Friday, July 22, 2011

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Upon Shadows - The Huge Circle Of Time Review (by D)

Here is a album by Upon Shadows that should not be overlooked, and its is one of my favorites, it is called The Huge Circle Of Time! Made entirely by Tamara Picardo, this demo brings a more epic feel to the sound and it is filled with superb riffing and mastery. The South American underground band is something new and fresh and offers more to the listener then the basic death core bands I been hearing their lately. Black/Death metal elements engulf you on this, and has a real kick to it sonically.

The symphonics and guitars are in complete harmony with the sound and is never exhaustive. Very deep, destructive, strong, and uplifting through out. The vocals have a more raspier style this time I think, and brings more death metal grunts in the mix. Dark Metal, full of keyboards, misanthropy, and is filled with magic and the dark arts. The clean vocals, very haunting, and mesmerizing all at the same time, this demo is great track to track through out and should be given a thorough listen.

Its easy to digest, it has a great production and brings out what Upon Shadows is all about 100%. The piano in the song Cosmic Ramp is very deep, classical sound showing a more mellow and depressive feel to the music, I really like how the sound of it came out. I recommend this album to people who like to listen to music that is touching yet powerful all at the same time. It ranges from a bunch of different sounds within other genres but nevertheless it is Dark Metal sound at its finest.

I can listen to this style of music for hours and it is a true defined moment in the way music is now expanding forwards all the while offering something that reminds me of music of a different era. Even fans of old chamber music can get into this. I like how the atmosphere of the album draws you in and does not let you go for a second. I feel like I am listening to a new age version of 18th century music at one point, then listening to music that is heavy and is black to the core the next! Many beautiful shades, bright colors, and even overwhelming darkness can be found in this huge circle of time... -D

1. Cygnus X1 03:56
2. The Core 04:01
3. Ondinas (new version) 03:55
4. Cosmic Ramp 02:02
5. Urban Syntesis 02:31
6. In Darkness We Shall Rise 05:54

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Pueden conseguir el material de Upon Shadows en (get cds from Upon Shadows at) SATANICA PRODUCTIONS :