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NECRONOS ZINE #2 review (by D for AEA zine)

This zine here comes in a yellow colored easy to make style zine with a very old looking font and has some pretty neat references to thrash metal bands from all over, or so I read online because I can not read a lick of spanish. The name of the zine actually is the same name of the singer of Fimbulwinter which I think is pretty cool. Anyway 24 page booklet with lots of metal bands, interviews and reviews to offer. You see names of bands mentioned such as April Morning, Ungod, Old Throne, Chaoswolf, Zemial, and the almighty Rotting Christ. The next issue will be renamed and will now be the Niggurath zine, some changes will be made but I think the style and the underground following will continue to move forward as this small time zine grows. You can contact this man here for a copy I think. Check it out if you can read it and it is your style of zine. Thrash till Death....

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Prayer Of The Dying - In Silence and Grief We Decay (Review)

This band is from Iklin/Malta, solo musician, and Martin does all instruments/ vocals. This is a cunning and very wicked BM band to be reckoned with! This album is called In Silence and Grief We Decay. Its a far cry from its earlier and rawer material I read, but I guess that depends on what kind of black metal fan you are. I really like the rawness, but I do like higher quality albums as well. This is one of those higher quality ones from this man here, but still has that mischevious raw presence about it.

Its has alot of things going on it that keep it out of the norm of mainstream black metal but with good production sound with something new to offer on each of its tracks. I really like the demented vocals on The Strength Of The Sufferer, the rain, church bells, bone crunching guitars, and is very well thought out. I like how it is constructed, and the way it was done. Very fucking good. King of Terrors, and Wastelands are also very dark and moody as well and this album sure gets my blood flowing. Dead Embers also has a symphonic side to it in the background, and I just love the guitars on this track as well. 3 mins to 4:30secs is just amazing. All I can really say is wow when I listen to this album when I heard it for the very first time. Very smart black metal music here, with feeling behind it of course. Some dissonance can only go so far with some black/doom or black/death bands but this album sure does go a long way... very well executed guitars, very strong diabolic shrieks. I cant pin point a place on this album I do not like... I just like the whole thing through out and will give it a thorough listen over and over again most likely till I move onto the next album I want to enjoy listening to. When I find something I like, I play it for sometime. Not too harsh, very listenable, and is great from start to finish.

BM finesse at its finest! I salute you!

The album was released on Nekrogoat Heresy Productions in 500 copy limited edition, I suggest you get a copy while you can. Totally worth it, and only if I had the chance to sit down and listen to this album earlier. I am kicking my ass for not doing so till now. This album promises alot for the new age of underground BM, and more bands come and go but I think Prayer of The Dying is here to stay. Other then Martins band Prayer of the Dying he is a drummer in some other bands as well, Sarratum's,Lustre's and Black Vulture. I reviewed the Lustre tape some time back. Still have that too. Great sounds found here, if there is any new BM you should look out for or pick up, it is in my book, definetly Prayer Of The Dyings album "In Silence and Grief we Decay". If your into dark, atmospheric, empty, and relentless music, you should get it. The sounds of phantoms, dark forces and cult like power is found in the eternal realm of Prayer Of The Dying...

To sum up this review if you like Black Metal give this a listen, its all 666% cold, eerie and fucking dark!!!

1. Intro 01:28
2. Memento Of Decay 04:33
3. King Of Terrors 06:19
4. Destitue Throne 05:34
5. Dead Embers 06:07
6. Sheltering Cliffs 02:40
7. Wastelands 05:23
8. Destructive Minds 04:57
9. Drippping Woods 02:43
10. Slain In The Name Of God 06:42
11. The Strength Of The Sufferer 05:22
12. Drifting Mist 06:35

Total Playing Time 58:23
New Prayer of the Dying Album Out Now!

You can order your copy from: or directly from the Band , , facebook etc

Thursday, December 15, 2011

ANGSTMASKIN updates (Exclusive by D)

Angstmaskin from Oslo, Norway are working on new material for their new industrial masterpiece and I suggest you check out their lates music, videos, updates all on soundcloud, youtube, facebook, and more. Will review their album once out, and keep a eye out for these guys if their music is your style. Check it all out at the following links below this message...

I et land der industripiper fortsatt spytter ut tung, mørk røyk. Der maskiner fra en svunnen tid fortsatt får stampe og turbiner fortsatt får skape liv. DER i askerøyk, flammer og marsjerende takter ble det født en maskin. En annerledes maskin, en elektrisk maskin. En maskin med mørke tanker, dystre utsikter og tunge rytmer. En Angstmaskin, et dommedagsvåpen bygd av Øyvind Kihle Mobekk, med et helt spesielt formål. Med blytungt hjerte og mørkt sinn vil denne maskinen noe mer enn å stampe i de svarte industriskyene. Angstmaskinens dype røst vil tale til folket!

Denne elektrobaserte maskinen, dette dommedagsvåpenet har på den lange veien tatt med seg maskinist (?) for å styre spakene, kull og damp- sjef Tor Grønstad (No Sleep, Rosie) og støyende orgel ansvarlig Thomas Stubergh (Topper & Cadbury, StutheBaker)

I et land der industripiper fortsatt spytter ut tung, mørk røyk. Der maskiner fra en svunnen tid fortsatt får stampe og turbiner fortsatt får skape liv. DER i askerøyk, flammer og marsjerende takter ble det født en maskin. En annerledes maskin, en elektrisk maskin. En maskin med mørke tanker, dystre utsikter og tunge rytmer. En Angstmaskin, et dommedagsvåpen bygd av Øyvind Kihle Mobekk, med et helt spesielt formål. Med blytungt hjerte og mørkt sinn vil denne maskinen noe mer enn å stampe i de svarte industriskyene. Angstmaskinens dype røst vil tale til folket!

Denne elektrobaserte maskinen, dette dommedagsvåpenet har på den lange veien tatt med seg maskinist (?) for å styre spakene, kull og damp- sjef Tor Grønstad (No Sleep, Rosie) og støyende orgel ansvarlig Thomas Stubergh (Topper & Cadbury, StutheBaker).

Med en rekke konserter på repetoaret – inkludert headliner konsert i Berlin, ElektroStat Festivalens kick-off party i Oslo, Turbinhallen på Ringerike Kraftstasjon og Pstereo Festivalen 2011 - er dommedagsvåpenet AngstMaskin i full gang med å rette sin mørke, tunge og samtidig svært fengende inntogsmarsj av symfonisk industrirock, dansbar EBM og dyster synthpop mot resten av verden.

I feltveska ligger prestisjetunge inspirasjonskilder som Rammstein, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Seigmen og Nitzer Ebb.

Er du med oss eller mot oss? ☠

Hold deg oppdatert på kommende konserter og utgivelser fra AngstMaskin her:


ANGSTMASKIN: Har bestemt meg for å begynne å skrive på norsk. I den forbindelse følte jeg også at Ending New var over. AngstMaskin er for tiden i studio og jobber.

LIVE: AngstMaskin vil spille live på Cafe Fiasco sammen med det uber kule bandet Kant Kino, dette er en kickoff fest for Elektrostat Festivalen. Dato: 21. August 2010.

