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ECLIPSE ETERNAL - Ubermensch: Evolution Beyond the Species Review (by Dracolord)

When I got this album in the mail, I didn't know what to expect. I didn't even know I was to be expecting it. I hadn't heard of Eclipse Eternal before, but I was a pleasantly surprise. Ubermensch: Evolution Beyond the Species is not the most innovative thing to come from the underground, but it is a breath of fresh air production wise. The lo-fi atmosphere that seems to be a prerequisite of the black metal sound gets tiring after being exposed to it for so long. It's just nice to hear a band and be able to tell what is going on musically with their songs.

The album itself can be summed up three words: symphonic black metal. If someone put Dimmu Borgir and a sprinkle of Emperor in a blender, you'd have something sounding like this album. While the guitar riffs aren't amazing, the symphonic elements help fill things out in a pleasing way. I hate to keep gushing about the production values, but they're so great and make the album so much better for it.

There are a couple music videos on youtube for the songs The Dragon Has Come to Blot Out the Stars and The Approaching Storm. I can highly recommend these videos if you're a fan of black metal bands being very serious.

I'm not sure where you can pick up this album, but you can found out by contacting Eclipse Eternal at hellknowsmyname@hotmail.com. Give it a shot, please.

Monday, March 28, 2011


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Dear, Loyal Fans of Transylvanian Forest E-zine,

I am here to inform you, that I plan to shut down the e-zine in 2 MONTHS... to focus on my music and projects, (read last note) and we had a great year long run since last March, but in the next 2 months, it will be closed, but soon we will return back stronger then ever, and with physical copies in a limited run!!! :D  (most likely 6 months after the 2 month shut down)

Please spread the link around, and more reviews/interviews will be up ASAP that we are wrapping up before the close down. If you are interested in doing a review, or a few to help out like others are doing so far, and interviews, you are more then welcomed to join in!!! Hell I do it hehe so let me know what you think, and as always SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND!!!! lml>_

P.S. this is not spam LOL and we want TF E-zine to go out with a big hurrah!!! Its better to burn out, then to fade away!!!  UGH!!! -D

Good time to listen to Hypocrisy right now....

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Farm School Holocaust Review (by Brainscab zine)

Farm School Holocaust: No Human Involved
Noise Head Records
“After the Spark”, “A Gorgeous Rainbow…Smile…Destroy it”, “Cake and Zombies on a Saturday Night”, “The Lion”, “Looks Like a Big Mechanical Penguin”, “You Are Laughing At Me”, “Mindgame”, “A Perfect Night”, “35mm”, “No Human Involved”, “Epic Fail”, “Iron Storm”, should be enough for you to see what Farm School Holocaust is about. For those who need a little more, this is going to be a mix of hardcore, thrash extreme metal. OK, still not enough!!! These hyperactive merchants of mayhem and madness throws out all in a simplistic blast of complicated riffs and leads that only takes a break in between tunes. If that is still not enough then contact the band or their label and experience the Farm School holocaust for yourself…. I believe you will not regret it.


Here it is, buy the album once its out on SATANICA PRODUCTIONS at http://www.satanica.org/ -D

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lustre - Vaticannibalistic Tape Review (by D)

Been awhile since I reviewed a tape! Here it is...

This band Lustre is a black metal band and is from the country of Turkey. The band consists of Sarrum on vocals and guitar, and Martin Ciappara on drums. This duo here released a cd and tape, I got the tape, from 2008 called Vaticannibalistic. This album reminds me of a rawer 1349, crossed with a more depressive, and colder feel. The band is still active, and this tape is not as raw as you would think, but the quality is very black metal to me. The songs consist of religous symbolism of the darker side, and also is a band that is not afraid to throw its own weight around on the subject.

The album was produced by the drummer himself, and this was not a cheap production. Each song has a strong 80s feel, but also thrashy at times too. I am not sure if they have another album in the making but they seem to have their music down pretty well and keep it as dark as possible with out destroying the overall feel of it,  its a listenable album at best. Clean vocals echo through out, and its a very dark vocalizing I have not heard from most bands lately. Deep, and suffocating.

I just always look for that strong point in the music, and I cant really put my finger on it, or find it in this one, but its a good listen nonetheless. They also threw in a Bathory cover of Blood Fire Death in the mix, and its pretty impressive cover holding the same mystic as the original  I think. I recommend you get the cd, and if your lucky you could get the tape. Its a great addition to my collection, and is a bit on the thrashy side but the black metal sickness is well played out on this one. I would recommend this band to people who like black metal in its purest form. Check these guys out at http://www.myspace.com/lustreband
and www.nghproductions.net if the sites are still up for a listen or to pick up a copy now.

1. The Intro 3.17
2. Antropophagus 8.08
3. Divine Fetish 7.49
4. The Sin 9.42
5. Summoning of Black Fire 5.02
6. Blood, Fire, Death (Bathory cover) 10.49
7. The Secret God 7.43
8. The Outro 3.13

Total playing time 55.43

download album here : http://www.mediafire.com/?243upv7qib0kgj5

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DARK METAMORPHISIS Interview with Count Draclecarde (by D / Dracolord)


1)When did you start your band, and why?

D.M was started back in 2006. Originally it was meant to be a touring group, but I ultimately decided that the music I wanted to create was much better suited for dark bedrooms, rather than lighted stages.

2)What is the main theme, or subject, or difference to each album you made in you discography?

Well the subject matter of album definitely varies, as does the music itself. I usually begin each album with a certain musical idea in mind, and try to base the songs around that. Many of the albums are based around various concept stories, but I don't really consider the message to be too important. I think each album should be interpreted by the listener. I try to make the music as atmospheric as possible, to help the listener tap into their own imaginations while listening.

3)What do you look for when your making music? Is it more about the riffs, the atmosphere? or?

Definitely atmosphere. That is really what Dark Metamorphosis is all about. I try to make music that you can listen to in the background, or sleep to. D.M. is way more effective (at least to me) if you just sit back and let the music absorb you. That's what this band all about.

4)What is the recording process like, and how does it work for you?

Generally I try to get a basic outline of how the song will start and end, and I just fill in the middle with whatever feels right. I never plan out my riffs, I just let the music guide me.

5)Where can all your supporters/fans pick up your albums at?

Well the only album released on CD is "The Cult Of Draclecarde", and that can be found at Satanica Productions (www.satanica.org). I am hopeful that some of my newer material will eventually be released on CD or tape, but I unsure whether it will happen. Fans can check out the official youtube channel:  www.youtube.com/darkmoffical. I try to update it regularly.

