you will be a wizard overnight. Sleepless nights and severe health issues follow. Lol

But there needs to be more people out there making music, good music, quality music. The likes that is only found in the underground, especially that in extreme forms of metal. Be it black, doom, or death metal....these genres have seen many unique forms of experimentation that comes from kids getting out there and deciding to enter the garage and just jam and have fun. In the end, it's all about the music and the joy (or sorrow and pain) from doing it.

13) How has life been overall and do you expect a new album or demo to be out soon by Vanity Vania next year or earlier?

The first full length album will be finished soon, I hope...but I do plan for a small single or EP to promote its release, but before they show light of day I need to get "Reflecting the Suffering" in a printed form. I want to look professional, despite it just being a three track demo.

The single/EP will titled "Graveyard Dirge" that promotes the first track if the upcoming album titled "Into the Fade".

Life has been hell these last few months, a lot has happened in my own personal life that has pushed me further take more interest in VV. the personal suffering I have undergone has though been a true inspiration for the dark art of VV....but I feel that at the end of a desolate road, shadows and the fog will only hold you in suffocating bondage for so long. A light is right down that road, and since I have found something in my life that makes me happy a terrible depression in my life seems like its coming to close. And no, that is not "god" or some other pathetic mindless Christian stupidity either. I'm pagan so I know what I am and stand for and no terrible period in my life will turn me to a desert god or 2000 some year old dead hobo magician.

14) If you have anyone you like to mention before we close up this interview or anything to say at all (shout outs to family, friends, bands, etc) you can do so now and thanks a ton for doing this interview with me I really like your music and see nothing but better results as time goes by! Ave! \m/

Thanks for taking the time for asking me some silly questions. Lol. I would like to think though Mike O'Brien, Melankolia, Marc Hoyland, Daniel Klyne, Appalachian Winter, Strings of Distorted Doom, Danny, Dark Metamorphosis and Count Draclecarde, and Mark Dubanowski for the support and friendship over the years. Though I need to put a big thanks to both Mark and the Count for the contributions they made to VV since the songs on Reflecting would have not been what they are now if it was not for their own artistic talents gracing the recording.

Spread the fucking doom, crack the skies and level the heavens. Wotan Mit Uns!!!

                                                           VV Doom Rituals mayba???

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dark Metamorphosis - Blood Burden Review (by D)

The album is out, the day of reckoning is here, its time to spread the blood, of the tyrannical, and the innocent!!! This album is by none other then The Count, of the one man wrecking ball that is Dark Metamorphosis. Big fan of this guys music here if I can so proudly say myself. Blood Burden is the name of his new game and is nothing short or pure cold relentless mayhemic death defying guitar shredding to the ears. Now this is where I get serious. This is and has to be one of my very few little semi - mixed reviews, whatever that means, so I will go on and tell ya what I can. I really do like the album, just its one of his heavier no bullshit balls out type of album. Nothing too in-between,  but not totally the reason why it did not grab me instantly as soon as I played it, it is almost completely different from his past material. Kingdom Gone, In A Heartbeat, The Fall of Dracelecarde…but nonetheless, the album does have more improvements / strong points then those last 3 I mentioned and each track has something different to offer. Lets see where this review leads me to as I listen.

I also sincerely hope he appreciates the constructive criticism. And does not take my new review to heart. I try my best to find the dark and completely sick and awesome out of all the albums I get in the mail.

 In a guitar sense, and production sense, yes it is his best. 1113 just very in your face and intense from start to finish. I was slowly being hypnotized by the themes of guitars screaming and the vocals shrieking. The total death of all is imminent.

Clockwork Cryptomnesia, great piano intro, then the full force felt in the last track 1113 comes in, I could imagine 1113 is a year that relates to something old and worth reading? I just hope this review is… not to get off track, but from what you can hear from the first and 2nd songs, the guitar sound, and drum machine sound has improved dramatically. The lo-fi sounding approach has disappeared, and they sound almost perfectly polished. The drums, sound good, just a small disappointment.. a lil less clicking, not to take a page out of Fenriz book, but I would prefer a real drum sound behind these mega ultra sonic riffs because the guitar work being displayed in both songs  is pretty outstandingly awesome.

Piano outro now… 6 mins of intensity, and I just been through 11 mins of it. Its hard to digest, but very deep and swift. It caught me off guard somewhat. I am use to listening to long songs, but that was just a complete BM mind fuck. Good meaning, but also I would have enjoyed less clicking and more dum dum doh! to it.

Defiance, more clicking, I can imagine that is how each track will sound, but like I said, real or more realistic drums, would suffice. The drums are not that big of a deal in a black metal sense... I am just use to hearing real drums lately opposed to machines, so if I were to have put some time myself, if the Count allowed it, I could have spruced up the sound of the drums (just a thought) but nonetheless, I am not going to nit pick over the drum sound through out the whole review, but overall, besides the clicking, the drums do sound good.

2:35 to 3:40, the guitars really fucking good, and then stops into a sickening cry into some low death growls. With some demonic… Billy Corgan sounding singing? and then into some more growls, weird mix. In spite of my rage I still will review this album in my caaagggeeee…..

Another one is up, One in The Chamber. I really like how this one opens up. sounds like a hard riff to keep going, then, as soon as 1:24 comes in, I am sucked in. The vocals are hard to decipher, but I could say this is the chorus part. Now the real stunning solos come in, that TRY to shine out, I wish they were just a few decibels louder though, they really do need to stand out more and really show off the Counts hard work put in on each song that does feature one. They are not too easy to pull off between that barrage of wolverine clawed riffs! 4:39 to the end, very well done. Just wish the solo stuck out a lil more, but otherwise,  a nearly solid tune.

Next one, The World Within, intro kinda reminds me of a Fear Factory opening in a small way, then more buzzing and intensity is building you up to a total blackened speed fest of what the last 4 tracks where showing off but more atmospheric then the last ones. The guitar(s) speak on this one. And I really like to hear more of that. Vocals I almost forget to mention, little hard to decipher, but are more shrieks then actual words you can hear, the shrieks always did BM justice and I think its more so evident on this album that they work well for the Count.

Even though he has mixed it up with the growls and lows on the track Defiance. 8 mins and 30 secs is totally blistering my ears and mind. Intensity through out! 7:35, back to the sound of the intro, building up, destroying buildings, more chaos, volcanoes are erupting, all is dead.