Ending New is going to compete in DeathMatch 2009 at Mono. First round with Ending New is October. CC 50,- Join in and support Ending New this evening!

A new band member is confirmed, Christer Eriksen from Skin Desease and In Vein join in on the Ending New prosject. He will be appearing on stage for the first time in Berlin at alte Feuerwache.

Two new songs are available on Myspace as well, recorded this summer in Oslo with producer Bjorge Verbaan. Check them out, guest vocals on Fooled Me Again by Christer Eriksen.

Ending New is booked to do a show in Berlin September 2009. This is a show we are relly looking forward to do. The band is now:

Øyvind Kihle Mobekk (synth, voc)
Tom Kalstad aka Halfface from Gothminister (synth, Backing voc)

More shows will be added!

We are also working with new songs, hopefully to be recorded and put out on a new EP this summer.

Musikkfest. Ending- New er booket til Musikkfest Lørdag 7. Juni. Spiller på Elektrostat scenen i Øvre Vollgate 13 ved Club Maiden

Ps. ikke glem release konsert 23. mai på Maiden.

Upcoming EP.

These days I am working on my first EP. Produced by Øyvind Kihle Mobekk and Bjørge Verbaan. The release is set to april/ mai 2008. The release concert will be at Club Maiden 23. Mai. I will play support for The Murder Mystery and In Vein.

Current Location
General Manager
Øyvind Kihle Mobekk
Depeche Mode, Anstalt, Oslo Synth Band, Nitzer Ebb, Rammstein, Seigmen, The Twins, Alphaville, Vision Talk, Hocico, Gothminister, Apoptygma Berzerk, Mesh, Nine Inch Nails, Hurts, The Shining and others.
Band Interests
Død, ødeleggelse og alkohol.
Press Contact
Booking Agent
Øyvind Kihle Mobekk//Maskineri Booking og Management

Sunday, December 11, 2011

ASTRAL WINTER - Winter Enthroned (Review)

Finally got the chance to sit down and listen to this album and review it. I should have done it earlier! This is by far Astral Winters best album to date featuring stunning audio production, and the "perfect" guitar sound you can find out there in the bowels of underground metal music today. From Tasmania, Australia this Epic Black Metal band is full of surprises. With fierce, aggressive and shriek/shouting vocals, steady drumming, and intense speed, you cant go wrong blasting this album in your friends faces! And not expect them to shake in fear and amazement all at once afterwards.

This album has a timeless feel to go with it so its not neccesarily full blown intensity, but does have that feel through out. Reminds me of Evergrey and Emperor if they were mashed together on a icy planet like Europa. It has a stellar sound, lots going on each track and keeps the listener wanting more after each track. It is just that good as it can get for anyone who is looking for a album to be completely be sucked into. Pure spectacle of metal theatrics!

I really like how the theme of the band is about winter, and that the sound also reminds me of the epic prowess of Bathory's Nordland I and II, just constant epic-ness the whole album through out. You must hear it too believe it. The lyrics are also well thought out, like Through Timeless Aeons of Frost for example...*clears throat*

"And so it is written
In the sacred tome of wrath,
The merciless embodiement of suffering,
The relentless destruction of the worlds
As the stars began falling from the sky
And the night becoming a pale reflection
That despair found within all of humanity
As their world lay frozen in time
The hymn of the faithful
Is now forever sung in silence
The timeless aeons of frost"

Meaningful lyrics for thoughtful music is always a plus in my book!

The album is a span of 9 tracks, and you can also find ambience and serene melancholy in tracks like The Gates Of Prophecy. Longing for Winters End is also a big track with big sounds I know everyone likes it and is one of my personal favorites. Their is no bad or wrong I see in this album and should be listened to throughout without pausing to get the whole feel and presence of the album. Maybe a walk in the moonlight winter nights this season can give you time to do so? Their is only knowledge found in music, and Astral Winter contains such knowledge. A freaking temple of knowledge I say! Symphonic black metal madness at its peak!

Now if you like to get this album I suggest you contact Josh Young at his bands facebook page here or buy it through IMMORTAL FROST PRODUCTIONS if its still there and available. Here is the link.

To sum up this review, this is a killer album and I could not imagine it not being liked by anyone who plays and listens to Black Metal or even Progressive Metal music. This music is fucking smart, and if you do not like it, your the obvious opposite of smart... DURR HURR!!!

Josh's band is also working up to a second album titled "Forest Of Silence" so stay tuned for that but until then get Winter Enthroned while you still can on CD now! It is a must have and must hear. Thanks for this masterpiece Josh, keep up the good fucking work! Cheers and beers \m/

1. Prologue (1:42)
2. Illustrations of Death (6:35)
3. Through Timeless Aeons of Frost (8:39)
4. Defenders of the Astral Kingdom (10:44)
5. At the Gates of Forgotten Prophecy (1:32)
6. Longing For Winter's End (6:23)
7. Beyond These Frozen Castle Walls (8:28)
8. Past the Realms of Eternal Ice (9:32)
9. Epilogue (1:47)

Total: (55:25)

Comes with a 12 page booklet and full artwork in a clear jewel case.

Item will be shipped from Belgium, Europe, for 15 euro (approx $20 USD, worldwide shipping included)


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dark Isle - Frozen Evenings by Candlelight & The Scars of Her Tears (Review)

A confusing/odd mixture of ambient, dub, drum N bass, some dark romanticism, and thoughtful tunes here man... I like it. This is a solo project and Dark Isle brings us songs composed of beats and rhythms that are deep, filled with mood, depression, and filled with melancholy. The music is chilled out music but has a very dark feel compared to most beat oriented music so it stands out. Strong bass and strange frequencies of music I never heard before. It is very intriguing, so intriguing I been listening to this album over and over again. Lord Forneus has the many talents and presents his talents by making a sub-genre of music in a different direction then the BM side of music. When I popped this in my stereo I could not help but fall asleep or smoke, or drink something while listening to it. It is a album that "Sets the mood." I like how each track has something to offer and their is also some weird vocals to go along with it, some sound like female vocals. Anyway, I really enjoyed this album and suggest you pick it up at DARK MEADOW RECORDINGS while you still can! It is a one of a kind, and a solid release for this project by Lord Forneus. Deep beats for deep thinking. Its not a album for everyone, but something you should really check out if your into moody music, and something that sound like something from a Midi or fl studio program. Now... can you dig that?

CONTACT ED FOR THIS ALBUM : or BUY in the cardboard case section :


1 Cold Night Air Is Mine Breathe 2:00
2 Frozen Evening By Candlelight 5:07
3 Left With Nothing 4:40
4 Winds In The Night 1:36
5 Snowmance 3:49
6 Deep Snow Covers The Hills Before Winter Dies 3:44
7 Tropical Chiller 4:02
8 Prayers In A Frozen Shrine 2:49
9 As Snow Falls 2:16
10 Suicide In Silent Snow 6:21
11 Lost In My Own Self 3:12
12 I Lay As Dead Branches In Snow 4:44
13 Drifting Snow Falls Through The Night 3:18
14 I Lay As Dead Branches In Snow(Reprise Version) 4:44
15 Scars Of Her Tears(Bonus) 3:33
16 Mid-Summer Sunset(Bonus) 2:58
17 Cathedral In Silent Village(Bonus) 3:31
18 Ganja Smokers(Bonus) 2:30
19 Moevot Remix(Bonus) 4:09

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dark Theory (NEW Interview by D)

Was suppose to post this a little while ago but just got the time to do it, the Halloween question pretty much tells you that I started in October.