6)If you had to decide which song to name as your worst, which would it be? ;)

That's a tough one. I am really unsure. I'm unhappy with most all of my songs in some form or another, but if I had to choose, I would say some of my earlier demos are pretty fucking shitty.

7)If you had a song you like to name as your best, which one would that be?

That's definitely a toss-up between "Hand Of The Heavenly Bride" (from the Human Again album), and "Are You Morbid Yet?" (from Kingdom Gone), those two are definitely "classics" in my eyes, along with a few others. I would really like the chance to release a compilation/best of, of a few of my favorites, someday.

8)What bands influenced you, and how long have you been a musician for? Lessons? self taught? both?

There are dozens of really strong influences that helped me to become the musician I am today, but I would have to say the main ones are: Mercyful Fate, Celtic Frost, and Darkthrone. I have have been a musician for going on seven years now, and am completely self taught at everything that I play.

9)If there is a few underground bands you like to mention, who would they be?

Wow, there are alot. I have so many friends in the underground scene who have helped me along the way. Desolation, S.O.D.D., Buer, Ravenhelm, Equilibrium Ablaze, Melankolia, and Ssunfuck are just a few names off the top of my head, but there are certainly many more.

10) This is my last question for you, what do you think the reaction has been so far for  your latest masterpiece "Kingdom Gone"? and what do we expect to hear in your latest album "In A Heart Beat" ???

Well, other than a few kind words I have received (yours included), there really hasn't been too huge of a response. It is absolutely the album I am most proudest of, thus far. The new album "In A Heartbeat" will be pretty similar in style to K.G. actually, but  with  more of an emphasis on moods and ambience. There will still be brief symphonic moments,  hellacious choirs and thrashy riffs thrown in, for those out there who enjoy that type of thing. I can say with genuine certainty that I am pretty pleased with what I have so far, and I hope that fans of the band will enjoy the finished product.


1) How do you feel about your growth as an artist during your tenure in the underground scene?

I feel that i've made quite a journey during my time as an underground musician. Having met so many great musicians who've helped me out, and all things i've experienced, I think i've grown quite a bit.

2) At one point you were churning out an album month after month. How do you feel about your newer material as your production time has grown?

I definitely feel that it has significantly improved. I've been spending alot more time trying to refine each song, to the best of my ability, rather than just speeding through production. There is alot more experimentation now, as well.

3) If you had the opportunity to hang out with any musician, who would you choose and what would you do?

I would honestly love to just chill and talk metal with Fenriz for an afternoon. Maybe throw back a few beers.

4) You've done a couple of covers in the past. How did you come to the decision to cover Cat Scratch Fever?

It was done as a joke. Someone suggested I cover the song, so I tried to take the song, and make it as black metal as possible. I think i did a decent enough job.

5) For those who don't know of it, can you describe what you call 'negative sleep'?

Negative sleep is what occurs when one goes to sleep with Dark Metamorphosis playing in the background; is tortured by nightmares, and wakes up with a start a few hours later, feeling 10 times more tired, slightly sick, and sore. Not something I'd suggest, but 9 times out of 10, it works. You, of all people can confirm that. Maybe i've stumbled onto something here. If you want to ruin your night, give it a try.

6) Who is your favorite Satanist? Do you even have one?

I honestly have no clue.

7) Your first album's concept was based on the first game in the Thief series. Do you have any plans on covering the story of any of the other games in the series (or any other intellectual properties)?

I don't know if I will base any future albums around Thief, or anything similar. Though you  will definitely be seeing more song/album titles in reference to things that I enjoy. Lately, I have been centering the themes around concepts that I have created. We will have to see when the time comes to start a new album. You never know.

8) Unhealthy Opera is probably my favorite album you've done, and if I remember correctly, it was recorded in a weeks time. How the hell did you pull that off?

I basically recorded that album having had little-to-no sleep each night, and I was probably under the influence of something or other at the time. I am glad you enjoy it, though. It is one of the only D.M. albums that I consider to be 100% black metal.

9) Your vocal styling comes off as very textural and unintelligible. What secrets are you hiding in your lyrics?

The cure to cancer? Secrets to world peace? We may never know.

10) Do you have any wisdom to share with anyone interested in music in general or maybe with just living life?

Not particularly.

Thank you for answering my questions. If you wish to cap off the interview with some last words, feel free to do so.

I want to thank you guys at Transylvanian Forest for taking the time to interview me. I appreciate the interest. So long.

APPALACHIAN WINTER - Interview with D.G. Klyne (POST 100!!!!)

Welcome to Transylvanian Forest E-zine D.G. and how you been?

1) When did your band start and why?

Wow, you're not fucking around here!  Getting right to the tough ones right off, I see!  It's kind of a hazy thing as to when the project was really started.  The first song, "Into the Abode of Wolves" was written late in 2007.  The following early months of 2008 is when the name "Appalachian Winter" hit me, like a ton of bricks dropped from a ten story height.  The feeling was there when that first song was written, but it did take some time to pass before proper words and imagery could be generated, and since those things really drive me as a musician, it's probably best to say the project began in early 2008.  So, I really could have just shut my jaw right off and said early 2008 without the rest of that nonsense.  Man, I hope you're a patient fellow with patient readers!

With luck, I hopefully can say why a bit more concisely.  I'd already been a musician for well over a decade before Appalachian Winter was realized.  I had projects before, both with others and by myself, but I consider them to mostly be failures, or works leading towards something else.  Before "Into the Abode of Wolves," I had three solo albums planned and all of them blew up right in my face because I had no rhyme or reason as to why I was writing the music.  So, to say I was in a rough place would have been an understatement!  I remember considering hanging up my hat with music all together, but before that became a too serious consideration, "Into the Abode of Wolves" exploded out of me.  I'm still clueless as to how it happened, but the feeling of being onto something good was there, and it didn't leave.  It still hasn't. It's become a need for me to this stuff, rather than a passing want.  Yeah, that wasn't even close to concise!

2)How many albums do you have in your discog, and where can people pick these albums up at?

Right now there are three complete albums, which can be had at http://www.mediafire.com/?qwvfnuv62641n There's also a folder for the new album there that is updated as I finish songs for the next release.  Apologies in advance for the pop-ups, but life makes it hard for someone to just throw free music up on the web.  Oh, yeah, this stuff is FREE.  Seriously.  I used to be able to print out physical copies (also free), but that's a painful process even when everything works right, which none of it does right now!  So I won't be able to that for a good while.  Your best bet if you want my music is to download the stuff.