The song When Every Last Drop Is Gone, perfect opening, Xasthur like scream, like a eagle, swooping down and catching its prey. Wings flying high on this one. The song is a little less interesting then the last, but as soon as you hit the 2:35 mark, off you fucking go, into a world of ultra sonic riffs. Kinda reminds me of some parts of that fan song by Dethklok in a small way… drums and guitars, completely in harmony with one another. Then a halting end. Wish it was a bit longer, because all songs so far were, and the album so far is really growing on me more and more from when I last heard it.

Thorough and examining listens are usually the ones where I can listen to a album and grasp it the best. So far, I think I am getting more and more use to the Counts sudden changes in sound & pace.

The last song, Your Worst Nightmare {Is Real} is one of the first songs I listen to actually because of the title itself when I first gave this album a listen. I was expecting this melancholy and morose sound through out most of the tracks, might of mislead me a bit, but from what I can tell from listening start to finish, the songs all blend great together. The heavy part of this song does come in at 3:13 though... so expect a slow and lingering heavy tone here, that builds up slowly, and then throws you into the Blood Burdens closing of all the sheer intensity shown in the last 6 songs. The vocals are serious as all hell, and they are scary as fuck.

 The screams pulled off, I really enjoy. They are not as easy as you think they are to pull off, especially while this pulverizing guitar work is displayed right in your face. As the song gets close to the 7 minute mark, the solos come in again and is fucking epic. I really can say I gone from a mixed review, to a nearly stellar review. The album at first listen did leave me a lil half empty but now I am a blood red wine glass full.

Excellent album, and it is by far one of the Counts best. I just couldn't imagine overseeing his other material over this album because I really do like all the material he has done, as a whole,  but in a percent rating, of how much I recommend you pick this album up on cd opposed the other albums, I would give it a 95% rating.

The other albums before, listen to for sure, but if you want a revitalized and fresh sounding BM album that proves to be one of The Counts best,  most lively and hard hitting,  and I could not say anymore strongly then this. Get the Blood Burden,  you will not regret it.

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Interview with Stellarvore of Necrotherion (by D)


(Now before the interview start's one thing I want to make very clear is that Necrotherion is a band of individuals, whatever I say is only from me, we all have a mind of our own. - Stellarvore)

1) How long have you guys been making music for in this band and can you please speak about the history of your band Necrotherion?

Hail! Well Necrotherion formed in the winter of 2008, then it was just me and Chernobog (Guitarist). Back then it was just him doing the guitar, a drum machine and me on the Vocals and it was only a recording project.

Then after about a year of working on it we decided to place it on hold so we could join a Death Metal band with a couple of our friends. Now the Death Metal band did not last long but luckily it lead us to meet our Drummer, Vitiatus. Once he joined Necrotherion we jumped right on practicing for live shows with me on Bass and Vocals.

Then after our first show a friend of our's named Pain joined to take up Bass duities, then shortly after that Wargoat joined to play Guitar along side Chernobog, and now here we are.

2) What is the area like and how does it contribute to how your band gets noticed in the area? Gigging or not?

This Valley heavily influences me, it has a beauty, the hills covered in green during the spring then snow in the winter. The fog that float's over the river during the Twilight hours it is amazing once you take the time to look at it.

But then there is the scum, the maggot's and filth. This Valley is covered in people who you just wish would fucking die, low life fiend's and pill heads. I have seen mother's leave there children alone while they go suck cock for there fix.

But when it come's to gigging yes there is a nice lineup of Bar's and Clubhouses that give's us places to perform.

3) If their is a place where friends and listeners can purchase merch or your music at, were would it be?

Well we currently do not have any Merch but that will come in the future and when it does just contact the band through Facebook or whatever, but if the reader's and follower's want to download our Demo you can get it here at the Soundcloud:

4) What is your latest material and album you guys are working on now? Can you describe it and what do you expect to get out with it?

Well the new song's we have been working on have been showing a great deal of different influences, it is still Necrotherion and it is still Black Metal but we like to mix it up a bit. Recently our song's have been incorporating a sort of Doomish guitar style, so I think it add's to it.

During December we plan on starting to Record our first album which will be called "Soulless".

5) What do you want listeners to get out of listening to your songs and how has the feedback been so far?

Darkness, sound's of Nothinigness as if they just entered a dark Void. A feeling of Anger and Hatred toward's you're fellow man.

But also enlightenment, we believe Knowledge is the true God to expand your mind and to push yourself to higher level's. The one thing we hate the most is a wasted mind, and in order to open your mind you must first understand that you are nothing, you do not matter. Only then can you truely understand everything.

6) How has the internet world been treating you band compared to outside it, and how has the feedback been so far online, opposed to offline?

We have been gaining a lot more attention outside of the Internet, but the Internet has been good, it allows us to communicate with everyone and power comes from number's so the more people who enjoy us the stronger we become.

The feedback has been extremely good, it seems people in the Valley have been craving Black Metal.

7) Which do you prefer, the live setting or the recording setting? Anything you guys do to warm up or flesh out during both?

I enjoy the process of creating new music, but the live performance is an amazing experience. You gain a feeling of power, a real ego booster when you hit the stage that it's always hard to end it.

The warm up before a show usually involve lot's of blood, vomit, alcohol, weed and anger.

8) How many bands have you guys played with and can you name a few people should check out?

We have played a total of 5 show's with 9 band's, all great band's and if you don't mind i'll make a small list of Links to some band's I think people should check out.





9) What musical acts influenced you growing up?

Well for me it started with the early Heavy Metal like Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Judas Priest and Led Zeppelin. But when it comes to Black Metal my first influence was Gorgoroth's "Under The Sign of Hell" Pest's Vocals on that album is what made me want to create Black Metal.

But there is also a vast list of what influences me, but i'll keep it simple and just give the biggies. There is Mayhem, Immortal, Krieg, Absu, Darkthrone, Profanatica, Absurd, Pentaface, Dissection, Necromantia, Lord Belial, I Shalt Become, Burzum and Ancient VVisdom.

10) If you had a choice of which band to gig with, on a compaitability level....who would they be and why? Sound wise? friends? anything.

Well, we have a show with Morbid Angel, Dark Funeral and Grave in a week so that pretty much top's it, haha. But if I could pick I would like to do a show with either Mayhem or Gorgoroth and to be more selective it would be in Germany. Once that happen's, I will feel I achieved my goal.

11) Where do you guys stand on a political stand point if any?

Necrotherion has nothing to do with Politic's, now the band member's could have a Politic view but nothing Political get's into Necrotherion.