Well, here we go!

Dark Theory interview!!! (2ND ONE)

1) Hey guys! Hows it been and whats new in the DT camp?

RYAN : Not much that you don't know, but for the benefit of anyone not familiar with the band a lot of things have changed very recently for us. For example, now that we all live in different places we've had a much quicker influx of gigs lol. All it takes is to not live in Thanet ^_^
LIV : Its been good thanks. We havent really been up to much over the past couple of weeks though as we've all been busy away at uni and stuff. We're two weeks away from doing our second gig with Sarah Jezebel Deva of Cradle Of Filth fame and hopefully after that we will begin working on some new stuff :)

2) How has thing changed you think from our last interview to now?

RYAN : Well the obvious thing would be that Cronje is no longer in the band. We were really upset about it at first, but the moment Liv started playing all the guitars instead of keyboards we worked a lot better. We replaced some of his riffs with new ones that Liv wrote, and it was obvious very quickly that we had no need for Cronje. Also we have Bob on drums instead of Harvey or the drum machine, neither or which are as good as Bob
LIV : Things have changed a hell of alot. We have a new member after losing two members before the summer for one thing. And I think musically we have generally progressed alot also :). We're doing alot more technical stuff.

3) Has any new material been in the making yet for a new album?

RYAN : Technically it's been in the making since shortly before the last interview, but member changes have delayed things and required re-writes etc. The good thing about this is that it will be as good as it can be when we finally release a follow up to the Bludgeon EP.
LIV : Well not at the moment but if we do have a song idea or riff we always record it and see what we can do with it or whatever. But not really any straight plans for an album or anything...yet :P

4) Has any new projects been made Ryan at all lately you like to mention?

Haha, well of course there is my side band Lifting of the Veil. I encourage anyone that likes stuff like Sunn 0))) or Khanate to check it out. It's slow as possible and the heaviest darkest thing you'll ever hear. Also if you're constipated it'll likely send the shit flowing out.

5) How did Bob come into the band and how is it now with your new drummer? and also what do you (Bob) or you Ryan and Liv think of him?

RYAN : Well he added us on Facebook because he saw we were playing at Beercart (this was the first time we were to play there and we had to cancel because Cronje's mum died). About a year later we make an add looking for a new drummer and it appeared on his facebook, so we started talking after that. As for what I think of him, he's a moany bastard that's lucky he's good at drums.
LIV : Bob basically found us on facebook. We had a chat with him, arranged a practice and there we had him :)

6) What gigs are coming up? anything new or special?

RYAN: Well we were lucky enough to get the opening slot supporting Sarah Jezebel Deva at the Ivy Leaf in Sheerness. As most people know we've played with her before but it'll be even better this time because we have a drummer and we're chummy with her and the band. Anyone in the Kent area ought to come, it's October 15th and it's free entry. Also December 9th with playing with Industrial Noise band Nancy's Place in Folkestone. They're quite a big deal in the area, been around since the 90's and have quite a few albums. We've also got one Christmas time with Trigger to My Mind (awesome local guys who need to put more songs on there profile to listen to) but no other details yet. I'm also in talks with a couple of promoters in Maidstone where I now live who organise local metal gigs, so there will be more to come.
LIV: We have two gigs in line at the moment, one in two weeks with Sarah Jezebel Deva and another with our friend's band 'Nancy's place' in December. They should both be good ^_^

7) Do you plan to do a halloween gig?

RYAN : We really want one, as do our buddies in Transcending the Flesh so maybe we'll get to do one with them but time's running out lol.

LIV : Oh we'd always be up for that. But we dont have one in line at the moment. Last year's halloween gig was epic though.

8) What has been the main objective for DT as of late?

RYAN : Being able to get together just to practice the 5 main songs we have lol. It's the only set back of being at uni (especially as we have a lot more gig offers now).
LIV : To do more swearing, soul crushing, and noisemaking than ever \m/ (awesome reply!)

9)How has life been treating you in general?

RYAN : Pretty well actually, I've adjusted to uni pretty well and I'm enjoying, met loads of cool new people and the area I'm living in is much better than where I'm from. It's pretty hard to sleep here though, light and noise everywhere at night.

LIV : Not too bad thanks. Just started uni and whatnot. Been really busy lately with work and stuff as well.

10) What music or bands have you been listening to lately?

RYAN : Lots of random shit really. Been mainly listening to Mr Bungle and Radiohead a lot, but also a fair bit of Moi Dix Mois, Alec Empire and Pig Destroyer. The latest demo by Barad-Dur came through my post the other day so I've been enjoying that too, as well as my side project Lifting of the Veil.

LIV : I've been listening to symphonic metal (mainly bands like Angtoria/ Sarah Jezebel Deva type thing), thrash and a little bit of folk metal. Mainly to get in the mood for heidenfest :)

11) How has the jamming been and how comfortable do you feel now with this lineup change?

RYAN : It's been pretty good, we've progressed quite fast (mainly because we had to due to the inevitable slow down because of uni). Things are a little up in the air atm because Bob is very busy with his course and I now live a bit far away so we'll see how it goes, but if we're forced to use the drum machine and practice quieter at my accommodation just me and Liv or something, we can still make that work.
LIV : The jammings been good but again we havent done alot of it recently due to starting uni etc. I think we're more comfortable then ever with the line up change considering what happened before the summer. We're just glad to have a great drummer really :)
(Bobby is da man!!!!)

12) Where can fans get your music readily available to them? (cds)

RYAN : The first two demos are on Satanica Productions ( and hopefully quite soon the last demo and our debut EP should be as well. I'm currently working on getting the Bludgeon EP on our Reverbnation store as well. The best way to get our EP is to give me some cash for it personally (preferably at gigs where we always have a few with us).

LIV : Our fans can now order any of our Demos or EP on the Satanica Productions label website. :) (dark wave section)

13) What are the main goals towards the end of this year to 2012?