3)How long have you been a musician for? and is it true you do ALL the music yourself?

Well, I feel like calling me a musician is a bit like calling a psychopath who smears his own shit on a canvas a "painter."  It's cute and everything, but not quite realistic, I feel!  I've been playing guitar badly for over fifteen years now.  Of course, since then I've added to my now large repitoire of badly-played instruments.  I'm seriously no virtuoso!  I luck out by being able to combine simple elements of musicianship into something big sounding, or something like that.  And yes, all instruments you hear are done by me and all music is written by me!  Aside from the basics like Guitar, bass and keys (all badly played, remember) you'll also hear me exquisitely butcher such instruments as bouzoukia (Irish and Greek) a nylon strung harp, a bodhran, mandola, mandolin, Jew's harp, an octave mandolin, and probably something else I'm forgetting.  Oh, and the drums your hear (except the bodhran) are voices on a keyboard, as are the brass and strings, flutes and such.  I'm hoping to add a mountain dulcimer (imagine that!) and a banjo to the general cacophony soon.

4)I really like your album SILENCE BEFORE THE GREAT MOUNTAIN WIND, how was the recording process for that? and what inspires you the most about it, themes, ideas behind it all?

Well, that's the first album I have as Appalachian Winter, so the inspiration part for the whole of that album was me writing the song "Into the Abode of Wolves," and then shitting myself over having done something that kinda maybe didn't suck too much for once!  I mean, seriously, the rest of that album fed off that song so much that it probably could also have been named "Into the Abode of Wolves" or "Danny Klyne has Wolf-fetish for Reasons even he doesn't Understand."  Well, okay, that last one could be a name for any album by Appalachian Winter!  As far as recording, I wasn't new to it, so I could say relatively it was a smooth process, because all I needed to know I discovered before that album commenced.  Just remember, when I said "relatively smoothly," "relatively" is the important word in that sentence!  When I'm involved, nothing goes smoothly as per most (sane) individuals' expectations!

5)How does the recording process work for you? and what machines, and programs, and stuff do you use to get all that great sound? Dont name too much, somebody might rip you off hahaha

Oh dear Jesus!  Okay, here's a "smooth" night of recording for me:  Boot the computer, open Sonar (Sonar X1 is my recording software), have Sonar fuck shit up, scream at Sonar, plug in guitar, break two to three strings WITHIN MINUTES OF EACH OTHER because I play with the force of a retarded ape on cocaine, throw guitar across the room, pound things, and break stuff.  I wish I was exaggerating! Thankfully, the couch on the other side of the room catches the guitar!  As far as equipment, I've already named Sonar, but other shit includes a Yamaha PSR 1500 (that's where drums and orchestration comes from, and it's amazing how reverb can make that stuff sound real), a Peavey JSX on ultra setting (you can find my sound by going to Grail Tones, just google it) an Ibanez five-string bass that is put through a little Tech 21 processor, and a shitload of FX presets in Sonar which make up my mastering technique (translation: "I'm a shitty audio engineer").  If someone likes my sound the sound and uses it, that's fine.  I shudder to think what my setup could do in the hands of someone who is actually talented!  Shit, I forgot, a Dave Mustaine signature is my weary and abused battle axe.  I really need to learn to not throw it across the room and expect the couch to catch it.  It's a good Goddamned guitar.  I'd be nothing without it.

6) How does each album differ you think from the next? and what do you personally think of your music? I think your very underrated my friend, and a great musician! So please, dont bash yourself too much hahaha

Oh!  I sense you've noticed that I'm a bit critical myself and this project!  I do have a habit of leveling criticisms against my own projects that other people find to be a bit rough, but that's part of the process for me.  You know, never being satisfied and always needing more.  Also, I do find genuine weaknesses with what I do, and have no problems pointing them out to myself or having them pointed out to me.  I go by a rule that states, "If someone gives your work a strongly favorable review, (say, four out of five stars) and also takes time to tell you about what they feel are shortcomings, it is your best interest to shut your mouth and hear that person out."  I'm not trying to give anyone the run-around, or put out a false sense of modesty; everything negative I've said about my project I believe to be true.  There is also the flip side.  I do love my project for what it is, even with the flaws it has.  It's like being the mother of a retarded baby.  Maybe its eyes don't line up quite right when it looks at me and the only skill it'll ever develop is the ability to toss a bowl of Froot Loops over its head at the breakfast table, but it's my retard baby and I love it.  Nothing will take that away from me.

I'm always kind of shocked that others dig this stuff.  I mean, I do try to be the best I can be, but it's always a surprise when someone tells me that they like Appalachian Winter.  Not to say the surprise isn't pleasant!  And I do appreciate your compliments!  I don't feel underrated, though.  The fact that the few others who like this stuff take the time to tell me makes me feel justified, which is a first for me, both musically and at all in life.  It gives me pleasure knowing that others, no matter how few, also find something of value in my work.

As far as each album and the differences, the project started out with the goal to make black metal, just like the song "Into the Abode of Wolves."  But that's been changing.  I've been trying to sneak in more orchestration, and the album in progress now should be the most symphonic yet, unless I have a stroke and subsequently fuck everything up.  Also, the songs for Appalachian Winter, are almost always written on the keyboard now.  Now I find the exact genre of what I want to do to be far less defined.  But there will probably always be black elements somewhere, and almost certainly orchestration, but chord progressions and melodies are my bread and butter, and those will remain consistent far into the future, because they are the heart and soul of Appalachian Winter.

7)Do you sing on most of your songs? Like all the operatic/clean vocals? or? Did you need lessons? or you just "do it" haha

All voices you hear are mine, believe it or not!  Which is weird, because I hate my voice.  I started doing the rough vocals because I hated my voice and wanted to kill it (I still do).  I'm self-taught vocally.  I started trying vocals (rough and clean styles) long before Appalachian Winter came around, so it only looks like I came out of the gate with all guns blazing.  The truth is, it took a LONG time for me to become able to do anything at all with my vocals.  It took even longer to realize you have to feel what you are vocalizing.

8)What bands influence you?

Stuff like Moonsorrow, Ensiferum, Alestorm, Wintersun, Elffor, Falkenbach, Turisas, Korpiklaani, Finntroll, Vintersorg and Therion.  I really favor folk metal.  Other things one might not normally expect, like Enya and Kitaro also give me cues.

9)What underground bands you like to name you enjoy, and respect the most?