12) If you had to name some moments this year that really inspired you, what would they be?
Our first show being on Good Friday was a good treat, finding out that we are playing with Morbid Angel after only 5 show's and the fact we havent even played a fucking year yet! It really is mind blowing news. But our growing fanbase is good, I never expect it to get as big as it did especially since most of our song's is Anti-Human but I guess everyone is angry at this race.

13) How many times did I screw up this interview and do you like it so far? This is a very serious question.....
           You fucking suck man, you should just stop now, this is fucking horrible and a disgrace! Haha no man it was really good, i'm glad this was Necrotherion's first interview, you ask some good solid questions, keep it going strong brother.

14) Brothers of war....what do you think 2013 will bring you and what do you guys plan to do next? Anything you like to say? People to mention? family friends, and so forth. I really enjoyed our time together and enjoyed our very serious and in depth interview. I hope I tapped into your minds like a surgeon after I put you under a anaesthetic so my readers can enjoy ever dirty detail about Necrotherion.
             Well 2012 was the beginning of Necrotherion's full on assault, and it's not going to end anytime soon I can assure you that. We feel 2013 is going to bring greatness, even if it's through our own blood, sweat, tear's it is going to become even more stronger!

            "Soulless" will hopefully be coming out in 2013, we feel that our number's will just continue to grow and people need to know about Necrotherion, for we are the Void, the complete nothingness. We are that slap of cold, hard fucking reality across your blind ignorant face. We are Death's Mighty Beast, and we will Reign forever!


It has been a pleasure.... Fuck shit up!!! cheers \m/

Friday, September 14, 2012

Interview with Razakel Krieg (by D)

1) How long has your band been around for and why?

Now...Iam not sure which of my bands/projects this is aimed towards, so I will give you a run down of them all.

My main band 'Baalberith' formed in the winter of 1999, its first release was 'Dark Revelations' in 2000 which I solely wrote and recorded.

As for My solo project 'Razakel Krieg' that formed early 2010 officially, but I had been writing and recording music for many years before, just not for public listening...

Dark Debauchery's creation was originally 2009...but didnt get any progression untill 2011 due to other band commitments. But shortly after this released a split album with Morktar.

Winter Tranquility,  also 2011...Though progression is a slow process with this one.


2) What does your band name mean?

BaalBerith was the god of the Canaanite city, who later came to be viewed as the demon Baalberith by Christian demonology.
According to the Book of Judges, his temple was destroyed when Abimelech quelled the rising of his subjects.
The name denotes a form of Ba'al-worship prevailing in Israel, according to the Book of Judges.and particularly in Shechem.
The term "Ba'al" is shown by the equivalent "El-berith" to mean "the God of the Covenant.
" The 'Covenant' (Hebrew: Berith) to which this refers may refer to treaties such as one with the Canaanitic league of which Shechem was the head,
or the covenant between Israel and the people of Shechem.The term is considered by some to be too abstract to have been occasioned by a single set of conditions.
Moreover, the temple of the god in Shechem implies a permanent establishment. Probably the name and the cult were widespread and ancient, though it is mentioned only in connection with the affairs of Shechem.

3) How many albums and release have you done under Razakel and who have you worked with?

I Suppose the Easiest way for me to answer this is with a list of all known 'Razakel Krieg' Releases:

Dawn of a New Existence,
Suicide [Single],
Death Beneath the Mourning Star EP,
Invoked Spirits of the Night [Split],
Desecration of His Holy Empire Demo,
Kingdom Dammed [Split],
Churchburner Album,
Beholding the Blood Red Realm Album,

As for who I have worked with... it has been many great musicians over the years, too many to remember infact... so i will state my recent activity
on that side of the spectrum,

'Lord Forneus' springs to mind for the first in the list... we have worked togeather on the project 'Grimsvotn' for many years now, and are intending to push this even further into the LIVE stages in due time, the stageshow, the atmosphere and the sound we have planned is nothing short of raw.

I am currently working with 'Matt Tekell-Rogers, I am supplying guest vocals to the new Angelfuck release... I dont know what to expect from this... Angelfuck are most certainly one of the best and most uncomprimising Grind bands that I have encountered over the last years,and am intending to give it a new sound of intensity with the addition of my vocal-work. New places shall be visited no hostages shall survive the onslaught.

'Lord Andras' i have done several vocal appearances on this guys albums, and it is he who is the other part in 'Winter Tranquility'

So the last in which i feel the need to mention is 'Zaharoth Tyr' who i have recently been in discussions with about a project named 'Demoniacal',
Named after a 'Baalberith' song, and creating depressive black metal.


4) If their is any bands you would compare your band to so listeners have a idea of what they are gunna hear, who would they be?

No... I go out of my way to influence my bands and projects to be completely original.

5) I really like the album art for Beholding the Blood Red Realm?

Thank you... this album will be available on Satanica soon, For beholding the blood red realm. The front cover image is me.

                                        (AVAILABLE SOON @ WWW.SATANICA.ORG/)

6) What has the metal scene been like in your area and what bands can you mention you like?

The metal scene in the newark area is dead to say the least...
but this is why Baalberith favor playing hometown shows once in awhile, the place gets packed out with all the crazy fuckers of the town...

7) What do you want listeners to get out of your music?

I believe that as with all music... any album listened too is a mental journey undertaken for the listener, and that what that journey may be... i dont feel the need to dictate. everyone has a seperate path.

What equipment do you use now?

Currently i am using Reaper 4.11 [DAW], Toontrack ezmix2, and Toontrack Metal machine & metalheads drum setups.

Also additionally I often use mixcraft and cubase 5.


9) Do you prefer the recording setting or live setting? What do you like about both and what do you do before you practice or get ready for a gig?

I value both of these experiences highly, as neither can out do the other... both have factors i enjoy...
Nothing beats the buzz of playing to a LIVE audience once in awhile...

But it is not something i would want to do all the time... I like my space, and to be away from people...
so in that retrospect I enjoy the recording setting... just me... my mind... and my instruments. Total fucking solitary.

10) Last question where can listeners find your merch and music, and I hope you enjoyed our interview. Thanks for your time! any last words?

My music can be found in various places... many d.i.y labels stock my albums... such as Satanica productions, depressive illusion records etc etc. Also youtube and spotify are good sources... Thanks ~ Razakel Krieg

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cross Zine Promo Interview with Elizium @ Les Chroniques de Béon Zine

• Hello Elizium! Can you tell us about your band?