RYAN : To be able to practice and gig properly lol. Hopefully by the end of 2012 we'll have worked out some sort of system, even if we have to compromise something else (which will either be having to temporarily let go of Bob because of his course, or me letting go of loads of money to come to everyone else >_<) LIV : We'd obviously like to do a bit more gigging :D hopefully work on some new material and at the moment we've got our eyes set on auditioning for 'Metal 2 the masses' which is a competition for a spot on the biggest UK underground Metal festival 'Bloodstock.' Our friends played there this year and that would be such an awesome gig to play :) 14) What do you guys like to do outside music? RYAN ; Well as I've mentioned several times I'm at uni. I'm studying Illustration at BA level for 3 years, just started my first year, so as you may have guessed I love art. Hoping to go into graphic novels, as I'm also an aspiring writer. I'm also obssessed with British Comedy, so I constantly watch it in some form, but I'm also obsessed with science, mainly Astronomy and related sciences. LIV : I like to do alot of art, mainly in theatre. Which is what im studying in a degree at the moment. So I'm designing props, sets and costumes. I do work alot outside of the band as well. 15) If I had to describe DTs sound, what should I say? RYAN : Well you should describe it however you think it sounds lol, but if you mean how would I describe it, then I generally refer to us as a real mix of genres. Our riffs are very influenced by Black and Thrash metal bands such as Mayhem, Satyricon, Celtic Frost, Kreator, Slayer etc but there's often a bit of Death Metal or Doom Metal in some parts (I love Behemoth and My Dying Bride). The drums are more in the Death/Thrash kinda area, but some tracks have all out insane gravity blasts and there's a lot of d'n'b in our stuff which we're trying to work into our live set a bit more. The vocals are generally straight forward Black Metal shrieks (although I've been told I have a powerful and unique style) but we mix it up with a bit of spoken word like in Lowest Scum of the Universe, occasional deeper growls like in Maggots Upon the Throne and there's a lot of Liv's clean operatic vocals in tracks like Maggots Upon the Throne, Horrors of Damnation and Vampire's Pain, the latter of which Liv does all the vocals. We're still working on our keyboard sound atm (or whether to even carry on with a keyboard) because there is a lot of debate in the band as to what to do with it. LIV : It's Kind of hard to say lol I'd say Black/ gothic/ thrash/ experimental/ noise kind of genre lol We don't really have a set genre. But I think those words best describe our sound. I think a great description for our song 'Bludgeon' is Dimmu Borgir and Slayer having a fight =P (I LOVE THIS PIC HEHE)

16) I hope everything goes well, and I hope to pick up your latest release when out???

RYAN & LIV : Thanks Dan :) and for you too ^_^. Indeed I'm sure you will be one of the first ;)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Barad-Dur - I Descend (Review)

This is a review of the one man band Barad-Dur, and I dont mean the BM from Germany, but anyway I got this tape not too long ago from the UK, a very promising band indeed. Thanks for the tape Nathan. Been listening to the tape constantly on my bike rides around town, and just is the perfect atmosphere for the weather we got here at the moment. It was released by Frozen Tendril Records. It is said to be "...feral buzz-saw and dry snare battery...acres of swampy spaciously paced sludge" by the founder of Barad-Dur and I could not agree anymore, this demo radiates just that.

The opening track of The Self Destructive Mindset is more mellow and serene then you would think from the title name itself, but offers a deep, and moody aspect to it, with some classical piano passages and guitar in sync within the track which gives it a lot of life with the drums perfectly keeping the beat steady and then opening up with the vocals of someone who sounds like they are in a deep amount of pain. Sounds kind of like a powerful hardcore band in a way, but not to say that is bad thing, I think its pretty versatile in its musical presence. Before the music kicks in, the vocals are screamed out in a very saddened sort of way, and the music takes over with the guitars/drums pounding away into a sludgey breakdown. The way it was recorded sounds very tight overall, and the song takes life of its own once the music starts to dominate, even though it comes back to its soft tones and trance like ominous.

Alcholic Mess is a mess of noisey, and gut wrenching sounds and offers a feel like the last track but is more a straight forward, heavy tune, and is basically about alchol and rage it seems. Pretty good tune to mosh too, and also im not sure if this band does gigs yet, but this could be a big crowd pleaser. Some softer passages like the last but pumps up the energy with those heavier riffs, and alcholic spewed vocals which shred through my ears everytime I hear them. Could head bang for hours listening to this, and I dont mean banging it on a wall either lol. Strong track here.

Final is the final track, obviously, and is the longest of the 2 and is a complete instrumental masterpiece. Every time I was out and heard this, it was cranked up, just staring at the grey skies, and going down the road loosing myself in the music. I like loosing myself in music more then anything, especially when I am out, and this is one of those tracks that keep you in tune with everything around you, nature, the skies, the streams, the everything is just magnified x100 while listening to this song as if your on some sort of hallucinating drug.

Good song to listen to while sleeping because by the time you hear half of it, your passed out already, but your brain still processes shit as you sleep and the music makes your body become completely numb but comforting in a way till you are awake. Great music for those deep thinkers out there I think.

To sum up the demo, I think you should get it now on tape before they are all out because you wont ever hear a demo as good as this for a long time... or not till Barad-Dur makes a new one :) Trust me on this, get it! Its also on CD if you are not as fucking old as me.
Also, can anyone make any youtube videos for Barad-Dur? I been looking and cant find any.
RELEASED BY Wulfrune Worxxx Records

Monday, November 28, 2011

Latest Update, and E-book cancelled.

Will be reviewing albums all next month, one review, every night till all the albums I have are finished. I wont be doing the e-book I decided a few days ago, its too much work. But I will put up that TF Zine compilation up for download asap. -Danny

Thursday, November 10, 2011

D.H.C. - Die Hating Capitalists (review)

Its been awhile since I done a review on here! Lets get started...

Powerviolence on the crispy outside, and crusty to the core on the inside. This is a unreleased EP by the defunct Cali powerviolent band Drunken Hardcore from West Oakland. Recorded February 2011 at Lennon Studios in San Francisco, CA with Jef Leppard, this band consists of Tony on drum assault, Eric on bloody vokills, Cole on the maniacal 6 stringer, and Henry on the 4 strings of magic... the sound is a cross between bands such as Siege, Discharge and Infest to name a few. The songs are loud, in your face, and are short in length, like a fat mans phallus. Beware of their intensity!!!

The main theme of the album is about drinking, fucked up society, more drinking, and rising up against authority. The song titles say it all pretty much, Paper Thin Mentality, Born Prejudice, Drunk, Fast and Loud, you get the point. The absolute definition of a rebel band and the true essence of rock n rolla. It cant get any more harsh and fast then this.

Since their becoming, Eric and I known each other for a long time, and we have passed demos around back and forth, and the songs were much rawer compared to the sound of this Ep. This has a better quality production wise, and is a perfect follow up to everything they done so far I personally think, and what I consider a official first album from these dudes. Great live shows, and filled with beer and tunes to keep your pulse racing through out their sets the whole time. If your in their area, or want to buy the album offline, do not hesitate.

To sum up this short and very meaningful review, I really like this Ep, its a total non stop assault on the ears and is one of my favorites of Eric's great bands/projects so far. Maximum Volume = Maximum Results. \m/

Here's some DHC current events for you thrash starved hc freaks: DHC's unreleased EP recorded with Jef Leppard in February is now available streaming for free on To Live A Live's online label via bandcamp: 10 songs in 6 minutes!! (TASTY)

As well, we're working on a proper last show since we never had one, and getting back together for a tentative December 9th show. We have a venue and bands in mind but just need to make confirmations. Rest assured it'll be at your favorite spot with some of your favorite hella fast Bay bands.