I find Dark Metamorphosis to be fantastic, and one of the few examples of USBM that I can enjoy.  There are many compelling artists over a wide range of genres who are excellent. Loell Duinn (forgive my possible bad spelling) is an excellent band, Draumar amazes me with everything does.  I'm also quite fond of Hoyland, Sever the Reality, Melankolia, The Sepia Raven, Gil Galad.  I have serious respect for Immundus.  There are many projects that no longer exist that turned my ears as well.  Most of those were headed by younger composers who tend to ditch projects as they continue to develop their ideas and ethics regarding what they want to do.  I can't blame them because I am doing that as well, and I'm an old fuck!

10)Whats on your to do list this year?

Easy, MAKE MORE MUSIC!  Much more.  I always need more!  Though what I probably should be doing is enrolling in an anger management course. 

11)Is there another album from A.W. in the making??? I hope so!!!

Your hope is not in vain!  There is the one I'm working on now.  At the latest, it should be done this summer.  It'll be self-titled.  Plus, I have one more beyond that planned (for now).  I'm confident I can go beyond five albums and still keep this project fresh, though there most likely will be more beyond that.  I might put the project on hiatus after the fifth album to get other stuff done (other music projects), but that's not set in stone.  I think I may have a need for Appalachian Winter, just to keep me in the right frame of mind.

12)What do you think of all these sites online, like myspace, facebook, ect?

My experience with them is they usually start out great, and then the site designers break fucking everything for no apparent reason.  You remember how they fucked Myspace up?  I now see the same slow process playing out on Facebook.  If that Zuckerberg guy is the genius that everyone portrays him as, he should learn that broken sites do nothing but encourage people to leave.  That's why I left Myspace.  It's sad, too.  These social networking sites do wonders in my opinions.  Meeting people and trading ideas globally is a wonderful thing, but the platforms we have in sites like you mention should be more stable.  I had a great time on Myspace!  It's just too bad.

13)Got a twitter??? XD

Nope!  I can remember all the intervals in a scale, I remember which ones are perfect (1,4,5,and 8) which ones can be made major or minor (2,3,6 and 7) and how to diminish and augment them.  I know that C is to Em as G is to Bm and A is to C#m,  but remembering one more password to one more social networking site is way too much for my peanut brain to even comprehend doing.  I don't understand it either!

14)I really like those 3 cds you gave me man, Winter Eternal is a favorite, and so is I Become The Frozen Land,  I probably could not have survived this hellish winter without them! haha But now its spring, so does that mean spring, summer time, is break time for A.W. or just another time to start making fresh music that reminds us how cold and bleak it really gets??? or something like that hahaha...

Thanks!  I'm happy you enjoy them!  It's weird because my school schedule has usually meant that summertime was the best time to make those those albums.  But since the classwork part of my degree is done, I find I can actually write and record during the colder months.  And I know what you mean about this past Winter being Hellish!  I've fought some serious depression this past season.  Winter is not my favorite time of the year.  I usually take breaks in between albums, usually from the end of summer when they're done until late fall when the first snowfall hits, but I might not wait so long this time.  The first two albums really took the wind out of me, but I really felt like I could continue right after I Become the Frozen Land was done, and I kinda regret that I didn't.  Even during the nice days of summer I get a chill knowing what the world will be like in six months, so I can write year round.

15)What do you compare your music too mostly, just for fun, because there is not a whole lot of bands I heard lately,  that resemble your colossus sound! You should be proud of that. I always compare it to Astral Winter whenever I cant think of a band that sounds like yours, have you heard their tunes? and what do you think of your musics originality so far?

It's a good question.  I try not to compare myself to other musicians because I don't want to wind up being a clone of them or carrying their baggage.  Others have compared me to my two favorite bands in the whole world, Moonsorrow and Ensiferum, so I guess that's a bit unavoidable!  But those are really good bands, so there's no way a comparison to them can offend me.  It's actually something I find heartening, despite the fact that I don't want to resemble them too closely.

And thanks for directing me to Astral Winter!  Oh my God.  I just heard "Winter Enthroned," and it blew my face off.  I'm listening to his cover of "Sleeping Stars" and it's making something deep inside me smile that hasn't smiled in a long time.  That guy has got something amazing and wonderful going on!  And that artwork is stellar!

I am rather divided on the concept of my own "originality."  While I'm certainly trying different things and taking risks (I've done that on all three albums so far), also there are times when I think, "Jesus, does this world really need another black/folk metal band with themes revolving around winter?  Am I really adding anything here?  Has this not been done billions of times before, and better?"  But then there are times when I realize that even though the themes I have might be beyond cliched, I am bringing at least a different approach with the music and message I have.  It's something I think about every time I write.

16) Whats your area like? And do you ever plan to gig soon???

Even though I see the United States as mostly a cultural black hole, regional areas still have some flavor.  My part of Pennsylvania is lucky in that regard.  There's a distinct accent out here (you might know it as "Pittsburghese") and the community I live in has insular properties and a culture of its own.  That said, it's really difficult to get people together to do something other than drink on the weekends or rape goats during the work week.  Most people have no concept of extreme metal other than the TERRIBLE fucking bands that play atonal garbage at the bars every now and then.  It's not to say that atonal metal bands suck, just the ones from my area.  Shit like what those people do actually helped kill death metal for me.

Appalachian Winter will probably never gig.  It's too hard getting people together, and groups larger than three always seem to impode around me.  If I have the choice of dealing with people's bullshit or sitting at the keyboard and writing, I'll choose the keys every time.

17) Got any side projects at all?

Oh, If only I had the fingers to count!  I've considered Appalachian Winter to be a side project until recently.  It now takes a close second seat to a project I'm working on with two other fellows.  I don't feel right announcing the name yet, because we're in the beginning stages and we're working out how to do things.  I have a cheesy 80s synth metal project called F-14 Tomcat.  There's another I've started recently called Rhythms of the Wind which is still being defined.  I'm in an experimental recording outfit called The Stereoplanetary Audio Construct and have had a little something to do here and there with other various solo projects, since I live in and run a slap-dash recording studio.

18)Hows things in your personal life? anything else that of that sort.

Without giving too much away, one could say "busy."  Aside from music, I'm pursuing a Ph.D. in English literature.  I have good friends and family and a good life, but I am a bit of a hermit because of my music demands and my studies.  I do pay a psychological price for being the way I am, but I think we all do that.

19) If there is a band you like to collaborate with, dead, or alive, who would it be???