Hi! We started our band a long time ago and categorize our music as Dark Rock. We have a passion for music that has a strong emotional impact. We released two albums so far, the first named 'Angel of Mistrust' and the latest release called 'Relief by the Sun'. You can view our latest video on Youtube called 'Violent Flower'. 
We are from the Netherlands, but are playing a different kind of music compared to the Gothic metal bands our little country is known for in the international metal scene.

• I saw that you were formed in 1991. Your first demo, « Angel of Mistrust » was released in 2003. Can you explain such a long period of time?

After we started Elizium back in 1991,the first two years consisted mainly of line-up changes and playing covers of other bands, so it took a while to find the direction we wanted to take. After that Elizium became quickly familiar in the local underground scene and in 1995 we recorded the first demo ; ‘War and Knowledge’. 
In 1996 the band members went their separate ways and Peter Berends, Peter Röge and Gerard Manoch individually played in several other bands, only to find out we each missed the atmosphere and belief we had in Elizium.
In the year 2000 we decided to bring Elizium back to life again. Unfortunately we still had some line-up changes. Peter Deurloo, our keyboard player at the time died in a car accident and it took some time to find the right bass player. Finally Erik Dijkstra joined on keyboards, and Marco Snoek on bass.
And that’s why it took until 2003 to realease the ‘Angel of Mistrust’ demo.

• Now, I would talk about your new album, « Relief by the Sun ». First, what were your main influences to produce your album, is that this idea of mixing doom and gothic atmospheres you come from bands that you particularly enjoy?

Well, I guess we are all influenced by a lot of bands and the individual band members all have their own personal favourites. Those influences seem to mix very well. Peter Berends is influenced by a lot of Scandinavian metal bands (Tiamat, Paradise Lost, Amorphis, Lake of Tears, Dimmu Borgir, Arcturus) and music from the eighties (David Bowie, Talk Talk), Gerard Manoch likes to listen to older rock bands (Genesis, Rainbow), Michael Paap is a big fan of the more obscure music (like Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Ulver, Year of No Light), and Erik Dijkstra and Peter Röge are influenced by American Metal bands (Type O Negative, Life of Agony).
It's not that we try to mix those influences on purpose though, we just create our music together and we all need to feel the same emotional punch in the stomach before we all accept it as appropiate.

• I notice that your musical style is rather particular, how can you really define it?

I think it's hard to categorise our music and limit it to one particular genre.

There are definatelly a lot of Doom, Gothic, Metal and Rock elements in it. We prefer to call it Dark Rock.

• Most of your songs are really epic.

Do you think it helps to give another dimension to your music?

The Epic dimension to our music is something we need and crave. We like to make music that you can feel, music that introduces a strong feeling of melancholy, or makes you feel like you have been punched in the stomach. We essentially make music for ourselves, and the stuff that we make needs to fit our moods and wake something up within.
If we do not get that feeling about a piece of music we have made, we throw it in the garbage bin. It’s all or nothing really.

• In the song “Relief by the Sun”, you have placed electronic elements. Is this done to make your music more accessible?

Not really, it was just the right sound for that song. Hell, if the song needed a ukelele we would have put it in there... Fortunately it didn’t need a Ukelele hahaha!

• I talk about now of your first album, « Angel of Mistrust ». The quality of sound is some worse than “Relief by the Sun”. Is it because of problems with the studio or is it as if it was done on purpose, just like the black metal bands?

It's probably a combination of budget and experience. We put a lot of ideas in that album which took a lot of time to produce. Back then we didn't have the budget to spend a lot of time in the studio, so we had to do a lot of recording ourselves. Luckily that changed with the release of our second album and now the album has the production quality it deserves.
Nevertheless we still are very happy with the first album and to us gives us a nice nostalgic feel.

• The artwork of « Relief by the Sun » is very mysterious. But in your texts, you speak clearly of rope (I would make the connection with the hung corpse) and tree, and the burning sun, madness, sadness, love ...
Can you make the connection between all your texts and artwork, and where do you find all these ideas?

I tried to embed elements of all our songs in the artwork, so your observations are correct. Another broader element is the ever ongoing struggle between good and evil, light and darkness. The music we make always has those elements in it, regardless of the subject of the song.
One of the reasons our music has an Epic touch I guess is because we try to strike a balance between strength and tragedy. No matter how dark your world might be, there's always a shimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. The cover art supports this vision by painting a stark contrast between light, happiness and beauty versus decay, darkness and tragedy. All these elements combined together with details found in the songs on the album overall visualise the universe that we try to create in our music.

• Which bands would you like to tour with? I saw that you are about to do a concert with Lacrimas Profundere. What do you feel about playing with such a big group?

Well, obviously the bands we like to listen to. I think we would put everything aside for having a chance to play with Paradise Lost, Amorphis or Lake of Tears. But in general it's great to play with bands who share the same passion for this kind of music as we do.
The gig we had with Lacrimas Profundere was great, our music fit very well together that evening and there was quite a crowd attending the concert that evening. They were a nice bunch of guys so we had a very good experience there.

• What do you think about the metal scene today?

The great thing about the metal scene is the everlasting support. People embrace it like a lifestyle which is never going away. What I miss these days however is the experimenting that happened in the early days. A lot of releases these days seem to mimic other bands. But luckily there are still a lot of gems to be found.

• The French metal scene is huge, do you think that turn in France could be a good experience for your group?

For sure! A lot of really great music comes from France (like Year of No Light, Alcest, Les Discret, Amesoeurs, Celeste, Blut aus Nord, Peste Noire) which shows that there's a lively underground scene. I regard France as a country with immense creativity and sense for beauty, and it would be great to perform there. It's a shame that in Europe there is such a big focus on the regular commercial stuff (mostly from the US) while there's so much to find if people are willing to look a little bit beyond the stuff which is usually aired on the radio and on TV. We are from the Netherlands and our label is German so it's not very easy for us to find the right venues to create a tour. But we're always open to suggestions so hopefully we will be able to visit France anytime soon.

• Do you have projects for 2012?

We're trying to release our next album sooner so we are already busy writing new material. We also have discussed some thoughts for a new video. Keep an eye on our website ( for any news in 2012.

• One last word for the French fans and to readers of Les Chroniques de Béon? 

Thanks for reading this, enjoy our dark music and hopefully we will meet soon!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Atra Vetosus Interview (by D)

Atra Vetosus Interview

1) How long has this band been around for and how did you guys come up with the band’s name?