Friday, November 4, 2011





We only need one song, and got 16 band slots left, so if 84 bands have done it, you can too! You can even do what Ryan Wigley of Dark Theory did and send a small pen drive or sd card with your song on it to the label by mail to Xans house and your on the compy that way too, but do it fast since we only got 16 band spots left! or you can pay the 7nzd $ or in your currency. By money order, or snail mail hidden in a cd case with cash. Last thing, please send your song via link by sendspace dot com or mediafire dot com on that page if you choose the paypal route.

sign up here.... AND Xans email for contact :

THIS IS A GLOBAL ALLIANCE OF UNDERGROUND BANDS ACROSS THE WORLD!!! You all get a copy upon release, and if you want more copies ask Xan of SATANICA PRODUCTIONS how that works by contacting him on facebook or on http:/ in the info section.

Beltane is also mixing and mastering my cover of Venoms Witching Hour for the compilation!!! I am on vocals, Daniel Klyne on guitar of Appalachian Winter, Dietrich Erhart Müller of Bitter Dawn on drums, and Sarah Bartholomew aka Baphgirl on bass of Beltane!!!

Xan and Sarah of Beltane run SATANICA PRODUCTIONS. Its like a supergroup I think!!! :) heh

HERE IS THE CONFIRMED LINE UP NOW!!! p.s. if you sign up, and have a side project, let me know, I can send Satanica your project song and it can get on in the FREE section of the compilation since you already signed up to join!!! We must make this compilation as epic as possible and a promotional success!!! A folder will also be on the disc with a picture of each band and a link to show fans where your main site is to follow. The ultimate promotion and best way to get your bands name out their globally!

















Brutal Death Fuck - Children Of The Necronomicon









Dechristianisierung Europas - Keiner Weint Nach Dieser Stunde
























Moon - Forest Samhain





Necrolust - Reign Of Devil









Ophidian Forest - Pagan Pride In Hell








Rotting In A Open Field - Demon Inside













Subterra Demort - Apostle Of Lucifer

Super Black Object - Bathe In Black Light


















Friday, October 28, 2011

Dark's Angel Promotions (exclusive by D)

If you want your fill of underground metal on air with Ewa Kopyra, I suggest you check out this site and support the underground!!!
Personal Interests
Promotion of metal bands
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Demons of Costa Rica on Radio Revolta
"Demons of dark world" on Radio Revolta!
50 bands and 5 hours of music!

Demons of dark world" on Radio Revolta!
50 bands and 5 hours of music!

Rock, Hard Rock, Metal i okoliczne brzmienia
Prezenterzy Radia Revolta:

\m/ Dorota
\m/ Chaos
\m/ Przemek
\m/ Sam Diabeł
\m/ Agares
\m/ Aphro
\m/ Hell
\m/ Jens
\m/ Kasst
\m/ Pawik
Opole/Warszawa/Bielsk Podl./ Kędzierzyn-Koźle
Record Label
Zapraszamy do słuchania muzyki z kręgu Rocka, Hard Rocka, Metalu i okolicznych brzmień. Na pewno każdy z Was znajdzie tu coś dla siebie. Zapraszamy serdecznie! RADIO REVOLTA to radio tworzone z pasją!!!
Radio Revolta zawarło umowę licencyjną ze Stowarzyszeniem Autorów ZAiKS 30 grudnia 2010.

RADIO REVOLTA - Still Metal, Hard & Heavy!
Stay With Us! We're playing for YOUR EARS! :)
Rock, Metal, Thrash, Hard, Black, Death and Extreme!

RADIO REVOLTA powstało w grudniu 2010, a działalność multimedialną rozpoczyna 1 stycznia 2011 roku.
...See More
Artists We Also Like

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Krvestreb Fanzine (exclusive)

Krvestreb Fanzine #3 issue out now (Limited Edition) Common Grave, Killing Fields, Legion, Puteraeon ect 20 interviews + 262 only underground bands demo & album reviews, A4 size, colourfull covers and English written. 15$ or 12 Euro (Postage Including)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Interview with Angelo of Astral Projection (By D)

WELCOME TO TRANSYLVANIAN FOREST ZINE! how you doing? I just remembered to do this haha

1) When did your band start and why? Well it started 2 yrs ago after I've been getting visions of a surreal reality and alot morbid visions that seemed real when I dream and sinced then I recorded a 3 song demo about my experience (which is for free download on my youtube page).

2)What sound are you going for in this project besides your known status in the band Tryblith, how do the 2 differ you think? Not really sure. I just pick up a guitar and let my fingers and my mind do the work. Well its easy, Tryblith is a spritual journey while Astral Projection is more like a journey through a surreal dimension that may either interest an individual or make a weakling pussy out of someone during the first 10 seconds of my music.

3)What equipment do you use, and how long have you been a musician for? I use my ibanez guitar with a line 6 amp.

4)How has the recording process been so far, and what do you personally think of Astral Projection??? well so far its been great and I'm happy with the sound I got. I'm using a session drummer to record this album plus I'm redoing the older songs also due to the fact that I never really thought it was quite ready yet. But when I recorded that 3 song demo I was by myself in an abandon house with my analog recorder and my instruments and I did not really write anything. I just let my mind and the negative vibe surrounding me write everything while I was recording...

5)What inspired you to make this project in the first place and what do you get out of making such dark music of the sort? well since those surreal dreams and my near death experience I've been interested in another world where after death an individual would be trialed and has to relive parts of there terrible tragic events that would make a person break and cry on the floor asking for mercy.

6)Is there any merch readily available you like to mention? (Even Tryblith you can mention if you like... ) not really at the moment and Tryblith... it will have merch in the future.

7)What do you do outside of music? Hobbies, or anything you like to mention. Well I do not do really anything that much really. I hang out with friends most of the time. I do not really have a social life really. I always love to drink beer and smoke weed with people sometimes but not really an addict. Most of the times I would always get an idea for a song and Iam always on my guitar 24/7 always making some stuff up...

8)What is your goal for this project of yours and what do you see in the near future with it if you have any ideas at all on what direction you like to have it go in? I'll just go with the flow... (word....-D)

9)Is it a natural musical process or is it something you got to sit down and think about, or is it just instinct? .... Just Instinct (word....-D)

10)I will close our interview up at this last question, what do you expect people to get out of your project, and will your project ever be a gigging band? and I thank you for your time!

Let them be prepared for a different type of black metal they never heard before and as far as shows go... Only time will tell.

Genre:Black Metal/DSBM/Morbid

Friday, October 7, 2011


This is a full color, glossy, very well printed heavy metal fanzine supporting the underground and known bands alike. Comes with a free Steel For An Age compilation album and was mostly shown and sponsored at the great Hammers Festival. The zine consists of interviews mostly, reviews towards the end and is very well printed. It features bands like Brocas Helm, Acid, Mortician, Wishdoom, Salem, and usa band Zuul.

Packed with interviews and pretty good reviews on each album, nothing degrading or harsh from what I read so far, and the Acid review is great and I did not know the vocalist was a female. Theirs alot of other great bands on here, but I am not really the biggest into power metal as of late, but it does have a wide selection of bands that you should check out and pick it up if its more of your thing.