Moonsorrow, Ensiferum, basically all the ones I mentioned before!  Not that I'd be of any use to those people!

20) Thanks for your time brother, really like the tunes, and I spread and advertise your stuff like a disease hahaha any last words? Shout outs? people, friends, family, fellow bands you like to thank, and all the people that have along the way??? You rule D.G. !!! See ya hopefully soon! -D -l-

I guess I'll holler at my bandmates for other projects, Jason, Mike (Construct), J.J. and especially Randy and Mike (Melankolia) for wisdom, support and encouragement. Lots of other people like Andy (Draumar) Torr, Tim, Suicidal Sovereignty Records, you for those three awesome reviews, to everyobody who reads this and everyone who encourages me with comments and the awesome people who upload my songs to YouTube!  And thank you again for taking the time to interview me.  All the best, and be well.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I got a lot of downloaded albums saved in a TF E-zine folder, I have hard copies I must cover first, and I really only have a few reviewers supporting the e-zine right now... Salvatore, Katie Wilcox. The others have been busy, so I must move on and find people to do this full time... Its come to mind to me a few times,  how much longer I could be doing the e-zine for... but if I have the RIGHT people to help me, then this e-zine can flourish, and keep expanding onward. I need reviews done, and also interviews are welcomed as well with these bands. I need people who are on top of it, and also know how to work with bands on a daily basis. I have MANY bands come to me every day, and its just getting harder and harder to keep up with all them. I have bands, music to make, and I also have bands I help release albums, and also bands I keep in touch with on a daily basis. I have quite a load with this e-zine, and Ill put up a list of bands that are going to be featured in the zine. These bands albums, I can provide links for, if only, if ONLY I know, I can trust you not to spread their music around unless they want you to. Also another benefit of being part of the e-zine is you can get hard copies for review to from bands, as long as you ask them, and they agree to it, and are able to mail you. This is like any other zine, but online for now....
Plans will SOON be in the making for actual ISSUES to be made, and I have some one in mind that can do the art for all this. I also have somebody who can make flyers for the e-zine, and possibly hand them out at shows, and all over the area to spread the word about the e-zine. All these will come together, but right now, the bands I must cover now, are most important before I get into any more of this. Its a full time job basically, and its something I wont take lightly, but I have other commitments I must live up to, and I originally did not start this e-zine myself, but I kept it alive all this year. I main site WILL be modified, and also the logo will change as well. I need 110% from you people out there, so if you have the experience, or time to do this let me know. I cant have people just do one review, or one interview, or one exclusive/update every once in awhile. I need REAL support on this. These will all come into play soon, just like my ideas I mentioned above.
Also the group adds, must STOP, I like the idea of groups but its very RARE that you find me commenting on a group, I thank you for letting me join, but the notifications, and all these group adds, are getting  WAY too overboard. I will be cleaning this facebook up soon, and I got people in mind that will still be on my list, but other than that, I need to find out if this is something you are willing to put forth the effort into, and have the time to do it. If you want to review, but havent presented anything to me yet, you are still on my reviewers/interviewers list, just ones that say they wanted to join, and I had no word back from them yet since you asked, I must do away with unless you have something to present to me, and can accept the fact I got a list of bands that need reviews and interviews, other then the bands you already have that need reviews/interviews... Katie Wilcox is a good example, in the beginning she had more larger scale reviews from other bands she already reviewed for, but she passed the test as a full time reviewer, and I will have a interview for her shortly, she is now doing reviews I send to her by link, and bands can willing send her hard copies for review.
Same goes for Salvatore, he has also been a great help as well on reviews, and I like to see more from him as well. He has excellent reviewing skills. I may not be the best reviewer/interviewer out there, but I always give my honest thought of bands work, and more! I do not lie, or make stuff up to make bands happy, I tell you, what I personally think of it, may it be music, art, modeling, and more. Exclusives, and updates on bands are a BIG plus in my book as well, especially if a band needs a little exposure just for the moment. Every little bit of help counts here. So, if your interested, let me know by PM  me, and also remember, SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND!!! -D P.S. sorry if I am slowly cracking under the pressure... ;)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Profound Lore Takes on South By Southwest" (by Sam Dumas)

The South by Southwest Music Festival has for the past few years been plagued by atrocious hipster music and masses of pseudo bohemian losers. That makes it the last place you would expect a mammoth sized showcase from one of the metal underground’s foremost labels. But last night England’s Profound Lore Records brought their mind blowing and often punishing brand of metal straight into the heart of enemy territory.
Oslo’s Altaar presented a slow grinding offering masked behind a wall of distortion, not unlike their fellow label mates YOB. While nothing was wrong with this in and of itself, Altaar’s set showed little variety and did little to make them stand out above a hundred other bands that utilize this exact sound.
Bruce Lamont of Yakuza fame had a far more interesting ambient set, while being set back by his late arrival to Austin and having to record his loops in a live setting, proved to be a very rewarding listening experience. Unfortunately one could easily tell this set left most of the audience asking themselves what the hell had just happened.
Wolvhammer quickly brought the energy level back to the venue with their own brand of hard hitting blackened, crust madness. The brutality then quickly escalated when the almost flawless USBM band Castevet took the stage. Castevet quickly proved that they could bring the same punishing black metal sound that made their album Mounds of Ashes, one of the highlights of 2010, to a live setting.
Just as everyone’s ears were getting used to being completely assaulted by the insanity that is black metal, the sometimes epic and always graceful Grayceon hit the stage. Everything about the band’s performance was dead on except for one of the main staples of their sound. Apparently while she was taking the time to tune her cello, Jackie Perez Gratz, the front woman of Grayceon, forgot to do a mic check making her vocals very muffled in the mix.
Then Ken Mode showed they could hold their own in this whipping metal storm. Their highly experimental style of metalcore had the audience pumping but the short set left everyone wanting more.
The night closed on a high note with a spectacular performance from cult metal band Slough Feg. Their hard hitting signature NWOBHM sound did not disappoint.
At end of the night there was no question as to why Profound Lore Records has become the underground powerhouse that it is.