Slikver: The band started around March 2011, originally consisting of 2 members; myself (Slikver) and Thorodan. I quickly wrote the 3 songs for our demo “A Palace Shrouded In Emptiness” and spend the next couple months recording. Later in the year we recruited a full line up in order to start playing live shows. 
As for the name, it can be loosely translated to “Ancient Black Winds” in Latin. But the meaning isn’t overly clear and is open to interpretation.

2) What has the main goal been for Atra Vetosus and how has the reaction been so far? 
Slikver: The main goal for me was to write music in the vein of melodic black metal as it’s my preferred genre. Previously I’ve written for Astral Winter which has more focus on the symphonic side of black metal. So I wanted to write music that more reflected a melodic more guitar driven sound.

Thorodan: The main goal for me has been to get our music out there as much as possible using the internet and our live shows, and to bring some new and fresh music (namely black metal) to the local scene

3) How did the recording process go for A Palace Shrouded In Emptiness? And who has contributed to the songs on the demo?

Slikver: Shortly after Thorodan and I formed the band I started writing the material which would later become our demo. The songs were written in about the space of a week or 2. 
For recording we used programmed drums as we were trying to get the song’s recorded in a quick timeframe. I then recorded the bass, guitars and keyboards using a line 6 ux1 interface.
 For vocals we also used the line 6 ux1 with an external mixing desk to boost the signal. 

The recording process was completed reasonably fast but didn’t see a release for about 6 months later.

4) What has the live gigging been like for Atra Vetosus and can you guys name some bands you gigged with?

Joe: The shows we have played thus far have gone reasonably well considering how early we are in our live career, and given how small the scene in Tasmania is at the moment. Some bands we have been fortunate enough to play with include Intense Hammer Rage, Nosce Teipsum, Whoretopsy Mephistopheles, Blackwater, Synthetic Breed, and Black Majesty.

5) Is there a new album out now or in the works?

Slikver: After finishing our demo I began writing the material for a full length album in-between my other projects. 
Earlier this year the writing process was complete and we announced the title “Voices From The Eternal Night”. We started recording a couple months ago in my home studio. Recording process has been slightly different this time around. We’ve put much more focus on the quality of the recording this time and making sure everything sounds the way we want it. 
We’re just over half way through the album at the moment.

6) If you had to name some bands that influenced you guys, who would they be? 

Slikver: When I first started writing our demo my main influences were mainly melodic black metal bands from Sweden, around the mid 90’s era.
To name a few bands/albums…

Vinterland – Welcome My Last Chapter is one of my favourite albums and a big influence as to why I wanted to write music in this genre.
 Sacramentum – Far Away From The Sun
Naglfar – Vittra 
Dawn – Slaughtersun & Dawn- 1997 - Sorgh Pa Svarte Vingar Flogh
 Dissection – Storm Of Lights Bane & The Somberlain 

Those were the main albums I was listening to at the time I started writing Atra Vetosus material.
 Of course there were other bands that influenced me too, but they would be the main one’s.

7) If there is someplace your band like to go next in your musical careers, what would that be?

Thorodan: As for the music itself I think we will always lean towards the more melodic side of Black Metal, and as the music evolves in the future I think we will find ourselves becoming more versatile (we already have some plans for including some female vocals and other new sounds that we haven’t tried before), and for the band in the near future we hope to play in more venues and more states around Australia, and hopefully open for some awesome bands. Josh has already started writing some material for the next album. We have lots planned for the future of Atra Vetosus and can’t wait to start playing more shows and new material

8) How has music changed from when you started making music in Astral Winter to your band now, and how do you think the music changed overall from that band to your new one and is their similarities or do you think it stands in a different musical level all on its own?

Slikver: I still write actively for both bands, and the process is pretty different for both.
Astral Winter is based around a lot of orchestrations and symphonics, and a lot of atmosphere. The tuning is 2 steps lower as well, so that gives it a heavier/darker sound. Also use a lot of power chords in Astral Winter.
 Atra Vetosus is all in standard tuning but uses a lot of minor chords, sus and 7’s etc. Songs are based mainly around the melody of the guitars as well. I only do backup vocals in AV so Thorodan writes most of the vocal melodies, so that gives a different sound/feel to AV, as a lot of the time it’s not melodies or idea’s I would have thought of if I was doing them myself.

9) If you got merch available and releases, where would you guys direct your listeners to buy them at? May it be immortal frost or elsewhere??? Are they also at gigs?

Slikver: Our demo is still available from Immortal Frost Productions, and we will have copies available at our upcoming gigs too. 
The best place for merch and cd releases would be to go to our website (, which has just been re-launced, with a free download of the single from our album “Spirit Of The Forgotten Woods”, so feel free to check it out. 
We don’t have any merch atm, other than free buttons we give out at shows. But we will be doing some shirts and maybe some other things soon.

10) What equipment do you guys use now and what is your favorite instrument? 

Slikver – Jackson guitars, w/ EMG 81 and 85 pickups. Randall guitar head, Line 6 POD HD guitar pedal 
and Ernie Ball 10 – 54 strings.

Damon – Ibanez guitar, Ibanez amp, Line 6 POD HD Pro and Ernie Ball 10 – 54 strings.

Lopez – Ibanez 6 string bass, (ADD SHIT KENT)

Joe – Kahzan Stagg and Istanbul cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, Mapex drums, and Gibralter pedals and hardware. Remo drum heads.

11) How long do you guys expect to make music for and what are your goals till the end of this year onto the next?

Slikver: For this specific band it’s hard to say. I’ve already written most of the material for a 2nd full length album and will probably continue to write more songs when the inspiration hits.
So as long as things go well I can see us continuing for a fair while.
There’s always a lot of factors to consider and unforeseen circumstances that can arise, so we’ll just have to see. At present though, it seems like we could be around for a while.

12) I will sum up this interview now with one more question, what do you have to say to everyone out there that listens and appreciates your music, and is there anyone you like to mention?

Slikver: Just thanks to everyone that has listened and enjoyed our music, and to those who have taken the time to tell us you enjoy our music and or lives shows. Always good to hear positive feedback, and to know people dig what you’re doing.
 Also, look out for upcoming album, its sounding pretty awesome so far! Very keen to release it.

Thanks for your time guys, glad we did this again, Josh, and with your band mates as well. I wish you all luck on all musical levels. Excellent guys you are, later! -D


Monday, June 25, 2012

Blasphomet / Dark Metamorphosis - Graves Of The Damned Split (Review by D)

(I first of like to say you can check out their other reviews of this album on youtube and their interviews for both bands on the posts below on this page.)