As for the Steel For An Age compilation cd the opening track starts off with some fast and heavy in your face attitude from the band Forte with the track Unholy War, 80s thrash of testament combined with powerful range in the vocals of a Ripper Owens and great guitar solo minute and a half into the first song. The next song is by the band Butcher with a song called Halloween, with a female vocalist and a more hard rock feel, more 70s rock sounding to me, and totally threw me off by the name. Theres also male vocals too but the femal vocals are mostly predominant on the track and keep the pace going smoothly through out. I feel like I am playing one of my vinyls listening to this, but this is not exactly my cup of tea but a overall good band that knows what they want out of making music. The 3rd track is by a band called Savage Wizdom called Do Or Die, and opens with a mellow intro fading into the song, I really like where its going, and kickstarts into a power metal anthem with strong lead guitars dueling together in unicef with the singers voice sounding similiar to Hammerfall but also with a strong feel to it, like Queensryche in a way. Lots of thrash, lots of speed, I like to cover the whole thing but more reviews are in the making, I recommend you pick this zine/cd up real soon at the links below.

Blackkout, Blacklist, Braveride, Butcher Cage, Chyld, Coven, Crowhaven, Dark Nightmare, Darkest Era, Demolition Train, Emerald, Flying Skull, Forte, Hurlement, The Last Things, Manstrand, Prowler, Rival, Savage Wizdom, Smokescreen, Stormwarning, Tempest, Total Eclipse, Tramontane, Unblessed, Valor, Void Moon, Zone Zero.
FREE CD compilation tracklist:
* Distros and Traders get in touch! *

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E-book release date extended to December

With all the reviews need to be done this and next month I will get them all done I think better in that timeframe, instead of the next 2 to 3 weeks. Sorry to keep you waiting, but Im busy with my own music, and the only man running the zine around here. ALL hard copies will be reviewed and I also have albums to be reviewed on data disc as well or downloads from friends. After they are done and I reach the 200 post mark, then I will start making the E-book. Layout made by André Nigrum Serpentis of Nigrum Serpentis Records & Promotion, Nocturnal Managementwith Zana Nsp & Krakovgozd magazine with Zana Nsp. More reviews/interviews coming up!!! So be patient. Thanks to AEA zine for support as well, I plan to send him a flyer to possibly be in his next zine issue. Sorry for the wait.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011



Sunday, September 11, 2011

Interview with Kristoffer Oustad (ex-V:28/Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester)

WELCOME TO TRANSYLVANIAN FOREST ZINE!!! Its a honor! (how lovely??? hehehe Kristoffer at Chernobyl rules!!!)

1) How long have you been making music or been involved in music for and why?

Some friends of mine and I started jamming around 1996. After a friend of mine taught me a couple of Sepultura and Metallica riffs I was pretty much sold. Before that I had no interest in instruments at all. Actually, after music class at school I told myself I would never hold a guitar in my hands again, unless it was with the sole purpose of destroying it. We were inspired by bands such as Morbid Angel, Sepultura, Samael and Enslaved, and we were pretty much self taught. We took the name V:O:I:D. In 1998 we split up due to military service and all of us moved in different directions. In 2000 I started working with some ideas on my own. I got a lot of help from a friend of mine, the master mind behind the legendary black metal band Manes, so I got started using drum machines and different music programs. That took the music in a far more experimental. Around that time I hooked up with Eddie and another companion, and we started a band from the remains of what was discontinued in 1998. We did a few demos, and it was great to see things finally shaping up and sound decent. Unfortunately the vocalist at that time was involved in a car accident, so he had to split. In 2002 Eddie and I formed V:28. It was pretty much a continuation of V:O:I:D, but with a far more focused musical vision. I was getting more confident writing music, and things headed in a more industrial and mechanical direction. Later that year we recorded the first V:28 demo, Time Is Empty, which lead to a contract with Vendlus Records. I’ve always been very interested in music, but at the age of 15 I had no intentions of making music on my own. I guess it was something that just came along with the increasing interest in music.

2) What bands have you been in and what can you tell us a little bit about each one?

V:28 is by far the most important and ambitious band I've been in, and is definitely my biggest achievement as a musician. The band was formed in 2002 and discontinued in 2008. We released a trilogy of albums with the concept of the World coming to an end. The concept wasn't you're average "epic apocalyptic story", but more an insight into different aspects of it, trying to reach the listener and get them to portray their own vision of it. At the end of the bands existence Cold Meat Industry released a V:28 remix album with different artists remixing and interpreting our tracks. We did several shows, most of them in Norway, and in 2008 we did a farewell tour, where we also hit the European continent. The tour concluded with a special show in our hometown, marking the end of the band. and

Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester is a collaborative project between Peter Nyström (Megaptera, Negru Voda, etc…) and me. It wasn't planned at all, but was a result of a jam session after a gig he did in Norway the summer of 2005. The jam session ended up as our debut album, brakeHEAD, and was released by Malignant Records in 2006. We just finished with our second album, entitled Overlook Hotel, which will be out in October 2011, first as a limited edition vinyl and later on as CD. Both formats will have unique tracks, making both formats mandatory! Definitely a release to keep an eye out for! and

In 2008 I got in touch with Leech of Navicon Torture Technologies, and we hit of quite well. We did a collaboration with NTT and KNO, and as a result a new band was born; Suffering Bodies. The process of making the music has been long and a bit “on and off”, but I think we’ve ended up with a great result. There will be a MCD out on Annihilvs Power Electronix later this year.

Plague Machinery is a sort of solo project of mine. It’s a sort of “playground” where I can experiment and do stuff I normally wouldn’t do under any of the other projects I’m involved in. I’ve done a few remixes and some collaboration under that moniker, but it’s nothing I’m using a lot of energy at the moment. The last thing I did was a track featured on the Negru Voda CD “Våld De Luxe”, which was released the spring of 2011. (also a lot of other projects I’m involved in)

Last but definitely not least is Öeth. A band formed by Nordvargr (MZ.412, Folkstorm, Econocon, HH9, Toroidh etc…) and Ulvtharm (MZ.412, Econocon, etc…) and me back in 2009. It’s been on hiatus since then, but the beast is finally moving! The music is very powerful, electronic and industrial. A vital injection of balls into the alternative music scene!

3) What is the music scene like in your area?

The scene for rock and metal music in my area have been quite active in periods, while close to dead in other periods, but there’s always been a core of key persons keeping the flame alive. Arendal Rockklubb, the local rock club, is celebrating its 30th year anniversary this year, and it’s actually the oldest rock club in Norway. They’re also releasing a double vinyl featuring artist that has played an important role for the scene over the last 30 years, and I’m glad that V:28 were asked to take part on the release. The release is set to mid December this year, and I think the vinyl is limited to 250 copies.

4) What is your favorite performance on stage? Any funny behind the scenes stuff?