FUNERA - Tangled In The Architecture Of Rust and Razors (Refabrication) Ep (by Sal)

Swirling, tortured and unrelenting. Funera is just that,a one man project by some demented fuck who goes by the name "Trauma". There is something truly dark to experience here, definitely something i look for when it comes to noise and experimental. The pulses of whatever electronics this dude uses are captivating to the point of dizzying neurotic day dreams, latched with tortured vocals underneath the layers of noise. The first track "Tangled In The Architecture Of Rust And Razors (Refabrication)" delves straight into the second track Corridoors of Spatial Dissonance", feeling very much like one piece. This mini Ep runs at around just under ten minutes, although it took me for on a journey where time did not exist. Ill definitely be looking forward to new material from this guy in the future. This release is available streaming and as well as for download on http://funera.bandcamp.com/album/tangled-in-the-architecture-of-rust-and-razors-refabrication

-Sal Caputa


I like you to witness all that is ohmazing, this is for brohammers only!!! Check out these albums by these guys, and spread the word! -D

Kvasta - Season ov Bliss

As spring has come, Kvasta emerges and stuff because there was a Tar Bubble in it!!! /ff/

Azordon is going full force now that this is complete and I am already working on the next release which should be around this summer or something. I will also be re-recording some older material such as the Sarmak Tribute since that was lost way back in 2009 and I have gotten a little better so I can do something new with that. And I will re-record some Kvasta tracks from the debut album (not the ones I have already re-recorded and featured on other releases!) and a couple from Second Dimension ov Reality that I think can be much prettier now maybe!

It is going to be a fun year like it already has been with boils and cubes!

Now enjoy the album and have a wonderful spring!!! /ff/

Season ov Bliss:
  1. The Last Snow
  2. Journey ov Warmth
  3. Fallen Shrine
  4. Kvasta III
  5. Season ov Bliss
  6. To the Black Sky!


    S.STORMHAMMER speaks....
    Hails once more. Here is the latest in my works, crafted by supreme necromantic hate and disgust for all things living. I call it, N'Gasta, the demo for 2010. Enjoy.

    1: Prolog
    2: I - Das Zusammenrufen
    3: II - Freunde Der Dunklen Weg*
    4: III - Unsterblichkeit
    5: IV - Reinheit
    6: V - Geisterbeschwörung

    * An instrumental that is dedicated to my friends Azordon, Bifrons, Hellfroste, and Dan O)))

    Available for download here:

Monday, March 21, 2011


This band here is from Finland, and formely from Russia. This cd is filled with death metal and black metal sounds, coming from a place filled with such great artists to live up to. This band is on Hammer Of Hate Records, and the band overall has a good.  Intense streak about themselves, but they just sound a little too much like a lot of past bands I heard from the death/black scene, and they come off a little too generic at times. They are still overall, a good group of musicians though. The albums first track is a build up, the same old build up I hear from all these other bands, and its hard to get into it, but once the track kicks in, I am more at ease. They have a smooth, and great quality sound production. that is not raw at all really, and the black metal elements that work with the death metal edge in their style, make it a bit more interesting... Its important to me to have atmosphere, and this is something it lacks. Its not a cd you can throw on a million times and enjoy every time really to be honest.

What I do actually like the most about the album, is the vocalist has this very "breathy" vocal style and shouting which I like a lot ala Napalm Death, but raspier, and not as psychotic as Barneys though. The music overall to this album to me, is lacking, which is sad to say, but I think the next album, or if they have another album probably sounds a whole lot better, and hopefully... more lively. The songs are lengthy too, and the album gets a one thumb up, and one thumb down in my book. Live, they probably sound a whole lot better, but who knows, they could be great live! The day you get this cd, listen, enjoy, then move on. This is not a album that would entice you as much as you would think.  -D

  1. Abyssus Abyssum Invocat in Voce Cataractarum Tuarum - 2:29
  2. The Void - 7:59
  3. Corpus Dei - 6:24
  4. The Black Devotion - 4:40
  5. Divine Flames - 9:02
  6. Nightside of Eden - 1:55

Sunday, March 20, 2011


HELL-COME to transylvanian forest e-zine lords of TRYBLITH! and welcome again Nihilus... :) haha

1) How long have you guys being making music for and why?

The others have been making music for a while, I just joined Tryblith in November of 2010 as the main vocalist. Why? Well it is an art and a ritual and it is how we present ourselves

2) What bands influence you guys and what bands have you been listening to lately?
Bands of influence, for me, are bands such as Watain, Wolves In The Throne Room, Altar of Plagues, Graveworm, Anorexia Nervosa, Ash Borer, Austere so many same goes as to what I am currently listening to.... really any Atmospheric and or Ambient and Symphonic qualities

3) What do you think of Black Metal and what does it mean to you?

I think it has become trendy, like everything else in this plastic world..... Means to me? Well it is an art and a way of expression and to convey my inner thoughts

4) What do you think of the underground scene?

I don't care much for it, I don't follow it really

5) what bands have you guys gigged with so far?

No big names.... yet

6) How does the recording process work for you guys?

Shit, basic recording software

7) How did you guys all meet up and decide to start Tryblith? and how did the name come about?

The drummer thought of the name, Tryblith is Welsh for Mayhem or Chaos!

8) Whats your favorite thing to drink? ;)

Absinthe and Chartreuse

9) Who plays what in the band, and how is the communication in the aspect of gigging? is it a spiritual thing, or trance like moments between you guys as you head to the stage? or???

Me (Nihilus) on vocals, Havik on drums, Helvete on lead guitar, Tzabaoth on bass (live) and Josh on bass (studio)
Our live performances are not just shows but rituals as well, I don't know about the rest of the band, but me personally, I get into a trance state of consciousness when performing..... it's much more then music for me

10) How many albums have you guys done and which ones do you like the most?

We have only done a demo, not much to pick a favorite, I like all of our work

11) I heard your demos, and I was wondering how you recorded them? they are raw, but filled with energy. :)

On a computer with microphones of course, basic recording software and thank you

12) What do you all do outside of Tryblith and how do you guys stay in contact?

Live life, practice, and to contact well, simply by phone or internet..... Personally I study and read a lot, look at maps, read a lot of history, after all..... knowledge is power

13) How has the fan reaction been so far to your music?

Very good

14) Is there any bands you like to gig with in the near future?

Of course, too many to name but a few I can say would be (personally) Watain, Wolves In The Throne Room, hell anyone, I just want to be on stage performing what I love to do most in this life

15) What do you think of all the things that happened in Norway in the late 80s and 90s?

It was good that those churches burned!!! Take back what is theirs!!!

16) Old Dark Throne? or New Darkthrone??? ;)

I don't listen to much Darkthrone to be honest, either is ok for me, but their Black Metal is better then their Crust Punk in my opinion, but that is coming from someone who does not listen to punk

17) If you decided to gig with a band, any band, to open for, who would it be? and why?