Now here is a review of the cd I got from them entitled Graves Of The Damned... its been awhile so I hope I dont suck as much as usual at reviewing.

Blasphomet starts off the album with a very strong guitar intro that slowly picks itself up once the drums come into play and you can also here some keys and the vocals are a mix of death growls and raspy screeches. The first song Shit On Your Grave is the perfect opening for the album and is very guitar driven, and has a menacing, lost, and dark presence I like about it. Perfect song for opening a live show with it, if it ever happened. I really enjoyed it, and I think you will too.

Halls of The Damned opens with a dark ambient sound that slowly creeps up on you and then pushes the drums right into play and kick starts the track to get you ready for some more ear punishment. I really like how the Count pulled this off, and then the guitars come in with some very low and anguished vocal style. If I had to say anything about this track is that it is my favorite one of my favs on the DM part of the album because of the way it is orchestrated and how it presents itself. It is not too fast, not too loud, but has that perfect slow and "drawing you into the feel" sound to it. It has a lot of substance and character. The quality of the sound is also superb.

Blasphomet then comes back to try to one up the Count with his very intricate and intelligent guitar work on Abyss of Emptiness. I see splits as a competition, and I am liking this competition so far. The song has a ton of guitar stuff going on in it and thats why I really like it. The sound is almost war like, it is a vortex of empty thoughts and dark memories. If I had to compare this album so far to anything, it would be that it so far reminds me of 2nd wave black metal, but with a higher quality. The song Abyss of Emptiness treads on and on with its riff after riff and just amazes me. Fucking excellent!!!

Now the Count is back, with some fancy guitar poetry of his own. We all know the Count to not be a slouch on his guitar skills, and this is one of those songs, Home Sweet Home. The song reminds me of what it would it be like after a long days in the woods and finally going back to your cabin running on electricity by the solar panels and your able to jam all night. I get this imagine in my head of what the Count would be doing if he lived out in the middle of nowhere in such a dark and mysterious place. The song is one of those black metal songs that is so ethereal and atmospheric it takes a life all in its own. I would change one damn thing about it. That how much I like this song. The artists I believe with their songs must make us dwell in our own imaginations while we listen, and The Count has just done that to me. Then once the guitars stop, a majestic wave of ambient sounds and overwhelming theatrical sounds come in and closes the song into silence...

Blasphomet is now back with a vengeance!!! With his bone shattering vicious assault in pounding percussion and guitar interpretation in the song, All Too Human. It is very anti - human sounding, the longest song on the split, and is punishing from start to finish. If I had to think of a band that has sounded as blistering as this song it would be Mayhem, but better of course! Sorry if I am sounding like I am riding on Chads balls, but this song is very tense and powerful then his last, longer, and provides enough of a beating for any metal fan to get into to. Towards 6 mins and on the music comes completely overboard with power and is very inspiring to me. I really like how the sounds came out for the guitars on this one, I can drool in awe on my fretboard just listening to this. Very well constructed, very well played. The end of the song is pretty epic as well. A soft instrumental tune comes in to put you in a dark place, the song is now coming to a end and this is the end of Blasphomets part of the split. Damn I wanted to hear more.

The final and last track of the split goes to Dark Metamorphosis with a slow interlude to start things up, a slow drum beat with some excellent guitar sound with a deep ambience behind it. The song is entitled Thy Flesh Consumed... the guitars then comes in with more thrashy of a pace from the slow interlude that came in, to a very loud bellowing scream. Raspy vocals, lots of stops and fast parts, and also pacier drums. The song has very hellish features, and goes almost as long as the last Blasphomet track did. Some piano comes in from 6mins and on and completely sucks me in from start to finish. It comes back to some thrashy guitar driven sounds towards the end but has that great pick up that really is ominous from start to finish. I really like this song by DM and it proves to be a perfect closing to the split itself. I wonder what it would be like to listen to this album on stormy night outside. I should try it one of these days.

Overall, BLASPHOMET VS DARK METAMORPHOSIS on thee score card is 3 and 3. I would have to give this split a tie. Both bands equally are perfect together on a split in a musical sense. At times I got confused and thought one band was the other. They both made this split just completely out of the hell of it and it turned out it sounded more like a bands EP rather then a split to me. Not that both bands sound totally the same but I think at a musical level, as one man projects as well, are very identical but both have a lot to offer to the listener. I am glad to have this album in my collection and look forward to reviewing further material by both Blasphomet and Dark Metamorphosis.

May this album haunt you for the rest of your fucking existence. Buy it now!!! You have been warned... -Danny

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Interview with Ryan Wigley of Lifting Of The Veil (by D)


1) Tell me about your project, Lifting of The Veil? how did it come about? and how does it differ compared to Dark Theory, Desolation Machine, and the band Lucidious you recently joined?

Well in a sense it grew out of the old Dark Theory material. There's a couple of drone tracks and a load of Doom Metal ones on some of the demo's, but by the time it came to our first EP onwards we had dropped the Doom element in favour of an an all out Black/Thrash approach. So one day I'm just searching through youtube and I came across the official video for Dead by Khanate, and it just really inspired me to do something in a similar vein. I ended up spending most of that day working on a song which then became Inevitable End. There are some similarities between LotV and DT in that they both use screamed black metal vocals and are extremely dark, but LotV is about a 4th the speed of DT, maybe slower and with quite a different riff style. Desolation Machine has very little in common with LotV except for that fact that both are hideously noisy, and it's got pretty much nothing in common with Lucidious lol

2) Where did the band name come from and did anything inspire you for its name?

The literal translation of the Greek word Apocalypse is Lifting of the Veil. It felt like quite a fitting name.

3) Where can listeners hear LOTV and how has the reaction been so far? is the main place where you can listen, but most of the tracks are also on youtube as well. Reactions have all been very positive so far, there's more doom fans out there than I thought.

4) Any songs you like to mention you done recently for the project?

Very recently did a cover of Celtic Frost's Ground as well as two new original's called The Suffering and Chaos Upon Chaos. Thinking of doing at least one more song before I release these together as a demo.

5) How many albums does LOTV have and have any been released and where can listeners buy em?

At the moment there is just one untitled one which is normally referred to as Lifting of the Veil which is available on tape through Depressive Illusion Records. Not sure how much but I imagine they're pretty cheap. I also have a few CD-R copies of it which I've been giving to a few select people (mainly local promoters and reviewers). I'm thinking of self releasing the next CD, maybe do a split album with Dark Theory and Lucidious as we're all recording new stuff at the same time lol

6) What do you want out of this project the most and also what role do you play in it?