I think the release concert for the SoulSaviour album is the best show we’ve ever done. Not technically, far from it, but the atmosphere and crowd was just insane. It was in our hometown Arendal in Norway, which hadn’t had a decent metal gig for many years, and apparently there was a strong need for it! The gig we did at the Hole In The Sky festival in 2003 was very special, sharing stage with Samael, Enslaved, Satyricon, Gorgoroth to mention a few. Luckily we had the honor of playing on the opening night, so we were more or less keeping the after party going for the next three days, ending it with killing off one of the most expensive trees in Bergen. I think that became our trade mark in Bergen, haha! The World Wide Bombing Tour in 2008 was also a dream coming true. Touring across Europe was something I wouldn’t have missed for the World. Meeting fans that had followed us for many years gives an extra kick when performing. We also had a very pleasant stay in the Champagne district when we had a few days off, so we got to experience some of the best out of the French kitchen. And yes, they do eat frogs… and so did we. The farewell gig in Oslo together with Enslaved was also very special. They are great friends, and our debut concert was together with them, so ending it that way felt very cool. They cycle is complete! While you’re on the road you develop the strangest kind of humor, end up in situations weirder than you could ever imagine, meet all kinds of strange people and at times it feels like you’re on an audition for the next generation of The Twilight Zone.

5) Alright, I got your CD SoulSaviour from a teacher of mine, a computer teacher, 6 or 7 years ago, he said "I got this for free at a music festival. You will like this..." I said, hmmm, I hope! lol! Then I got on the bus, went home, went in my basement, threw your CD in, and BAM!!!! Been a fan ever since! But it seems you don’t have a lot of known followers to me in the USA??? All my friends got into them because of me. I have yet to find ONE guy that knows them that haven’t got to know you guys through me... not one! lol am I the only New Yorker that knows you guys? There must be more, but I haven’t met one person yet, they all say “hmmmm… who’s that?” or they say “hmmm… sounds like that drink to me”. Morons, haha! It must be hard to get a wide spread bombing across all countries is it?!?! lol
I’m really glad you’re doing your part of getting the gospel spread in the USA, haha! It’s a tough job getting the name out there and you have to have a lot of resources, primarily money, to get the job done. Personally I hoped for a better promotion from the label, and there are limits to what you can do yourself. All of us have a “normal” day job, so time is a limited resource as well. However, it seems like most of the people we get to are really dedicated, and I prefer a few dedicated fans rather than tons of superficial ones.

6) What can you tell me about your project "Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester" and what does it bring to the table musically, and how does it differ from your previous band V:28? I’m excited to hear this project.

Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester was the result of a jam session with me and Peter Nyström, like I told earlier in the interview. The whole process of composing is very different from that of V:28, which was way more structured and didn't give that much room for improvising. In KNO the focus is almost 100 % on the atmosphere, and there are no melodies... Then again, V:28 has a very cinematic and atmospheric feeling to it, so there are definitely some resemblances too. For me personally, KNO was a breath of fresh air, as I'd been working exclusively with V:28 for about four years and it was a completely new way of approaching music. The first album just came along as we improvised, and neither of us had any visions or ideas on how things would end up. Actually, it wasn't until some months later we realized we should complete the recordings and send out a promo to a few people. The response was overwhelming, and Malignant Records offered us a contract immediately. People should check out during October for updates and samples.
get cd here: Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester - Brakehead (Malignant: TumorCD25) COPY PASTE URL

7) What is "Suffering Bodies"? A new project or band as well? It sounds like an old school death metal band just from the name.
Suffering Bodies is a collaborative effort between Francesco Gemelli (Eidvlon) and Leech (Navicon Torture Technologies, Theologian, Körperwelten, Love Is Nothing, etc…) and me. The music is extremely heavy electronic drone based black metal with industrial themes combined in a bitter cold ambient soundscape. Keep checking in at for updates!

8) What has the online world done for you and what has it done good promotion wise for all your bands? Has it been a good outlet for sales, and fans and contacts in which you couldn’t get unless otherwise, or is it the opposite?
Hard to say. Obviously the internet makes promotion easier, but then again you have tons of bands “struggling the battle” which makes it easier to drown in between other bands. I guess it all comes down to the work and resources you put into promotion and getting the attention you deserve. Normally hard work pays off… even in the music industry, hehe!

9) What do you think of the generation of today? iPods or hard form? It seems we are getting our ass kicked and being called old men if we own a vinyl.
Hard ware! Period! One of the many problems with the mp3 and streaming format is that people tend to skip back and forth between tracks, artists and albums all the time. That way you lose what I consider to be the ultimate listening experience; the continuity and entirety of an album. Most of the music I listen to requires the listener to listen to the album from beginning to end to get the whole picture. That being said; a lot of the main stream music is made in order to become one hit wonders and "stand alone tracks", but normally that kind of music doesn't interest me. Also, people should keep in mind that artists, record labels, producers, etc. are dependent on getting paid for the job they do, just like any other job, and therefore I think it's important to support the music industry, mainstream or underground. If they don't get paid for their work, they cannot continue making and releasing music. There’s also the visual aspect of having the hard copy. I myself still enjoy picking up a vinyl or CD and read the liner notes, lyrics etc. when listening to the album. Nostalgia de luxe!

(V:28 promo)

10) What bands have you played with and enjoyed sharing the stage with?
Enslaved, Samael, Red Harvest, Code, Gorgoroth, Satyricon, and Cadaver Inc. to mention a few.

11) What is life like in Norway and how did you get involved in music? You grew up during the black metal scene, if I am correct, or was this later in your life because you’re older? (early 90s)
Life in Norway is great! Great welfare, job opportunities, schools and so on. I have no reason to complain even though we all have some things that we want to change. That being said, I think it’s important so see things from a greater perspective from time to time. I was always very fascinated by music, but when I discovered Metallica in 1989 I was pretty much sold. From there I explored the extreme metal genre and it was actually by accident that I got into black metal. I was tape trading with a friend of mine and he was supposed to send me some Morbid Angel stuff. Which I thought was pretty insane in the early nineties. When I got the tape it was with the now legendary Emperor and Enslaved split EP. I had to give it about 20 listens before I started to get into it. I think there were only about five people from where I lived that listened to black metal in the early nineties. All the church burnings and murderers got a lot of attention in the media and black metal was definitely a big taboo at that time. So in a small city there wasn’t much room for tolerance and I guess most people listening to black metal felt a bit alienated, even though one were only into it solely for the music. Along with the metal music I’ve always been very fascinated by electronic ambient music. The fact that black metal, especially Emperor and Enslaved had a lot of these eerie atmospheric electronic elements opened many doors for me. However, one of my greatest discoveries was when a friend of mine sent me a tape with various Swans tracks. It was some sort of missing link, and everything just felt 100 % right with Swans. Best band in the World!

12) What style or guitars do you play that you enjoy the most and how long have you been a “guitar guy"?

I have a Hamer Slammer Series that I’ve been faithful to for over 13 years now. It’s a classic “metal guitar” and I’m very happy with it and fit my style of playing very well. I wouldn’t consider myself a “guitar guy” and I have no interest in showing off or “wank” my guitar. Over the years I’ve been focusing more and more on the sound and feeling rather than technique. I mean; who wants to listen to some everlasting solo when the song in itself it total crap?

13) What is your life like outside of music? Hobbies? Things you enjoy doing? Beer you like to drink? Just name it.