Probably Watain because of their intention, spiritual awareness, and atmosphere that they create..... I think that 99% of their audience has no idea what they are truly experiencing, they just go because it's a "good show"

18) Is there any way your fans can get your music and where at?

Yes, Reverbnation.com/Tryblith and search Tryblith on Facebook and the desolate cesspool that is known as Myspace

19) How long do you think this will continue, and do you plan for world domination?

World domination? I care nothing about owning the world, Mother Nature owns this planet and she shall do as she pleases with it, I have no intentions of "world domination"..... That is mundane anyhow, too many bands say that "Oh we are the best, we are the Ineffible kings of this or that" just shut up and do what you do, it's all opinionated, I can go up to a band that says that and say you fucking suck you know?

20) Thanks for your time guys, and I hope to see you all soon... then the real mayhem shall begin!!! :) Any shout outs to friends, fans, family, or people lost in your lives you like to mention to pay tribute to before you go? Hails warriors! -D -l-

Thank you to those whom support us!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

DOWN WITH BAR !!! exclusive on who to really just hate!!!

This blog was originally posted by S.Stormhammer

Down with BAR!!!

So, I'm going to say this only once. If you know the jerkoff from Black Ambient Records, don't do business with him. Filthy con-man scum stole $50 from me as I was trying to buy my cds from him wholesale. I bought Mutternorden and somehow he managed to not let me down. Now, I was trying to buy Forgotten Paths from him and I paid over a fucking month ago. $48 plus shipping, and I still haven't received anything in the mail from him. And I've tried contacting him through his email, only to be met with his refusal to respond.
What is it with this stupid, wretched jerkoff? Doesn't he know he's built himself a professional name for unprofessionalism and fraud? If I can, I'll make sure that no one goes to him or his "label" again. I would press charges against him, but he hasn't stolen more than $250 from me, which constitutes grand larceny.
What pisses me off the most is the simple fact that the last email I received from him was this sob story about him getting bronchitis and the flu so he had to go to the hospital. Bullshit, if he got bronchitis, it was probably from sucking too much dick! And even then he could still send something out, godsdamn it! Unprofessional waste ov human life, I hope he fucking dies. But before he dies, I hope he sends the Forgotten Paths cds that he owes me. Wretched idiot fuck.

ALOST / ANCIENT REIGN split + Blog spot support!!! EXCLUSIVE (by D)

I stumbled onto this blog spot today, and suggest you check it out, many great albums up for download, including a band I will be reviewing soon... This blog spot is called Into Thy Woods!!! and here is the split ANCIENT REIGN is featured on... ALOST is another winner too! Enjoy!!! -D

Country: France//Canada
Genre: Unorthodox Black Metal//Melodic True Black Metal
Year: 2010
Length: 37 mn
1. Burning Forest
2. Those from the Other Side
3. Human (Part 2 / The Final Piece)
4. Le Brouillard de nos Vies (Interlude)
5. To Watch the Blood...
Ancient Reign:
6. Mist of the Mountian Sides
7. The Dark Winds of Eternity
8. Over Great Vastlands
9. Where Torches Burn in the Moonlight Eclipse (Outro)


Abysmal Dawn: Leveling the Plane of Existence REVIEW (by Brainscab zine)

When a band starts off their creations with an introduction of a melodic symphony instrumental two things are going to happen. One, is that you have put your girl friends CD of some damned POP idol, or you are about to be blasted by an earth shattering brutality that causes an un-stoppable nuclear reaction. Abysmal Dawn’s, “Leveling the Plane of Existence” is the later.  Bombarding the listener with a rapid progression of cacophonic noise that causes even the true believers to heave and hurl their bodies in a pit driven slam fest of 10 tunes. “The Age of Ruin”, “Pixilated Ignorance”, “In Service of Time”, “Rapture Renowned” , “Our Primitive Nature”, “Perpetual Dormancy”, “Leveling The Plane of Existence”, “Manufactured Humanity”, “My Own Savior”, “The Sleeper Awakens”, all bring a devastating Death sound even the hardest hitting Artillery cannot keep up.

Interview with Zach of BRUTAL DEATH FUCK!!!

Welcome to Transylvanian Forest E-zine Mr. Moonshine! How you been? 
Pretty fucking good thank you