Just to start doing some basic gigs would be awesome, local venues haven't shown any interest atm, although I haven't been pushing that hard yet. The best thing that could happen to this band would probably be to get signed to Southern Lord and go on a tour with Sunn 0))) (and they are very few touring Drone Metal bands so you never know). My role is everything although I've collaberated with ssunfuck and Dan 0))) (you in other words lol) so may have occasional guests throughout all releases.

7) Where does the lyrical concepts and moods of the project come from?

It's pure darkness. Apocalyptic stuff comes up a lot but it just sort of about evil in general. The newer stuff has been mostly instrumental except for the Celtic Frost cover, sometimes you just gotta let the Doom wash over you

8) Have you gigged under this project yet?

Not yet, really fucking want to though. There's been a bit of a 'gig drought' in the local area. The people that put the most money into the venues are normally the ones who also want to be on stage, so a few of the less professional venues have closed or aren't doing gigs again till next year. I have a few new contacts now though so hopefully Dark Theory and LotV can get a whole bunch of gigs before September.

9) If you had to name some acts similiar to LOTV who would they be?

Well Sunn 0))) is an obvious one, if it wasn't for them I don't think there would be Lifting of the Veil or most of the other Drone Metal bands out there. The last Celtic Frost album and of course Triptykon are very similar although a bit faster. Khanate, early Boris and two unsigned bands from the UK I came across recently called Greg(o)rian and Nyogtha

10) I see you also recently joined a band called Lucidious, how has that been so far?

It's been pretty sweet. Quite different to the Black Metal/Noise stuff I'm normally associated with. It's a Punk/Metal/Thrash band, really simple angry stuff. I saw them live twice with there old bassist and thought they were pretty cool, and then the bassist had a hissy fit and left so I joined and they got an awesome 2nd guitarist the week after that as well. It's pretty refreshing to be in a band where I don't have to be the leader, I can just play the bass. All the songs were written with the idea of being able to get pissed and still play them well, so we're always knocking back cans of beer during practice and recording lol. Can't wait till we film a video for 10 Downer Street.

11) How has Dark Theory been and is DT your longest founding of bands? and what lies in the future for it?

Dark Theory is still what I refer to as my main band. The idea for it started in September 2006, but I consider the actual formation of Dark Theory to be September 2008 which is when the first demo was started, so it's my longest running band by miles. There's a lot in Dark Theory's future. We've got a guy who's interested in joining us on guitar (he said he'll deffo do a guest solo even if he can't join full time) and we're recording and writing still but mostly we're just trying to play as many gigs as we can. Got one coming up in London with Mørktår in winter time hopefully. Our main thing right is trying to find a drummer though, drum machines just don't cut it.

12) How many bands have you played with so far and those you like to mention?

Well there's obviously Dark Theory which has been recording since 2008 and gigging since mid 2010, there was a short lived Metalcore band I was in called 8th Deadly Sin which did a few live shows and then broke up because we were shit lol, a couple of ex members of that form a Thrash Metal band with me called Just Reported Missing which then changed it's name to Desolation Machine. That broke up because Dark Theory was just taking off properly and the drummer had found an electro rock band that was going good as well. I carried on the name Desolation Machine onto an industrial noise punk thing that I did one demo with a while back. Did a collab with ssunfuck which ended up becoming a drone metal track for Dark Theory, although the song was redone a year later when I formed Lifting of the Veil. Did bass and guest vocals on a Sphinxta Spit remix album. Recorded bass and backing vocals and did the drum programming for a cover of People Pie by SLAB! with Grim Funeral Techno, did live backing vocals for Baphvomit on what turned out to be their last gig and also sung with Wretched Soul at one of their gigs and of course I've joined Lucidious. So that's a total of 11 bands I've been in or worked with, plus I'll be doing guest vocals for a track on Olivia's upcoming Gothic Metal band

13) If you had to say anything about Most Unholy Convergence II compilation, what would that be?

Buy it, just buy it. 100 of the best underground metal bands out there on one CD, including the one and only recording Dark Theory did with our old drummer, and tracks by Sphinxta Spit and Baphvomit, both awesome bands (and friends of mine that I've worked with) who have split up. This is the one of the only ways you can get their music now.

14) What do you want to get out of this summer and any goals or plans coming up?

Mainly I want to play as many gigs as possible, get pissed as much as I can and yet hopefully get a decent summer job and make a bit of cash too

15) If you had to tell us what inspired you to make music in the first place, how would you say got you started?

You know I'm not actually sure. I wrote some lyrics one day, showed them around to some friends who took a bit of interest, bought a bass a few months later and two years after that the first Dark Theory demo was started

16) I see there is DT shirts up for sale, if anyone wants one how should they get it?

At the moment you'll have to message me or Olivia on facebook and we'll sort something. The easiest way is to buy one from us at gig's at the moment, but we're working on getting an online store up so people can just order them when they want one. Keep an eye on the facebook.

17) How has the support from listeners and fans been so far in all the music projects and bands you worked with and is there any bands you like to gig or work with in the future?

Generally it's been very positive. Dark Theory has had some bad feedback on youtube, but so has just about everyone ever. There are loads of bands I'd like to gig with (with any of my bands), the main ones being Transcending the Flesh and Kremated. Would also love to play with Foreboding Ether and The Furious Horde again, they are two of the best bands I've ever seen and have only played with each of them once. I'm not sure who I'd like to work with, but I'd love to do some guest vocals for some bands (especially live)

18) What do you think of the majority of music today and what would you like to see change about it? (deep question)

Most of it is very unoriginal, regardless of genre. It doesn't matter if it's Black Metal or Dubstep, most are just copying whoever they like the most. I think this is most prevalent in the Metalcore/Hardcore genre, there's thousands of the fuckers and they all sound and act identical. What's the point of that. You do get some bands that aren't very original but still manage to be pretty good though, although they are normally best experienced live as there albums can seem a bit uninspiring. On the other hand there still a huge amount of bands out there doing something a little different and the vast majority are really good. Only yesterday did I find out there's a band living only one train journey away from me who combine Metal, Grunge and Drum n Bass called Ziphedz. I'd like to see some more variety amongst local scenes. English speaking countries are overrun with covers bands, and amongst original bands there is an overwhelming amount who play some form of Hardcore/Metalcore. I imagine it's not that much better everywhere else either. The really brutal and/or dark stuff like Grindcore, Black Metal, Doom Metal etc is virtually non existant in most area's, and the more old school or experimental bands are few and far between.