I've been mountain biking for many years, but the activity has been up and down, haha! Anyway, the last years I've been catching up on it, and it's a great way to get out in the nature, great exercise and great for recreational purposes. Also, I believe it's very healthy to be at one with the nature, not only the physical aspects of it, but also the psychological aspects. After all, that's where we all came from, and I think it's important to take care of it, rather than denying it (hello Christianity!). Besides that I like scuba diving. It's a fascinating world down there and it's awesome just drifting around weightless, like some sort of astronaut. I also have great interest in drinks and food, and preparing a better meal can be great fun. And most important; the chef needs to have a good drink or two along with the cooking to make it right. I enjoy many sorts of drinks, but I'm a sucker for "hand crafted" beer, and India Pale Ale being my favorite. Actually, we have a local brewery where I live, Nøgne Ø (translates: Naked Island), that has won a lot of international awards for their beer. And I can assure you; it's magic in a bottle! Try looking it up in the States, I know they do a lot of export.

14) What do you think the future holds for the apocalyptic year of 2012 if you think it is if any?
The phenomenon in itself is interesting, but I don’t think it’s “the end” as it’s been portrayed in tons of lousy Hollywood productions and family friendly entertainment. I’ve always had a fascination for doomsday prophecies, but I’m starting to get fed up by all the focus on December 21st 2012. One can interpret old scripts in so many ways, and I bet Nostradamus is laughing his ass off while “doomsday preachers” is using his writings for all it’s worth. What I do find interesting is that NASA has more or less confirmed some of the planets alignment that the Mayan Indians foretold if I’m not mistaken. Most people seem to fail in understanding the true meaning of the word “apocalypse”. It doesn’t necessarily mean “the end” or “the destruction of the World as we know it”, but rather “change” or “uncover”. What that holds, might be something we won’t notice until many years after it’s actually taken place. Mother Earth is dynamic, and change is something that shaped her into what she is today ever since her birth. It would be naive to think that that we are the “main character” in this play. We’re just a fraction on the universal time scale, like a blink of an eye on a human time scale. Besides that, the phenomenon seems to be a gold mine for power and money hungry “brain washing communities” to recruit new members.

15) What do you get out of your life today which seems different compared to how it was 10 or 20 years ago? Do you feel accomplished or feel you laid down the goals you ever dreamed of or strive for more?
Focus changes as you grow older, and as you reach the goals you set, there’s always new goals rising on the horizon. Things that was very important years ago aren’t necessarily that important today. That’s simply called living, and what makes life interesting!


16) Do you still work with LRZ?

I still keep in touch with LRZ, but we haven't worked together since the demise of V:28. We almost considered him the fourth member of V:28, and I'm eternally grateful for the excellent job he's done for the band. He's very skillful and in many ways we have the same way of thinking music, and when it comes to challenges he eats them like crackers. It's been a pleasure having him along the ride!

17) What can you tell the readers of this zine to do today to help you out with your music and who do you like to thank or give a shout out to before we close this interview and I am very glad to have you be part of my zine e-book in its final chapter. This zine has had a long run, the pdf document will be constructed and up for download (I’ll send you a link) just I feel it’s time to give it a rest, need to focus on my own music. I wish you great luck, and if there is anything you need, give me a whistle! ;) Thank you sir!!! You’re a influence of mine and a very talented guy. It’s been great and have a great move! :) \m/ SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND!!!! \m/

Thanks for the kind words and the interview! Be sure to check out for lots of tracks from my projects.


Thursday, September 8, 2011


Here is the cover for the e-book, and I think it suits well since the release of it will be on HALLOWEEN night at 12am... :)

The compilation I mentioned on the cover will feature my favorite bands from the zine all rolled onto a 20 track free digital compy with a song from each band I decide to pick to add to it I reviewed and interviewed. If you dont make it on the compilation, sorry, I dont have a system where to choose bands, I am just going to pick my favorite ones, thats all, and if you have a new track, let me know by if you are one of the bands I picked and want to use that song instead. I will have a list later tonight of each band to be on it, consider yourself lucky if your on it. :)

As for the e-book, the layout has been made so I ll just go with that. I still have 50 posts to make and a introduction for the e-book will be made. The compilation is free, and to download the e-book, it comes with the compilation link. I will make all the art, and everything will be done by me unless I seek help, dont ask if I havent asked you.

It has been a fun almost 2 years, and now I will continue the posting till I am ready to get it all together for e-book finalization. Thanks everyone for the support and afterwards I am taking a year or 2 off from the zine. Thanks for making this very special. -Danny

p.s. NO I am not changing the cover art, I like the way it is, thank you very much!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bitter Dawn - Winterthorns Review (by D)

So, sometime ago I stumbled upon a guy that knows a friend ov mine that makes awesome class bm to its fullest extent. He also had lots of good dark praise for by band too. He goes by the name Dietrich, and his now one man solo project is located in British Columbia, Canada. Canada has some great bands their, even in black metal and this is one of them, but also this band is originally from Olympia, Washington. A very dark and mesmirizing feel to the atmosphere on this album and also comes off with a more early 90s feel to it I think I hear it. When I think Bitter Dawn, I think old Emperor vocal wise ala Forgotten Centuries with some screechy drunken whiskey throated raunchyness to it and old school Mayhem musical compositions with a hint of Pagan Fears like style to it but a bit slow downed to a steady rock n blackened roll pace.

Maybe I dont know what the hell I am talking about, but I am just saying what comes to my mind. The sound overall is not badly produced and is not super clean whatsoever but has a very clear and tight guitar sounds through out which build up each track to its crushing assault that feels like your being stomped to oblivion. You can hear every instrument pretty much in the tracks which I think is a very good thing. Definetely something to listen to when you wanna own some bastard liberal in a debate or if you just wanna kick his ass because he is a no good asshole that deserves it. Or just because you feel like listening to some cult as fuck black metal with a old edge feel to it. Winterthorns is bad ass each track to track to the very core of its blackened bone. A thorough listen is required!

This is aggressive, this is in your face, this is out to rip your soul apart and spit you out. Not for core teeny boppers of course, this is for men who truely know where good and bad BM lie. It also has a mixture of depressive within, with its mood and painful cries, but the black metal mentality is more dominant on this one. Obviously a good one indeed. They support the old ways of BM, sounds second wave to me and come off as one of those bands for sure. I like the direction the whole album has and the bm roots the ep went for, but has its own killer twist.

Also this was out in 2008 by the way this was made, so I am pretty sure more material will be out very soon by Bitter Dawn. I assure he will be back on track and in your face to show you the true meaning of despair, agony, and wretchedness only found in a dark place... Urn was also a excellent instrumental and the rest from Self Loathing to Never End the Night, you just cant turn it down for a second. Full on assault! That is the hatred found on the black heart and mind of someone who knows exactly what he is doing towards his goals in music. Making cold and ruthless black metal of course!!! Ave Sathanas!!! -D

Original line up:
Dietrich - Rhythm guitar, bass, battery & vox.

Mikael - Lead guitar, bass, synth & backing vox.

Lineup now :
Dietrich - Rhythm guitar, bass, battery & vox.

1. Self-Loathing in Desolation 05:00
2. Toiling Through 04:10
3. Terror Recumbent 04:38
4. Lethargy in Red 03:47
5. Never End the Night 04:44
6. Urn 06:57