1) How long have you been making music for? And why under such violent themes? And why do you make SUCH heavy freaking riffs? Hmmmm? ;) 
Well lets see I have been playing guitar for about 20 years and I have been recording and making music for about 15 years started out as a member of an industrial band called "Torso" in the early 90s . That didn’t last too long but I learned allot from the experience and went on to form a new band called "Perversions of Truth"  which was also very industrial especially in the beginning but it was very experimental as well mixing grunge , metal and ambient trance like drone shit together ..Actually I have no idea what we were really doing it was always changing. After that I started a new band called "Skull Grinder" which was much more focused on metal and that band broke up around 2006. "Skull Grinder” is where the originals of songs like "Alcohol" and "Elizabeth" were formed ... and now I look back and think all of this was like the steps needed to bring me to "BDF".
As for the themes behind the music and lyrics its almost all based on personal experiences in my life but I like to keep things somewhat open to interpretation so the listener can find there own connections within the madness of it all.
And the heavy riffs ...well there just fun to play. And I like recording shit that makes me pump my fist, bang my head and crank my stereo up \m// ha-ha.
2) I see your last album was called Cunts of Disease, and you are working on the newest album? What lies ahead for Brutal Death Fuck?
Well actually a few songs started as a self titled demo that was “Bulldozing Piles of Dead Bodies“, “Drinking the Blood of Gods“, Children of the Necronomicon” and “Baptized in Cum“… Then after that I got a new studio so I  rerecorded them all except the instrumental "Bulldozing Piles” and they will be part of the album “Cunts of Disease” along with other tracks like “Sodomized on the Crucifix” , “Alcohol” , “Elizabeth” , the title track and possibly a couple more .. My good friend and artist Kenny just finished the painting that will be the album cover for "Cunts" he gave it to me the other day and its fuckin beautiful and disgusting at the same time so that’s lit a bit of fire under my ass to finish up this record n get it out sometime within the next few months hopefully...and I have already started writing material for the next album as well and it will be a continuation of the “BDF” sound just probably more evolved , more experimentation , more brutality ha-ha really who knows man that’s all in the future ..
3) Any cool, funny, scary, or weird child hood moments you like to mention? 
Hmm well let’s see actually there’s a bit of my childhood at the end of “Sodomized on the Crucifix“. And no this wont be the emo story u might think from a title like that ha-ha actually at the end of the track I start chanting in Arabic I am saying (yella arggn deenik arggse ) and I’m not sure if that’s how its spelled but that’s how it sounds any way the reason for this is when I was growing up I had a stepfather that was Lebanese and when he would get pissed he would yell that at the top of his lungs over n over. Me n my sister always new that meant we were gonna get our asses kicked lmao so back then it was kind of scary n later on as I grew up I asked my mom what it meant she said she thought it meant goddamn your mother to hell ?...well when I was recording the song “Sodomized on the Crucifix” and at the end I had that riff that’s like a separate song to itself and I was trying to figure out what else to add to it ...well I was sitting there listening to it over n over and smoking a joint and I thought about my step dad for some reason I heard him saying that in my head so I started growling it out loud and it sounded really fuckin cool ..I called my wife into the studio and said listen to this and it sounded perfect with the riff. So it was kind of meant to be…
4) What does BRUTAL DEATH FUCK mean to you, and how did you come up with such a name for your band? 
it kind of just came as a joke when I was recording bulldozing piles of dead bodies I was like what the hell am I gonna call this fucking band and one day I was like BRUTAL DEATH FUCK that’s 3 of my favorite words and they work great together and I think they kind of show that I don’t take things too seriously ...well some things I do and some things I don’t... plus it pretty much makes sure I will always be in the underground and out of the mainstream!
5) Will BDF always be strictly just you? Or have you been working with other musicians? Or before or plan to do so? 
Well I have had a friend Richard Howard that played a guitar track on "Elizabeth" and things worked out really well so I think he will be on the next album and become a permanent member  I have also been talking to a drummer so we are gonna see what happens I would like to have a full band for the next record and at least to be able to play live again with  a band would be great these songs are very fuckin fun to play live so it would be good but its not like I will kill myself to make it happen either I am pretty content just recording music myself if its what I have to do my main thing is just to get the music out of me and into my car stereo so I can crank it up and enjoy it ...so who knows what the future holds maybe live maybe not ..It all depends on allot but right now it looks good 
6) Any gigs coming up or plans for one? 
“Destruction of Earth Fest 2012”
7) How has the fan reaction been so far? And what would you like to call your fans? Other then the "Dead Heads"... ;)
Ha-ha I call them Brutal Death Fuckers!!!
And it’s been surprisingly great and I have gotten great response on some internet radio stations likewww.metalheadradio.com and www.brutalexistanceradio.com 
8) Any names you like to mention that influenced you, or bands, or personal experiences at all? 
I like allot of the old shit man I like bands that made a change in music bands like Black Sabbath Pink Floyd , Frank Zappa , old Type O Negative and Carnivore , bands not afraid to take chances. I also am influenced by early Iron Maiden , Mercyful Fate , Venom , Judas Priest ,  Metallica , Slayer ,  Pantera , Megadeth , Alice in Chains and allot of the death metal from the 90s like Deicide , Obituary ,  Grave , Six Feet Under , Cannibal Corpse and also black metal like Satyricon and Dark Throne and right now I am really digging Mastodon allot and Hooded Menace Acid Witch .. Fuck I could go on and on all day on this subject I listen to so much metal!
9) When was your first show, and describe the feelings? 
My first show was when I was playing in "perversions of truth" at the legion in Jackson Tennessee most of the night is a blur but I remember some key things. We got offered the headlining slot it was a bunch of local bands playing that night and when they asked us to play last we thought that meant they really liked us…hahaha which we later found out wasn’t the case because we ended up playing at like 2 in the morning after most of the crowd had left it was basically all our friends and bands and the roadies that was left. But we didn’t give a fuck… We barely rehearsed anything we had a few songs that we kind of new n most of it was improv. We were all drinking all night while the other bands were playing and smoking weed in the parking lot I remember sitting in my car puking out the window and then trying to piss into a beer bottle and it was messy I got piss all over my pants had puke on my shirt ...then our drummer comes and grabs me , says dude we got to get our shit on stage we go on next... 5 minutes later I walked onto the stage and started to tune my guitar n somebody its fuckin POT because we had a banner hanging up that we made out of a white sheet we spray painted a big red pentagram on it with the letters P.O.T. but I don’t think many people except our friends new what that meant so they called us pot ha-ha we didn’t care we blasted into our set and thrashed like crazy for about n hour all mostly improv too it was so sloppy but it was a great time !
10) How long have you been part of the underground music scene and do you have any advice for any bands out there? 
I have always gone toward the underground I like the outcasts it’s where I feel at home ya know… I’m not gonna say there’s nothing in the mainstream I don’t like but I think the underground is where it’s at. I appreciate bands that make music for the love of music and not corporation and commercial bullshit the fm radio and TV tries to force-fed down everybody’s throats and brainwash them with fuck that shit  and now with the internet its so much easier for us to enjoy our shit and seek out underground bands with the webzines and internet radio stations that support it and i am an avid subscriber to decibel magazine they work really hard promoting bands u would never hear about on mtv or any fm radio so that’s really cooL
As far as advise id say just do what you want and do it for the passion of music fuck trying to fit into something or conform just be yourself and have fun don’t take shit too seriously!
11) Any bands or musicians out there you like, but lie in other realms of music besides metal? Any bands you are not ashamed to mention? 
I really like Radio Star SF a lot , they are more of a hard rock band but i dig them allot there an underground band from the bay area that does what they like n don’t sound like everything else. I also like Celtic stuff like Loreena Mckinnet… Hank III is bad as fuck too and that’s country so I’m pretty open as long as it’s cool to me
                                                       (HANK III)
12) How long have you been playing guitar for? And I see a BIG influence and just a "Dimebag aura" every time I watch your videos. Are you his distant cousin??? Or a brother from another mother??? ;) 
Ha-ha well about 20 years and i love dime he was a great player. Not related lmao 
13) Is there any way you could come, and kill NY anytime soon with a gig? 
Anything’s possible! \m//
14) What do you like more, drinking, weed or pussy?????? ;) 
Hah-ha that’s depends on the occasion
15) What is your "purpose" on this planet that we call Earth, and what lies ahead for you this year??? Any long term goals??? 
I have no fucking idea man hah-hah i take it as it comes one day at a time
16) Any last words to your friends, family, friends out there? Thanks man!!!! And good luck to you, and on all your great work. Keep it brutal and strong brother! -D
Keep smoking weed, drinking beer and eating pussy!!!