19) I also like to know what you think of the underground bands of today? And can you name a few favorites?

There are so many good bands if you know where to look. There is a huge list I could write, so I'll just name the bands that I feel are on a level far above your normal unsigned band (and indeed a lot of pro bands I've seen): Wretched Soul, Foreboding Ether, The Furious Horde, Khthon and Orestea. They've all played with some big names in the metal scene, Foreboding Ether have had a nationwide tour, Orestea have had several. The Furious Horde and Orestea have both played Bloodstock and Wretched Soul will be playing there this year. Can not recommend any of these bands highly enough! (Wretched Soul have a debut album on the way and Orestea have a new EP out soon)

20) Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview! As always, I wish you luck in all your musical endevours and hope to work with you very soon! You are one of the best. \m/

No problem man, must meet for that beer some time ^_^

Friday, June 15, 2012

Interview with The Count of Dark Metamorphosis (by D)

WELCOME TO TF ZINE, AGAIN! How you been Count?

Glad to be here, man. Things have been pretty good for the most part, albeit very busy.

1) Tell my readers what you have been up to since our last interview? And how has Dark Metamorphosis been doing since then?

Since the last interview, I've basically finished up "The Fall Of Draclecarde" album, the "Graves Of The Damned" split, and the "Cradle Of Decay" EP. I've been working on a new DM full length, and a few projects that are on the horizon, but there have been quite a few hurdles to get over recently, as far as recording is concerned.


2) Evergrim Recordings is a pretty unique name for a label, how did it come about?

It basically refers to the somewhat grim and underground music that I make and have great respect for. I think it reflects my message very well.

3) If you have any merch to offer where would you suggest listeners to get it at?

Actually yes, there are Dark Metamorphosis logo t-shirts available through They are inexpensive and high quality, so check them out.

4) Which artists are featured on Evergrim Recordings and what style of music are you aiming to expose there?

Evergrim Recordings has my band Dark Metamorphosis, as well as a few projects of mine. Blasphomet and Desolation are onboard, as well as your very own Grim Funeral Techno. I could list them all here, but It would be great if readers checked out all the artists for themselves and give them a listen. (

EGR's goal is to promote the spirit of underground music, of many styles. As bands are getting more and more studio sheen, and the music industry gets more and more polluted with churned out garbage, I really want Evergrim to be a haven for genuine, original material, of the mostly extreme variety.

5) How has the reception been to the latest album The Fall Of Draclecarde?

I have been hearing good things. Definitely the best reception yet on any album. I believe it tops anything before it. The album marks the end of an era for the band, and I am really excited about what is to come.

6) The Graves Of The Damned split is a great ethereal masterpiece I am proud to own in my collection. I need to review it and what would you say your experience was like while working with Chad of Blasphomet on this album?

It was excellent. Chad is a fantastic musician, and a great person. The album came together quite quickly and I am very proud of it. Thanks for the kind words, man! Looking forward to the review!

7) If you had to name your influences at the time of recording both the split and latest full length by DM what would they be?

I was definitely listening to alot of Cryptopsy, Bethlehem, and Shining at the time, as well as a plethora of Mike Patton's works. haha! (I now must insert a link to a funny mike patton vidder lol

8) How has things been going in your personal life lately? Any goals as of late other then music or any other personal hobbies?

Things are actually better than they've ever been. I am really glad to honestly be able to say that. I am really enjoying the way things have been going with Dark Metamorphosis, EGR, and all my music colleagues lately. As for other hobbies, other than being a pretty avid gamer, I don't really have many. If you don't catch me listening to or recording music, you'll more than likely find me on Xbox live. You guys should add me sometime. Battlefield 3 anyone? lol.

9) What do you want listeners to get out of your music and how do you think you stand out in this sea of underground metal bands?

I honestly don't really know how to say whether or not I stand out or anything, and I don't try to be deliberately original just for the sake of it. I try to almost create a world within it's atmosphere. The band has never stayed strictly to one sound and is constantly evolving. I know that is a pretty cliche thing to say, but anyone who has actually listened to the band would probably agree.

10) If you had to name a artist to work with on another split or feature on your next album or whatever lol who would or that band be?

The next album is gonna be bad ass man. Trust me. It is still in the planning stages, but I can definitely say there will be room for some guests. You down for it? (hell yeah I am!!!)

11) You are part of my main bands collab EP in the works entitled DOOM. If you had to say anything about our collaboration or anything about Strings Of Distorted Doom, what would that be? I will be doing vocals on the track and Dietrich is drumming to it so yeah we are getting there man haha! (bassist in mind too)

The Count has faith in you. lol. I really can't wait to see how it comes together. (faith... is such a dirty word lol!!!!)

12) How can you describe the difference between your latest DM album from older material? and would older and newer fans possibly stray from new material or do you think listeners could still appreciate both? Some bands have that gap in their discog but me personally I do really enjoy your past, present and looking forward to further DM material!

There has been a leap in sound quality, that is for sure. The music I think has gotten steadily more progressive and technical over the years as well. I am glad you enjoy the older material too. I try to expand upon the sound with each album. If there has ever been a step up, it is coming next.

13) What is your favorite Survival Horror game??? or any games at all? I had to ask that... lol

Dark Souls. 'Nuff said. And I'm sure you can guess a few others. lol.

14) Would you do music for VG soundtracks? Mostly survival horror maybe?

Hell yes, most definitely. I am a huge fan of horror games, and horror movies, and the like.

15) I am running out of ideas for questions because I am a lazy dull minded fuck tard with the attention span of a squirrel....LOL If you have any last words for my readers and want to give a few shout outs or mention anything else along the lines of anything new coming up or based on how our interview has been so far I would really appreciate it.

Thanks again for the shirt, cd(s) collab with my ever so talented ass ( I wish lol) and making sure to keep us bands alive with Evergrim!!! (my drummer personally thanks you for uploading his music on Evergrim as well) you da man!!!! ;) Thanks for your time Count, and I bid you farewell... for now.

Thanks so much for having me again, man. I appreciate it greatly! I am always glad to talk with someone who knows what my band (and label) are all about. I hope to keep things updated with the label (and it's new youtube channel, sub meh). EGR will continue to spread the goodness, and is glad to you have you. New album on the way, people! Keep it GRIM and expect the unexpected!